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8/20 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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8:56 PM BBT

Brendon goes inside to get a coffee. The minute he leaves Britney starts in on him. "He kept asking where you were Enzo. Where's Enzo in the DR?"

Enzo laughing because everyone was surprised he knew some answers. "You all think I'm a dodo don't you. AH he's a dodo. I showed you."

Lane making his coffee now. Ragan inside on countdown to eating. 5 mins left.

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9:03 PM BBT

Ragan eating salty peanuts, and Lane says he can't wait for Ragan to meet his parents. His mom's friends are gay. He is now recreating his face for the jury vote. He could hear everyone laughing at the expression on his face. He didn't see that coming, not in a million, million, million years. Ahh it was so good.

Ragan grabs his glass of wine - after long last. Hayden goes in SR - no libations. Hayden Burgers are up for dinner.

9:08 PM BBT

BB Voice: Lane

Lane: What?

BB Voice: Please go to the diary room.

Lane: Make me!

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9:09pm BBT:

Matt and Brendon playing pool.Inside we have Bitchney,Ragan and Enzo. B and R talking about music. B wants Britney's greatest hits because it'll have more songs. Both love Kelly Clarkson, Lady GaGa and Britney Spears.

9:21pm BBT

Looks like pool tournament is over and both guys have joined the kitchen crew.Britney tells the room that they don't have to feel like they have to stick around and feel ackward. She hopes the picture of Nick is the one she brought.

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9:30 pm BBT:

Ragan is cooking/eating up a storm. Matt says he’s going to gain all his weight tonight. There’s pizza and burgers. Britney requests a swiss burger. Matt says he’ll do it because he has to kiss her ass this week. She responds with how she never knows what Matt’s going to pull out of his pocket. It’s all kind of said in jest, but there is a hint of truth to her vocalized doubts in Matt’s intentions.

Brendon is a bit quiet (can’t imagine why). Idle dinner chat.

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9:45-10:00 BBT

Matt and Lane in jumanji talking about how Matt couldn't tell the Brigade he had DPOV and what the other 3 were planning. They weren't going to bring a 4th member into the Brigade.

Talking about how it is going to be Brendon and Enzo this week and Enzo said he might flip out on Brit if he goes up. Matt says he needs to experience being on the block.

Lane - "this could not have gone better for BG"

Matt says it is perfect that Britney can't play next week.

Enzo comes in and Matt says that he would have done exactly what the other BGs did.

Brenden comes in and breaks up the game talk.

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9:57pm BBT:

Ragan and Bitchney on hammock. He feels he needs to stop being so passive aggressive with Brendon but that its hard. Brit starts to Brendon bash. Ragan catches himself from going down that road. She says to feel safe is odd.

10:00pm BBT:

In palm room Matt, Lane, Enzo and Brendon talking about how it feels to get this far. Enzo amazed at almost winning even though he didn

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10:16 BBT

On the hammock Matt Ragan and Brit bashing Kathy her "sweet tea" her helplessness as Matt says she's gone 2 hrs and the kitchen is already a disaster

They joke if Brendon doesn't go up if he promises to clean kitchen or bring him coffee in bed..

ragan says a "full karmic" circle he wins POV..

10:19 BBT Talking about Kathy again Ragan says she would have put you up "why does she hate me" Britney wonders {umm because you suck} and Ragan "who knows"

They are talking about Rachel being pissed when Kathy goes to DR...as Matt says he didn't want to use it..but had to because he was on the block.."I would have rather had someone else up there" saying BB let rachel do that {the pretzles} because they wanted Matt to use it {isn't that nice he tells Brit in a roundabout way if she was nominated he wouldn't of used it" as he continues he was "livid" when they let rachel use it and "apologized" to Rich..

10:24 BBT They talk about the "nice" lady in the DR...and no BB warning...

Brit says she's gonna pack and do "a slow move" Matt says...

Brit leaves..and Ragan and Matt are on the hammock together as ragan "so glad" he never made a deal with Brendon..as Ragan blabbers on he didn't know "what i was gonna do" if he got nominated..talks about felling "hopeless"....as Ragan says he never wanted to get "false hope" as Ragan "i can't believe it" that Matt is laying "in the hammock".."its so wierd to me"

10:28 BBT Ragan just yammer on and on about in real life he gets close with friends his abondment isses...blah blah blah...

At the pool table Hayden playing pool with Enzo while Lane watches fron the chair and Brendon watches from the side..

Brendon says they can't let the house get to be a "disaster" we need to "pitch in"...Brendon goes in as Lane says they have "to win" POV and stress "have to"...as Enzo says "we can win" as Brendon returns with "coors light"....

10:32 BBT Back to small talk...around pool table..

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10:35 BBT

The pool game with the guys talking about Enzo being a "five time champ" as he goes for the title against Lane...

At the hammock Ragan and Matt talk about how he makes "a little over 60" a year and his "10%" reduction in pay as Ragan says he needs "tenure" to help bump up his pay to pay off his "student loans" as he tells Matt his rent is $1500 as Matt asks if he needs a second job...as Ragan asks Matt not to say anything...and keep his worthless ltlle secret just to turn around to Brendon Bashing while Matt brings in Rachel......Ragan spilling his guts as Ragan considered telling people "i'm 30" instead of "34" {gee I thought he was 44..he looks it}...

At the pool table Lane talking about having The brigade come out and says to threatened ?? "to make final five"..as convo quickly turns to the uneven pool table when Brendon walks out..

10:41 BBT

Brit gets her HOH room

"are you guys ready" as they enter and look at pictures.."lady gaga" and says "ahhh" when she discovers "nick's blanket"..as gets "real shampoo and conditioner"

"nick totally made this basket"

DP SUnkist, and sone cheese...

Brit saying the pick of nick isn't what he really looks like because he was "sweaty" and "drunk" in the pic she got..

Letter "from my mom".."love you so much".........."thrilled"...Brandon's excited {her bro}....as she talks about teenage rebellion..."nick sends his love" .......talk about missing the dog....."see you in september...love mom"

"my little brother's a senior" Brit says sniffling after reading her letter..

10:47 BBT "your basket is so your personality" Ragan says...as he grabs the cd to listen to it.."i got the bottle Sangria" and will drink it "on my birthday" ...

Brit rereads her letter to herself

10:49 BBT Everyone in HOH..

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10:53 BBT

"this is my real mother" as she lifts the pic..."its not Kathy"....

Everyone in HOH except Lane "he 's so sweaty and drunk" about the pic bb gave her.....

"that's all" and says they don't have to "awkwardly sit around" in her HOH...but no one leaves...

10:55 BBT The giuys want to finish their pool tournament and give their congrats and head downstairs

They look for more booze..

Back in HOH Brit is so mad about the pic her mom sent...as they laugh at her pics....

10:58 BBT Back outside Enzo hayden and Brendon play pool again...

Brit says "nick" would be mad if he knew that's the pic they sent as the camera gives us a close up of his sweaty geeky mug..

11:00 Ragan and Matt are the only ones still up there.....Brit still reading her letter..

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11:01 Enzo lamenting how close he was to prove he wasn't worthless and win the HOH...as the talk about the HOH..

Pool game continues now with no interesting discussion...

11:03 BBT IN HOH Matt leaves saying "you did good"

Ragan there alone as he over dramatizes "i'm tho overwhelmed"..."me too" Brit says .......as Brit turns back to her "embarrassing" pics....

Outside Matt and Lane park it on the couch.."chillin" Matt says when lane asks what they're doing upstairs..

Lane complaining ND will prevent them from having their meeting...calling Brendon "the new Kathy" as Lane says "i can't be mean to him"..as he might win..

Enzo bitching "I ljust lost the HOH".."I just lost" the pool tournament...wah wah wah..

11:08 BBT Brit seems really happy with her basket and its contents....."hamburger helper" and "glad" she heard from "my mom".....birthday talk......

Ragan says tonight will be the best night sleep now that he's not a HN {hoping he's a HN again tomorrow}

11:10 BBT Outside the guys are wondering who the "sab" is as Bren says "a big chunk of change".."for putting a note under a pillow" saying it sucks...they talk about Sab and FOTH..

Ragan now is talking about Brendon...talking about everything "blowing up in his face"....

Talking about how "karmic" tonight was...as Ragan bitching about Kathy not telling Matt how she was going to vote...

11:14 BBT Brit grabs her letter to probably shut up the sniveling bitch as she reads and smiles.."this part about my dad makes me laugh" as she reads to herself..

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11:18 BBT

The Brigade plus Brendon outside talking on the couches..talking dates..and "Finale".......

11:20 BBT Upstairs Ragan talking "i could not contain myself" in the DR as he over dramatizes his emotions.."this is tho awsome" amd "matt and I " get to "play" in the next HOH as Ragan says "huge"..."so close"

The boredom outside has reched new levels as they read scrutinize and discuss the writing on their beer cans...

They are now talking about the pool cup....

11:23 BBT

"you are the new HOH...Yay!!!!" Brit says as Ragan is still trying to come to grips with reality and the events that have unfolded..as he says its close to "the perfect week" as everyone "will be fighting" "clawing" for the veto..as Brit changes the subject back to her letter..

11:24 "my mom" Brit says who she would bring to the finale as Ragan says his mom and Brit's mom are going to hang out "she's gonna flip..she's gonna love you" Ragan says..

Outside Enzo still feeling down about his worthlessness for not winning HOH as they want to see a pic of his wife..as they ask who she would go for if she wasn't married and points to Brendon..because he has the italian look and maybe hayden but points back to brendon...

11:27 BBT Brit and Ragan come out....and everyone is outside sitting.....slipper talk...Hayden says he lost his and Lane is wearing Matt who didn't get a second pair...

11:29 BBT More pool bowl trophy talk...

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11:33 BBT

"nick's pissed" brit says about his less than flattering picture she got of him..as everyone is outside talking about Brits' pics "the worst picture possible...so gross" {as she approaches Jen BB10 level about pictures..}

Outside everyone just shooting the breeze as Brendon talks about his high school days and the "jr sr wars" as his favorite part..

Brit says she hasn't "listened to anyone's music" as someone says "you didn't listen to "spice world" and admits she did when rachel won.....

11:37 BBT Brit goes in as the camera floows her to the SR...

Talking about wake up music and requests and Hayden gets BB warning only so says "i requested Red Hot Chili Peppers"

They lagh about what Kathy is doing..."Root Beer" "ambien" "smoking" "saboteur" "fish" {no need to transcribe..you can put it together}

11:40 BBT Brit in bathroon grabbing her personal toiletries and dryers to make its move upstairs and Ragan obnoxiously replays the Kathy discussion from outside..

Brit locked herself of the HOH and asks Ragan to "buzz the DR" as she stands outside her door dropping stuff waiting for BB to open her door..

11:43 BBT Brit continues to wait....

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11:45 BBT

Brit still waiting.."let me in" she whines.....

outside the guys are talking outside about previous seasons..

11:46 "oh I'm locked out" Brit says as Ragan comes back from DR saying she has to wait for BB to actually get the key and will let her know...

Brit heads to kitchen to eat and discuss caloric intake of beer....

11:47 Ragan comes out...as he sits on hayden.."hey that's my leg" as Ragan says "hey that's my butt" and Hayden ok "gaygon"

Lane wants beer and Ragan goes to retrieve beer...as they talk abouit the events of the Diamond Power of Veto as Enzo claims "something's up"

Everyone except Brendon seems to find enjoyment in tonight's live show turn of events...

11:51 BBT Everyone talking outside..as they discuss the failure of the saboteur......as Matt says Kathy did the pretzles as Enzo "i don't know if Kathy had the coordination to do it"..as they ty to figure it out as Brendon say if its Kathy they will get a video as Enzo says the pretzle notes was Rachel as he doesn't see Kathy being smart enough to do it..

11:53 BBT More group talking..as they have moved to note leaving as Brendon says BB would leave "step by step" instructions..as Enzo says "1/2 step" instructions....as Bren says BB wouldn't let her do the beds if she wasn't going to leave the note..

Enzo says he figured out Annie and "this bitch out" as he says after BB ends he's just gonna let her son "punch me in the face" for all the mean stuff he said about her in his DR sessions..

11:57 Lane says BB will make them out to be the "two dodos"

11:58 BBT Enzo doing the I almost won and i was going to answer correctly but.....as he goes over his HOH failure tonight.."had she just giving me another 5 seconds" about JC he would have won....

11:59 BBT Brendon asks "do we have a comp tomorrow" as Ragan says Food luxury or HN as Matt whines "no no no" as they talk about "the grill"...as Lane gets euphoric about a grill "to smell it" as his mouth waters at the thought of BBQ..

12:01 BBT Talking about online viewers...as they discuss as Matt says who would spend "$30" for live feeds as Brit admits she gets them and says people DVR BBAD...as Enzo says "people from the east coast' are too cool for BB live feeds and FOTH...

12:04 BBT FOTH

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12:06 BBT

Outside Brendon Hayden Matt and Ragan sitting outside on the couch...Enzo and Lane playing pool and have no idea what Brits doing

Brendon asks Hayden if he requested new pool cues and Hayden says BB isn't going to give him new cues after he destroyed the other ones..

Matt talking about his shitty band because Brendon pretends to be interested by asking...Hayden says "you got a record deal you couldn't be that bad" {if you use that logic..Milli Vanilli was a good because they had a record deal}

As Matt talks about when and where his music was played as hayden says "how cool" to hear his music on the radio as Matt explains it was and the first time he heard his music on the air "that was a request" [no doubt from his mom} and was excited someone would request his music...

12:13 BBT Hayden lying saying he was so "happy" when matt pulled the DPOV and prior to that he was so stressed..and Ragan "I'm so happy" for Brit and Matt..as Brendon is playing pool and giving them an opportunity to talk

12:14 BBT Ragan talking about "AwkardFamilyPhotos.com" as Ragan discuss pics from there..

12:16 All feeds on Ragan and Matt talking..

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12:18 BT

Ragan and Matt head to the hammock to be happy together about being "final 6" even if Brendon wins veto they will be "final six"

12:20 BBT Ragan starts about his dramatizing "eye opening" week fro him..."completely....just shocked....peopele were so willing to turn their back on you"

as Matt tries to says people says they had no choice but agrees it was telling.....as Matt says Hayden showed his "repect" for saying he would lose to him.....as Matt says Enzo "felt the same way" but "bullshit around it"

12:22 Ragan saying he has no respect for Kathy...Matt talking about "getting me you lane nad Hayden" to fight together but says "impossible" for that deal to "be struck" and says it could "be more possible" if Britney goes..next week..

Rgan says "i do feel protective of Britney" as Matt asks "in what sense" and Ragan "i just do" as Matt says "there are definite paths" they can take...as Matt says "i have no idea" as Ragan says "we need to hold off and kinda see" as ragan says "double eviction will be next thursday"..as Matt wonders if BB ha skilled it....

12:26 BBT Talking about Brendon goes...and Matt says "oh fuck" ...as Matt wants to take players to he and Ragan can make "final two" and him ragan and Lane and Hayden is just impossible..

12:27 BBT Ragan talking how double eviction "takes it down to 5..and that dtermines everything" as he fawns "i can't believe I'm sitting across from you"..and affectionately says to him.."diamonds are a gay's best friend" {oh barf}

12:29 Ragan "i'm so glad Britney got Head of household" and Matt says "me too"

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12:30 BBT

All feeds are on ragan and Matt discussing future POV's..."double eviction"..and ragan being "annoyed" and "this season is the most awesome season"{FAIL}

Ragan thinks the DPOV was set just for Matt to keep "the most popular player" in BB as Ragan says "they knew what the next HOH was going to be"

12:33 hayden talking to himself about winning POV and pulling "enzo off" and making Brit put someone else up making more people pissed off ...in Jamanji

Enzo comes in and he and Hayden head to bathroom as they whipsers who Brit should put up with Brendon..."matt or Ragan" as Brendon comes out of the toilket stall and says "the three of us" and not throwing each other in the bus..as Brendon says he will tell Brit that Matt and Ragan was trying to throw her under the bus during his HOH....as Enzo says "she's got it in her mind what she's going to do"

12:36 BBt Brendon says "the three of us have to work together" as Brendon obliviously throws "Lane" out there..as Brendon says "they're cocky as shit" as brendon says "we keep studying" and they will get "lazy"

Brendon says "i have leverage" since him Kathy and Rachel are three votes...Brendon says "one of them have to win POV over me" so they can pull "me off" {sucker} as Enzo and Hayden says "yeah"...

12:39 BBT Brendon "handshake right now" as they all agree not to throw each other "under the bus" and Hayden says they have to pull the other off in order for Brit to put up Matt or Ragan..

12:40 BBT Lane comes in and sits down...Hayden laughing about Nick and all the mean things he said in DR and he will be "punched in the face"

Hayden tells Lane "we need to talk a lot of shit" as they deleriously think they will have jobs in the entertainment field.."they love us" Lane says...as lane says the pick ay him when he has beer in him and foth..

12:43 FOTH...

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12:45 BBT

Lane and Hayden in Kitchen "wanna burger" as hayden says he'll run "thre miles tomorrow" as Brendon is eating Strawberries..

Brendon thanks Lane for cleaning up the kitchen...

12:47 BBt Brendon asks if he knows where "the Law School" is on campus..as Hayden asks the name..Brendon doesn't know..{Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law if anyone is interested}

Brendon asks if they thought about "law school" as Lane says "come on..you're an athlete" as they talk about sports agents need to go..and hayden says that's why he thought about it and Hayden says he'll go for his MBA

12:50 BBT Brendon goes into PhD talk to Lane and Hayden and they seems as interested in that discussion as winning comps..

12:52 BBT Brendon just talking about his DR when he trips a foth...Hayden and Lane were eating...

feeds back talking about how they acted and how it will affect their employment prospects and Brit eneters saying "i was listening to GaGa" and DR talk sets of another FOTH..

12:54 BBT..CD talk.."good CD,,fer sure" brit proclaims....Bren asks if they will have "have nots" and Hayden and Lane incorrectly says no and Ragan suggest Hayden and Lane should be on a team so "take a dive" since he hasn't been HNs as Lane says "FYI" don't be on his or Hayden's team..

12:55 BBT Enzo eneters and talks about the "zings" as they are all at the table talking about "shane" is another person who will want to punch him in the face"

Enzo: "how do you know this shit" all Brendon's useless facts he spouts as Brendon says "i'm a full time nerd"

12:58 BBT Talking about "encyclopedias" and the door to door salesmen and Hayden says his da bought him some..

Brendon buzzing saying Hayden with his hair "looks like cousin It"

12:59 BBT Lane Hayden and Enzo go out and hope Brendon doesn't follow them but Brendon does...as they start to play pool..all look annoyed..

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1:01 BBT

Enzo talking Code in front of Brendon...Brendon "what is ND?" as he's oblivious to the moniker needle dick and someone says "nuetral dick" for ND

1:02 BBT ON the hammock ragan and brit talking hooping Brendon fails at POV saying he gets frazzled with speed and puzzles...


Brit and Ragan talking...Ragan:"i just want him to go in" as Brit says "why does he hang out here" wondering if he'll stay indoors when "he's on the block"

Talk about DPOV and their happiness...

1:06 BBT Brigade talking about the same thing..

{well I'm out for the night be back tomorrow}

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929AM BBT Feed 1 & 2 Showing Bren and Hayden in Taj room. Brendon drinking out of large water jug and whining to Hayden about "midget" "owes me an apology" "bashing my intelligence". Feed 3 & 4 Matt and Ragan just general chat about Hollywood and movies. Also who put out wakeup song.

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934AM BBT Matt said something about setting up for food comp (must be they on lockdown already this AM)

937AM BBT Shows Bren in kitchen, sink full of dishes, dishes on table and counter. Bren making coffee, filling water jug. Hayden walked thru but did not stop to chat. Lane, Matt and Ragan now in JumRoom all laying on beds talking about some movie.

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