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August 5th Live Feed Updates

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HOH room 2:00 p.m. BB time

Rachel, Howie and Maggie talking quietly. Howie looks at the camera and realizes that James is spying on them, standing outside the door, listening! He whispers that James is listening RIGHT NOW. Rachel yawns loudly and starts to sing. Howie gets up and walks toward the door and F4 camera shows the outside of the door, with James hurrying away from the door!!

Maggie talks about how all Cappy saw was how they all teamed up with James to get her out of the POV competition. That's all he knew.

Howie says that all they knew was what James told them about the situation, and he talked to Kaysar and teamed with him. They didn't realize what James was like until it was too late.

Maggie: You don't want to hear how we're gonna feel if you don't get rid of them (laughs).

Howie says he understands, he is target number one.

Maggie says it sucks for him.

Maggie: I honestly don't know what to say to convince you. I don't know what to say. I don't know what you want me to say. I think I said everything I needed to say in the bathroom.

Howie says no, he understands and he has to talk to Janelle and Rachel. He says hopefully it is the best thing for the house, or he will see them all in a couple of months. (big pause and look)

Howie: In terms of ME LEAVING!!

Maggie: I'll let you talk to Janelle.

Howie: I didn't know we would win! The question was wrong!

Rachel: I was robbed! (laughs)

Maggie leaves.

Janelle comes in the room.

Howie says that if he is wrong, they will be up against the wall. Howie says things change so often that you can't plan too far ahead in the game. He can give the three of them two weeks. Janelle: You can?

Janelle expresses how scared she is that Eric will come back in and they will be gone because they will have the numbers. Howie says that their team had the numbers last week, and Maggie won!

Howie says if Eric comes back and they can win the HOH, they put up Eric with one of the people like Beau, and then they will be challenged again. Howie: Will Ivette want to save Cappy or win her million dollars?

Janelle: Cappy! They're all playing for Eric.

Janelle says now Sarah is talking to them!

Janelle: So, we're getting rid of James? I mean...

Howie: If I don't do this, the whole house hates me now. I'm public enemy number one (says this 3 times).

Howie says Janelle is in the clear right now.

Janelle: Did you make them shake on it?

Janelle: This is so risky. I hate it.

Howie: It is!

April knocks and says she knows they want to talk, but she need to talk to them.

April: If you do the pawn thing and it falls through......

Howie: You'll come after me.

April says that if she and Jenny are up there as pawns, then...

Howie says he knows that he understands that they would come after him.

April is raging that it would be awful if you were a PAWN, put up there as a PAWN, and then something falls through and you are GONE!!

April leaves.

Howie talks again about his plan to put up Eric if he comes back in the house.

Howie: Who is Beau gonna vote for? Do you wanna win a million dollars or hang out with CAPPY?

Rachel: Can we keep this one between the three of us, please? The deal with Maggie?

Janelle asks what deal? Rachel says the deal last week with Maggie, when they said they wouldn't put her up.

Maggie called to DR.

Howie says this buys them two more weeks, it is two more weeks of planning.

Rachel says she wants James out because there is no way she wants him in there voting on the jury.

Howie says that the underdog has won again and again in HOH.

Howie: We can say, Beau, does Maggie want the million dollars, or does she want her Cappy? Think about it!

Howie says he thinks BB will keep it competitive so that they have a chance (even without the numbers).

Rachel: Yesterday, we dominated.

Howie: They really want James out of here.

Rachel: Maybe it will change the game.

Howie says that they love the stuff James is doing on t.v.

Rachel says she guarantees that America doesn't like James.

Howie says the producers do, though.

They ask what Howie will say at nominations.

He says he will say they are his biggest competitors. He will say that he keeps his friends close and his enemies farther away!

He is considering saying that each person in the house wants to talk about this decision. He is going to let the house speak.

Rachel says he should say they are the dirtiest players in the game. Howie will say they are the most ruthless.

Rachel says not to make it personal. Just say they are the most ruthless players in the game. Less is sometimes more. They will wonder who told them this, how do they know? Say "You would have done the same to us, and you know it!"

Howie: I will just say, I put up you Sarah and you, James, because I will say I feel safer in this house with you gone. Does anyone else have any comments?

Rachel: April is gonna love it.

Howie: What did I say? I think you are the two most dangerous players and I feel safer. You know what, maybe I should say something because they f--ed up our strategical....It's our fault for f--ing up because they got us in a bind.

Howie says that he thinks Eric would be good to come in the house because they can use him to divide the other part of the house.

Janelle says that if Eric comes in the house, she will feel that whatever they try to do...

Howie: We are back to square one!

Howie says that next week he is not competing, it is only Rachel and Janelle. So this way it protects them that week.

Howie: We are partially responsible because we took this guy in, and he f--ed us!

Rachel: He screwed us up. He overplayed the game.

Janelle: He thought about himself too much.

Rachel: You've just got to be prepared for what he is going to say, what he is going to do.

Howie says as long as it is verbal, he doesn't care. If it is physical, BB security will come through the door.

Janelle says James will question her about what changed their minds.

Howie says as much as they want to take shots, just say "Figure it out yourself, James."

They all say "Let them do it!" about the other houseguests informing James about what they have against him.

Howie says that if they don't keep their promise next week, believe him, he will go crazy on them.

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Top Posters In This Topic

2:29 BBT -

F1 - empty dining room

F2 - empty living room

F3 & F4 - Ivette, Jennifer, and Beau talking - sitting on lawn chairs....Ivette is going off on Beau and jen about ..all of the things she goes off about

B - right now you aren't listening to me. What did i say in the room?

Jen - it's hard to convince people of things at this point..they have their mind set

I - it's like a cheating guy that leaves his g/f for you..eventually he will do it to you too. - He went to them on a shady note..did they think it wouldn't come back to them? His actions speak volumes..i dont have to say anything else. I have other things to worry about

B - what was sketchy was that R was telling us that we needed to keep them safe for 3 weeks

Jen - who in their right mind would save you and offer up ourselves?

I - R is #1 on my target. Watch her. she is always up J and S asses. The only times that i am with them is when they come up to ME. R is just as obnoxious as S is.

B - if they are on the same page with us..why did she eliminate A before S?

I - tahts what i'm telling youuu.

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Ivette and Beau, Maggie and April and Jen.

Beau has told Ivette about how Howie and Rachel said they trust Ivette, but they want to "make sure" about her because she talks to James.

Ivette gets angry and says that she doesn't talk to James any more than anyone else! She says that they all talk to him. Beau says that she talks to James alone, though. She says each of them--Rachel, Janelle and Howie all talk to James alone!

"Why is it that when IVETTE does something, it is so fucking awful?!"

Beau says that he stood up for her upstairs. He says that they all know now that James is a creep, and he reassured them that Ivette was just talking to James when he came up to her to talk, and he was the one who closed the door that time.

Beau says that every time someone brings up James, Ivette gets so upset and defensive and acts hurt like she still cares for James!

Maggie and April are outside there, too.

Ivette is really being defensive now. She is saying she "doesn't care to defend herself."

Maggie says that she isn't trying to stand up for someone else, and obviously Ivette is being defensive, but the reason they didn't tell Ivette all about Kaysar over James, was because they were afraid that Ivette had a tie with James.

Ivette is yelling that April had a bond with Kaysar and no one tried to stop her from talking to him!

Beau is yelling back now. He says that Kaysar is gone now, too! He says that April had that bond and he is gone. Now, there is Ivette and James.

Ivette says she doesn't "give a rat's ass" and she would "rather keep her doubts about everybody else in this f--ing game!"

Maggie: Why are you getting mad at us? Rachel is the one who thought you were sketchy?

Ivette: Because Rachel can go into the f--ing weight room and talk to him!

Maggie: Who?

Ivette: She can talk to James!

Beau says that Rachel is the partner of the HOH, too. Ivette says they are all mighty, then.

Ivette says she will call Rachel out, she will call them out.

Beau: OK, Now you are not listening to me! She said that Ivette is not on our side, and I told them that you are on our side!

Maggie: It's really hard to convince people of things in here, though.

Ivette says that it is like cheating on your girlfriend. James cheated on them with the other side.

Ivette: I have to prove something???! The fact that I took him out speaks volumes. I don't have to say anything else. I'm not going to go up there and say anything.

Beau says that they got it straightened out.

He says April pointed out the HOH comp to Ivette.

Maggie says that the thing that was worrisome was Rachel asking for 3 weeks of safety.

Ivette says that Rachel is number one on her f--ing list! She gripes that Rachel comes over and sits by her, and she wants to be alone, and Sarah sits by her, too.

Ivette: We were in the bedroom, and she said, "It's so funny! James was the first one off on our team!"

Maggie: She is playing both sides, and that way she is safe either way.

Ivette says outside the house, Rachel is one of the people who gripe about everything at the restaurant. Ivette does an impression of someone griping at the restaurant. She is "so over her" and she can "eat a dick."

Ivette: I know I've got a potty mouth, I'm sorry. I'm so over it. See, I can just turn myself off. I can just sleep when I need to and eat when I need to and play when I need to and that's it.

(Deafening silence now from all)

Ivette says that they should "expect the bite on the ass, you guys." She says that in a way it is strategically smart for them to put up James because that way they aren't a target. But in another way it isn't smart because of the numbers. Maggie says James is not a number for them.

Maggie: We really shouldn't have to promise them anything.

Ivette says that Rachel had better not come up to her with her doubting her. She says that Rachel thinks she is so great with her going to bed early, and getting up early, but she isn't playing her.

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Ivette and Beau, April and Jen.

There is a bashing session going on outside, bashing Rachel.

Ivette is saying "f--- you" about Rachel, saying she can suck a dick, etc.

April says that if she goes up as a pawn and goes, they have to promise her they will take out that f--ing Rachel next week.

Ivette says that Rachel is more on her radar than Sarah! She says that Rachel might go before Sarah if she gets the HOH!

April says that is what Rachel is worried about.

Ivette: I'm ready to tell off Rachel!

April: No! You can't do it!

Beau says she can't do that.

April: I just want to know what is going on. I just need--

Ivette says that Rachel respected Kaysar more than Cappy, and Cappy did more for her than Kaysar ever did.

April says that Rachel is probably bipolar.

Ivette says she has mood swings, and then does an impression of her.

April: She is such a bitch. If things don't go her way. So, are you going to go up there and find out what he's going to do?

Beau and Ivette: No!

April: I want to know WTF he is going to do!

Rachel came outside.

Rachel: Who are you guys talking about?! (Rachel laughs HARD).

Beau: ha ha. We're just trying to figure out if I'm going up as a pawn.

Rachel says she doubts she will. She says that he can only make the best decision he can make in this game. She is 99 percent sure she knows what Howie will do, and that everybody will get a chance to voice an opinion.

April interrupts: That's what I want to do!

Rachel: No matter WHO it is, you know?

April: There are going to be some pissed off people!

Howie starts to come out, and Ivette says no, he has to wear a speedo!

Howie says maybe if they don't vote him off next week!

They laugh.

Howie: Whether I hate Ivette or not, I could never put her up this week. It is her dream (to see him in the Speedo).

Beau laughs.

Howie asks if America wants to see the speedo?!

April says she knew she would gain weight after stopping smoking.

Howie: The yard looks smaller. I don't know why.

Rachel: Did they shrink it on us?

Howie: Maybe I got fatter.

April: I took one laxative, to see if it is gonna work.

Beau: If I took one laxative, I would be on the shitter for a week.

April: I just feel so nasty and so clogged up.

Ivette says that even though they had a lactose-intolerant person and one less male, they came really close to getting them on eating!

Howie says that he thought they beat them.

They are all talking over each other, and Ivette is insisting that she felt they ate more than the other guys.

Ivette is naming the order of food that came off the conveyor belt:

chocolate kisses,

White kisses


cream puffs

Maggie had to keep passing down food, because of the milk. They had milk they had to drink, and Maggie couldn't drink it. Then there was cake, and she ate only one bite.

Ivette: I don't mind eating PB&J for her. It's not her fault she couldn't eat that! (But Ivette thinks they won).

Rachel: It was very close.

April: You should have let us win, because she could have given you the PBJ and we all would have been eating!


Ivette: You gotta have friction in the house, April!

Howie: Everybody will be on PBJ, they'll get pissed off and then evict me!

Ivette: I don't care about being on PBJ. You know what, Howie? There are worse things to worry about in this house!

Howie: If I can eat PBJ every day and I'll never be on the block, I'll take that any day!

Ivette: I'm not gonna add PBJ to the big battles in this house.

Ivette says it is all a big excuse (blaming PBJ), because they have added protein, you have coffee, you have flavorings, etc.

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Guest Kalla

Iv, Jen, Beau and Apr in the BY b!tching about Rachal....

Iv..."She (Rachel) can suck a d!ck, she can suck my right tittie and make the left one jealous!"


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Ivette: start watching her, every chance she gets she up in james and sarahs ass, she's just as obnoxious as sarah

Jennifer: rachel's strategy is to stay right in the middle, she is playing both sides

Ivette: outside of this house she is the person that comes to the restaraunt and says "uh, i didn't order this, this doesn't have enough ice. aha ah

Ivette: they have james by the balls right now, its not smart for them to put him up because he is a number for them

jenifer: not really, he's not on their side

ivette: i'm gonna call rachel out if she is gonna say something about me hanging out with james, she thinks she's playing me

April: if i'm a pawn and i go out, then promise me that you will go after rachel

Ivette: i'm so sick of rachel

April: can you believe she is trying to work that 3 week deal

Beau: she tried to attack my partner

Ivette: she was in the gold room with james and sarah alone, she is one shady bitch, that f'ing walk dah -ta- dah, its all about her, another person who doesn't have anyone in her life and only cares about herself

april: did you see that they made janelle go on our team so that if we one janelle could give her the pass

bb: april please do not obstruct you microphone

april: tell me what i'm doing you f'ing rats

april: she has no life, she was straight up talking to us like it was maggie who messed it up last week and that maggie should have put up james and sarah

april: if i go home put her ass up

beau: i say put up sarah and rachel next week

april: janelle is all about the f'in pawn deal too

jen: they are flipping that eric might come back next week, cause we are "sheep"

ivette: they need to start acting like adults

Ivette: at the end of it all she seemed to respect kaysar more that cappy

april : I think she is bipolar, she's such a bitch, if things don't go her way, go up there and find out whats going on

ivette beau: we can't do that

april: i need to know if i'm a pawn

(seems they all need a new enemy each week)

Rachel has joined them

April: do you know what he's doing, i want to know if i'm a pawn

rachel: i don't think you'll be a pawn, i think he wants to hear everyone's opinion

howie has now come outside, they are teasing him about wearing his underwear, but he's in swim shorts right now

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F1 - dining tabl

F2 - living room

F3 & F4 - Ivette and april backyard table - April is telling Ivette about James' tactics to talk to people when they are half asleep..wake them up asking questions like who do you think should go up?

A - S is gonna be in tears. I'm gonna say 'James got you in this position'..that's what i'm gonna say

I and A go inside to kitchn area with B and R (who was doing dishes earlier)

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April, Jen, Howie, Rachel, Ivette and Beau are all slamming James, very loudly, in the BY.

Ivette is talking about how paranoid James is acting.

Rachel says that she whispered to Eric, and she thought Ivette heard it, how much she wanted James out. Ivette says that she isn't sure about that. Rachel says that is fine, but she did say it. She felt that Eric would have told Maggie about it.

James didn't have eggs left to eat, and he felt it was a conspiracy against him (according to Ivette). He also was bossing her at the food competition, and telling her to put the cookie in the middle of the scale.

Howie is saying that before he ends the nomination ceremony, he is going to ask everyone if they want to say anything. He wants to know if they want him to do that. Ivette says maybe they shouldn't because it will cause all hell to break loose. Rachel says that he can do it, and then if no one wants to talk, they don't have to talk. Ivette says BB wouldn't want that, probably. Howie asks why wouldn't BB want that? They love it when hell breaks loose! Rachel says that Howie shouldn't say that he will say that, because he can't say for sure that he will be putting them up! Then Rachel says "You can't say it!" (They aren't supposed to talk about who they will nominate for sure). April says that Howie should put it on ALL of them, and Howie says he doesn't need to do that. April tells Rachel not to put all of the blame on her and Howie!

Maggie comes outside and they ask if she is better.

Howie called to DR.

April says "Oh, it will be nominations in a couple of hours!!"

Ivette: It's RIGHT NOW.

They are preparing in case they have lockdown. They are using the WC and getting sheets to wash, etc.

F3/4 are on James lying down on his side, curled up, in the GR, with Sarah lying behind him and spooning him. They don't seem cheerful.

Janelle is in the room, opening drawers. They are not speaking to each other (I'm not sure if they are supposed to be sleeping or not).

April: You haven't heard what James has been doing to her and Howie during the week! Do you want to hear this? You're gonna shit your pants.

Maggie says not to say too much.

April says not to repeat this.

April says that James would use his interrogation tactics and wake them up in the middle of the night and talk to them in the morning, and would ask them who they would put up on the block if they got HOH.

Ivette asks surprised that James is supposed to be an interrogator.

April brings Janelle's robe to her out of the dryer. April says it is so soft, and asks what it is made of and Janelle says chenille.

April is embellishing the tale, with James saying "Hey, hey, hey!" and waking them up, and asking them if they would put up him, they wouldn't put up him, would they??!

April says that James will come to all of them, because he will be trying to make a deal. She says that Sarah will be in f--ing tears.

April: I'm gonna laugh. I'll say Sarah, you got yourself into this. James got you into this position. That's what I'm gonna say.

April goes inside now. She is going inside and outside, back and forth.

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F1 - dining tabl

F2 - living room

F3 & F4 - Ivette and april backyard table - April is telling Ivette about James' tactics to talk to people when they are half asleep..wake them up asking questions like who do you think should go up?

A - S is gonna be in tears. I'm gonna say 'James got you in this position'..that's what i'm gonna say

I and A go inside to kitchn area with B and R (who was doing dishes earlier)

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Guest Jillio

Prior to lockdown (forgive me but I have had a very difficult time posting today) James and Sarah were in HOH and James was telling Howie, Rachel and Janelle that "they" were gunning for Howie, Rachel and Janelle so hard.

April ran inside as soon as she saw Janelle alone was still asking if Howie said for sure he was putting up James and Sarah. She said she did not know.

Howie is in the DR and all are outside.

Janelle: I hope these jeans don't rip that will be the third pair (lol)


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Looks like James and Sarah are up. James said "you won, Maggie, you won". April called him out regarding him telling Ivette that he swore on the Bible he'd put up Howie & Rachel. He and Sarah go to HOH to talk to Howie. Ivette, Maggie, and Janelle out back talking at the smoking table.

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Feeds back...ceremony must be over..looks like James is on the block

J - can i talk to you H?...nothing mean

H - yeah

talk amongst the HG about james conflict

All feeds on back yard with Maggie, Janelle, Ivette - talking about what just happened

HoH - S and James talking to Howie

(**trouble posting here - gonna leave it to others - GO! :)

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