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August 5th Live Feed Updates

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April is talking in the BY with Ivette, Beau and Jen. She is immediately telling what she found out from Janelle.

April: Here's what I've got, guys. Listen to me. What worries me is, I don't want to say I'm not a strong competitor. But if it is a physical competition, I'm not the best person to be the person up there being pawned.

Ivette: I'll be the pawn. I'll pawn myself.

F4 switches to HOH room.

James is saying that he asks one favor--that Howie put his key in FIRST so that he can see their faces. Howie sort of mumbles and says, "Um, yeah, that's fine."

Howie says that Ivette has such a big mouth, and she talks crap all of the time. Ivette told him this morning that it was "your ass that was going to go up on the block!" and Maggie shushed her.

Howie says that Janelle will go off the other side's radar for a while now, because he will become public enemy number one after he takes out one of their people this week.

Howie says that without Maggie to fight for that side, they were helpless and they were taken out one after another.

Howie: We had this game. We just did. They had no idea what was going on.

Beau comes in the room, and Howie calls him his "little Bo-Bo!" Beau brought something to Howie.

James: That is what worries me about this season, because never before have there been so many ass kissers. Jen's worse.

Howie says he can't say that about Jen bringing him something, because she has been nice to him all along.

Sarah: You know they are gonna come up here and trash talk us all, right?

Howie says yes.

James says that Maggie will come in and try to tell Howie stuff.

Howie says that he wants America to send them Kaysar or Michael.

James says he wants Michael, as much as he likes Kaysar, because he wants to give Michael an apology.

Sarah says she thinks Michael deserves it more because he never really had a first chance.

Howie says that he is putting up Maggie and April.

James: Maggie struck gold last week. But now she's gone!

Rachel: Unless she takes herself off with veto!

Sarah starts talking about possibly talking to April about their plan.

James: We cannot--We cannot make deals with these people. Kaysar tried.

Rachel: You cannot tell things to April. She goes right back and tells them everything.

James (can't stop talking about strategy):

So, we're thinking April and...

Howie says he feels bad just because April has health problems, but he can't help that.

Sarah says that it's fun to hang out in the HOH, and it's not that she feels like she HAS to hang out up there, but it is fun because she knows they can't come up there with them.

James says that after the other group complained about them hanging out in HOH, they did the same thing. So he talked to one of them and pointed out that they complained that they hung out in the HOH, and they did it. So she said that they could always come up there, too.

Howie: Yeah, right.

April and Jen and Janelle are in the HOH with Howie.

Howie is telling them that he isn't stupid, he realizes what is going on in the house.

Howie: You guys took a big blow when you guys took out Eric. Who do you guys feel is directly responsible for him leaving? Do you have any idea why? Was there someone gunning for him?

April (dumbfounded by this turn of events): Um, do I blame somebody?

Howie: I hear a lot of rumors or innuendos in this house. People think someone should go in place of so and so. I hear rumors. Do you think that happens in this house?

April and Jen: Yep.

Jen: I've heard rumors go around in this house that never came outta my mouth.

Howie asks do they trust Ivette, Maggie and Beau?

April starts to change the subject. Howie asks again if they trust them? She says yes. Howie says ok.

Howie asks if they trust James and Sarah?

April says no.

April brings up people swearing on the Bible.

Howie says that he is a strategical player. He would like to "get rid of treachery in this game." He doesn't want someone to knife him in the back. He will fight someone fair and square, but doesn't want to leave the game because someone stabbed him in the back.

April: Kaysar talked to you didn't he?

Howie: A little bit.

April says she became good friends with Kaysar. He wanted her to do things she told him she couldn't do, and she honestly told him she couldn't do it.

April: The person Kaysar went out of his way to save was up in the HOH room, and five people saw everything that that MF did, and his girlfriend. I'd like to walk up to him right now and confront him.

April goes into the whole story about how James immediately befriended Kaysar after he got HOH. She talks about James lying, swearing on the Bible, etc. She doesn't specify that he swore to take out Howie and Rachel, though.

Janelle asks if Maggie was trying to help Sarah in the HOH comp? April says No! No! OMG, NO! She was trying to turn it off! No!

April says again that Kaysar wasn't supposed to leave. She tells how James came upstairs and told them that Kaysar was the one who they really wanted out, that he was more dangerous than James.

April promises that if they take out James, that Sarah will be the next out.

Janelle: You have to PROMISE us.

April says they can vote her out the NEXT week, but she doesn't want to go before that MF (James) goes.

Jen says that James is the only one playing the game in a dishonest way. April says that when he is gone, they can all hang out. She says that the only reason they couldn't hang out is because James was there, and they hate him. Jen agrees and says that there won't be that "common enemy" then.

April is really worked up, talking about how they need to all try to get along with each other--they were all guilty of making snap judgments at first, but now they need to put that aside. She tells how she liked Michael at first, and she and Jen didn't come up with any sort of sexual things as strategy; that would be the worst thing ever. They told Kaysar that, and they will see when they see the tapes.

Rachel was called to the DR a little while ago, and now Jen is called to DR, and she says she thought Rachel was in there.

April: Before we know it, he will be at the end of this f--ing game. He goes back and forth and back and forth.

Howie: I'm a human being, a man, and I can speak for myself about my strategy. Kaysar wanted to be a liaison for it, but...

Janelle says that Kaysar said that April would come to them and tell them everything.

Howie says he knows. (Howie is being very abrupt).

April: None of us was saying anything bad about Kaysar. It was that f---er. I want to kick him in the f--ing nuts. I can't stand him. He thinks he has it in the f--ing bag, and I can't stand people like that. The same thing goes for y'all. If Michael, Kaysar comes back, the same thing, Sarah leaves.

Howie: And then it's a clean game.

April: I honestly believe it will be a clean game when they leave.

April insists they didn't want Kaysar to leave. Howie says he knows--there is not a person in the house who doesn't love Kaysar.

April asks if they know about what happened with the POV. She talks about how they supposedly would put up Sarah if Janelle got veto and took off Kaysar. They both came upstairs and told Maggie's group and asked for their help.

April says that James said that the person who CANNOT win is Janelle.

Janelle; Why didn't you guys come and tell us, then?

April stumbles at this, and then says she didn't know, didn't think they would believe her.

Janelle: If she wanted him gone, why didn't she just not try to win then, obviously?

April: We didn't think he would win. I mean, we knew he won it two f--ing weeks in a row, but...he had Sarah as his partner.

Janelle keeps questioning April, saying that if they really didn't want Kaysar out, then they could have won the POV and taken Kaysar off the block and put up Sarah, so why didn't they do that?

Janelle: If I would have known the situation, I would have had Maggie win it. (If that was true)

Janelle is explaining that if they had talked to her, and if they really wanted James out, they could have all discussed it and planned the POV to take Kaysar off the block.

To Howie:

April: He said y'all were the two biggest threats in the house. He said that you and Rachel were the two biggest threats in this house.

April: Eric was more pissed off at James.

Howie: Eric was never in our designs.

April: I know. I want to kick him in the balls. I mean, I can't even look at him, guys. Even Kaysar said that, toward the end he could tell he was getting really nervous.

April: Kaysar told you to put up two pawns, is that the deal? TWO pawns??

Janelle: Oh, no. He wanted us to backdoor them.

April: Don't put Sarah up either, then, because he would play for Sarah. The MOFO would..of course, it is all your choice.

Janelle says that James will go with whichever side is in power, because he will do anything to win. They both quit their jobs to come there.

Howie: I personally couldn't give a damn about that.

Howie asks Janelle if he can talk plainly to April, and she says yes.

Howie tells April that what he says cannot leave the room. He says that James will become a loose cannon, and you can tell that James is suspicious of everyone--it is in his eyes. April agrees.

Howie says that the past has proven that you cannot put up James and get him out that way. You can't just put him on the block, because somehow he wins. So, Howie says he is all about taking out James and Sarah. He says that the only thing he is worried about is that if he can't take out James, Howie won't be able to participate in the HOH and he will have James coming after him. He says that James wants Maggie out. April says that they will have to talk to Maggie, then. She says that the people who are pawns need to be strong competitors for the veto. She says she (April) would go up, but she is a smoker and she isn't strong, although she would "give it her all." Howie says the problem with putting up two pawns is that James would suspect that and is waiting for it. April suggests putting up James and Sarah, as you are sure one of them will leave. She says she thought that was what Kaysar wanted. Janelle says that was if THEIR side won, because if Howie does it then James will be suspicious.

Howie points out that if they put up pawns, then there are weeks when they won't have the veto, and one of the pawns will go home. He says that then he will be blamed for that. April says there is always veto. He says yes, but he means that there will be a time limit or something and they won't always be able to win it. Knowing BB, this will be the big week, as BB knows they are thinking of using pawns.

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Janelle has offered to be the pawn, and they could put up James and Janelle. April and Howie tell her that won't work, because James will be able to pick Sarah and she will win for him.

Janelle says that now when James talks about who he can trust, he says Sarah and HOWIE.

April: When did he say that?

Janelle: Oh, AFTER Howie won HOH, of course.

Howie says that James thinks he is his best buddy, but he is a piece of shit. He says that Kaysar was onto James from the beginning.

April tells them that back when James said she was listening to them before the last POV contest, April was not listening to anything.

April says that she wants to tell off James, saying, "MF, you are playing in between!" She says that James will come up to HOH, and he will say stuff to try to twist things. Howie says there is nothing he can say to change things.

Janelle says that James thinks she is a threat and he says she is flying under the radar, and he already told Janelle that he was watching her game today and she worries him.

Janelle says that James took Kaysar's FBI hat, and he was mocking Kaysar with it in the DR, she thinks.

Howie says they are going to come in the room later and will be looking for info about what they said, and he will have to feed him shit so that he won't be worried. April says that is fine.

Janelle says she has a theory. She says that last year they would put up pawns and backdoor people, and BB doesn't like that. She says BB likes them to fight it out instead. So that is why they changed the veto so that it can't always be won.

April: I think James is Shapiro's f--ing son!

Howie says that if James and Sarah get separated in the game, they deserve it, because he was the one who really sent Eric home.

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F1: Empty LR

F2: Empty Dining Room Table

F3: Ivette, Beau, Howie and Janelle in HOH room

F4: Another view of I,B, H, and Janelle

All that really is going on in the HOH room is they are talking about who Howie should put up tomorrow. Ivette is offering herself up as a pawn to back door James. Howie doesn't want to "back door" James because there might not be a winner in the veto comp. Everyone is being really civil. Janelle and Ivette are actually getting along.

Howie keeps saying that America wants James and CBS wants James, so if he tries to back door him, then there is some way the "pawns" wont be able to get off the block.

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Howie tells April to tell Maggie that they have to swear that they will carry through next week if they win HOH, and vote out the other one, if they put up both James and Sarah this week.

Howie says things are changing a bit with the new wrench thrown into the game with someone coming back in. They say, though, that Michael, Kaysar and Eric would all be okay with taking out James and Sarah.

Janelle points out that if James or Sarah gets the veto, they would both use it on James. So if they get it, James will be staying, and the people who win next week have to take him out in that case.

April is whining that she can't be nice to someone if she can't stand them. She says that she doesn't want to have to talk to him and she has to share a room with him. Howie tells her it is still a game, and she needs to go out there and play it.

April says that she really thinks that James would take out Howie and Rachel if he got HOH. Howie agrees. April says that Kaysar felt that they weren't talking to James as much. They say that he isn't the same James. Janelle says that James tries to talk to them as they are sleeping. He will wake them up and ask them questions, because you are weakest when you are half asleep. April says that is so weird!

April: You know you are shady! You know you are shady!

They talk about how Kaysar was really pissed at James and wants him out.

BB tells Maggie to put on her mic.

Howie says that it seems best to just put both James and Sarah up, as April said.

April says that the minute she is allowed to open her mouth, she will tell James that the reason he is leaving is because Kaysar left because of him.

April is embellishing her convo with James where she says he told her to "walk herself out the door," and she told him "Expect the unexpected, MFer!!"

BB tells Maggie to put on her mic again.

Howie says that this will be a BB first. He will nominate James, and he wants April, then he changes it to the whole house, to stand up and say that this is the decision of the whole house. He wants them to say they concur.

(Jen is in there, but she has been virtually silent through this whole conversation).

April: I will just say, so James, did you forget that you swore on a Bible to take out Howie and Rachel because they are the biggest threat?

April says that Sarah will run crying to the WC.

Howie: Don't say you are going to fight for me and then stab me in the back! (about James)

April says James will say that they (April's side) are lying about him saying that. Janelle says that James will try to put a spin on it and say that isn't what he meant.

Beau and Ivette come in the HOH.

Howie: We all have a common problem in this game. Do you know who it is?

Ivette: The problem that was set up for me that was supposed to be my problem in this game is Janelle. Janelle stopped being my problem about two weeks ago. I think I put myself out there when I did what I did today. (She took James out first in the HOH comp). A lot of shit will be talked about me now.

Ivette says she will personally tell him (James) that she will eliminate him because he said who he needed to get rid of, but the first chance Sarah could have gotten someone out, she didn't.

Ivette: Do you really want to put him up or not? If you really want to put him up, I told everyone here that I am willing to be a pawn.

Howie: Someone is going to come into the house this week, and we don't know who it is. The reason that is a bad idea is that what if this is the week that there is no veto?

Ivette: If I got HOH, I was going to tell Janelle she had to go up because that was for the common thing.

Ivette explains how she was going to backdoor James with Rachel and Janelle up on the block. She is willing to be put up as a pawn, although she knows it will look suspicious, because the obvious one to go up is Maggie.

Howie says that he initially told James that they would put up Ivette, but not put up Maggie, and then they would backdoor Maggie, but James didn't go for that, because he is suspicious. James brought up the possibility of this being the week with no POV that will be won.

Howie tells Ivette and Beau that he didn't make a deal with them, so they can lie to him and backstab him. However, James told him he would fight with him, and then he backstabbed him, so he wants him gone.

Ivette says that James talks to her about how he is going to put her closest allies on the block, and she wonders if he is using his common sense!

Ivette says (as they did earlier) that if Sarah gets POV that she will use the veto on James. She wonders why they (Howie and Rachel and Janelle) don't want to do it with a pawn? Howie says again that James is suspicious of that now. Ivette says James is acting weird.

Howie: He said he wanted to put up you and April, and then you would get the veto, and we would put up Maggie and get her out the door. I said, let's do that! Let's do that!

Ivette says she is worried Rachel won't like it.

Howie: Rachel? She hates him!

Janelle: Rachel has never trusted him.

Ivette says that she never wanted a divided house, and that one person (James) ran around dividing the house, and he succeeded.

Ivette: We've got a 50/50 chance, regardless.

Howie: One of them is going to go.

Ivette: If he gets veto, he stays in the game. You do what you feel. I can promise you this, though. You are definitely not my target, and you are definitely not my target. (To Howie and Janelle)

Howie says that they have to have the promise that if he only gets Sarah out this week, the other one is out the next week, and Ivette agrees.

Ivette: I can admit to anything I've done in this game. I have no problem with admitting anything I've done in the game.

Howie asks if she hid his laundry, and she says she found his laundry.

Howie says James wants the men out, because he feels he will run the house after that.

Ivette says that you have to respect the alliances that were there from the beginning, and James doesn't do that. She rambles about how if (just if) She, Beau, Howie and Rachel were in the final four, she feels that they should respect the alliances that were there from the beginning.

Ivette says she should go, because James will know that she is up there with them.

Howie: I'm just gonna say, "They're trying to break us up, James! They're trying to break us up!"

Ivette says if she doesn't try to get James out now, she will lose the friendship of the four people left downstairs she is with.

Howie says that BB will make it so that this is the week they can't use veto, because "BB wants him (James) to run the table."

Janelle says she thinks they just want to use it to keep them from using the backdoor all of the time, because they want them to fight for it.

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Howie: Beau just told me that you guys are on their side10:51 PM 8/4/2005

James: oh so thats why they had to get me out first

(Rachel enters)

James: I'm with maggie and Ivette

Howie: they just said that you were gunning for me and rachel from week 1

James: how can i be on their side, they are shutting off my tv in the veto compitition then they take me out first today. They should come up with better lies.

Rachel: the biggest concern i have right now is the prospect of eric coming back, we have 2 to 1 odds. We have to put her up

James: eric was only strong when he had me backing him up, he was good at manipulating, motivating people

Rachel: If michael comes back its all good, if kaysar comes back its all good, we can't back door her cause what if there is no veto, but if she did get veto then ivette goes up, we can't have the possibility of eric and ivette together again.

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During the convo with Beau and Ivette in the HOH, Beau and Ivette are sitting on the HOH bed, with Janelle and Howie in the chairs in front of them, but they are relaxing in easychairs.

Howie asks if James was going to backdoor him, and Ivette says that he was going to put Rachel and Howie straight up on the block.

Howie turns on the camera. James and Sarah are on their way up.

Ivette and Beau leave, and James comes into the HOH room.

Sarah is there, too.

James wants to know how the convo with Ivette and Beau went.

Howie: They said, "You know Howie, they (James and Sarah) are on our side. They are playing with US."

James: So that's why they tried to vote me off last week!

Rachel comes in.

James: Rachel, I have a confession. You might want to sit down. (Sighs) I'm on Ivette, Beau's and Maggie's side. (James says this in a sarcastic voice)

Rachel: OK.

Janelle comes out of the HOH WC.

James: Wait. I want to hear more.

Howie says that they said that James has been gunning for Howie and Rachel since the beginning. James says that he was put up on the block, they tried to get him out this week and then he was the first one their side kicked out of the HOH comp this week.

James: Damn! I've got some shitty teammates! (sarcasm again)

Rachel says they know they are in trouble.

Rachel: Maggie asked if she can have a time to speak with us when we are done.

Rachel says they have 2:1 odds, but they can't risk Eric coming back into the house. If Eric comes back, that changes everything and they will have to put up Maggie.

James: Eric was only strong when he had me backing his ass up. In the veto competition SET UP FOR HIM, he had the longest time.

Howie: The firefighter ropes.

James says if Eric comes back, he (James) will send him (Eric) home the next week.

Rachel: OK, so we can't backdoor because we can't be sure of the veto. If she does, then I say Ivette has to go.

James: OK, hold on. Ivette and Eric are like that (crosses fingers). He would be like that with anyone who follows him. Ivette is not as much of a threat as Jenny.

Rachel says they have to get Ivette and Eric out.

Howie: Jenny is the smartest person on that team.

Rachel says she likes Ivette--it's not about like or dislike--it's about winning.

Sarah: I think that Ivette is a threat if Eric comes back, because she is going to be a follower.

Rachel agrees that Ivette will be stronger with Eric in the house.

James says April will freak out if she is on the block, with no cigarettes.

James: Did you guys ask Ivette, if I am on their side, why they got me off first? If I was on Ivette's side, why would she take me off.

Janelle: She knows you are on our side, doesn't she?

James: I know, but that is what Howie was just saying.

James says after the HOH, they were as "nervous as hell" and April had an awful look on her face. Sarah says that April thought she was safe.

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Janelle: So if we take out Maggie this week, and then we miraculously get HOH next week, what is the plan?

James: Uh. Eric, if he comes back.

Janelle: Yeah!!

James: If not, Jen.

Howie (about BB) There's trickery going on! They got trickery goin' on!

Rachel says they will have more tricky stuff coming at them and "That is why we have GOT to stick together!"

James agrees and says they have to stick together.

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(Note: I just subscribed to the live feeds tonight, so I haven't quite grapsed dictating very fast...all i can do is summarize what I'm hearing...sorry, i will learn!!)

F3: H, Janelle, James, S & Rachel ** SOV6; minus kaysar :( **

James came in the room while Ivette and Beau were leaving, as soon as they walked out he was "What did they say". Howie told James that I & B told him that James was still on I & B's side. James replies "If I'm on their side why did they get me off first thing in the HOH competition, why did they throw balls at Sarah's TV". Basically Howie is showering James and Sarah a bunch of BS.

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Maggie and Howie are talking. Howie is telling her the plan, that they will take out James or Sarah, but they have to pretend that they are pretending to James that they are taking out Maggie. Maggie is questioning everything. She asks why they are in two separate groups when they both wanted James gone? She asks why James feels she is more of a threat than Rachel?

Maggie says that she didn't want to go to Kaysar and tell him that he wasn't supposed to go home, because she wasn't sure he would believe her. Howie assures her that Kaysar knows that, without a doubt, that James was supposed to go.

Howie: I really believe if he won tonight he was coming after me. I really believe that. I think he wants to get all of the men out of the house.

Maggie: Unless we, as a group, pull together, he is going to win!

Howie says that he will do his part this week, and they have to do their part next week if they get HOH, because James can't fight the whole house.

Maggie: It's really bad having someone hate you this bad. I don't have this in my normal life.

Howie: I don't think he really hates you..

Maggie: I don't care.

Maggie says she wanted James out, because strategically and personally she hates him, and she is lucky those two came together.

Howie says she gives James a little leeway because Eric and Maggie and her group were going to take out James.

Maggie: The first week, he (James) went to Eric and said "Maggie is a dirty player and is evil." Eric was sitting there going.....? He had no idea (that Maggie and Eric were partners). That's when we knew he had a problem. So when he came to us and said Howie is a dirty player, he's evil, we knew (the truth).

Maggie says that two people came to her and told her to take out Howie. He asks if one was James and she confirms this.

Maggie says that she gives her word that after they take out Sarah and James it will be game on, and no more division.

Howie says that America loves all of this, loves what James is doing.

Maggie: Here's the thing, though. Everybody is afraid of Eric coming back, and Eric is going after James and Sarah.

Howie tells her about how he tried to hug Eric, and Howie patted him. Howie goes into the explanation that he will stand on the doorstep all day until he gets the goodbye, because Howie is just playing strategically. Maggie says she didn't know about that (Eric's refusal to say goodbye). Maggie says that the only problem Eric had with Howie is that he was afraid that Howie had joined with James.

Howie opens the door and looks out, and Maggie asks if he is afraid of James, paranoid? Howie says who knows if he has picked the lock and is sitting right there? He is the strongest player in the history of the game.

Maggie says that she understands more now. She didn't know about the hug at the door. She says that Eric plays the game with his heart, and Maggie did, too. After Eric left, she started to have to play strategically.

Maggie: I still hate who I hate, but....

Howie debates which person might come back to the house.

Maggie: Do you think Kaysar had a good last week?

Howie says yes he did, and Kaysar was just mad because they had James gone, but Kaysar kept him (Kaysar was mad at himself for making the wrong decision).

Maggie: Why didn't Kaysar see what James was doing to him?

Howie: By the time he found out, it was too late.

Maggie: Tomorrow at nominations, they will know that all of us are on the same page. All of us for two weeks in this house. Oh, I would love that!

Maggie says that if they win the veto, then Sarah will go. Howie agrees and says that if that happens they will have to figure out how to get James out the next week. Maggie says she should have put Sarah and James on the block together, and not Kaysar.

Maggie: He's downstairs going "Ha, ha! I've got a free week!"

Howie: And he would have if he hadn't been after me.

Howie says that if you say you will fight for him, and then you stab him in the back, how can he ever trust you?

Maggie: Have I ever done anything in this game to make you not trust me?

Howie: No! I want to get you out because you are a strong player. I've told you I play strategically.

Maggie: But that's the way it should be.

Maggie brings up the veto comp with the t.v.'s.

Maggie: When I heard that I was supposed to have been helping them, I couldn't believe it!

Maggie: I'm not gonna be stupid and say that it's not smart for the entire house for James to want to get rid of ME.

Howie: I would not believe the guy for 5 seconds about anything.

Maggie asks when James asks them for answers, and Howie says James asks him the first thing in the morning.

Maggie: I f---ing knew it!

Howie: When you are at your weakest.

Maggie says it is blowing her mind about this whole thing with him saying she is not a nurse.

Howie says after he was up there fighting for his life with her, he came down to them and said that Maggie was a police officer.

Maggie: He wasn't fighting for his life with me! He was throwing the two of you under the bus!

Maggie: Can you help me out here? Tell him I came to you pleading for my life and that I told you I'm not an ER nurse.

Howie says that James made it all up, so he knows that, though.

Maggie asks Howie to promise her this is really what he is going to do. He promises. She promises. He says they have to help clean up the mess of what happens this week after he puts them up. She agrees.

Maggie says that Howie and Rachel are strong players and that there aren't people gunning for them. Howie says there are no rules in BB, except you can't take a lifesaver and chop off someone's head.

Maggie asks if Howie has seen another side to Sarah? He says he has seen another side, but who you run with says a lot about you. Maggie says that James is "her hero." And FOTH

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Maggie: Does Janelle know what a difference she has made in the house this week?

Howie: I haven't talked to her, but she is a smart girl. She's a smart, smart girl. Getting along with people....

Maggie: I don't want her to think that people are gunning for her. I don't want her to think that.

Maggie: We were so nervous, because we wanted to go ahead with this plan, and Ivette took out James. I mean, Kaysar never even talked to me about it.

Howie: That's the one advantage we had. We didn't want to lose that edge. (James believing that he is safe with Kaysar's group)

Maggie swooshes air out.

Maggie: You have 8 out of the 10 houseguests who want him out. You have nothing to worry about.

Maggie brings up Eric, and Howie says that a lot of his info came from James.

Maggie: No, Eric came to me and told me what he told you.

James: He said Eric promised Michael final four, it was James, Michael, Kaysar and Eric. Then he said he promised someone else final four. I got caught up in it.

Howie: Kaysar had been talking to James.

Maggie: Kaysar believed him.

Howie: Yeah. Kaysar believed it. Enough to go along with him.

Maggie: What bothered me is that he had the ability to play five strong players.

Howie says that you have to take some time to figure out the truth. When he first talked to Janelle, he thought she was a dumb blonde.

Maggie: Well, if you talk to her for five minutes (you know she isn't dumb).

Howie says that James came to them, told them a bunch of stuff, Kaysar was convinced and Rachel didn't want to do it, and Howie wasn't sure.

Maggie: That's the thing. In my group, I can't hide my emotions. I can't, and that makes me a weaker player. It does. I don't like James.

Howie says that after they found out about the couples, it made sense for Eric to fight harder for Maggie, and James took it personally.

Howie says that Sarah is guilty by association (with James).

Maggie asks if he was there when Sarah interrogated her about the fish. She was talking about fish and didn't know an answer, and she was saying Maggie should know about fish as a dolphin trainer. Howie thought it was all a joke. Maggie says she was serious.

Howie: At the same time, we all thought you guys might still be a friend (to James). It's just James 24/7. Whoever wins HOH is his best friend every week.

Howie says that James made Eric leave. Maggie says that she talked to Kaysar, and told him how she felt about him leaving. She told him everything, not knowing there was a chance he could come back. (But Kaysar understands that she didn't want him to leave).

They both feel that Eric, Kaysar or Michael would be fine with getting out James and Sarah.

Howie: You have my word that we will take them out before we take care of any other business in the house.

Maggie says that there is nothing in her that wants him (James)in the house. (Note, because it could be important later, I guess: She didn't say Sarah).

Maggie brings up the soccer question about how Eric wouldn't kick the knee of the soccer player who has a bad knee. She feels James is the one who would kick the knee. Howie agrees. He says he knows there are no rules, but you can try to keep it clean.

Howie: As of right now, we are putting him up.

Maggie: (horrified voice) As of right NOW?

Howie: NO, no, they are going up. You have my word. They are going up. If it changes, I will tell you, but they are going up.

Maggie: OK, so you give me your word they are going up, and I give you my word.

Howie: Last week, you gave us your word that Rachel and my keys would be in the box, and they were. I give you my word that James and Sarah's keys will not be in the box.

Maggie (as she leaves the room): OK, now you can badmouth me all you want!

They both say OK and thanks, and she leaves.

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Jan, H & R taliking in HOH room

Jan, and R are telling H that they have to put M up because of the new twist with the possibility of E comming back. We can't have James or S going to the other side right now untill the threat of them is gone. If K or Mike come back then the threat is gone and we can get rid of them, but not untill that happens.

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Guest Shockalot

Following his deal with Maggie a content Howie is visited by Rachel and Janelle.

They start discussing the best moves until Howie interjects to inform them of his signed and sealed deal with Teammaggie.

"HOWIE.. What?.. Howie NOooo"

The girls explain to Howie that this deal to put up James and Sarah is definately NOT a good idea.

They explain very carefully to Howie that if James and Sarah are put up, James Veto's himself off - then TeamHowie (H,RandJ) are totally screwed.. if Eric comes back they are gonna be MORE than Screwed.

After several re-explanations

Howie: "Awwwwwww FOCK!"

It dawns on Howie they are right. He cant believe what he just did. He shook hands with Maggie and now he .. he..

"Oh FUck I ...I.. Oh I just fucked up everything"

They reassure Howie they can work this out but they can not put up James and Sarah.

Intermittently Howie (now pacing in circles) beats himself up "Ohh fuck.. damm James ... He is still screwing me up"

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Howie tells Rachel (who comes into the room) that he has made the agreement with Maggie that James and Sarah are up on the block, and they have the promise for the next two weeks, regardless of who comes through the door as the houseguest who re-enters the house.

Rachel says she told Janelle, because Janelle needed to know, that they made a deal with Maggie last week, so that if they broke the agreement and put Maggie up she would be gunning for them. So, Janelle needed to know why.

Janelle is in the room with them now.

Janelle: But if we get rid of James, we have to deal with getting rid of 6 other people, and there are only three of us.

Rachel: But if we get rid of James, we have to backdoor him. But it is a game, and you have to break deals. YOU KNEW that we would have to break that deal with Maggie!! If we break that deal, we are as bad as James, and they hate James more.

Howie: What is our choice, here? Get rid of Maggie???

Janelle: I think it is safer for us to get rid of Maggie.

Rachel agrees, and says they have to get rid of Maggie.

Rachel says it is a big mess. She asks if Maggie held him to the deal they made, because she is the one who made the deal, not Howie.

Janelle says that they have to get rid of Maggie. She says that if they get rid of James, then Sarah would come after them, too. She says that if Eric comes back, then he will be after them, too.

Howie: I wish you would have stayed here and talked to her with me! I shook her hand!

Rachel: You shook her hand? Howie, you are a big shmuck. But that's okay. If we don't put her up, James will be very suspicious of us. James will run right back to the other side. If Eric comes back, he and James will come after us. You know they will. It won't matter what came before.

Howie: They swore they would finish the mess before they did anything else.

Janelle says that they will have the votes, especially with Eric with them, if he comes in the house, to not vote against the remaining person without POV. They say Sarah will join their group as soon as they take out James.

Rachel: Howie, I told you.

Howie: WHEN? When I was talking to HIM?

Rachel: NO, before that. Howie, I told you that changes the whole game if Eric comes back.

Howie: Where are they?

Rachel: They're in the kitchen.

Howie says that "piece of shit" fucked up the whole game because he could have stayed loyal to them. He is a fucking asshole.

Rachel: You're going to have to bring Maggie back in. We can't do it.

Janelle: We are going to have to find out who comes through that door.

Rachel: The odds are better to screw her than to screw James and Sarah.

Howie: No, there's too many of them! There are better odds to fuck with James than fuck with her. They have people power.

Rachel: Howie!

Rachel and Janelle say that Maggie knows that if they don't backdoor James that there is a chance he will stay, and either way they are setting themselves up for a mess. Janelle says they shouldn't have to do the dirty work for everyone else this week.

Rachel says that she has a gut feeling it won't be Eric and it will be Michael.

Howie says that James switches sides. If they do this, James will go to their side if he isn't out, and they will put up Howie and Rachel!

Howie: I told her if things change, I will tell her.

Rachel: Bring her up here.

Howie: You two have to stay with me. No, wait. We'll sleep on it. I'll tell her tomorrow.

Jenny brings up laundry.

Rachel: So you did say, if this changes, I will tell you?

Howie: I said I had to talk to you and Janelle.

Rachel: So you did say it?

Howie: I told her if anything changes, I will tell her.

Janelle: If Eric comes into the house, he will win the game. We won't be able to get him out until there are four to five people.

Howie: So will you guys win the next two HOH's?

Rachel/Janelle: Yeah.

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Guest Shockalot

Midnight BBT

Still pacing around the room beating himself up, Howie is agreeing they will tell Maggie tomorrow.

Howie remembers saying to Maggie he would tell her if the deal they made 'was not the plan'

Rachel assures Howie that Maggie is not going to be 'His Friend' anyway.

"She doesnt like me"

Janelle, Rachel and Howie all agree that it will be either Michael or Eric that returns.

Not Kaysar.

Howie predicts the publics voting rationale: "They wanna see action and Trajesty"


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Midnight BB time HOH room

Rachel says that they will all be pissed that he didn't keep the deal with Maggie, but they will be more pissed at James and will take him out first.

Howie says he asked Maggie if each person won HOH, who would they put up on the block, and each time she said Sarah and James. So he feels they are safe if they take out James this week. He says that after two weeks they might be screwed.

Rachel: We have three people. Sarah won't be on our side anymore.

Rachel: James is too good at winning POV.

Janelle: Yeah.

Howie; Let's put it this way. If I put this in motion tomorrow, we are guaranteed safety for two weeks.

Rachel: We are not guaranteed anything! They aren't going to want to waste HOH to take out Sarah.

Howie: They want Sarah out, too!

BB: Janelle, PUT ON your MICROPHONE! (angry voice)

Rachel says that they can't let James win POV, and it is too risky. She says that Maggie KNOWS that and she has to understand that!

Howie: BB is gonna F us tomorrow.

Rachel: Then we get rid of Maggie, worst case scenario!

Rachel: He is going to suspect. If we put him up, he will be pissed. If he wins that POV, he is gonna come after us, and don't think he won't.

Howie: OK, OK! Next week, Maggie is gonna come after me!

Rachel: We have better odds, with the whole house coming after him. I don't like that. I don't like that. We backdoor him. If we can backdoor him, we backdoor him. If not, we get rid of Maggie.

Howie: That's what we wanted to do originally. Why did we change that f----ing plan??!

Rachel and Janelle both say they never told him to deviate from the plan! Those people downstairs persuaded him to change the plan.

Rachel: Just say, look, Maggie, I can't put the guy up.

Howie: So, Maggie and who?

Janette: April.

Rachel: Why not Ivette?

BB: Please REATTACH your microphone!

Rachel: Dumbass!

Howie: I don't want this guy fighting for a veto. You can't get him outta here. Hopefully things will go right.

Rachel: That said, let's go.

James come in the HOH room

James: I went into the bathroom, and April said you can't talk smack without a microphone. F---ing c---t!

James asks how it went with his talk with Maggie, and Howie says she interrogated him some more.

James: Did she say I was working with them all along?

Howie: No.

James is really hot, and they say it is not hot in the room.

James is arguing about the temp, saying he wants it turned down.

James: Who's HOH?

Rachel: Who's closer to him? Me or you?

James: What did she do with your interrogation?

Howie: What's your purpose in the game, Howie? Then we got into this discussion about Cappy coming back in the door.

James: She said that, or you did?

James: Should we get all our blankets and stuff and lay on the floor? Just sleep here on the floor?

Howie: Oh, Janie, I want to sleep with you!

Janelle: Not tonight, Howie!

Rachel: Seriously, do you want to sleep by yourself? All by yourself?

James: You know what? I don't think Rachel should have to sleep by herself down there, fend for herself.

Howie: Rachel, you can sleep with me.

Rachel: Thanks, Howie.

James: I'm trying to think. The first time we got HOH. Did any of us make stupid comments like "They can only take out one of us?"

Janelle: Yeah. But not to them.

James: That's what I was saying!

(Ivette said that in front of James)

Goodnight, Hamster watchers!

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Guest ilovebb6

it looks like maggie and april are going up tomorrow and they will try and back door james. howie made a deal with maggie and shook on it but then rachel and janie made me realize that if eric comes back theyll have enough votes to kick all of the sov.6 out.

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Guest Shockalot

Its now settled and agreed that the best way to handle this is to continue allowing James to believe he is on their side.

They must take out one of the Team Maggie.

Its not worth the risk to put up James, have him get off by Veto - then they have A full team + a couple (J&S) and a possible Eric all coming at them.


Its gonna be Maggie and someone else.

Now James comes in.

He slides into the HoH room with Janelle, Rach and Howie like he is one of the gang.

He has a lot of comments about how much he hates those bitches and wants to talk about how they should get rid of some of them.

Talk turns to April. Howie feels sorry that April ran out of cigarettes and for some reason he has given her his Athsma Inhaler, which she is using in Lieu of Cigarettes.

James rightfully responds with a 'Huh What?"

Howie reviews the 'Speedo' trunks he recieved in his BB Gift Basket.

Sarah enters the room.

Janelle leaves to shower.

James confronts Howies posture "Howie, you are sitting their with your legs crossed and your arms now crossed towards Sarah. That is a defensive posture. You are defensive against us........ does this mean you are putting me up?"

Sarah adds: "Is there something you want to tell me Howie?"

Howie assumes a very relaxed posture and replies "Well its not a great time to say it but... you have very big boobies Sarah. Very nice big boobies".

James looks intense. He wants to know and doesn't have a whole lot of humour - James "Lets get back to the important shit!"

"Are you gonna pull my key first?"

more chit-chat and James ups and walks about while Sarah and Howie seem happy to talk about goofy trivia and stuff.


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if someone already got this..sorry..but RIGHT before the fish sarah was questioning howie about something that she should tell him....

then ...Fish

when they came back..i think that howi was confirming that he and rachel are a couple (married...i think)

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Guest BigSister

Sarah was trying to ask Howie about his and Rachels relationship before we got fish...

When the feed came back Sarah said she was SO HAPPY for Rachel and Howie and glad that they have a relationship (still not sure if they are married or dating...sorry) and mentions that when Michael comes back it will be the 3 couples together.

Rachel is sleeping with Howie tonight in the HOH room.

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1;19am - BBT - howie to rachl - "you think mika saw us today?

R - yeah, i'm sure everyone saw us

they are in the hoh room together getting ready to go to bed

H - i gotta talk to maggie tomorrow..then she has to talk toher people

R - dont worry about it

H - i dont like saying one thing and doing another, it makes me like James

R - take your shower and we will talk after

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H & R agree that someone else coming back into the game changes everything...

H - god, i'm so fat..i'm fatter than YOU right now

R - no, i'm fat

howie tells BB that the room is great, but would have been better if they hadn't forgotten to put the light saber in the room

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