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8/6 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9ish BBT (sorry I was using Flashback and don't know the exact time) - POV Players were picked. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Kalia, Shelly and ? I don't know who the sixth person is yet but it's not Daniele. Daniele told Jeff/Jordan she thinks the POV is something where they need to know who is playing ahead of time so they can set something up. Sounds like POV is still tomorrow.

Jeff apologizing to Shelly for insinuating she didn't try in the Have/Have Not comp and they can't trust her. She's crying in the purple room about it. They (J/J) still aren't sure of Shelly but they want to mend this just in case. Same with Daniele. They're telling her to her face they believe and trust her but they would put Daniele/Kalia up if they stay and win HOH.

Kalia came down and told Daniele she had a good talk with Rachel. Daniele made some faces and started to bash Rachel but Kalia told her she actually thinks Rachel was being honest at least in part of the conversation. They sound like they still want to get her out but Kalia says she's thinking about different scenarios.

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The sixth player is Adam

11:00 pm BBT Yeah, obviously Kalia being HOH has killed the boards and even the updates. But Adam and Kalia had a talk in HOH about Adam playing the veto to win, confirming Adam is 6th player for VETO.

Not much going on, Lawon Kalia and Porsche in HOH talking about Rachel and Kalia's talk ( @ 9pm BBT )

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11:05 BBT

Kalia in HOH talking about the day with porsche and lawon....the Jordan "had a fit" Lawon says....Kalia "everybody in here deserves the base of respect"..and Kalia claims she'll give her respect to everyone....she's pissed people laughed during her speech....

In have not room they are talking food comp...Jeff says "i can't believe Lawon got 2 outta 3"......Jeff saying he finished his drink first but he forgot to put his down....

11:09 BBT Rachel and Jeff talking about the food comp..Jeff says "at least we brought it to overtime" ..Rachel says "one of those " comps she wanted to win so bad....Jeff says "its not that big of a deal"...Rachel "i would rather win a vet..or HOH"...Rachel "right now we are at our super bottom" and Jeff says "yeah we're getting chopped down pretty good"..

Talking about the twist..Jeff says she wouldn't have put anyone strong just in case they come back...they are talking about Kalia putting up to strong people with the possibility of both staying.....

11:13 BBT Rachel says Kalia needed "to play her cards stronger"...Rachel "one of us have to win the veto"..and the other is "coming back"

Jeff rips one....Jeff doesn't care about "farting or picking my nose"....Jeff says "what's sunday show and Rach says foodcomp and says "haven't you been asked about it yet" and Jeff says no and foth..

11:15 BBT feeds back Jeff in HN room with a bandana over his etes trying to get some sleep..Jeff says if they take someone off the block and keeps her word and puts someone else up..they have the votes to keep them.. Rachel says "that's easy for you because I might get voted out" Jeff says he's not stressing...Rachel says Kalia knows its a chance but Kalia did it anyways..

Rachel said BB showed the veto chips before they pullled players and asked Jeff if they did it his season..FOTH

11:19 BBT FOTH

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11:22 BBT

In the kitchen Dani Shelly and Adam talking sleeping arrangements...

Dani talking about Dom..reliving old memories of "PT"...

Shelly says she needs to take a shower and asks about POV....they says 6:30 is when BB will wake them up...

11:25 BBT Upstairs Kalia Porsche and Lawon talking about Rachel grabbing all the blue bandanas..Porsche says she grabbed all the red ones....and then Rachel 'threw" the extra blue one...

Shelly in a nictotine fit wishing she can go outside for "5 minutes" ..Adam says BB needs to "accomodate smokers better" {maybe you should just quit idiot}

11:27 BBT In the have not room is quiet...they really are trying to get their sleep for tomorrows POV...

11:30 BBT Back in the Kitchen Shelly Dani and Adam talking...about their pics on the pic wall and their smiles...Jordan out of DR...

Adam says when they do have the "facematic" {he said that} it will be easy because of their smiles..Shellys ays she studies every feature...Dani says she doesn't study but "i did good on it"...

11:32 Shelly says her and Brendon can look like "brother and sister" in their pics.. {more like brother and brother}...

Lawon has left HOH and has joined them in talking about their posing for the pics....Dani says "i thought that was wierd' BB doing full body shots....on pic day...

Adam says they did "the green screen" and dancing...Adam says the only thing he refused to says was "look mom I'm on TV" becase "she passed away"

11:35 BBT Upstairs Kalia still talking about Jeff now her and Kalia think he could be "america's player"...Kali talks about her HOH in "chapter 1" "chapter2" and says "i have a huge master plan in my head" but isn't gonna say..

Kalia "i'm not afraid to say I have a deal with Jordan" not to put her up......Kalia says she palns to stick to it...

11:39 BBT Porsche thanks Kalia for "picking me to host"...Kali talking her women's issues and Porsche leaves and she hits the lights on the way out....

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11:44 BBT

Rachel and brendon are asleep in the have not room

Out in the kitchen the rest minus Kalia are talking about the Food comp..the smells...the taste.....Shelly says she couldn't guess the tastes....unless it was sweets she eats...

Dani says she drank "so much of that crap" and says ugh...

11:46 BBT Shelly talking about her tight dress she wore in food comp that showed her cleavage....Jordan says she went through a lot in DR...Shelly wished there were "grasshoppers" to eat....

Dani talking about her season version of the food comp from today

11:51 BBT More Food comp talk...

Jordan's back in have not room de-mics herself and hits the hay with a sleeping Rachel and Jeff

11:53 BBT back in the kitchen...Dani wished they could have brought "one of the blenders" into the house..Lawon says he can't wait for the grill...Dani talking they keep doing retakes of the yelling whenthey got a grill..

11:55 BBT Talking Margarita parties..Dani whines they didn't get to have one..

Back in HN room Jordan talking to Shelly. about Kalia going back on her word of not putting her or Jeff up...Sheely says any one of the three that go they will come back because they are "The Marquee" people

Jordan still upset about Kalia's nom....Jordan wants to tell "daniele off" and says "i don't believe" its Kalia's HOH but Dani and they deny it

Shelly says she came off classy with her hissy fit..."you spoke you mind" about "you should have just left my key in here ..I'm gonna be the pawn" Jordan said during noms

Jordan doing woulda coulda shoulda about the HOH comp...

12:02 BBT Shelly trying to pep Jordan up.....Jordan talks about her DR session and FOTH

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12:06 BBT

Feeds back Rachel is up talking...Jordan talking about her day.. "i don't know what overcame me" nad says she was "yelling at her"..and told her whoever goes they will come after her

Rachel "she's fucking stupid" and says she's scared of "daniele"...and Rachel says Dani says "people in the house are afraid of her...I'm not afraid of her"....Shhely want scared of her defined..

Shelly yammers on about HG being Sheep {so says the head of the flock}...before she can get her point across we are spared with a FOTH...

12:10 FOTH..

Feeds come back with Shelly talking about the "dominic" situation and starts about when they wanted them to flip the house....FOTH..

12:11 BBT Feeds are back with Shelly about not "diving into the death pool" about flipping the house to keep don and yet another foth...

12:12 FOTH..

12:15 BBT feeds back....Dani claims she doesn't talk game Rachel says..but Jordan says they always do talk game...and Rachel says they don't talk anymore than the other "i promise you that"

Rachel says "they're stupid" Jordan says they're not stupid they are just playing the game to stay in...

Rachel going on about they have only won one comp...

Jeff back inside "I was asleep..lights out and "jeff can you come to the DR" and FOTH

Jeff "do whatever the fuck you wanna do" to Rachel and says set her free..."thanks Jeff" Rachel says..

Talking about Adam and him being the elf..

12:19 BBT Shelly hates crying or "water works" and says the house makes them do it..Jeff "i'm 333" what the hell is her doing there..Shelly "i'm 42"...Rach tells Shelly to keep them up all night....but realizes Adam is asleep

Shelly wonders if they are keeping them up all night and Jordan thinks it will be early...

12:22 BBt Jordan "you're DR wasn't long" to Jeff.."what are you talking about" and FOTH

12:22 BBT feeds back Jeff saying he's relaxing when she asks if he's going to bed...he asks Jordan if she's gonna cry again and say she cried when she apologized to Shelly "you did" and she call herself "psycho"

12:24 BBT another foth...

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12:25 BBT Dani tal;king to porsch...saying why Rachel is obsessed with her...and then wonders why Lawon's nipples are hard...

Shelly up getting her pickle before bed..

Dani says they are getting ready to head into the room with Adam...Dani says she's waiting to be called to DR and says "rachel just went in"

12:27 Dhelly wonders why they don't get 'shaved coconut" and says they did and Jeff "put it all in the slop" and another FOTH

12:28 BBT Shelly says "they're still doing DRs' so the POV will probably not happen...Lawon complaing the milk from the food camp is messin up his stomach

Lawon is happy in the point he's at in the game he says to Porsche...talking he hates the speration...

12:31 BBT Porsche says she can make a "big move" after watching Kalia make them...Lawon says they wanna see "josie" and Porsche say the same....Porsche wants to win...and says she hasn't seen her Dad without his dentures and his face was still swollen...and hopes for an updates pic and says he use to "do modeling back in the day"

Shelly says Porsche "give his smile back" ..I guess Porsche bought him a set of chompper..

12:34 BBT Now they are putting floaters in HN room with the ability to backdoor Daniele...Kalia is a floater compared to them..

Rachel says 'i might as well as bring it' and says "what's the point" and they are encouraging Rachel to go hurricane...and says it would be funny if she walked back in....

they discuss the twist is "pandora's box"...

12:26 BBT "who's not gonna take it" and Rachel says they will open it..."anyone"..."even Daniele would do it"...

12:37 BBT Rachel talking about Dani "screwing over" Kalia another ally "again"...Jeff says 'the twist" may have to do with tomorrows veto...

12;39 BBT Rachel says she went to JH when she came back her season..talking her Pandora's box...silence

Jeff "no more talking"...they talk Dates and rachel says "august 5th"...Shelly enetrs and says "today's 35 days"

12:41 BBT Shelly says none of them are playing POV....

they are getting ready for bed....Shelly offers to get Jeff towels so he's not laying on the pad...

all feeds on this

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12:45 BBT

Jeff talking about boggers..

Feed switch to porsche and Lawon..talking..Dom I think and going to the DR to "clear that up" and FOTH....

Feeds back..Porsche talking about them not talking to her soon enought to keep Dom....as Lawon talks about having to vote to vote him out....Lawon says "you plays this game for me and you" and talks about Kalia having his back.."since day 1"...and talking about his hammock time with Dani and Dominic all night not talking about games..

12:49 BBT Porsche says "it was overpowering with the other side"...Lawon says he had respect for Brendon...and says he told Rachel last night "to step up your game"..

Al feeds on this

Porsche talking about Rachel and says she didn't have anybody..Lawon calling women "catty" and Lawon says Kalia isn't and Porsche says she doesn't consider "myself Catty" lawon agrees...

12:53 BBT lawon going on...{to me it just sounds like jibberish}

12:54 BBT Lawon talking about "game" "floater" Lawon says if he was Kalia he would put her up...but Porsche says she's not just to prove her point....

12:56 BBT Lawon claims he's playing the game...so does Porsche...they're nonsensical talk continues..

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1:00 Lawon and Porsche continue to define themselves in the game...

{im out..I wil not be back til Sunday night..see you then..night all}

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2 am BBT: Daniele is out from the DR and she immediately joins Porshe and Lawon. The rest of the evening they alternate conversation between Rachel and Jeff/Jordan bashing and discussing what the Veto and/or the next HoH competition will be; either questions, physical or endurance. They talk about a ½ way party and Adam’s birthday party. Porshe is hoping that both are this week so that Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly can’t eat any of it. [Who isn’t catty in this house? –CeCiMom] They play “would you rather?” game a bit.

2:45 am BBT: Daniele decided to take a shower. Porshe and Lawon join her in the BR while she showers and gets ready for bed. General chit chat.

3:30 am BBT: All house guests are a sleeping.

5:15 am BBt: Shelly is up, doing her usual morning routine.

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9:20 a.m.

When I tuned in awhile ago... seemed most everyone was in and out of the bathroom doing their thing.

For a bit all 4 cameras were on Kalia ... pacing, then sitting down praying very quietly for Guidance from above.

Stepped away for a bit.... came back and it's TRIVIA

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10:02 AM BBT

Sounds like Jordan won the POV. Shelly asked her "So I suppose Jeff is coming down, right?" "Yes, but she'll put me up."

10:11 AM BBT

Kalia: Maybe I should have won the veto. I just really needed him to be up there to win it.

Dani: I really wanted him out.

Kalia: For some reason I still feel like we're in a really good position.

Dani: Part 1 of Brenchel gone last week. Part Two this week.

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10:20 AM BBT

Dani and Kalia talking in the HOH about replacement noms. Kalia wants to put up Adam. Dani really trying to get her not to do that. There's something about Adam she really likes. Kalia wants to have a talk with him explaining that he's not the target this week.

Jeff may have won POV, not Jordan. Kalia saying maybe she should have won the POV. Etc. I think it is Jeff that won, not Jordan.

Jordan talking to Rachel and saying that she doesn't care if she's voted out this week. She'd rather have Rachel there to stick it to them.

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!0:23 BBT

Just tuned in and it seems Kalia may be putting up Adam as a replacement and Dani is asking Kalia if she can talk to Adam first before she does it, and they are discussing that now, Dani says that there is something about Adam that she just trusts, Kalia says she is going to think of every poss scenerio, then right before Dani leaves, Dani says Do yopu not want me to talk to him? and Kalia says wait cause I am not sure what I am doing yet

Rachel laying in the have not room just staring sadly at the ceiling (little does she know that she may get to come back-fatcat) Jordan thinks that she will put her up, Jordan says guareenteed,

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10:29 AM BBT

Porsche talking to Dani. Production told her that they are not responsible for anything missing in the house.

"Hum, that's weird, it's stupid. Like Super Stupid." says Dani

Porsche also learned that there will be German Chocolate cake and Heineken for Adam's birthday.

Earlier Dani reminded Kalia that it doesn't matter who comes back next week, you never let someone who's been kicked out of the game, stay in the game.

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10:35 PM BBT

Jeff and Adam are talking about the POV game. How Jeff's plan of slow and steady wins the race was a good idea. Jeff went in and had a turtle neck on before the competition. Hes glad he got rid of it.

Porsche and Dani chatting about getting Rachel out this week. If she comes back, she'll go right back out.

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10:54 AM BBT

HGs got their grill.

Lawon and Kalia head to HOH room for a chat.

K: You still like to tell me that, first of all, I know that no matter what I do, I'm hoping he doesn't..."

She goes into the HOH WC. Sings. We don't get WBRB.

Lawon sitting on couch.

K: My goal was never to get him out of the house, it was never to send Jeff home, I just needed to make sure, he's the strongest guy in the house. I need him to play because I know that he'll play to save himself. He'll never trust me again. Don't just tell me what I want to hear, tell me the truth. I know Jordan hated me, Jordan probably thinks she's the pawn. I don't know nhow to keep telling those two...you know how like... she goes into the Dan/Memphis situation.

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11:02 PM BBT

K: Jordan screamed at me last night. When they came up here I was pissed. Jordan yelling at me I was like ..what? What I'm trying to do now is find ways to appeal to Jeff now. He's not going to believe anything coming out of my mouth. Worst case scenario I have 5 of you here to try to play for HOH next week. You better bust your ass to try to protect the people that won't come after you. They still think Daniele is the master mind behind everything.

L: That's what they said yesterday, they said they were going to go after her.

K: She has 5 people trying to protect.

L: Just to be honest, I really think me and Adam are going to come into play.

K: When you're ready to step into the game and make big moves and it will be safe, then you will.

L: We stayed up pyjama jamming until 4 am and she laid it out. She told them that with them behind her she feels confident. She wants to win now.

Jordan and Jeff in HNBR

Jor: If I go up there, and she says me I will flip out. I won't go up there.

Jeff: I will go up there. 1 I told you if you're going to lie to me fuck off. 2. If you put me up I am going to win the veto. 3. If you put Jordan up 150% you are going home next week.

Jor: She keeps trying to talk to me. She's trying to sugar coat it. If Rachel had won, they'd try to target me.

[i've got to go for the day, be back this evening]

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12:23 BBT

(gonna update just a bit before work)

Shell and Rachel in the kitchen in the kitchen Rachel is moping around the kitchen in silence and then asks Shelly if she is wrong for Brendon, and Shelly is giving her a half heaarted pep talk. Start lookin for the good not the bad.

I have it on quad feed and this is all that is on, Shelly says she makes plenty of mistakes in life, then convo goes to how banged up they are from the comp.

Shelly says it was a fun game and it is cool had they set it up and wishes she had her cell phone on her to take pics, then Rachel says it will be on TV and then you can get the whole DVD's for the season, Shelly is surprised about all of this info (duh)

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