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7/29 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:13 BBT Quick update for y'all. Nothing much going on.

Jordan and Brenchel in Havenot room. Brenchel have been in their usual "everyone is out to get me" mode all night.

But now they are settling down.

Everyone else in kitchen for small talk. Jeff looks tense but aggressive/competitive tense.

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9:16 BBT Kalia in shower. Talking over shower to porshe. But can't hear what they are whispering. Oh...looks like they are rehashing competition and the hip/butt advantage in the game. Blah.

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9:18 bbt Meanwhile in the HN room, Brenchel stare into each others eyes...trying desperately to outmisery one another... and Jordan sleeps.

In the kitchen chitchat.

Dani: you're so sad you got nothin.

Adam: I got another week. My friends will be happy I quoted Iron Maiden twice. (Fish as he starts to quote songs).

9:21 and the kitchen conversation continues talk of how long it will take to break down the outside and end lockdown.

Discussion of whether adam will like his elf suit. Dani "oh you'll get your own elf music and montage. And the mocking question from Julie." Discussion: Green Leotard. It will be tight.

Shelly" I dont think for tv they want his kibbles and bits hanging out." lolol.

9:23 bbt: Discussion of how and when they could wear the suit (can take off in shower and pool). Discussion that it will stink. Discussion of past leotard wearers etc. Adam is anxious about wearing it. "until I see what it looks like".

Lawon: "It's gon' look hideous but you will get it to look good."

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9:26: Jordan's out (**can't stand the brenchel pity fest???**) Shelly is teaching her how to make slop pancakes.

Adam says he is going to skip up the stairs in his elf suit.

...Meanwhile in the HN room...the staring pity fest continues. He kisses her. She mopes. Brendan "I"m sorry i didnt get the ten thousand. it would make you feel better" Rach:"it's not your fault. It was random." More pity staring... (**gag**)

9:30 BBT Porsche invades the pity fest. "come on you guys don't be so unsocial" and then she updates them on chitchat and tells them to act like it doesn't bother you." Brenchel and Por talking about what they think Dani will do. Por "as long as j and j are legit we'll get her out. she can't win next week."

Bren "jeff won't forget he'll go after her."

Rach "Even if she saves him"

Bren "he won't buy it."

Por "after this week, remind him to get revenge..."

Usual talk already passed about how Jeff won't turn and he'll go after Dani etc.

Bren "I'm not about to kiss anyone's a$$" (**um... hello... Rachel??**)

Rach "will she nom jeff and bren or me and bren."

Bren "hard part is Kalia being ...(safe??)"

Rach and Por agree.

rach" im' not even going to talk about it she isnt worth it

bren : she isnt. she's dead. two people in the house who are dead to me....

bren is now rehashing his "three out of four of us going to be on the Jury..." piece justifying that Dani can't win the game.

Por: you guys should come out and be social.

bren: i have nothing to say to any of em. Kalia is dead to me. and annoying as sh*t.

por: dont make it tough for rachel.

bren: i know. i'm just not talking to them.

por: you need to act like it doesnt bother you

rach: yeah. danielle not thinking game she's thinking emotional (**hellloo pot...kettle...black)

bren: wanna go otu there?

rach: yeah. good thing we have porsche to keep us on track...

and they leave the pity room...

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9:40 BBT And Brenchel go into the kitchen. J and J there too. And Por and Lawon.

Dani and Kalia are now in bubble gum room. Whispering.

Rachel bashing...

Then fish?? Not sure why...

But the fish is my signal to go to bed. Whomever wants to take over...

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11:12 BBT

A lot of Vet scrabling for tomorrow's noms...Brendon wants them to stick together and not take deals that would throw them under the bus..

In bubblegun room Adam walks in on Brens and J&J convo and turns to the HOH com

Jeff tells Bren " I will cut a one weeker" about a deal with Dani...

Jeff says "she's gonna make nice with you guys" and take him out so they won't put her up

Jeff is sure he will be the nominee and will go..

11:15 BBT Talk what goes on tomorrow and its just nominations...

In the havenot room the fallen queen Rachel talking with Porsche and how long she held on during the HOH comp...

"if fucking Daniele sends Brenden home" she swears to God and Porsche says she propbably will and talks he rtown from the ledge and says they will get even with her next week....

Porsche says if we fall apart "we will be screwed"....Rachel says she's emotional like her....Porsche says J&J are going to try hard after Rachel says Jeff is like a brother....Porsche says they have to keep it calm and she may have to play without Brenden and keep going forward...

Rachel "thank God I have you" she says....

They are now discussing sleeping arrangements....Rachel says Kalia will probably sleep upstaurs with Dani and Porsche says "i doubt it"

Porche says she'll be nice to her but doesn't mean she won't "get her out next week"

11:21 BBT

Feeds switch.. Shelly and Dani talking how happy Dom will be when he finds out tomorrow she's HOH..in the kitchen...Talking there may be a Pandora's back...Shelly says she got the feeling BB wanted Dom to stay...Shelly says "he was a sweet kid" about Dom..."you can tell he was loved...that had to make him feel good" and Shelly says "by far that was the loudest scream"

11:23 BBT FOTH

On BBAD in bedroom Adam and Jeff Jordan talking theres POV "big Jeff feels good about the futer..keep it classy and positive" and take the train to "the jury house" and Jeff says he does better when he's down and out and it shows what kind of person you are.."i love it"


11:25 BBT..no ones talking when feeds switch back to Brenchel and Porsche.. whispering in havenot room...and giggling..they are talking about Kalia and her hair phobia..Porsche...Brenchel Kalia hair phobia bashing...

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11:28 BBT

Back in the have not room Brenden still talking about Kalia how she's a turncoat ...Porsche says Dom "never left the room" to campaign...

In the kitchen Jeff saying he drinks so much in the BB house he has to pee a lot..Shelly replaying the HOH and says she was gonna "win it" and says the "last tilt" of the wall she couldn't get into a good position...Daniele sitting there

Talking how Lawon was "a mess" during HOH

Daniele talking she wasn't there for 10K......they talk outside the house they would take the money but here not for another week...

Shelly says she just didn't want to come off becaus eof the pictures...she may have for "a phone call"

Talking about Danis letter will come from her gma or roommate...and says she doesn't think they will let her brother from her brother...

11:33 BBTShelly cleaning during her convo when Lawon enters "all good in the BB hood"

Kalia in the bathroom working on her hair..

Back in Have not "what was the worst possible thing could happen"....Daniele win HOH or Daniele making an allince with Kalia and Kalia winning HOH...

11:35 BBT Brenchel and Porsche talking about HOH Bren making his excuse why he didn't last...Bren says when it started he was done...

Dani and Kalia talking in bathroom ...whispering about her Rachel convo..."evil black heart"....Dani said they had her on their side and basically goes over the convo about Rachel wanting to make a deal....and Dani says "i'm gonna feel bad making my speech tomorrow" during Noms..{sound like Brenchel is being nominated}

Kalia says "she's gonna sleep in the have not room with him" and says Jeff isn't with Jordan becaus ehe told Kalia that there isn't no room...

11:39 BBT Dani joking "get out the black tuxes..black dresses...lokks like someone just died".....

11:40 Dani says she hasn't eaten in 3 days because she's been stressed...

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10:41pm bbt HGs being civil, eating and talking about HOH during Je/Jo's season

10:48pm bbt Rach/Pors in HNBR, Rach shares what Dani/Rach discussed, Rach hopes Dani noms Lawon.

10:49pm Bren enters HNBR Rach:I'm willing to make a 1 week deal with Dani. Even backstabing Kal, she won't be a jury vote.

10:51pm Pors:she might put me up. Although it would upset her dad(ED?).

10:54pm back from WBRB Bren upset about his size vs HOH comp. Je/Jo in CBR decide best move is to evict Bren or Rach.

Jord tells Jeff about promise Dani made to her after HOH comp.

Jeff:they are going to make deals, all I can do is do my best. they count votes, Jeff vs Bren. Jeff has Jord/Shel votes, not sure about Adam.

Jord remembers Julie said there are more twists, Jeff worried about 10g target. Mad at Brenchel being romantic in HNBR in front of her.

11:00pm Jord:I couldn't hold on, are you disappointed? Jeff:no, you couldn't have beat her, she was never coming down.

Jeff:is Rach really sleeping in HNBR with him? I would but, only 4 beds. Jord:it's ok, I'll cuddle up to Law.

in HNBR, Pors still talking with Brenchel. Bren ok with going home, doesn't want deals made to profit off him leaving though.

Jord:if you leave BB and don't see me til Sept, you'll be like Jordan who? Jeff:I'll take my 10g and go to Europe for a month. I'm not going anywhere though, Shelly will work for me. Brench will cut deals with her, I won't do that. Jord:Dani will have Kal in her ear.

Jeff says he put long pants on for HOH because he thought it would be cold due to the snow scene.

Je/Jo mention guys going out first on HOH. Jeff:we should have a bench press comp for POV.

Jeff:I don't want to complain, but there was no chance we'd win.

Bren leaves Rach/Pors and joins Je/Jo. Jord shares with Bren that Dani consoled Jord.

11:11pm Bren suggests a 1 week deal with Dani if she doesn't put up and vets. Bren says Rach talked to Dani, it's possible.

Jord:there's no why she's going to cut a deal.

Adam joins Je/Jo/Bren in CBR, Pors/Rach talk in HNBR

Adam states the obvious, you guys going up? They say Yes Adam, you're safe. Adam:if I win POV, you all tell me who to use it on? Jeff:I'll take it! lol

Bren spins his version of last season, saying floaters made it to end(um, Brigade alliance made it to end)

11:20pm Jord leaves CBR, comes back from WC, says slop goes right thru her

Feeds to KT, Dani at counter watching Shelly sweep floor. Shel thinks 'they' wanted Dom to stay, Dani misses him.

Shel:you could tell when he went out he was loved, that was loudest screams so far, by far

Dani: I promised I'd let him take me to dinner. I said I'd pay and he said no. One thing he wouldn't tell me.

Shel: There was something emotional about his family

Dani: Something about the way he was raised. Shel:about his mom? in his opening?

Shel: at first I was feeling great! I thought bring it I'm gonna see pictures of my kid.

Dani/Kal in WCA, Dani tells of Rach making offer. Dani says she will act like it's possible, until giving a great nomination speech.

Dani WANTS Third Eye Blind cd... she only listed a couple, but underlined and starred it

11:48pm Still on camera, WCA:Law/Kal/Dani missing Dom, HNBR:Pors/Rach, Pors thinks the bananna was harder to hold on to than staying on the skis

12:03 Feeds back again after, Adam/Bren talking about Dom's speech, comparing it to Andrew's from last year

Bren:I was wondering, so who is the spinless jellyfish?

The results of eating slop are already affecting Jordan. Her 'odor' forces Adam to change seats. Brendon says the first week in the house, he told Rachel that when she talks to Jordan, Rachel's NC accent comes back.

Jordan starts telling high school stories(in Caberis county) of friends driving around going 80 "now I think it's stupid, but then it was so much fun!"

Jordan/Rachel talking about back roads to get to downtown Concord, take exit to get to Verizon, Bojangles

Rachel's family is 10 minutes away. Rachel went to First Assembly Christian School, biggest church in Concord, they have a church, school, own a skate park. Rachel lives one exit away from the speedway.

Jordan asks if Rachel went to the races alot. Rachel went one time onto the track, but it was so loud in the stands. Jordan's parents used to be members of the speedway club. Rachel's parents still are. Bren is surprised, but Jordan says it's real nice, because they have a bar and gift shop, and you dress nice, you can't wear flip flops.

Jordan went with her parents in flip flops and almost didn't get in, but they go so much she got in. Someone plays the piano, it's nice. Brendon asks Rachel if she'd like to get married there. Jordan's parents were at speedway when Talledega Nights was filmed there.

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11:43 BBT

In bathroom Kalia telling Dani her sides were sore and pull up her skin tight shirt and we get a closeup of all the ripples and rolls..

11:44 BBT The talk about HOH..comp...whispering and vet bashing....a ver smug Kalia going over the what was said about her...Kalia says she was happy Jeff got the money despite no words of encouragement fron them...

Dani talking how ecited all he friends watching her win HOH....Kalia saying she can't wait to actually "see it"

Talking about Dom being in the HOTel...in walks Lawon and the "miss PT" talk...."this is suck" Lawon says about the eviction....Dani says "it was totally game and I understand that"

Talking about using gloves and how BB told them they wre not allowed to use them but whoever used them said it actually made it slippery..about Porsche and Kalia says that when no one stopped talking to her they just wanted her for her vote....and Kali goes on about Porsche...."witha vote of 1 to & little PT you're evicted" nad Lawon said he understood that he wasn't voting...

Kalia talks about her discussion with Jeff...about her vote and how she went to Dom and says he understtod and was happy with his one vote from Dani....Kalia goes on about the Look of improvement from J&J when the vote came back 1 to 7...and talks a mile a minute..and how they didn't says a word for her during HOH even those she gave them her vote...

11:54 BBT Kalia "I wouldn't want that unitard I would look terrible" {and I wouldn't want to see her in it}

Lawon going on about his vote and getting Doms preapproval...

11:56.."cookie dough" and excite Kalia says when Dani says they have some...

Lawon going on about Dom.......

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11:59 BBT

Kalia still working on her hair Shelly walks in and says when your done can you tell them to let the "backyard" take a look at your hair...she says jokinly no doubt having a cigarette fit...

12:00 BBT

Feeds FOTH BBAD COmmercial

12:02 bBT BBad back ......Jordan just finishing up in bathroom and heads towards the kitchen where the newbies and Dani are ..walks past them to the LR with Adam and Brendon discussing his season.....

They are talking about Dom's speech..."they will play that up" Adam says "you think so" an inconvinced Brendon asks...

Jordan says her stomach is tore up....and l"i like when I poo..it makes be feel better" ...and they kid her about her accent...Bren says Rachel has been picking up from hanging out with her.....Jordan says she is from a very "country" part of NC...Brendon going on Rachels Dad "went to Princeton and speaks 7 languages" and so they are not so country themselves...

12:07 BBT Rachel joins them and continue talking "country"....

12:08 BBT IN the the kitchen a lot of talking over each other....Lockdowns...nominations...

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12:18 BBT

Kalia shoveling ice cream in as Dani is also as they talk at the kitchen bar...Guess what they are talking about Dom...

They discuss him wanted to move to LA as Kalia says "his agency' has beeen trying to get him to LA and Dani says "first he has to move out of mommy's house"

12:20 BBT Kalia 'i'm so exhausted I can't even talk and eat" Porsche joining their convo...

Dani says she's gonna yak....

Talking about her HOH room......Talking about Dom again giving her his "70 bucks" Raybans....Dani says he told her he'll see her "in Vegas" and says she will see him at the finale...

Kalia wants to have a "sound sleep" as she hints at moving up to HOH and Dani says he's excited "to have my own room"

They are talking about Dom's picture....Dani thinks its awful....Shelly "for a guy who models" Dani finishes her sentence.. "it looks like a bad school picture"

12:27 BBT...the wait for Danis HOH continues...

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12:34 BBT

Dani finally called to DR...

In purple parlor Kalia talking with Lawon...about the HOH comp....Lawon lies "you've lost weight" and an excited Kalia thanks him...

Lawon telling her she didn't lose her character....Kalia says if they won they would have told her to "pack her bags" as Kalia says she won't be treated "like Cassi".....says she needs to "let it go" but is hurt by J&J...especially Jordan how she used to talk a lot with her and now she blows her off...

12:38 BBT Kalia blabbing a mile a minute...

12:38 BBT Dani gets her key as everyone heads upstairs to HOH....inserts her key......evryone assembles.."dunt don duuun" she belts...."oooo I'm so excited...YaaaY...ahhh I'm so excited"

Dani explains the pics immediately...

people looking through he things...look at her pics... stuffed unicorn..."i love unicorns"..brothe gma and cat so far as pics go...

"yay cocnut water"..Dani says "almonds..they are my favorite ever"...jello... nesquik....."thanks big brother" and checks the fridge..."more beer" fruits veggies....as "ice cream and cool whip"...

Dani offers "lawon you can be the first' with her HOH robe..as Lawon gladly puts it on...

12:43 "i'm obsessed with unicorns" Dani explains ...Dani says "cocnut water is really good for hangovers"

Dani "i think I'm gonna read it alone" about her letter from her grandma "i'll get all sad"

12:44 BBT kalia already slobbering over the "pita chips"

12:46 BBT talking about pics "medevil time" restaurant in "buena Park" with Brenchel...who have been there..

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12:50 BBT

Everyone in HOH still looking at Dani's awards in a frame...

Adam having the most interest in everything...Jordan loks bored or worried...Shelly asking questions...

Adam talking about his Elf costume....and hoiw bad it will smell and Dani "are you ever gonna wash it"

Bren talking how gross Enzo's penguin suit got...

12:54 BBT Porsche says Adam will look the best in the elf suit...

Breaks up as Shelly in her nicotine fit asks Dani if she can use her pull "to get the bakyard open"

Everyone leaves Dani says "awwwkwarrrd"...

Dani puts her headphones on and reads her letter...

Downstairs Jordan says "i'm not gonna try" talking to Dani "i know were going up" even Dani told her she was safe...and Jordan warns she will say the same...and Rachel asks if she said the same to Jeff and Jordan pissed she "didn't stay on" and says she was in the "perfect position".....

Jordan hoping for a miracle twist...but says "its too late"...Rachel says they have the votes" they just need Dani to put someone else up...

12:58 BBT Jordan and Rachel still in bathroom Dani smiling as she listens to music in her HOH...

Rachel in denial about being put up...Jordan says "dominic's speech" and they didn't understang who the spineless jelly fish were...Rachel thinks they fell for their tricks...

Rachel weighs 135 and says she feels like she's "gaining weight"..Jordan says being in slop "is an easy way to lose weight" "i feel smelly but i'm not getting in a cold shower" Jordan says....Jordan "130 exactly" as she gets off the scale..

Rachel says Kalia came downstairs..jordan says she doesn't think so...

Bren thing the spinless jellyfish comment was about them...{and not the people who didn't save Dom by voting for him to stay}

1;04 BBT Jeff says he would go out with class...Rachel goes over her eviction and the spite of voting her out when they said they were keeping her...

Jordan goes in the bubblegum room and Talks to Kalia who is complaing about her sore sides and how her fat helped her so she could lean on them...

Jordan Kalia discuss HOH com...Rachel comes in...grabs some pillows...as rachel discuss blankets ...

1:07 Back to HOH and soreness....Kalia says J&J are not targets "you'll see it"

Kalia says Dani told her she promised Dom and will not "come down".....Kali talks about needing to win...

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12:56:41am Dani reads her letter, silently laying in bed. As best as I can make out...


First I saw you being born, and then you spent your childhood with me. Now having you as a best friend is a gift. I never would have dreamed of our friendship.

Thank you for this time in my life that we share.

I've missed you since the moment I left your apartment. Time goes by so fast. I'll see you soon. You're doing a great job as usual!

We're all fine here. Just concentrate on being the winner you already are!

Love, love love you,


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1:09 BBT Jordan says no one hates Kalia and says people are mad because they know if they didn't win they would go..Kali says the noobs too..

Kalia says she doesn't want it to be wierd and Jordan says "that's how it is in here"

Jordan asks about Dom speech...Jordan says "did you hear the applause"..."people love him"....

Kalia explains the speech...Dom says 'people don't wanna play"....and the spineles jelly fish was directed at the noobs

1:13 BBT Jordan talking everybody has had a shot..in comps...

Dani comes in to get her clothes...and neither kalia or Jordan have acknowleded her and vice versa...she leaves without saying a word...

1;15 BBT Jordan and Dani continue talking about tomorrow being on lockdown for POV tomorrow night...

Kalia wants to watch a movie...Jordan would love to watch one also...Jordan says her shirt smells "fishy"

Jordan says her nad jeff "can be buddies" since she has to sleep in have not room...

1:17 BBT all feeds on Kalia and Jordan talking Diet..

{i'm out early tonight really tired...back tomorrow}

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1:29:14am ALERT! Porsche turned in her gold key and is ready to play BB!

Porsche and Rachel at WCA, Rachel brushing her teeth, mentions making deal with Dani.

Pors:WHY? Go talk to Bren! You aren't allowed to make deals without him! I'm dead serious! Bren/Jeff talked about not making ANY deals!

Rachel looks VERY confused.

Pors:you're not playing it right girl.

Rach:then what do we do?

Pors:we F&$^% sit. One of us will go, and there are six of us left, that's what happens, it's a game.

Rach:no, Jeff just said, the deal is none of us go up. If any of the 4 of us go home, she's f$&^%, like deals off

Pors:You need to talk with Brendon first before you make any deals.

Rach:But I don't think he's saying no deals at all, I think he's saying...

Pors:He kinda did, in my opinion, and whatever deals need to be discussed, need to be discussed in fours... or fives, or whatever... you can't be doing that, or he(Jeff?) is going to think you and Brendon are not on the same page, and he'll get nervous, do you understand?

Rachel nods her head yes...

Pors:Be careful because it's an emotional thing that you're thinking, and I worry about it. You're thinking like a girl, and you need to think like a guy and a game player right now. I love you. I'm sorry to be hard on you. He'll be like, why is this girl trying to be like, you know, he'll think it's an uneasy ship that we're sailing, so, be careful. Before you say anything to anyone, ask Brendon. This week, and this week only, because I know you're smart, and a good game player too, but... he takes himself out of the game alot before he makes decisions.

Porsche walks off and Rachel keeps brushing her teeth.

(Porsche seems to like the idea of Brendon or Rachel being sacrificed for the sake of their 'team', more than the idea of Brendon and Rachel striking a deal with Dani that causes the target to be pointed at Pors this week?)

Adam finds out from BB that he'll get instructions for the elf costume, and he gets 2 costumes, but not tonight.

Rachel goes to Jeff/Jord who are sweeping the purple room, and discuss making a deal with Dani. Jeff asks if Dani came to Rachel.

Rachel says Dani mentioned being willing to make a deal. Jordan says to make sure Dani doesn't tell Bren/Rach one thing, and Jeff/Jord something else.

Rachel starts to share her conversation with Dani... and Porsche comes in!

Rachel:I asked her how we can trust her if she went back on our deal? She said haven't you ever gone back on a deal?

Jordan asks how they can trust Dani now then? Rachel says it doesn't matter because we don't have to stay with this.

The discussion turns to who they could get Dani to put up as part of the deal.

Rach:If just one person, we have the votes. If she put up Lawon...

Jord:I don't think she'll do that...

Pors:I've already discussed it, if Rach goes, then I'll play with Brendon, and if Brendon goes, I'm with Rach. That's why I don't think we should make a deal

Rach:Then one of us will go home, before jury, we have to make a deal. As much as Dani is an idiot and bad game player, because she should have let Kalia have this HOH, if one of us goes, then next week she goes home.

Jeff:my deal is this... you keep us safe this week, and we don't touch you next week. But if one of us goes home, we swear on our mother's life, you will never ever ever have any of our votes to win this game. That's 4 votes on the jury, so it doesn't matter what you do to the other 3 HGs, you can't win.


Rachel goes to talk with Dani in the HOH(akward start as Rach tries to get past the opening and get to proposing 'the deal')

Rach:what if me/Bren/Jeff/Jord keep you safe, we can figure out how long... if you keep us safe this week

Dani:but... the problem is I have severe trust issues with you. If one of you won HOH this week, there is no question I'd be on the block.

Rach:I'd talk to them and keep you off, I'd put up Kalia. It doesn't make sense to not work with us, but... Daniele...

Dani:I never said I was close to Lawon, he just follows me around. And I genuinely like Kalia

Rach:Well now that you have power, I don't see why you wouldn't make deals?

Dani:Who's to say I won't?

Rach:You could put Lawon on the block, and get rid of him. He's a floater, and he's not helping your game, he's not going to try to win something for you.

Dani:I think we play two different games. I'm not here just to get to jury. I want to win, but the way you and I go about it are different.

Rach:if you send home Bren/Jeff this week, you will never win.

Dani:I'm willing to take that risk, maybe I'm not. You want to play off emotions. I think it's stupid to come in this house and vote because I like that person. If you were in Final 2, and you are better than the other person, absolutely I'll vote for you. Now you are threatening me, saying I'll lose your vote.

Rach:I don't know what to say to you. There are 4 people playing in HOH next week. You can't play in HOH next week. If you want to talk who has competed, who has played this game.

Dani:You talk like you are the only one playing this game. I've been sitting on the sidelines with this golden key, that's not my faullt

Rach:obviously you were playing, you tried to BD Jeff while I was HOH, you tried to manipulate me, I give you high 5 props for that. Great move if it had worked, but I couldn't accept it, because it put Brendon in jeopardy. He would be the biggest target, so I thought you/Dom would turn on us.

Dani:I know what you will think no matter what, but you were only person I had final 2 deal, not even with Dom.

Rach:How can I trust you to stick to Final 2 deal, if you won't stick with 5 person alliance?

Dani:When you said Dom would turn on me, that hurt my feelings, clearly you didn't turst me, it's hard to find someone you trust in this game. You have Brendon, once my dad left, I never had to search for someone I could 100% trust. I did trust Dom 100%, the things he promised you...

Rach:I understand, and wanted you to have that.

Dani:then you went to Jeff and told him, you lied to my face, what was I supposed to think?

They start rehashing the house meeting comments from Wednesday, and the success of 'the deal' seems to be fading...

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8:33 BBT

all asleep in the BB house, even Shelly is not up

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Lawon and Shelly up and sitting at the kitchen counter, Shelly having her coffe, Lawon says when he first saw her he knew she was a winfe but didn;t know much else but when he found out she was from new orleans he knew she;d be good, and then says how smart she is and they have in common that they love, love their family

Talking about they hope that they can all be haves for Adams b-day next mon?? I think they said and Shelly says Josie starts school the very next day.

Also talking about how crazy Adam is and it is funny, but at the end of the day it is like "enough already". they are looking forward to Adam in his suit today. It couldn't have happened to better giy, Shelly says they are about a month in and never ever has she gone this long without talking to her family, wonders what her mom and dad are doing

Shelly says she know her mom is watching the feeds alot and her dad on the ipad, then she says her folks live in Fla and everyone in her family all live in different places, Lawon acts soooo surpeised, they never get to spend any kind of time together because of living in different places, Lawon has family strung all over southern cali, like Oxnard, Passadena, for some reason getting music, maybe it is the am wake up call

nope they are back, and now music again????

back, and Lawon is saying he will go to London where his dad is for his 40th b day, especially after this experience right here, uh huh honey

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Shelly talking about the construction of the wall they were on last night, and Lawon says it showed him his upper body strength is not good, and Shelly said the first hour and a half noone coulda told her she was not gonna win that comp but as time wore on it got bad, and the last time the wall tilted was rough and that was all for her, then Shelly say SHE coulda stayed on there forever, Kalia surprised them and say they were shocked she stayed them, so props to her and Shelly says she does not believe all that Kalia says she does in real life, especially about what she said about does 7 weeks of stipend get you an apt?? If she really needs money wouldn't she have gone down for the chance of ten grand?? Shelly says Adam was hyperventilating up there and he was havin a hard time, hes a big man to be up there, and he needs to get his upper body strength back from losing that weight, for 3 yrs he had been trying to lose the weight to get on BB. he lost a whole person, and if he had been that weight he never coulda done that comp, Shelly love the throwing of the snow on them cause it was cold , but there was something in it, then she say " I don't know", just general talk no game talk whatsoever

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Shelly says she wakes up everyday and is still shocked that she is in there as she watched the show for 10 yrs, and she love watching the live feeds when she is at home and Lawon says yeah, you schooled me on that cause I didn't know anything about that, hold on feeds went out BRB

ok back and Shellis going thru what is gonna happen on which days, and something about they are still on lockdown

Shelly takes the trash from the kitchen to the storage room I guess that is where they pick it up, then Shelly says eveyone is still sleeping, and asks Lawon what he does on Fri, and Lawon says everyday is a good day for him but Fris always good, and Shelly says something about how legal ppl dont do much work on Fri, Lawon says he's out by 12:30, then Shelly starts to say something about her atty or an atty she knows and we get music

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