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7/31 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

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9:19 p.m. BB Time

I can give you the basics of what I see on the Feeds.

Kalia TALKING at Lawan in HOH. Same old, same old. Circles

Brendon and Rach in Bathroom. Rach giving Brendon a hair cut. Shelly was there a few mins.

In the kitchen... J and J and Adam in kitchen just talking about odds and ends.

Nothing special. Jumping from subject to subject.

Shelly comes in. Now talking about Jordon's hair and her cowlick.

Shelly give her opinion (of course)

Kalia still in HOH talking about how different HG's play the game...

trying to defend how she's played. (You all get the picture.)

Rach comes in looking for broom (to sweep Brendon's hair up from hair cut)

I have NO idea where Dani is (didn't hear if she got called to DR)

Small talk in kitchen.

Kalia STILL talking

(how do updaters have the patience to cover the feeds when Kalia is yaking )

(Nothing of note really going on.)

... I hope thngs liven up for whoever is covering After Dark.

I'm out for now .... NEXT

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11:09 BBT

Dani is apologizing to Rachel "i don't think I can says " to make her feel beetr telling her not to take things personally that one of them are leaving...Rachel "i was stupid to think" she could have friends in the BB house...

"it is what it is" Rachel sayssaying that she thinks its a game move...

11:09 BBT Dani says it would suck also if it was vice versa and she was HOH and she would be going home...Dani says "seiing it in retrospect" she wasn't thinking that was with The jeff backdoor and she just really wanted to make things better for Brenchel and her and Dominic but things went wrong..

Rachel says Brendon is gonna use the veto on homself and is apologizing what she said in the kitchen to her...Rach says Bren "wanted to talk to you" and says it sounds like Dani has "made up your mind" ...Dani says she'll listen...if he wants to talk "to hear him out"

Rachel depressed "ok"....

11:13 BBT Dani says sometimes the people you seem not to like in your season end up being close friends...she mentins "Ragan" and does the "don't take things personal"...Rachel agrees it "doesn't seem like" she does..Dani asks "is that sarcastic"....Now they are bantering Rachel saying she turned on me and "my fiance" while Dani turns it on her that she "attacked" when she turned on her and "Dominic".....Dani says "my intentions" were solid with Brenchel and when they turned "it hurt me so bad"

11:16 BBT Rachel shutting down..alot of MMHmm..Dani "it really really hurt" Rachel says "your getting your revenge by tearing my heart out" and says she is making "a great game move...I completely understand"..

Rachel wants to to stay and says she would like to see Kalia go....Rachel says it doesn't matter what they says and they "tried to work with you" and can't look past "the mistakes"

Rachel asking to not make comments...Dani apologizing...

11:18 BBT More no personal talk between rachel and Dani in the have not room

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11:19 BBT

Dani saying she doesn't want to cry she doesn't cry normally as Rachel says "its a normal thing to do" and Dani hated feeling "that vulnernable" and Rachel says "i don't care" and Dani says "I do"

Dani again apologizes..."its just a game right....just game play"

Kalia and Jordan talking votes for them to stay........with Jeff

Kalia doesn't think its sure Dani will put Jeff up

Back in Have not room Dani stil apologizing for her comment and Rachel says If Dani could tell "your friend Kalia" not to "stiff me on the wine" as Rachel turns bitchy....Dani says no ine has a "personal vendetta" and Rachel Bitches back "its just a game....next time I should have tougher skin"

Dani "i don't know what to say...I'll leave you alone...." and pologizes again "I really really mean that"...Rachel apologizes...and Dani says "i've forgiven you" and Dani offers "to talk later"..."sorry..." and will watch what she says...rachel says "no big deal...Thanks"

Dani leaves...

11:26 BBT Rachel very depressed/pissed in HN room sitting alone..

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11:27 BBT

Porsche come in the HN room as Rachel says she doesn't want to take to her..."that's super fucked up" Rachel says about Dani's kitchen comment

Porsche thinks she will go up ....Rachel says she means but wasn't with her in their HN talk....

Rachel mocks Dani Porsche "what a bitch"....Porsche "you can't dig at her if you want to listen"

11;29 Rachel "i wouldn't done this to her"..Porsche "yeah we would of...ber real" Rachel trying to says she wouldn't of put Dani up this week..

Rachel says "i shouldn't be in here sulking" but doesn't want to be upset out in front of everyone...

11:31 BBT Talking about bribing Adam with the extra bag "of beef jerky" porsche's stashed..

Rachel says she never wants to be align with Kalia ever..and Porsche and her say "deal" and Bash Kalia for being a mole for whoever is in power...

11:33 BBT Oh God Kalia in the HOH talking to Dani....they are talking beer...and game....Dani says "she is gonna be so pissed when she see's my Diary room"

Dani says she's pissed because she's going home...Dani says "just leave her alone" and let her enjoy her week and "just be the bigger people" and Dani says let them have the alcohol.....as Dani doesn't want people to have a bad time...

11:35 They discuss why Brenchel swapped...that he's going home....Dani says Brendon was rude.."mocking me" making "rude comments" during the POV...

Kalia blubbering on.."that is part of the game"...Dani says Rachel sounded "so sarcastic"...Dani "she genuinely" thinks she jhas "no shot of winning" without Brenchel...

11:37 BBT Dani telling Kalia she was on their side but Bren had to go ...and says "i don't know how to explain it"...

11:38 BBT In HN room Rachel and Porsche says Jeff won the "10 g's" he should leave since he doesn't have a chance to win....Rachel bitter repaeting what Dani said to her but making Dani sound a lot more bitchier than she was..."whatever" she needs to go "be social"

Porsche says "nail painting party"

they leave and head back to the group..Rachel joins Bren at the kitchen bar "what's wrong" he asked "you didn't hear and Rachel tells him and "what a fucking bitch" Rachel tries to calm Bren down.....Shelly saying "i'm about to go nuts".....Rachel whispering..to Bren her convo..Rachel embellishing and Bren is pissed saying "you're going stir crazy" and says he will

11:43 BBT Rachel has move to purple room to tell Jeff about the convo...."she's mean" Jeff says he didn't hear te comment...Rachel "why do you make personal digs" at nominees...

Jordan joins and fills her in about "doesn't it suck you never had you interview with Julie and you never will" and Rachel goes on...Jordeff "didn't hear it" and Rachel says "how many swords" does Dani want to stick in her...

11:46 BBT Jeff yawning..Rachel repeats "she's mean" Jeff finall agrees "she is mean" and wash rinse repeat..Rachel goes on....

11:47 BBT Jordan says she feels bad..."because you and Brendeon" winning all the comps they are all still there and Jordan says come Thursday anyone of them can go...

Rachel going on about "the comment"......Rachel in full victim mood....Jordan asks if Brendon is "saving himself"....She says...he is...Jordan says "i have no clue" what Dani is gonna do....Jordan says "if something happens " and Brendon stays "he'll make it far"...and he'll win more prizes....and Jordan thinks Rachel is a bigger target than Brendon...because she wins HOHs..."brendon stays he can easily make it o the top three" and Jordan says "if I go" she wants them "to stick with Jeff"..

11:52 Rachel says "don't trust Daniele" and Jordan says again people will target her more if Bren leaves..again and repeats.....Jordan says Brendon and Jeff will do well together...

Rachel tells Jordan "we'll never turn our backs on you"....as Jordan says she knows and wants them to take Jeff as far as they can "go together"..Jordan stressed from the LD and talk turns to their hair

11:55 BBT Jordan tells her not to "stress" and the leave back into the kitchen

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11:56 BBT

Jordan Jeff talking in the bedroom as she says she feels "trapped' and feels bad for everybody..

Back in HOH Dani's alliance of Lawon and Kalia up there..sounds like Kalia is washing herself down...and Lawon leaves..

Downstairs Shelly says Gore's Book "An inconveniece Truth" is a pack of lies as she Bren talk politics...with Porsche...Porsche wants Universal healthcare...as Shelly explains Canadian health system...she sounds like a ring wing revisionist balbbing on....Adam mostly quiet....Rachel pouting...Brendon explaining his version of healthcare...

Jeff and Jordan says next week they will win "stay positive" and doesn't want Jordan "talking shit"...Jeff asks "so you don't think I fucking tried" and Jordan says she did...and Jordan says when he fell for a "second or two" that slowed him down..and Jeff said it hurt and he couldn't see from the milk in his eyes..."i took header" and Jordan says "it seem like slow motion" in getting up from his fall..as they discuss POV..."don't stress yourself out" Jordan says and Jeff "then don't keep fucking talking about it"..

Jeff leaves a little angry and Jordan sitting in the bedroom by herself..she gets up from the bed...and heads out....

Shelly still talking about healthcare...bitching about her health coverage..sounds like they all have shitty insurance..

all feeds on this....

12:09 BBT Porsche says its better not to have health insurance {umm ok}

Back in HOH Dani's gang of Lawon and Kalia making themselves at home..Lawon feels good after "my cold shower"

12:11 BBT Lawon didn't want to be part of the political talk as they bash shelly for acting like a know it all...Kalia talks about her convo with Rachel....and wants to stay on the "high road"...Kalia saying she "laid her ass to rest" in her DR sessions...Kalia thinks they "love me in there" in DR because she doesn't "hold back" {this delisional fat ass..}

Kalia turns on the spyscrren and Lawon says its about Politics...Kalia "i don't haave underwear on" and doesn't want "my hairy vagina" to show when she sits.....{ disgusting pig}

Lawon says "she's not Obama" about Shelly...Lawon "i know where that conversation's going and I don't want to be part of it"...Kalia just blubbering on...

Kali says she needs to change but fill Lawon n about Dani's and Rachel's convo...

12:17 BBT Kalia continues filling Lawon in about what Dani said...with her spin and unnecessay advice...

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Before Kalia filled Lawon in she told him she did not have underwear on and her shorts were too short to wear and sit down because she would show her hairy v.... but it did look the way she wanted it to look... (agree with the owl about this one)

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12:26 BBT

Shelly's right wing lecture continues....Brendon basically double talking ...about things he dosenn't know...MR educated his trying to explain what "hedge funds" are of course he says "shelly " would be better at explaining it...

Up in HOH

Lawon listening to music..Dani leaves and heads downstairs...and smartly passes the rhetoric gang and plants it in the purple room she lets out a deep sigh..she stares up at the ceiling thinking...again a aniffle and a sigh...

12:35 Dani still thinking in the purple room

other than that not much going on...

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12:43 BBT

Dani has move back to her HOH laying on the bed and slowly getting into her BB8 fetal position...she looks mad now...

12:45 BBT Downstairs the Shelly is in her nicotine fit wondering when they will let her out so she can plant her rump on the outdoor couch to smoke away...

the politic talk has been replaced with movie talk...

12:47 BBT Dani still has he scowl on her face in HOH

12:48 BBT Movie talk continues on all 4 feeds now

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12:55 BBT

Everyone in LR except or Dani who's in the HOH..and Jordan who's in DR

Talking about movies...tv shows....actresses...

Porsche wants to make "caramel apples" {she's a sugar addict} but wonders if its "too late"

Shelly wants "bug spray"...as she goes on her ant crusade.."its one o'clock" she whines dying for her cancer sticks.....

12:57 Kali back up in HOH "i'm outta shape coming up those stairs" Dani says "DR is a buzzkill" as Kalia shovels in the pita chips....

Kalia "i don't eat when I'm stressed" {she must live a stress free life}

Kalia talking and eating at the same time...and just randomly talks like she's on shuffle...

1:01 BBT Talking about Nautica clothes and says they were "the shit" when she was in Midlle School

She asks what's wrong with Dani..and Dani says "i thought Brendon was going home" as Kalia "why is he staying"...Kalia asks "any shot working with Jef and Jordan" if he stays Dani "i need to talk to them"

Dani "this game is so different" then she expected "an every move I'm making is hurting people" ...Dani says she sent Dom homw and "would love" for him to be here....and its "sucks" he went "before jury"..."i don't know..I don't know...I don't know"

Dani say she's not there to look out her her other people's relationships....Kalia stopped munching like a cow....and offers tidbits to Dani but Dani just goes on about her game isn't what she expected...and not wanting to hurt people....

FOTH..feeds return to Kalia "don't say that" and babbling about nothing...Dani feels Bren will HOH and Dani says "she didn't say that" when Kalia says He wants to "cop a deal" and Dani says he just wants to talk to me....

Dani "i can't stop eating" and Kali saying she doesn't want a rice cake...{too healthy}

Dani breaks out the coolwhip the ice cream and all her stress food...Dani obsessing over Dominic...Dani says its not sad 'its pathetic" and says she "really enjoyed" Dom being there...and Kalia goes on she want to marry him and have his baby..and she giggle he he he shut up...

1:10 BBT Rachel Bashing at POV...by Kalia...Kalia turns it to what they sound like having sex "come on baby you can do it"...Dani "you're a creep" for thinking it...


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1:15 BBT

All feeds FOTH...

1:17 BBT feeds return for a secon 'she's really sweet i really like her"

Feeds return with Kalia debating what she's gonna shovel in....Kalia uset Dani gave Adam the strawberry quik....because she likes it...

On spyscreen Kali and Dani thought they were observing her butt crack but it was her mic pack...

Kalia Porsche bashing "i think Porsche is a cute girl but I wish she would pull her pants up"....talking about porsche.."i like her boobs" Dani says...Kalia has something against "big boobs" she says she liked Cassi's while Dai "they looked really fake"

Dani "what are we gonna do about Brendon next week" ..Dani: "lawon's useless" as Kalia talks shit about Lawon..witha mouth full of coolwhip and strawberries...Lawon bashing..."its hard having useles people in your quote unquote alliance",,and Dani bitche s'you and your cups everywhere"....as Kalia goes on about Jeff and Jordan.. Dani cuts her off and says Brendon wanted to leave to go back to school and says "you should have heard them"

Dani says Rachel stayed "she still would have Porsche"...Dani says "if he stays he's missing school"...Kalia "worst case scenario" she doesn't win HOH Dani "i go home" and Dani says she will be in JH alone for her birthday....

1:25 BBT Kalia what if "worst case scenario" bren win HOH and Dani win POV Kalia is up and goes....Dani says Bren wns HOh they are both nominated...and lose POV....

Dani can't stop eating and Kalia shuffles to slurring her words in DR while Dani says how she only had wine and a beer "i had 4 beers" Dani says..

Kalia says she has a goos feeling

"Lockdown is over" Shelly literally runs out and plants her ass on the outdoor couch and lights up.... Adam "happy elf"..

1:30 BBT Adam lights up as the nicotine feens thank BB and Shelly plans on getting uo early to be outside..."i like to be outside" the cahin smoker puffs out and wants to spend the whole day outside...

Jeff is happy to breath outdoor air...

1:31 BBT upstairs Kalia and Dani still talking Kalia wants to beat porsche face if she wins HOH and puts her up for keeping her here..

Dani thinks she will go up..Kalia not so sure and tells Dani "to stop it" and Dani says "i'm not saying "i don't believe in you" and Kalia: "you're saying you don't believe in me rat bastard"

Dani asks if she trust Lawon and Dani asks "comletely or to an extent" as Dani says "its not gonna happen"..Kalia "we need him for votes" Kalia back to recruiting J&J......Kalia says ifthey can get through this week they can get them to their side...FOTH


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1:37 BBT Kalia says they can get Jeff out a final 5...and Dani finds it annoying that just wanna make jury....Kalia says "they won't have a problem with going" and says they need to get Bren out next week...

Kali says she would put up people who could win Veto and says she would put up Jeff and ?....and promised him their vote of Dani Laon and Jordan's...as Dani says Nakomis 6 finger plan...

1:40 BBT Kalia planning her HOH....next week.and convo changes to overeating and vomit...

1:41 BBT Rachel outside with Jordan Porsche at the couches talking laundry...Shelly has her black leather Jacket on....plants herself in her spot and lights up again.....

Porsche learning the obama administration and congressional leaders... more political talk...Now she's talking Fox news..with that

{i'm out be back maybe tomorrow night but def on Monday}

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Shelly, Rachel, Porche and jordan are planning Rachel's fake BB wedding for Wednesday... going to make her gown out of white trash bags... and tie cans to the bikes... lawon will be preacher and Brenden will wear his blue suit.

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9:59 BBT

Shelly up cleaning, laundry and general straightening

thought I saw someone stir in one of the rooms, airplane going over , they must be in the flight path, gotta be in burbank, Shelly sparying something which is prolly Ant spray

sittin on the couches smoking now and having her coffee, deep in thought, oops music all of a sudden,( it made me jump,lol)

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ok we are back Adam is going over some things like time lines

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shelly comin back out to the cousches with a beverage for Adam, he says thanks Chica, Shelly says the world production so we go right to musci( dangit ppl) talking about Shellys sisters b day and how her sister loovveess her b day, Brenson says how come guys get a half a day for their b days and girls get to celebrat the whole week, music again

ok back and then someone starts singing and we get music come back again with the singing and back to music

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10:24 AM BBT

Shelly doesn't understand why "They" would hide upstairs in the HOH when everyone is up.

Rachel was upset that night last Dani made a comment about her not having the opportunity to do two interviews with Julie. Rachel made a comment about being able to do her interview this week.

House was up till about 4:30 playing pool.

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( I am gonna have the BB theme going on in my sleep)

Just talkin about sleepin, good or bad, sleepin or your stomach or not, Shelly says I don't knwo how they do it. Brendon says he feels like a wind up doll, GI Joe, talking about how much trouble it was to get a bed for Shelly and she says "Oh it's ok" and now Brendon is gonna bash Dani for not wanting to sleep with Dom on his last night and kept the big bed to herself, Shelly lightin up again Adam too, Brendon says just get rid of Dani Kalia and Lawon and we would have a great house, and Shelly amd saying they never came down from their castle, and that Dani was mean to Rachel as she said "too bad you didn;t get to have your interviews with Juli", but then she said but now you will get to do your interview, meaning she was going to get evicted, and now sayin Dani has a black heart, Brendon said that, and Rachel comes out and they say "speak of the angel" Talking about how long did they all stay up last night, chit chat while plane roaring on, production is said again about how long Jeff was in DR and we of course get music

back and then music again because they are talking about DR sessions and so they cut them off by giving us music, ok back,

music again, back

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