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August 5th Live Feed Updates

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Guest Shockalot

James and Sarah snuggled up in bed.

Sarah asks "Do you think your Mum throws Holy Water at her TV screen when she watches you?"

James ".... Ya, probably".


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back to H & R in HOH

H comes out of the shower, but forgot something in the bathroom

R - get rid of your mic

H - i might get a piece of you

R - nooo - i'm not doin that on national tv

H - under the covers ..no one will see

H - with the exception of you...bing HOH is a bad thing. I wanna change that situation somehow..what is the best way to do that?

H going over what he will say to Maggie

R - If we evict james...ok...if we gt him backdoored out and eric comes back...they are gonna have to convince eric to go for sarah

H - im not worried about that all - they will take out S before they come after us

R - they SAY that....people say a lot of things in this house. If we evict maggie and eric comes back..eric and james will go after each other..if Michael or Kayser comes back..we're all goin after James

H - god..every fuckin week you're different..jeesus. First you were..Jams has to go

R - he does..he does ..i know its a gamble either way. well lose sarah if we vote out james

H - what if maggie wins the veto?

R - then put up james..that's the way

H - oh that's the way?

R - dont stress out. we are just looking at scenarios

H - i'm not making any more decisions without conferring with you and janey

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R - odds are it will be michael or kayser

H - i think it will be eric or michael

H - now that i think about it....any 3 of them could be back..they all stirred it up

R is dreading eric returning

H - James fucked us - he's a two person show, he just kills us.

R - what is life after them? Someone is coming back and if works in our favor either way. if E comes back..he goes after james...If M or K come back..they are going after james. I t works in our favor either way. He's public enemy #1. If eric comes back and Maggie is still here?

H - we would be back at square 1

R - If you put S and J on the block and James vetoed and eric comes back, no matter what about the past, eric and J will pair up. He wont trust us and will go straight to eric and eric will know that th only way to gt back in there will be to team up with james

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R - i still say Maggie has to go..She is controlling that camp. James is awfully friendly toward Ivette

H - I gave me her word that all ties were cut with james, but what does that mean anyway?

H - i'm gonna do what i need to do to our advantage

R - exactly

R - dirtier would be to put maggie up against A or I. Don't veto her off, keep maggie and james and vote off I. Same problem though because we would still have M and I together.

They agree that James is shady

R = he's such an asshole..such an ass, but i guess in this game i can't blame him. He's doing whatever he can to stay alive and that's part of the game.

H - he makes great television

R - we gotta work around it. We cant put him up cause he will get off wilth a veto and we cant risk that. Maggie has to see that..it has already happened twice.

R - you can't put him up, it's as simple as that. If we cant backdoor him out, we cant put him on the block. We take out Maggie

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R - If S gets hoh we're screwed

H - the vengeance thing?

R - yeah

R - If she loses James, she will wanna go next week. I know h has tried to serve us up already, but...

H - i do NOT wanna be taken in this game by him cause he's a piece of shit player

R - we have a better chance of having the entire house after him. If Eric comes back I guarantee you they are working together

H - he and James?

R - yah

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H - when we tell M that we are putting her up, we are going to make it clear that James is the target right?

R - yes.

F1 - Jan reading bible in kitchn

F2 - H listening to headphones, R going to sleep

F3 - James and Sara spooning

F4 - common bdrm

2:04am BBT

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Guest Shockalot

Just to let everyone know the aforementioned conversation between Howie and Rachel continues on to 3:00AM BBT.

Its odd because they seem to be sleeping.. about 5 minutes will pass and One of them will speak up.

"We can tell Maggie tomorrow"


"Ok, you have to come with me"

Sleep 5 minutes

"I should just stick with the first idea"

Sleep 5 minutes

"James can not go up"

Howie is restless, tossing and turning. adjusting his arms, head, pillow etc.

I 'think' they are sleeping but then one just up and comments about the scenario.

Rachel appears to be sleeping.


'Damm you Howie.. im so mad at you"

H: "About the sheets?"

"No.. I cant sleep.. we are screwed either way"

No real 'new' conversation besides what was reported before.. just odd they wake up and trade a few lines back and forth throughout the night between long periods of time.

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Guest Shockalot

Good Lord!

Its now 4 AM BBT and Howie and Rachel are STILL continuing on as reported previously.

Seemingly sleeping..


Seemingly sleeping



Still nothing 'new' here, just a comment about Nominating someone, being nominated, a possible consequence of nominating someone.

At this point they are simply murmering out comments they have already made repeatedly since about 2AM BBT.

Howie tosses and turns.

Shockalot goes to bed blurry eyed.

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Rachel is pacing and talking to herself in the WC area.

She is crying, blowing her nose.

Rachel: Goddammit! How could you be so stupid Howie! You've ruined the entire game. I should never have let him win the HOH! God dammit! Stupid!

Rachel goes into the storage room, whispering to herself the entire time.

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rachel muttering under breath "stupid...stupid"

In kitchen now

"we had the perfect plan.. we had the perfect f*&^in plan.. and then janelle... WHAT were they thinking.. what the hell were they thinking.. theyre so stupid"

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Rachel on tread mill now... hard to make out whats shes saying

she mentions howie and janelle should be put on the block for being so stupid... keeps repeating stupid.. absolutely stupid... both of them

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R to herself

"idiot howie, idiot howie, idiot howie... God D^&%it Howie!.. I let him win HOH and he screws everything up.. Im going to kill him... Im going to nominate him myself and vote his @$$ out... we didnt have to make a decision to monday... he screwed us.. either way he screwed us..."

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She is still angry, saying IDIOT HOWIE, IDIOT!

R to herself: Okay, so this is what it will be: 7 vs. 3 Fuck it Howie. I threw the HOH competition so he could have it, and what did he do in the first 2 hours? He fuckin' screwed it up!" He screwed us. Either way, were gonna be screwed.

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