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8/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:00 pm BBT dani telling kalia and porsch that she feels bad when people cry and what shelly said when she was up in hoh about cameras being everywhere.

now there are talking about liquor and drinking mouthwash... all are snacking and kalia said something about DR and brief palms

porsch and kalia talking about not giving up their beds so brenchel can sleep together

they say they can sleep in have not room

adam, jordan, jeff and brenden talking about golden showers (ewwwwwwww)

Jordan if they have given facials... brenden says like asian ones and jordan said no like the dirty ones

HOH crew talking about Adam talking about Adam's angels and Keith's angels wondering who came up with it first. Now saying for Porsch to go get in bed with Brenden and tell him she isn't leaving.

Kalia mad at Adam for giving J/J their bed back and bowing to them.

hoh crew now talking about PT again

now back on the topic of brenden seeing the goodbyes and how it's not fair

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9:00pm BBT More nasty talk in the bubblegum room about butt plugs, golden showers and gross stuff with the boys. Adam says no 3somes. Jordon now joins them. Talks turn to movies and blow jobs in movies. Jordon says she would never let someone piss on her face. Now jordon asks about dirty facials and adam asks about the map of hawaii. now talks turn to dirty sanchez, rusty trombone and pulling out and leaving jizz looking like a map. Jordon is getting involved in the nasty talk now. Jordon asks adam what was the freakiest thing his friends did and adam says he can not say because it is nasty. Brenden says one of his friends girl wanted him to take a dump on her. Now talk about dirty movies and jordon does not understand this movie 2 girls and one cup. Jordon wants to know. Brenden starts saying someone pays these 2 girls...Jeff says someone takes a dump in a cup and the girls like it like a milkshakes and they puke and so on...

Adan says they are nasty and he would never do stuff like that.

Adam says he feels bad for Keith since he was in a house by himself for 28 days.

Adam tells Jordon to hit jeff cause he is being a pain.

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9:00 PM BBT

Filthy conversation going on in the bubblegum room with Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and Adam. Discussing golden showers, Jeff explains what they are to Jordan who is disgusted. They are teasing Adam, saying he gives Farah golden showers. Adam is taking the teasing well, but he reminds them that people are transcribing this as they talk [sure am! - Vespa] and to stop because Farah will be embarrassed. They continue to describe "Map of Hawaii" and Jordan brings up facials. She says one of her friends is really into "butthole" sex. Jeff asks if any of her friends have butt plugs.

Conversation continues to slide, now discussing people who like being pooped on. Jordan can't believe anyone would like that. Two Girls One Cup is mentioned and Brendon and Jeff are convincing Adam to tell Jordan what it is. He refuses and finally Jeff and Brendon tell her about the video, and how people tape their reaction to watching it because they often throw up. "I don't want to watch two girls licking poop and going aghhhhh," says Jordan.

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shelly in backyard crying to jeff and jordan about what rachel said about shelly. (not exactly sure what was said earlier)

Jeff is explaining to shelly that it is just the house and the game... that once you are out and look back you will realize it.

I get the impression that rachel said that shelly said she would vote out jordan and that is what shelly is upset about.

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10:57 BBT

Kalia and Dani talking about Lawon saying all that time he spent at the BB house and he's nbot even on jury and Kalia says Brendon is...Dani "yulch"...

Kalia callled to DR

Dani come over to the couch and Shelly's meds must have icked in as she discusses holy jeans....Porsche comes out to say she likes Dani's CD "its mellow"

11:00 BBT Jordan is sleeping in the bedroom

Outside they are talking about "mellow yellow" soda ..

Shelly says its so awkward with Rachel over at the HT and says "i aint moving from my seat" and Dani says "no way jose" about getting booze "not a day like today"..Jeff "this place would have been rippin and roarin",,,,Dani says at the party they should have got booze saying nothing probably would have happened..

11:02 "at least I got cigarettes pry em from my cold dead hands" shelly says..as she puffs away..

11:03 talking where BB started Dani "over seas" and all comment its ingenious...Shelly says she can't wait to tell "tony" about all of it...and Dani says when yopu do they say "i know...i know ..its so funny" and shelly says he's probably saying "don't hit the button...don't hit the button"

11:04 Dani and Shelly talking it would be nice to have "24 hrs away from the house"

Dani talking about Lawon here 51 days..it sucks even when having going through to have way party..

Dani talking when they congratulated for half way they didn't say they made jury...

11:06 Dani and Shelly talking "oh shelly" when she says she's not suppose to be first...and Shelly says she can't wait to win POV "chuck it in her face" about Rachel

Shelly she doesn't want to even look at Brenchels face...Shelly says it discoraging and embarrasing and can see how pwoplw can get broken down...

11:09 BBT Shelly saying in real life you can walk away in the BB house you can't and Dani agrees.."i hope they don't win another damn fucking thing" shelly says about Brenchel...

11:10 BBT Rachel talks to Dani without her mic from HT so missed what she said...

Shelly telling Dani "you don't have to worry about it and Shelly saying "i'm so cold"...Shelly asks if she's "proud of herself'" saying it took her three times to pass math in college and she won over to people good at math..

11:12 BBT shelly and Dani talking....Wonder what the America's split was Dani says it was probably super close..

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11:31 BBT

Kali is Shelly's new complaint desk..she's "aggrivated, cold and asks Kalia if she ever considered walking out...Falia says "i'm not a quitter" and Shelly says "you stay in here and embarrass your family" and Kalia says she isn't and Shelly says she can't "take the moral high ground"

11:32..Shelly "I would never hurt my family"

Kali tells her she needs to "play her heart out" and prove herself....they discuss POV and players...

Kalia trying to pep her up...Shelly "i don't want to go ..push her over the edge" and Shelly says Rachel makes her sick...

11:35 BBT Kali really trying to pep her up....Shelly saying her eyes are thrashed...and Shelly says "i'm embarrassed" and Kali says she shouldn't by "showing emotion"......then says she was embarrased at first abpout all her crying and she says "i have to learn its ok"

Kalia says Brenchel will be sleeping in her bedroom...Shelly not too happy about that..

Rachel says she's going to bed...

11:39 BBT Shelly says its "not customary" to be quiet when someone is a "jerk" and says he wants to tell Brenchel "good luck" "you suck" "she sucks" about each other...

11:40 Kalia laughing about Jordan call that house meeting....

Kalia longing for the outside world..Shelly trying to look at the brighter side saying she'll go back to her life where people love her "i don't have to prove anything"

11:41 BBT Kalia says she needs "2000" mg of B12.....and is still waiting for it...

More Kalia Shelly talk...

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Brechel talking she's in the shower micless so can't hear her....but they said they will talk baout it tomorrow..

Porsche saying they need to "flour the banana" before they put chocolate will stick...

11:44 "adam says they were talking about Keith's chocolate banana" and kali says that's the one she's wan't talking about...

Porsche asks something about shelly and Kalia mumbles and then complains about all the ants...Shelly returns form the HOH bathroom because she didn't want to run into Brenchel in the other bathroom..

11:46 BBT Shelly eating a piece of cake..as kalia talks about her body gas...

Brendon and Adam playing pool...with Jeff....

11:49 BBT Back at the couch Porsche has joined the convo and Shelly gets up and Porsche says to Kalia she's doing better and Kalia says "yay"

as Camera switches to Shelly putting away dishes in the kitchen...

11:51 BBT guys playing pool shelly kitchen cleaning

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11:54 BBT Shelly called to DR "great" no sure if she's happy or if that was sarcastic...

Porche talking about "frozen bananas' and Shelly come out "they are not gonna make me" go to DR looking like she does {like shit}

11:55 BBT Dani tells Porsche she doesn't want to feel bad..so her and porsche get up to have cake..

Rachel comes out asks when he;s goin to bed and he says soon and their i love yous.......

11:57 BBT FOTH

11:59 BBT Feeds back to Kalia Porsche and Dani eaing cake...Kali says "are you happy you're a have" and Dani says "everybody is"

12:00 BBT FOTH

Dani finishes her cake and decides to eat "banana bread" and Dani looks at it and says "this banana bread is wet"

Kalia wants her b12 so has decided to find it in food so Porsche goes and asks Brendon...mango..bananas ...fish....

12:05 BBT Period talk... outside guys playing pool

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22:00 BBT Por not willing to give up her larger bed so that Bren/Rach can sleep together. Will share with Rach but wont give up bed

Bren telling Adam/Jeff about when he was handcuffed to Brit last year.

22:15 BBT Kal finishes eating and says everytime she eats her stomach hurts. Wonders how much Pepto you can have.

Shel sitting on couch in BY very deep in thought and not looking happy

22:23 BBT Kal talking to Jordan. Wants to know if it's bad that she doesn't want to give up her bed. Jor tells her no it's not.

Kal trimming her hair in WCA and letting pieces fall on the floor

22:36 BBT Kal joins Dani on hammock where they play insult each other.

Kal discussing some guy she knows. Rach in HT and Shel just sitting on couch

22:57 BBT Shel still sitting in quiet. Kal & Dani still chatting. Chatting about Lawon

Dani/Shel talking about clothes that BB took from them.

23:05 BT Just general chit chat in the BY. No game talk going on.

23:09 BBT Shel tells Dani she wasn't supp to be the first to jury. Tells Dani that she trusts her. She doesn't want anything 2 do with B/R

Por/Rach sitting with feet in HT. Adam doing a dance. Shel deep in thought

23:25 BBT Shel looking very depressed. Adam very cheery and playing pool

Rach/Adam talking about the sequester house for the All Star season.

23:30 BBT Shel talking to Kal. Shel says that people break you down. Kal says its the elements. Shel says its just not her. Kal says "welcome to the club"

Shel asks Kal if she would ever walk out the door. Kal said she was half a sec away but she didnt want to leave people in house

23:33 BBT Shel feels she is embarrassing her family. Kal tells her she isn't

Shel upset at Rach for a lie that Rach said to her face about Jor. Jor feels awkward. Shel feels she did so much for B/R

23:39 BBT Kal says she is being a good person and offering to share with Rach but wont give up the bed for B/R

23:41 BBT Kal/Shel talking about wanting to be back in real life. Shel says they are going back to people who love them

Kal wanting her B12. Says she needs 2000 mg a day for what she has. Por got her iron

23:58 BBT Kal says they won't give her the B12 because its not a script required. Kal says she has geographical tongue and needs it

Says she showed the BB her tongue and the BB rep said "ewwww"

0:02 Por/Dani & Kal eating in the KT. Play insulting with each other. Complaining that their stomachs hurt

0:05 BBT Kal decides since BB won't give her B12 - she will eat a lot of a food that has a lot of B12.

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12:12 BBT

pretty much the same going on ..uys playing pool

Dani and crew in the kitchen eating and talking about jury...now Kalia talking about "flowers in the attic"

12:13 BBT whispering...about sleeping arrangements and Porsche warns Shelly 'is coming out of the DR" and FOTH

12:15 FOTH...

Feeds return Shelly outside doing laundry and planting herself in her usual spot smoking...Adam comes over asking what Kalia said and Shelly says she didnt say anything "i promise you"

12:17 BBT and returns to pool game

Shelly sitting there looking like hell in deep thought..

12;18 BBT foth

Feeds returm to the same ol stuff..

Inside Kali singing so she's the one setting these FOTH off

Back with Dani talking about "hello kitty" and discuss the movies...

Dani "should we go to bed soon" but Kalia says she isn't tired...

12:20 BBT Pool game over and Jefff Shelly and Adam talking..Jeff says he'll throw POV "to let them talke themself off the block" and Adam says "who do I handcuff myself to for 24 hrs ..Kalia...hit the self evict button and take her with me" and Jeff says "take one for the team"

Jeff goes in and Shelly says Brenchel will be in the bed between them and says she will push the button its her way "of intimidating and being a stupid person"..."if she's laying there I'll have cardiac arrest"

Shelly "i feel sick...like throw up sick" and decides to stop smoking and Adam wants a lone time ...and Shelly goes in ...

Adam "i fucked up big time" talking to the cameras...and BB switches...

Shelly goes in to her room and Rachel is in the bed next to hers..shelly just walking around back and forth...goes outside

12:27 BBT "her and her boyfriend are right between us" and Adam says he'sll say something when he goes in..and Shelly saying 'they are the two rudest people i met in my life..unbelievable..maybe they can have sex...right by us"

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12:31 BBT

Shelly in bathroom saying to herself "I want to go home I don't want to put up with this"

Jordan up in the bathrrom..waiting for shelly to finish..

Shelly comes out in her shower apparel still bitching about having to sllep next to Brenchel {on this one I don't blame her}

12:34 BBt a lot of FOTHs

a shot of brenchel in bed..they are mumbling..."i don't care what ghappens I'm just gald to be back with you" he says...

12;35 BBT All feeds on this...

Jordan walks through back to her bed..

12:37 All feeds on Brechel with him saying he can't fall asleep

Back in kitchen area dani and her crew singing and yet another FOTH

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12:44 BBT

Porsche heads to bed..leaving Klai and Dani the only two up talking

Camera switches to Jeff and Jordan in bed..looks like she's asleep and he's wide awake..and Jeff asks whre Shelly is and Jordan is awake now and says she's in the shower

porsche says its 12:30 and Jeff says 'that's eary by Big Brother standards"..Jordan asks if he want to go to the other room to talk..Jeff say nothing...

12:46 BBT "wanna stay up for a little bit" and they get up when Jordan says "i'm awake now"

Jeff says "i hate that room" referring to the HN room I think and decide to go talk in the purple room...Jordan talks about production and FOTH

Feeds back with Jeff waiting for jordan and she enters...

12:50 BBT Talking about it nice to be in a "dark room" instead of the HN room..


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12:52 BBT

another foth...

Feeds back with Jeff asking whre Adam is and Jordan says "i can't believe they didn't give up their bed" and Jeff says look what your dealing with...

12:53 Jeff says he would have made a big stink...

Jeff..who is "daniele trying to target Brendon or rachel" and Jordan says Brenchel becaus ehe's good at comps and she's a wreck without him

Jeff is gonna talk to Dani...

12:55 BBT Rachel is like 'a diffrent person" like she's cool and her and Porsche "are besties again"

Jeff calls Dani in...Dani says she plans to "backdoor brendon"....."i think is a big risk" and Jeff says he thought "what kind of deal did they cut"

12:57 BBT Dani whispeing about Brenchel..jeff "what should I do if I win" and dani says lets "wait and see" see who gets picked..

they discuss it will be a veto for prizes...and make people do "stupid stuff and looks like fools"

12:59 BBT Dani says Adam will want to win so bad he'll take all the bad stuff and jeff stupidly tells Dani he's will let Adam win if he gets the chance...

Talk tomorrow will be "brutal"

1:00 BBT aDani say it might be brtual like "give your clothes away...for Rachel it might be a blessing"

Dani says "we'll figure it out"..and Dani says "I got you backs' and Jeff says "we're 100%"

1:02 BBT Dani leaves...and jordan wants chips and salsa...but decides she doesn't need to eat..

Jordan : "i feel so bad for shelly..she seems so upset"...Jeff now onders if Dani is good and Jordan says "yeah I'm sure" and Jeff wonders if Brechel "cut a deal with her" and they take prizes....Jeff worried but Jordan is pushing him to take prizes...and not piss people off...by using or not using the veto...

1:05 BBT Jordan goes to the kitchen...and invites her to go to the purple room and says she fine sittinh at the kitchen bar....

Shelly warning nJordan not take too many tylenol.....and then tell Jordan she never said "those words" and understands they need them and says "talk to us' in the purple room...

1:07 BBT Jeff calls shelly "come in here"

Jeff says he;s confused saying why didn't she put Brenchel up because he would save her...

Shelly enters asking where Adam's at....

1:09 BBT Shelly upset about Rachel...rehashing saying "i've seen the tape' and Jeff ask 'what do you mean" and says "we never questioned you" and Jeff says "who cares"

1:11 BBT More moping shelly talk....

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1:12 BBT Shelly going on saying she knows a lot about them "its kinda creepy"....Shelly going on its emabarassing crying losing control....Shelly said 'if I could bury myself today" so they don't seen me this way..

Jeff says its a combination of stress and missing her family but she has to remmber "its just a game..people get what they deserve"

Jeff "just know 'you're better than these people"

Jeff says "its your true emotions"

1:15 BBT Shell "she's cool with you guys" and Jeff says "i don't know"...and Shelly says "brendon" who's her target

Jeff says if she wants them out why didn;t she put them up and Brendon would save Rachel...

Shelly If she's lying" Jeff "if she's lying its me"

1:17 BBT...Jeff having doubts...Jeff says 'it makes me nervous" about Brenchel "cutting a deal" and getting "backdoored"..Shelly says "she never mentioned your name"


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feeds return with Adam in purple room

Adam repeating what shelly and Dani said and Jeff is completely confused as to why Dani just didn't put them straight up...

1:22 BBT ADam says "if they did it a again" about using POV on Rachel and Jeff says "i don't know mayne I'm getting paranoid" and Adam says for Jeff to win it and pull one of them off...

Adam says "she made it clear he's the target" about Brendon...and Jeff says "she told me that too" and Adam says he has won "3 vetos"

1:24 BBT Jeff says its gonna be a prize POV...

1:25 BBT Adam says it can't be too complex because bb just put them on LD now...

1:26 BBT Jeff says "i can't believe that bed situation"...Jeff says Porsche and not giving up her bed....Jeff mentions her and Rachel "are besties"

Sleeping arrangement discussion.....

Adam "once again we let this happen"

1:29 More late night talk in purple room..

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1:30 BBT

Adam says Rachel is 'disrespectful" because they are all without their loved ones too..

Jordan "she's very very immature"

Adam says "if we would have evicted Rachel last week " then only one of them we be in there...

1:31 BBT Jordan lost about veto and who's nominates...

Adam if Brenchel wins the veto they will keep noms the sam....and Adam says "dani's playing a different game " then what she's saying and Jeff says "that's possible"

1:33 Adam hoping for a "big and easy conest and Brendon's not in it"

{I'm out be back tomorow}

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1:35 am BBT: Adam, Jeff and Jordan are still up talking in the Purple room. Adam tells them he asked

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