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8/7 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8:57 PM BBT

Porsche and Dani are about ready for the wine. Although Porsche feels bad for telling Adam he couldn't have any.

Jeff cooking in KT. Adam and Lawon shredding coconut. Rachel and Shelly providing recommendations for the sweeter coconut.

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9:07 PM BBT

Shelly yelling at Adam to watch his fingers on the grater as they don't want skin in thier coconut. "Skin hairs, Coconut hairs" sing-speaks Jeff.

Porsche and Daniele talking about who should go up as they lay in the BBR. They've decided to stay in bed rather than face drama.

We get a close up of Jeff's pot o'mush that he makes slop chips out of.

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(just kinda watching the Feeds... as ZuZu is typing... not much going on

Just wanted to say before I go to bed -)

Listening to the feeds - when Adam is grating the coconut.... it sounds like a dog

is panting after a long run.

(ZuZu, hope things liven up as it gets into BBAD)

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Jeff and Jordan in the HN room. Whispering about how they can stay. How glad they are they will be in the jury house. Jordan can't wait until they do something fun in the house for everyone. Jeff is so glad they got the grill. Jordan hopes porche goes up. Jeff wants to go talk to Kalia and see what she is thinking about veto. Jordan gets mad thinking she might go up. Jeff stops her right away. He tells her not to act like that and bite her tongue. Let him act like that. You don't ever have to see these people again.

Lawon comes in yelling "hey BOO" quick chit chat, and he is gone.

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Jeff Jordan Porche Rachel Adam shelly dani in the kitchen. Jeff and Adam playing a dice game.

Kalia is alone in the HOH.

The 'haves' are drink beer and wine.

Adam misses the chess game.

Rachel is trying to figure a game to play.

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11:07 BBT.

One feed is on Kalia sleeping in the HOH room.

Rachel, Daniele, Adam, Lawon, Porsche, Shelly sitting around the round table looking for a game to play.

Jordan sitting by herself at the counter in the kitchen.

Rachel suggesting they make twister boards to play Twister. Jeff wants to be the judge (he says this as he walks in).

Shelly comments that the carpet is kinda nasty (what they want to use as a twister board) and says that Adam is going to blow wind.

They want to use nail polish and a cereal box to make the spinner.

11:12 BBT

Jeff doesn't want to play Twister. Rachel asks him why not. He says "because it's stupid". Adam tells him to come up with an idea then.

Kalia is listening to music in HOH now.

11:15 BBT

Jordan suggests using a bottle and then just colours on something. Looks like Adam was looking for a cereal box to use to write on for the spinner.

They are on indoor lockdown still. Jeff says by the time Rachel is able to figure out the spinner, they'll be able to go outside.

Rachel is trying different items in the house to try and use for the spinning part of the spinner. They are using a Quaker Oats cereal box for part of it. Lawon is in the kitchen bouncing the orange ball.

Jeff has taken over the twister spinner project (it's arts and crafts time with Jeff).

Adam says they are all going bananas, they need to get outside for some fresh air.

11:20 BBT

Adam saying Jeff is getting really intricate with making the spinner (It's hard to see what he's doing exactly because there's no feed on him with a close shot). It looks like he's using scissors to cut up the cereal box and use a part of it as the spinner.

Lawon says it's almost time, 30 minutes till Adam's birthday. Adam asks Lawon and Daniele which one of them is going to give him his birthday lap dance.

Rachel saying she misses Brendon's farts, much to Porche's surprise.

11:25 BBT

Rachel cheering on "Big Jeff", as he's now created a spinner for twister.

Adam and Rachel are are figuring out what body parts to label on the spinner and colours.

Jordan isn't going to play. Porsche is going to watch the first round because Shelly said the carpet was dirty.

Daniele won't play, and Jeff says he's also going to watch.

So far, only Adam, Rachel and Lawon seem into playing.

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11:27 BBT


11:28 BBT

We are back with the feeds on Shelly and Jordan in the have not room

Jordan figuring it out it's Saturday. Jordan saying she would have worked all day today and then her and her brother would go out to eat. She says she is a homebody.

She gets up at 6am for work, leaves by 7:30 and gets there by 8:00 because she gets things ready for the day at the shop and opens for the day. She's going on about the schedule she makes for the shop.

She's talking about how the Bruegger's Baggels next door has a lineup out the door by 8:30 on Saturday and then FOTH again on all feeds.

11:33 BBT

Feeds back on in the kitchen. Lawon, Rachel, Daniele, Adam and Kalia has joined everyone.

Porsche is making rice pudding.

Rachel still working on the Twister spinner, painting it with nail polish to label it.

The four colours are green, orange, purple and glitter. They can't play yet, they have to let the board dry.

Kalia saying she isn't interested in playing, just wants to watch.

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Jeff is making a twister board. They are using the carpet as the mat. Shelly said the carpet is dirty.

Dani isnt going to play because she doesnt like people in her personel space.

WBRB (do they show the 'WBRB' on showtime? I don't have it. CAchristine)

Came back. Shelly and Jordan talking about what they would be doing if they were home. Jordan would be going to dinner with her brother. She gets up at 6, leaves at 7 to go to work. Now she is telling in much detail what she does to open at work. The are saying their last names, and the name of the bagel shop she works next door too. WBRB

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11:38 BBT

In the have not room with Jeff, Shelly and Jordan.

Jeff saying there is no way Daniele is friends with Kalia in the outside world

Jeff wants to make her scared. He's talking about what's it going to be like when they watch him win HOH and theycan't do aynthing about it.

Shelly says she can't remember anything. She's losing her mind in here. Jeff says you think it's something from like 2 days ago and then it's really from this afternoon.

They are talking about the POV competition. Shelly made a fatal mistake because she thought they weren't allowed in the glass and she was the only one.

Jeff says for the games you have to think outside the box and ask questions (from whoever is running the game is to who they are referring and we get FOTH for it).

11:45 BBT

Back in the kitchen with everyone (less Jeff, Jordan and Shelly in the have not room). They have been given beer and wine for Adam's birthday.

Porche saying Adam will be an adult in 7 minutes.

He says 4:18 EST time is when he was born. People say it would have been perfect if he was born at 4:20. His response to that is, just enough time to get ready for it. They are talking about being able to roll a blunt in 2 minutes. FOTH

11:52 BBT

Feeds back on in the kitchen. Sitting around the table are Daniele, Kalia, Lawon, Rachel, Porsche and Adam.

Kalia didn't realize Showtime was on every night. She thought it was on only after shows on CBS.

Daniel is asking Adam what his favorite word in the English language is. He says "fuck". He asks her if she meant "to scream". They all laugh at him.

He likes to yell "whores" too. "Look there goes a gaggle of whores", he says.

Kalia likes the word pummel. Adam's new favourite is "pajama jeans".

Lawon blurts out happy brithday Adam (a bit early). They all yell happy birthday Adam. They are all yelling and screaming happy birthday.

They are signing "for he's a jolly good fellow" and we get FOTH as they toast to Adam.

Adam says thank you to all of them, he says it's been a wonderful 40 years and he hopes for another 40.

He's doing an elephant trunk with his arm and making an elephant noise. To which

Porsche says one beer and Adam is wasted at Adam's comment that the elephant trunk he was doing was really a cock.

They are all going to go around giving a toast to Adam now. Lawon gives a toast to Adam first. He says for him to enjoy his life to the fullest in his 40's and he's so glad he met him this summer.

Midnight BBT

Daniele's toast: "To my favorite jew on big brother 13" she says. To which Adam replies, "Yes! I'm her favourite something". She then continues saying even though everyone thinks he's very creepy.... and trails off and whispers to Kalia for a bit. She then says Vincent if you are watching please like Adam's facebook for her befcause she really does like him. Then they toast to liking his facebook page.

Kalia's toast: Adam asks if she's picking her nose as she starts to talk. She says she is thinking. She then says "May you have wonderful, wonderful days in your 40's and lots of your favorite place to have sex". Then she elaborates with... "in the butt". They then toast again to "in the butt".

Daniel asks Adam to tell Kalia who were the first girls he ever jerked off to. He says Minnie Pearl and Lawon starts laughing. Kalia has no idea who that is. Adam says this was just yesterday.

It was just a joke, he wasn't serious about it. They were playing it up for Showtime when she (Daneile) asked him that question originally).

They are talking about Minnie Pearl. She was on Hee Haw.

Adam then toasts himself at their behest. He says: "May the best days of the 30's be the worst days of my 40s."

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12:05 BBT

Porsche is now toasting Adam. She says this is to Farah because she loves blondes and to hamsterwatch.com. To which everyone but Adam boos.

Daniele says Porsche's toast had nothing to do with Adam even and boos again.

Rachel then does her toast to Adam. "To your next 40 years, may they be as amazing and as propserous as your first 40".

Adam says thank you all very much as the toasts have now ended.

12:10 BBT

The twister timer is dry and they are now going to play. Rachel and Adam are asking who is going to play.

Adam gets to go first since it's his birthday. Adam gets "right foot, green". Rachel gets "left foot, glitter".

They are using the red rug in the kitchen to play and it's not labeled at all.

We get FOTH.

12:15-12:40 BBT

Jeff, Jordan and Kalia up in the HOH room talking.

Jordan saying she normally keeps her mouth shut, but she was pissed (i'm catching this conversation midstream, but I believe they are talking about the POV contest). Kalia was shocked because she's never seen her that way. Jordan saying she shouldn't have been that way and didn't want to come up and talk earlier because she was still mad and didn't want to start arguing. She wanted to wait and talk normally.

Kalia saying she wanted to talk to both Jeff and Jordan way before nominations beacuse she wanted them to know what her plan was, so they wouldn't just think she was putting Jeff up to put him out, or put him up and backdoor Jordan. She says she's singing the exact same tune she was singing before nominations.

She says she know she took a risk putting Jeff up, but she couldn't not take the risk of Jeff not playing the veto. She says she needed him to play and play hard so he would win because she wants Rachel out of the house.

She says she knows Rachel is in their alliance and that was the one thing she knew if she didn't put Jeff up that he might play in the veto and then take Rachel off the block. Jeff says that doesn't make sense because why would he take Rachel off and then likely have Jordan end up as the replacement nominee. Jeff says "whatever" and tells her to go on (lol he doesn't look impressed with anything she's been saying the whole time, has the exact same expression on his face).

Kalia says she would never put Jordan up and that's not going to change and everyone knows it. She says she was never planning on backdooring Jordan or putting her up as a pawn. She says her target was never to get Jeff out of the house.

Jeff saying if Rachel would have won the POV he would have been out though. Jeff is saying "give me that much". Kalia concedes the point.

She says that's where the risks comes in if it didn't work out with her plan. She goes back to talking about how Rachel is a mess this week and this would be the week to get her out as she wouldn't be in top form in competitions.

She says it may not have been the best choice to put him up, but that she thought it was the best option to genuinely try and get Rachel out of the house. She says she completely understands them being pissed and mad at her. She said numbers wise it made sense though, as she said 5 of the 6 people in the POV would be gunning for Rachel the way it was set up. So that there was really no way she could win.

She says she tried to drop little things (hints?) during the veto to show support for them, even though they are playing on different sides/alliances. She says she's still going to watch their back for as long as she can though. She says she knows they don't have the same amount of trust as they used to and that it's going to be hard to rebuild that trust again, if it's even possible.

Kalia still going on about how the POV setup was best if Jeff was on the block. Jeff counters with "was the risk worth the reward?"

She says she didn't expect them to be that mad at her. She didn't see the other side of the coin. She says she was looking at the big picture.

Jeff asks her what her big picture is now. He says do you really believe that Rachel is going home this week. Even if you vote her out, don't you think Julie's message meant something?

Kalia says she had to ask herself is she should make a decision off of "what ifs", or "what is". She knows Rachel could come back, but she dosn't know what she could come back and do. She could come back for a day like last year, she could come back for a week, she could come back and stay.

Kalia says the worst case scenerio is Rachel leaves and comes back into the game again right after.

They aren't sure on Julie's exact wording, Kalia think it's "might have a chance to come back" and Jeff and Jordan think they have the chance to come back in the game. Kalia isn't sure if that's right or not.

Jeff thinks either way that they (Kalia and her Daniele) really overlooked that. She again says she made her decision based on what is happening, not what might happen. Jeff says she went in the wrong direction putting up two strong players and he said he told her he was going to take himself off and be pissed at her on top of it.

Kalia says she knew there was a huge possibility he'd take himself off the block. Jeff says "You made me dance for my dinner". He says if he wins, expect a couple big dance for big Jeff. Kalia says she knows they don't have any type of deal or anything, but she's still trying to watch their backs.

FYI Jordan is still in the room at this point, but earlier before they went up Jeff told her to hold back and not say what she really wants to say (I think she is still pretty mad at Kalia).

Kalia says with friends and the people that she cares about, no matter what the beef, she stills cares. She says she knows it doesn't make sense and she tries to think from both sides. She undestands them being mad. Repeating again she just wanted to get Brendon out last week and justs wants Rachel gone this week.

Kalia says last week she was letting them know what Daniele was thinking. That they didn't want to get Jordan out of the house. Blah blah blah blah (her words, not mine). Jordan at last speaks again. She says that they had already talked to Daniele and had a deal with her last week. She says they already knew they were safe.

Kalia is talking about the Skier HOH competition and how they all went inside and were gunning for her at that point and that they did not want her there. She felt she had to look at the information she had and look at what was happening and make her decision based on that.

Jeff asks her how many times he put her up on the block. He says "Zero. So what are you talking about?".

Kalia says she's talking about the past two weeks. Jeff says he doesn't know what she's talking about.

Jordan says she should just ask them about these things directly. Jeff says he hears stories in the house (he's not naming names) and then he overhears them told again later and they are the exact opposite of what they were originally. He's told that person not to tell them anything ever again. Kalia thinks they are talking about the same person.

Jeff says if she ever hears anything to come ask him because he "shoots shit straight". He tells the truth and if he says something "it's the fucking truth". He says she made her move and told her to watch out for the fucking things thing this week. He says she made a stupid move because of what Julie said this week. He says that's just me.

He thinks Rachel is coming back in the house this week if she goes out. He says he's not just saying that because it's Rachel. He says if "Timmy" was put up this week, he thinks Timmy would be coming back into the house.

Jordan says that Jeff and her are now only talking among themselves because everyone else is floating along and taking things out of context. Kalia says then it creates a big thing and they are out of the spotlight (referring to the floaters).

Jeff is getting tired of this shit. If he wins he's putting up floaters. He says he said that to Daniele after nominations. He says if he gets kicked out because of people running back and forth upstairs and downstairs playing telephone he's goinh to be pissed. He says he doesn't say anything and those people that are. are his target. He says he's not going to get kicked out to jury and vote for some asshole who didn't do shit and get them half a million dollars.

Kalia asks Jeff is he is interested in putting up floaters next week instead of gunning for each other. He says he totally is interested (isn't that what he just spend the last couple of minutes saying to her?). He says he's not gunning for Daniele and Kalia. He says in his season a floater knocked him out and he doesn't want that to happen again. He won't name names.

They are talking about how everyone forgets floaters and they start a war and get to the final 4.

Kalia has only given her word to two people in the house she says and she won't go back on that.

Jordan says sorry for yelling at her and that she has to do what she has to do and what's best for her. Kalia says hopefully it will never be like this again.

They all say thanks for talking and are now rejoining everyone downstairs.

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12:30 AM BBt Kal says she hope it is never like this again. She has their back. It was her plan to make sure Rach is out of the house

12:40 AM BBT Jeff makes Adam a bag of scabs as a gift.

Adam opens his gift - its a bag of scabs! (roast beef)

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12:45 BBT

Back in the kitchen with everyone they are looking for Rachel. They think she's in the diary room.

They are still on indoor lockdown and Kalia wants outside badly.

In the bedroom Jeff is making Adam (Cruddy) a birthday present. He's got roast beef to signfy scabs and he's putting it in a small plastic bag with vaseline. The vaseline is supposed to be to keep his scabs moist (this is what Jeff explains to Jordan). He's in the storage room now looking for a way to wrap the present. He's going to put it in a coconut and then wrap it with a bow. Jordan found him some gold rope from the last competition to wrap the coconut with. Jeff announces it's his first 40th birthday day gift and gives it to him in the kitchen. He's telling him to open it up.

He opens the bag of "vaselated scabs". He's laughing and saying it's the greatest gift ever. Kalia says that it's disgusting.

Kalia thinks they are real scabs and is asking Jeff where he got them from. Jeffs says from his leg.

Adam is holding the bag up to Kalia and she says she dosnt' want to see it, though she's laughing the whole time.

Adam says he knew they loved Cruddy more than they loved him.

12:50 BBT

Jeff says Adam should break out Cruddy for his 40th birthday. Adam says he will make an appereance.

Jeff says he's got 7 more gifts to go for his birthday. He says there's one for each person in the house.

Adam is trying to use the rope Jeff tied his present with as a jump rope.

12:57 BBT

They are talking about the music playing outside. Adam is saying "give us, us free". They want outside. Kalia says they are going to be grilling outside at 3:00am in the morning. She says she wants to take one of the bikes from inside and go for a ride.

1:00 AM BBT

They are tossing the ball around in the kitchen. Adam is trying to listen at the door. He says you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

They are getting ready/deciding what they are going to make for the birthday meal/feast outside).

Kalia is suggesting they play dodgeball.

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1:30 BBT (I'm skipping ahead a half hour because I got way behind typing that long HOH chat).

Shelly talking with Jeff and Jordan in the have not room. They are talking about Rachel.

Shelly says it's like talking to a 6 year old. She says her voice was like a 6 year old too. Says Rachel was going on earlier today with her about how Brendon is everything to her and maybe she could just get a phone call from him.

They say that it has to be a bit of an act, no one can be like that. Shelly says she feels like she hears crying right now, but Jeff and Jordan don't hear it. Jeff says the room is sound proof. Shelly is just going crazy.

Jordan wondering if Rachel is the kind of person they (the producers of the show) really want to come back into the house because she's a wreck.

Jeff says "are you kidding", she's the exact kind of person they want for Reality TV they pray for somebody like that, she's their golden girl.

Jeff thinks she just wants the attention, or that they are just huge assholes.

Rachel now appears, they ask her where was and what's wrong. She was in the diary room. Jeff asks her what colour she is and she says "purple!".

Rachel was in the diary room for so long venting that they thought she went crazy in there. She says she just needed someone to talk to. Jeff almost says "You idi.. (idiot), but holds up. She says she knows she can talk to them.

1:45 BBT.

Jeff and Jordan think their conversation with Kalia didn't do shit. They are talking about how Adam is nervous about being put up on the block as the replacement nominee for Jeff.

Rachel is reiterating her conversation with Kalia in the HOH earlier. She told Kalia she wouldn't target her, but would target Daniele. Kalia said she wants to keep herself and her friends in the game. Rachel said don't nominate Jordan and Kalia said it wasn't even an option. She said if you nominate Adam, that Rachel is going home.

In the kitchen Adam is facing a camera point blank with a bandana on his head using his heavy metal voice saying "let me out" and "let us out" over and over. Adam said this is the worst birthday ever, it's like he's in jail.

(Alright, I'm off to bed, hope someone can pickup what goes on overnight with Adam's birthday).

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2:02 AM BBT

Backyard open.

Jordan soaking in hot tub, Jeff planning to join her.

Rachel is going to bed, asks them to come get her if anything happens.

Adam having a smoke enjoying his birthday. Jeff called to DR

Camera switches to kitchen. Daniele and Kalia munching, Adam's birthday dinner included catfish with coconut and fries.

Porshe goes to backyard; Jordan comes in goes to bathroom area; Shelly enters goes to backyard

(Lots of WBRB off and on)

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2:11 AM BBT

Adam comes in for sweatshirt, he is making burgers on the grill.

Kalia cooking more deep frying more french fries. Porsche comes in for a minute to get some fries, fixing food for Lawon.

Camera switches to backyard, Porsche and Adam battling ants by the grill.

Jeff getting into hot tub.

Camera switch to bathroom.

Jordan in the have not shower, Shelly makes small talk and leaves. Rachel also in bathroom.

Camera switches to backyard, little conversation mostly about who wants what on their burger.

Porsche and Shelly both comment they thought Jeff was naked in the hot tub (he's wearing white shorts that blend in)

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2:25 am BBT

Daniele and Kalia in kitchen talking about securing someone's vote, hard to hear over sizzling oil and great whispering.

Kalia hums and WBRB

2:27 am BBT

Rachel giving monloge to Camera, speaking to Brendon about who she should trust. lots of I love you, I'm fighting for us and our future. Looking forward to having lots of Brenchel babies. She promises to fight, hopes they didn't make the wrong game moves when they had the power early on. She says they might have


Jordan enters while she is camera talking. Jordan asks where do they think they messed up. Rachel is wondering if they should have kept Keith and Dominic.

Jordan says well Porsche would have been gone. Rachel says at least they would have had all competitors instead of this Army of floaters.

Both Rachel and Jordan feel the floaters are all following Daniele and it was Daniele flipping that caused the current situation.

Jordan tells her not to beat herself up, they all agreed to get rid of those they did.

Both are certain that Rachel is coming back, Jordan says if she doesn't it would be sooo stupid.

Jordan says they have Shelly, but Rachel asks if she can really trust Shelly. Jordan says you have to trust someone.

Jordan lets Rachel know that if she comes back, J/J have her back.

Jordan says SHE will not put up Porsche because that's what we want, plus "I don't like her attitude, she's arrogant". Rachel asks "Kalia"? Jordan says "All of them".

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2:37 am BBT

Jordan joins Jeff and Shelly in the backyard. Talks about Kalia/Daniele kitchen conversation and they fell silent when Jordan entered. Jordan assumes they were talking about J/J.

Jordan tells them about Rachel's camera talking. Says it would have been okay if Daniele had waited until this week to get rid of Brendon because he would have been in jury.

Shelly says Rachel is upset because they can't have sex for six weeks (No reply from J/J)

Much noting conversation going on.

Camera 3

Rest of HG minus Rachel eating at the table inside. Talking about Dom having sour milk breath and other foibles.

Adam given a reprieve to eat on his birthday, apparently

Shelly walks through on her way to bed. No game talk going on here.

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5AM BBT The HGs are still up mulling around. Dani headed to WC, Kahlia was in SC, Lawon laying at the foot of Porsche's bed and Adam in BY.

506AM Jeff now in WC. Adam, Dani and Porsche in their beds. WBRB

515AM BBT All HGs are in their respective beds, not sure if Kahlia done with her shower, but feeds are all quiet.

[side note: Adam given a reprieve to eat on his birthday, apparently

Adam is not a HAVE NOT...so he is allowed to eat.]

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3 am BBT: Adam and Jordan are talking about Rachel; they think she is a nice person once you get to know her. Now Jordan and Jeff are alone in the BY and Jordan makes a comment about them being losers and that’s why they’re all alone and Jeff doesn’t want any part of that kind of talk. He says, I’m a winner, I won the veto and I am on the positive train! Adam is back and Jeff asks them who they think Porshe will put up if she wins HoH and Jordan says me and you. Adam says he doesn’t know because she never talks game with him.

Kalia is talking with Lawon and asks him if she looks fat in her swim suit. He says he’s going to be honest that she just needs to tone up. If she ate right and worked out she would look real good.

3:30 am BBT: Jeff wonders if Porshe will vote Rachel out this week or not. Adam says no but; Jordan thinks she’ll vote with whatever the majority is or what Kalia wants.

Adam, Daniele, Kalia, Lawon and Porshe are in the back bedroom chatting about movies. Adam is explaining to them what a “Dirty Sanchez” is and they are all grossed out. [i’d explain it but, I’m trying to not think about it ever again! –CeCiMom] They’re having a laugh about how Evel Dick couldn’t remember anyone’s name when he was playing the game. Lots of general chatting.

4:30 am BBT: Everyone but, the HN’s are up still chatting. Adam pops in and out to go have a smoke.

5 am BBT: Kalia works her way out of room, saying good night to everyone. Everyone disburses to do their evening ADL’s and heading to their own beds except Adam and Porshe. They talk about what a great day “today” is going to be.

Jeff is up for a short time but, goes back to bed. When the feeds come back at 5:15 am BBT everyone is in bed asleep.

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