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August 5th Live Feed Updates

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rachel and howie in HOH

R - you have to take maggie out... if you dont take maggie out and eric comes back.....

H - they are gunning for us anyway

R - thats my point... were in catch 22 right now.. and if thats the case we might just have to do it.. and then pack your bags cuz then we might have to go home.. im just venting because we were in the best position in this game.. and now were in the worst..i almost want to sit james down and ask him why he tried to hand us over to them each week

H - you know the reason.. me and you have become a bigger target now that Im HOH

R - only because you made those deals... and janelle wasnt thinknig.. and i left so...now i gotta go feed the damn fish

H - anyone in the house up?

R - no just me.. i just dont believe for a second that if we take james out that maggie and them will go after sarah.. i dont believe it for a zsecond.. as soon as janelles up we'll talk to her...

Rachel leaves room

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Guest mikemiami

shes a skitzo, ever since eric leaves it seems she talks to her self in a crazy manner cuz she has no one left to talk to, lets just hope that SHE doesnt screw up anything with all her ranting!

*just wanna thank you all for posting on the feeds, i read em all the time b/c im not able to subscribe to the live ones! **

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rachel in kictchen by herself

"i love it when people put things away" (sarcastic) looking in drawers

whispering to herself again...

looking for something in all the cupboards.. throws up hands in disgust

james is up

R - hey james

R now making fresh orange juice

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rach is in the hoh room talking to howie.... she is pissed and you can hear the camera moving and she says.... yeah yeah yeah I know you are watching...

r- i am gonna sit james down and ask him point out...

h - u know the reason

r - yeah but i want to share him s***less

h - we are more of a target since i won HOH

r - only cuz you made deals with half of the house, jan wasn't thinking and i left, i have to go feed the damn fish it is still sitting on the counter

r- i don't believe for a sec. that is we take james out that mag will go after s...

r - i'm gonna see in jan is up

h ok

rach leaves hoh

rach back in loo throwing things around

now she is in kitchen

and now feeding the fish

rach to pantry

rach in kitchen mumbling to her self again... quite agitated and slamming things around

r - i wonder why ppl don't put things away here, they don't... more mumbles... and mumbles more...

r - r - god! where is it... son of a B**** alright, where is it? you're kidding me! they are really screwing with us...

james is up...

r - hey james

jam - how are u

r - ok, yeah

r - is mumbling to her imaginary sidekick still

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rach now in HOH room with howie

h- what we have to do is break up the middle like kay didn... bring maggie in...

r - basically what we are gonna say, or what we could say is that they didn't get the job done and then we back doo them...

h that is a strategic move

r - we can't take another loss... like him or not he is our ally

h - jan opened up about how she hates james... i was letting her talk and one thing led to another and dumb dumb dumb

they are talking strategy... saying that it will work to their advantage if eric comes back and that they have to get maggie out...

h - no matter what i am a target , we have to find the path cuz we are in a bad position, so we have to win next week

r- yep we are going

h - eric what the top player when we got in here

r- we have to prepare for him to come back, but if he doesn't great

h - jans sleeping?

r - yep - he got up went to the br and went back to bed...(boom) nice, what in the hell was that?

rach is mowing down her food... very loud!

r - having fun yet?

h - yeah tons

r - chuckles

h - i like ur scenerio tho... we gotta try to get ahead, have to take a hit, if we put maggie and april up, and we win the veto do we save them?

r - i don't see how we could cuz eric could come back and we are screwed

h - there hasn't been any obvious emotion change until there is a ceremony....

still talking stradegy...

r - if eric comes back, we're not stupid

h - gotta have stradegy, james is the one that F***** it up, we took a two person loss

r - he is an idiot

talking numbers.... ratios, still slamming james the idiot

BB Good morning HG you have 1 hr. until the food comp...

r - i'm gonna take a shower, don't give all of your food away except give me a twinkie.... cuz if we don't win the food comp.... (then something bout janelle)... i'm stressing, maybe i am gonna take a shower up here

h - you are

r - yeah i wasn't but now i am, *sniffs* i hate you howie, laughs...

r - iam just considering the senerio that you put up jam and sarah and the house is really happy...

r - ok james gets off ona veto and then u put maggie up... you have me james, and janelle...

they continue to talk about the game. howie says that NO ONE TRYSTS JAMES!

turning on spy cam, to look at kitchen...

r - jainie

r yells out the door in a whisper mode... jainie

jainie comes up

h- oh my jainie!!!!

j - i missed you!

r - you sleep with him tonight, he drove me nuts!

h - she kept farting on me...

rach - going over scenerios... all the same as the ones she went over w/ howie....

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Janelle, Howie and Rachel in HOH. Rachel is talking, putting out all potential scenarios. Howie starts to interrupt and Rachel shushes him and tells him to let her just talk.

She tells Janelle that if she would have been in the HOH, she wished she had been, she would have told them no more talking. They just needed to listen to everyone and not talk. They have to tell Maggie that they took a loss last week, and they cannot afford a loss this week.

The scenarios are that everything has changed due to another player entering the game next week.

Here are the scenarios:

Put up James and Sarah, and James and Sarah do not get veto. The whole house is happy. Take out James and Cappy comes back. Sarah doesn't trust them and has nowhere to go, she goes to the other side, and even though they don't like her they will still not turn down her vote.

Janelle: Huh. We're screwed.

Put up James and Sarah and one of them gets the veto. They take James off. Cappy comes back. James hates Cappy but he and Cappy will combine and decide they can shake things up by taking out Howie, Rachel or Janelle. Still screwed.

Put up Maggie and April. They don't get the veto. Take out Maggie. Cappy comes back and he doesn't have his partner. That side of the house is gunning for them, but they still have James and Sarah on their side. It's a more even fight.

Put up Maggie and April and Maggie gets veto. Put up Ivette and take out Ivette. Same as above, with a more even fight.

Put up Maggie and April and Maggie doesn't get veto, take Maggie out. Michael or Kaysar comes back, and the next week they can all take out James if they choose to do so.

Janelle asks if they have Maggie on the block and she doesn't get the veto, then they won't save Maggie? They won't put up James? Howie and Rachel say no, because they cannot take the chance that Eric will re-enter the house.

They all agree that the other side is going to be "so pissed."

Howie: I win HOH, I'm in the nicest room with the nice shit, and I'm miserable. This is the worst I've felt since I've been in the house.

Rachel: Shit. She knew. She knew we wanted him out. He knew we would vote him out.

Janelle: I just don't understand why she didn't come to us, you know what I mean.

Janelle and Rachel get a twinkie, say they may not get one after today.

Earlier, Howie and Rachel were talking about PB&J. Howie isn't sure if he will get to eat regardless of which side wins, if it is a side thing for the food comp. (BB just said 30 min. to food comp at 10:00 a.m. BB time). They wonder if Janelle is on the winning side for the food, can she give the PBJ free pass to Rachel? Then all three would eat for the week.

Janelle says Howie looks so handsome in the HOH robe--he should always wear it!

Howie: Thanks, Janie. I'll be going next week, though.

Janie and Howie say they love each other. Janie goes downstairs.

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The food comp was some sort of conveyor belt with food items coming out on it. They were divided into two teams. Lots of FoTH in and out. Looks like they had to try to eat all the food as it came out, and some of it was huge (like a huge cake). Still not sure which team won (or who was on which team, sorry, hopefully someone else caught it).

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Food Competition

Cream Puffs are going down a conveyory belt, they are trying to eat everything and keep it from going off the side into the bucket, they are divided into two teams (red & blue)

Ivette: I need milk bitches

Now a cake is coming, Janelle is shoving it into her face and grabing any food she can


Howie: Blue team you have a bucket of used bakery goods of 35 pounds, uh point five-oh



came back howie waves at an airplane as they all stand there


Still standing next to the conveyor belts, seem to be waiting for something

(looking at plane flying over

Janelle: Stalker

Howie: Hi Dan, you stalker

Howie: lets see how the red team did (they bring over the bucket, all jumping up and down), You guys did some good eating, bucket remnance, 35 pounds, .15, You are eating for the week, Blue Team you are on pb&j, Jannie you have the pb&j pass for as long as you are a big brother house guest, and can do whatever you want with it

Janelle: Sorry guys, I'm gonna keep it for myself.

Back to Fish

Blue Team






Red Team






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Ivette announces to BB and everyone that Maggie is feeling sick. I think she said Maggie is lactose intolerant and ate things she shouldn't eat.

Someone (I think Maggie) is in the WC vomiting (very vocally).

Ivette thanks Janelle for trying so hard, even though she knew she could eat with her pass. She says that she was the one who helped make the difference for Maggie in the competition.

Someone vomits again (I think Maggie still).

F1 Ivette in bed.

F2 following Sarah in the group BR.

Ivette is cackling, saying she will never eat any kind of pot pie or chocolate again.

F3/4 in BY with Howie and Rachel talking.

Howie is saying it is hard to be HOH.

Rachel: As much as James and Sarah want us out of the house, they are not coming after us right now.

Someone yelled that nominations are later today.

Janelle comes over to the table with Rachel and Howie. She tells them that she wasn't trying to win, but she had to make it look that way. Rachel says she knows, and that Janelle was doing great.

Janelle says that James thinks that Janelle was trying to beat them. Rachel says to tell him.

Janelle says she feels bad for the other people.

Rachel: Well, it's a game. Hey, our group gets to eat and Jenny gets to eat from their side, so.....

BB says it is a lockdown, inside.

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Janelle lies down on the HOH bed, and James comes in and lies beside her (after asking if it was ok). He whispers to her that he told her not to eat anything! She says she didn't--"duh."

Janelle asks him what he ate, and he says 1/2 of the top of a wedding cake, two cookies, a brownie...he ate a lot. Maggie comes in the room and asks if she can hang out because she needs a bathroom close by, in case she needs to throw up. James says sure, he doesn't think anyone is in the bathroom, but that's fine because better safe than sorry. He offers her Sprite or water, she doesn't want it. Then, he goes downstairs and gets Pepto Bismol for Maggie and brings it up to her. She thanks him but is short with him. He asks if there is anything to counteract the lactose thing and she says no.

Janelle says that she is going to take some laxatives because she ate too much today, and she leaves (actually she went downstairs when James left to get the medicine for Maggie).

Feeds switch to GR

Sarah is lying down in the GR, looking very serious. Janelle was talking to her briefly about how she was always with Kaysar, because she was with Michael and Michael was with Kaysar, and then after Michael left she stuck with Kaysar.

F3 HOH room Maggie is sitting, with her head in her hand, sick.

April asks if she should sit with a trash can, and Maggie says she will be fine.

Ivette goes in and out occasionally asking about how Maggie is.

Janelle goes back into the HOH room. She sits on the bed next to James, who rubs his hand on her back and asks if she feels better. She says no, she ate too much.

Rachel asks what is going on, is Maggie okay? She asks if Maggie is sick to her stomach, and Maggie says yes. Maggie isn't leaving.

James asks Janelle if she wants to play chess and she says she would love to. They go play chess.

Janelle is still looking toward the HOH room.

April and Rachel are still in there with Maggie.

James about Maggie: She's nervous. She thought she was indestructible.

Janelle: Yeah.

James: Michael has to come back.

Janelle: Maybe we could go to the sequester house together.

James: And maybe me and Sarah could join you.

Janelle: Think about it! How fun to be in Mexico with Michael! We'd have our own room, no cameras.

James: God, I can't wait for that.

Janelle: God, it'll be the best.

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Maggie offers to go downstairs and sit in a chair in the toilet area there if they need to be alone to talk.

April speaks up and asks if they need to talk, because of the nominations and all. Rachel doesn't actually say to go, but she didn't say to stay, either... Maggie says she just has to use the WC again and she will go. Howie says she can stay--he will even leave if she needs privacy. She says she doesn't mind if people hear her bodily functions. Rachel tells Howie that she thinks Maggie is getting sick from both ends.

April asks if things are the same as they were last night with voting:

Rachel: You guys screwed it up last week, plain and simple, and we took a loss. Because he didn't go out the door.

April whispers in a really urgent tone saying they wanted him out.

Rachel: Why didn't you put him and Sarah both up?

April says she doesn't know.

Rachel: It was a big mistake, and we took a loss because of it.

Howie says that strategically, he sat down with Maggie and had a good talk, about how they wanted to go back to playing a good, clean game.

Howie: Eric could come back. It sounds good now, but you guys have a good friendship. You are inseparable. The problem is, what protects us?

April: We have all said, number one, let's say I have HOH next week, you know I'm going to put him up. Bottom line, yes, he is going to backstab us and he is gonna backstab you guys. Yes, I'm friends with Maggie and those guys, just like I'm friends with y'all!

Rachel asks how they can possibly risk giving James a chance to save himself with POV?

Howie says what if they put up James and Sarah, and then he get POV, they say they will get rid of him the next week, but who is to say that they won't do the same thing and miss taking him out again that week? Who is to say James won't take himself off again with POV?

April says that the other group never made any alliance. They only said they would be truthful with each other. She says that she never promised anything, so if she has to put up Beau or Ivette, she will.

Howie: But you will put up Howie, Rachel and Janelle before you will do that.

April: I know it seems like that, but..

Howie tells her that it is a game to him, and he wants to win the same as she wants to win!

April says that they shouldn't feel like James won't put them up, he swore on the Bible that he would! Rachel and Howie say they KNOW James will put them up, won't hesitate to do it.

Rachel: Maggie is the one who screwed it up. She screwed it up. She should have put them both up together, and she screwed it up.

April says she knows that there will be a double eviction week.

Rachel: OK, say James goes up and we take him out? What if Sarah comes back? Where is out guarantee she won't come after us?

April: If I win it, I swear on my life I am going after Sarah.

April: I don't want this to be a numbers game, guys.

Maggie comes to the bed to talk, with Rachel, Howie and April.

Howie: We took a hit because of it.

Howie: If we do this and Eric comes back.

Howie says that they have all developed a bond, although they don't want to admit it, the next week it will be Janelle, Rachel or Howie that will be gone.

Maggie: I'd agree.

Maggie; We all hate him. I know he is bad. I know he is bad. I just don't want to be played. He is still here. What if he wins it.

Rachel: Sorry. The way I see it, we're screwed and we have a double-edged sword. We have to figure out which edge is the sharpest.

Maggie asks if they are saying they are the sharpest edge? Rachel says that they are worried about themselves, just as Maggie would be. She says that if Eric comes back in the house, then who is to say he will go after Sarah? How would that benefit him?

Maggie; Because that is the agreement WE MADE.

Maggie says that she can understand and see their point that it would benefit them to have one of them gone, she won't deny that, but......

James called to DR.

Maggie says she wants James and Sarah out, and if they want her to she will stand up and say so. April says they all will.

April says that if Sarah is taken out, next week James is after Howie. Howie agrees and says he knows it!

Maggie; That's not gonna happen. As soon as he goes up, he will become the angriest person you have ever seen.

April: He will still wheel and deal. He didn't even know Kaysar and right after he went up he came up here.

Rachel says that she never felt she had any support. Maggie says she thought they knew because of what she said. Rachel says they walk into the room and the others changed the subject.

April tells them that James was saying Howie and Rachel are the most dangerous people in the house.

Howie says that last night was his most stressful time in the house.

April: OK, what can I promise to get that MOFO out of the house next week?

Rachel: We want to make sure we both get to the sequester.

Maggie: Oh. DONE! Is that all you want?

Rachel: That's the minimum.

Maggie: Ok, so two weeks? Done.

April says that if Eric comes back and they put Sarah up, if she volunteers to be the pawn, they have to swear they will keep them and not Sarah.

April says Sarah came up there and did all of James' dirty work. She says they should all be civil, but...

April: I can deal with her. James, I can't even look at because of all he has done to people in this house.

Rachel says that James' ability to win POV are strong.

April: Then we'll all fight together to get him out next week.

Rachel: See, we're saying two weeks. Next week and another week. We're safe this week already.

Maggie; I gotta be honest. You're asking for a lot.

April: Kaysar tried to plan for three weeks.

Maggie: I have to be honest, I can't blame them for asking that. I haven't done it, but I can't blame them for doing it. That means that in three weeks, one of us is going home.

April says that bad things happen when you preplan too many weeks.

Jen is in the room now.

Rachel says that Michael could come back, or Eric could, and they have to consider that now.

Maggie says that Eric doesn't know any of the things that happened with James.

Rachel: Maggie gets it. I mean, you understand where we are coming from.

Maggie: You have to understand that puts us in a bind, asking for three weeks.

Rachel says yes, and you will have James and Sarah gone.

Maggie: You are asking us to put up one of our own people.

April says she doesn't like to think in terms of "our" people and "your people."

Janelle called to DR (she hasn't been in on this convo)

Rachel says they need to understand their position.

Maggie says that they need to understand that James is not part of their group. He is not one of their voters in their group!

Rachel says that he is in his OWN group, but he could vote with them.

Beau bangs on the door, and comes into the room.

James and Janelle break up the convo. They come in talking loudly about chess.

Maggie whispers: I don't blame you guys for wanting something...I don't know.. I can't speak for these people.

April: Don't talk about us as a group.

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Rachel says that they felt that the other team knew about what James was doing. Maggie says they didn't. She says that Rachel and Howie stopped talking to her. Rachel says Maggie stopped talking to THEM.

Rachel points out that they celebrated when James won POV. Maggie and April deny this. They point out that Ivette DID.

Maggie: And that was a problem.

Beau says it was even a problem for HIM.

Maggie says that they sat around Ivette talking to her, and she was nearly in tears because they were asking her WTF?

April says that Ivette proved herself by taking out James in the HOH comp. She took him out.

Howie: I told you before that I am a strategical player.

He tells them that he will look at all moves and decide on the ones that are to their best advantage.

Rachel says that they all have to expect a shitstorm if they put James on the block. They all say they don't care. They are prepared for it. They say that if Kaysar comes back, James will be talking to him and offering him people.

April says to keep in mind that THEY never said they wanted Howie and Rachel out. James said that.

April: He even was selling out Janelle. He was selling out Janelle, as well.

Howie: He'd sell out his own mother to stay in the game.

Maggie: Here's what I want. I want people in the house that when they make a promise, you can believe them.

Ivette called to the DR.

Janelle comes in and they all greet her, saying they are having a great conversation.

April: That MOFO!

Janelle asks what they are talking about, and Howie says they are talking about putting James on the block.

Janelle: I'm sorry, Jamie. It is time to go home.

Maggie: We are talking about the biggest problems in this house. The two of them are probably downstairs right now shitting in their pants. Because we are all up here talking.

Rachel: It's a big frickin' mess, and we talked about how we wanted to backdoor him.

Ivette: We're not gonna do that?

Rachel: It's not a guarantee that we can do that. It's a risk, and he is gunning for us.

Maggie: Howie, you are a great competitor when you want to be. Are you gonna pick Rachel to play for you?

Janelle: You can pick me if you want to.

Maggie: I understand the situation, but it wouldn't be that horrible of a thing if Sarah went home.

Beau says it is best if Sarah and James can't play for each other with POV.

April says it is best if they know for sure that one of them is going home. Then the next week they will work on getting out the other one.

Janelle: What if the person who wins won't do that? What if Eric comes back and gets HOH?

Maggie; He wouldn't have a f--ing choice. I gave you my word, and he knows what that means.

Janelle: Michael will want James gone.

April says Kaysar wants James gone.

April: He said that you have to get Sarah and James out back to back.

Jen: Here comes James again.

James comes in the room and asks how Maggie feels. She says horrible.

All of the HG's are on the bed in a circle facing each other! They didn't move from that position when James came in the room!

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Janelle argues briefly with April after they leave the room. April is saying how it is a "win-win situation" to take out James and Sarah. Janelle says, "Unless Eric comes back!" April says that he will do what Maggie wants. She is his partner! Why would they try to switch things up?

April uses the WC.

Rachel whispers to Janelle that she doesn't appreciate them trying to blackmail them, either.

BB: Rachel to DR!

April yells to Ivette to wait, and runs up to her. She asks if James was just talking to her in the room. Ivette says no.

April: You have to stop fucking talking to him!!

They go outside.

Ivette is saying that she thinks they are "shady" about this. She won't trust them until the POV is over and they can't do a single thing to them. She doesn't think they should beg to Howie and Rachel.

She thinks Janelle is trying to trick them, and although Janelle isn't first on her radar, she doesn't trust her. She feels that they were so happy acting yesterday--it was too happy.

April explains to Ivette that some of them want to backdoor James, and some want to just put James and Sarah up together.

Ivette says that nothing is guaranteed in the game.

April: I'm just saying, if I'm going up, tell me. Because I'm already wanting to go off on James.

April says that Rachel was demanding three weeks of safety.

April: She is a straight-up bitch!

Ivette: I know she is!

April tells Ivette how Rachel was demanding safety for her and Howie because Cappy could come back and because James will be gunning for them.

Ivette says she is more scared of Rachel than she is of Howie and Janelle.

April agrees. She says that Maggie was saying she understood why they wanted that, but she didn't want to make any promises three weeks in advance.

April: I'm saying, if you don't put James and Sarah up, I'm not making any promises.

Ivette says that she doesn't want to talk about this any more with them. She says that James will see them talking. April says James is upstairs! Ivette says she doesn't want to talk anymore with them.

April: If they put me up as a fucking pawn, they can all go fuck themselves this week! You can't make promises like that! That someone would have the audacity to ask for this week, the next week and the next!

Rachel is a straight up! I want out of here!

Ivette is just listening.

April: I just want to be here to see James leave. That's it.

Ivette says she is just passive, and April is amazed by this. Ivette says she can be passive about some things. She can give three shits about PBJ, that they want to use her as a pawn, etc.

Ivette says she doesn't care to approach Rachel, Howie, or Janelle.

Ivette: If this game is for the evil person to win, then the evil person can win because I do not want to become that evil person. Do you understand what I'm sayin'?

April: I just want to see James cry. (ROFL!)

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2;08PM bbt = F1 - empty dining table

F2 - empty living room

F3 &4 - HOH with howie and janelle - april comes in - they are talking about april being put up as a pawn

A - "if people mak promises and you fall through on it and piss someone off..."

H - the deal doesn't work that awy

R comes to the door = J ushers A out of the room saying that they (H, R and Jan) need to talk

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Maggie to the DR

R - i'm not in this game to go to the sequester house, but i wanna get over that hump - i dont want james voting for the winnr

H - th three of us are stronger

Jan - they have the people power

H - K didnt hav people power and wont it...they have to vote someone off if thy win HOH.

H - what i like about this is..its set in motion to get rid of james and sarah

Jan - get them to swear to finish the job

R - they already did.

H - BB is gonna make it competitive

R - yesterday we dominated

H - james went out on a technicality. Julie shouldnt have finished the q. Julie gyped him. Maybe they WANTED james out of here

Jan - maybe they want to see the house work together for once

H - they lov what he is doing

R - i guarantee you america doesn't lik james

R - April is gonna be rolling the grass in the backyard and smoking it

Jan - i dont like April threatening us

H - James fucked it for us or she would be sweating

H - the house wants to tell james individually why he is going up

Jan - tell him you were his best ally in the house until you were trying to take me down..someone came forward with the info.

H - i am gonna say, i keep my friends close..and my friends closer until i usher them out the door.

R - i dont want to say anything about our alliance

H - i will say ''strategically, you are my biggst....my biggst.....' "i nominated S and J because i think you are

R...the dirtiest players in the game

Jan - you have lied and deceived everyone

R - you dont have to give a BIG speech. Don't make it personal.

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H- I'll ask if anyone has anything else to say

R - ask if anyone else has comments

H - and if they do.....and if they don't, I;ll adjourn...

Jan - April wants to get her 2 cents in

H - "i think you are two of the most dangerous players in the game. I feel safer....

Jan - they totally fucked us..

R - they tried to sell us out

H - it's our fault for trusting them, but with the twist.....

R/Jan - yeah, yeah

R - like i said to howie earlir..i think james and sarah ....we have a double edged sword here..two paths to go down

Jan - I feel like whatever we try to do...

H- we're back to square one..

Jan - yeah

R - just pray to god Michael or Kayser comes back

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Janelle: god i am getting so sick of her, she tried to threaten me, saying if we take out here or james they are coming after us

april: if you do the pawn thing and it falls through, don't you think who evers partner will come after you, i'm not saying i will come after you, but if i'm a pawn and i go home my partner will come after you

janelle: there's rachel can you leave the room

howie: so far the underdog has won, if eric comes back, we need to put up eric and beau, who do you think ivette would vote to keep, cappy or the million dollars, she's gonna vote for her beloved cappy

howie: if i do this, i'd rather have james come after me rather than the whole house

rachel: i don't want them to think i just want to play to get to the sequester house, but i want to atleast be safe

howie: they eventually have to vote some of their side off

Janelle: I don't appreciate april threatening us

Howie: i nominate you james and you sarah, because you are my stongest competitors in this house

janelle: you should tell them that its because he went behind your back

howie:Lets just let the house tell them, I feel safer in this house if you two were not in this house, and ask if anyone has anything else to say

Janelle: you two have lied and deceived to everyone in this house

rachel:no he should say that, but you could add that

howie: he screwed up our alliance

Rachel: he overplayed this games

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R - he (james) is an idiot..he overplayed the game

H - I dont like to be stabbed in the back

R - we have to be prepared for the storm...for what he will say, do, cause between us

H - as long as it is verbal..it's fine

R - right

Jan- what should i say? He's gonna flip out and wanna know what happened

H - tell him you figured it out for yourself. And that he should too....

H - as much as you wnna take shots...let THEM do it (R agrees)

H - our backs are against the wall, but we aren't out the door. No one says you cant win hoh

R - hopefully

Jan - so no matter what, we are gonna put up sarah and get hr out nxt week?

R - we aren't at that point yet

R to H - put some socks on - your feet are sweaty. Put your slippers on....

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