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7/30 - Live Feed Updates


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9:02 BBT

The wait is over with. Brendon, Ragan and Enzo toast to HN no more. Rachel comes out of the DR.

Everyone but Kristen is in the kitchen/dining room, chatting and eating.

(Nothing is happening. I'm out for now.)

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9:15 PM

Kathy and Rachel in storage room. Once again Kathy being buddy buddy with her. Something about trying to just be there for everyone. Rachel can't believe this happened. She's in shock. Rachel says she knows that Kathy is friends with Kristen,and Kathy is quick to say that she is her friend too. Rachel feels that up until this week Kristen had been her friend and then all of a sudden she wasn't.

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9:40PM BBT:

Kristen telling Kathy in the cabana room that by not having her hand closer to the buzzered she just lost the game. Kathy advising her to go up to hoh and talk to Rachel; that she's better than her (Rachel). Kristen not thrilled at doing so, but seems to agree. Kathy saying that Britney is kissing up to Rachel and will prob have her key 2nd.

Hayden just joined the cabana crew. Kathy tells him that she thinks noms are going to be her and Kris. He doesn't think so. That bottom line is that noms/if one wins revolves around the three of them. Lane just came in. Hayden jokes about Lane being final 4 to which the response is "I guess."

Lane very sleepy. Talk turns to a luxary comp would be nice. Maybe pov will be a combo.

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10:24PM BBT:

Kristen and Hayden don't reget getting involved. They talk about possible nominations. Hayden lets her know what he and Rachel talked about earlier. He thinks he'll be the one to go if put up. Gets reassurance that noone wants him gone. Talk moves on to how many lies are floating around about them and their so called comments about others. Hayden mentions how he thought Andrew was a cool guy. Kristen understands that what happened was because they didn't come through for him, but that they couldn't because he was too unpredictable. Now she's going to change her game plan to that of being confrontational.

(Someone take over. I'm out for the night)

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10:17 BBT

Hayden and Kristen talking about how bad she looked after the POV..."what I bad" as Hayden answers that it wasn't that bad...

Both look very defeated...

In Jamanji Matt Ragan and Britney and Enzo talking aboout having one mre slice of pizza "than I'm done for two days" after his food gorging commenced at 9

Enzo asks where he's sleeping as Kathy said Ragan made all the arrangements...as he asks "am I in the Taj"

10:21 BBT They are talking about LD as Lane says tomorrow is Luxury and POV....like in season 10...but Ragan says "nominations have to happen before that" as Brit says "we having had nominations" how can tomorrow be POV

Brendon is in there also..

10:22 BBT Back in Cabana room Kathy comes in..as Hayden asks where everyone is at..She's called to DR

Hayden says "all we did was kiss and cuddle" and the "live viewers" knew...and Kristen disputes Andrew heard them talk ...and claim they didn't talk about people "we didn't" {they did} and says their abondment of Andrew caused him to go off like that...

Hayden says "for both of us to stay" Kathy has to go and says "if both" make it out "brendon and Rachel will shit themselves" as Kristen says "you'll make it out" ..Hayden: "i can't stand her"....Kristen says she tries not to be confrontational but says she should of spoke her mind more..and feels like she should have called Andrew Brendon and Rachel out...

10:27 BBT Kristin says "i'm so stupid" because she frooze against Lane in HOH "i'm so pissed off at myself".."disappointing myself" is Kristen's biggest fear "i hate it"

10:29 BBT In Jamanji they are taking inventory of what alcohol they have....they are talking about their rap they made up....They are getting ready to rap...to the BB annnoucements...

10:31 "I'm embarrassed" Hayden says about his mom watching the show....Kristen says her mom's crying..FOTH

In Jamnanji they are troasting to "Jamanji Jam" they are drinking and having fan

Kristen asks in Cabana "do you think we've done anything to embarrass ourselves"..

10:33 They are talking who would have put Brenchel up and Hayden says Lane and Matt would but not Enzo,Ragan and Kathy...Britney would of for the HOH...

10:35 BBT Cabana room pitty party Hayden :"you looked hot when you were screaming"

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10:36 BBT

Hayden says "a lot of guys would do her" but not date her but stops saying he doesn't want to be mean...

Hayden "captain Kosher" Kristen "he's evil" as Hayden wonders how he looked and Kristen said he made himself look good..

Both says Andrew looked good to viewing

Hayden: "Captain Kosher made me look stupid" and Kristen: "he made me look like a fool" and says she knew when she told him he was digging his own grave and he told her back "no you're digging your grave" something was gonna happen

Hayden:"He made me look like an idiot" and Kris "he made me look like an evil bitch" as Hayden says his friends will rag on him...

10:39 BBT

Hayden upset Andrew claimed more than what was actually said...FOTH...

Hayden "kissing and cuddling is so innocent when your 25 years old"...Kristen "i can't believe " Andrew told Hayden "watch out for her"

10:41 BBT Kathy comes in and plants it as the new CB for Hayden and Kristen...as Hayden jokes about her being a "cougar"

Kristen whinning "i want to stay"

In Jamanji talking about "rich" from BB....talking about room names and how rich called it the "Palm room" and BB warning..

10:44 BBT just general chit chat in jamanji and pity party in Cabana room

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10:46 BBT

Inside Jamanji talking about sleeping arrangement and how JC loves "lane" according to rachel as Brit says she loves "Enzo"

10:47 BBT Back in the Cabana Kristen "i can say so many things about her" but she doesn't want to..."to her face" Kris tells Kathy who asked behind her back..as Kris says "i knew" she'd be after from "day 1" Kathy "you did?"....and says "you were right"

10:48 BBT hayden says "everybody was on board to get them out" and they are all in there with them as Kristen says "I can't do that"

hayden: "made for good tv today"

Kris hopes her and Rachel "get into an argument" before veto and Hayden can't believe "we didn't win that today" as Kristin like many others says they almost had it and are "so mad" at themselves..

10:51 BBT after lonh slience break Kathy laughs for no reason..

Looks like Rangan Brit and hands down the pants Matt have passed out....in jamanji..

Lane comes in and Brendon says there's pizza as hayden has been munching on his finger nails for awhile..Hayden doesn't move as Lane offers to feed the fish..."why can't they just leave" her fish alone Kathy complains...

Hayden says "everyone has a bed" because Rachel will have Brendon upstairs as Hayden heads for pizza..

10:55 BBT Brendon heads back to J room..

Lane and Hayden whipser something as I miss it...as Hayden looks at all the passed out people in Jamanji....heads to Taj with Brendon wondering why everyone passed out so fast "crazy" Brendon says as he asks "how Kristen's doing" as Mr Sensitive tries to find the brighter side of their prediciment but talks about pizza..and back to Kristin saying "its hard" when people are "gainst you" as he says he knows how that feels.. Hayden thanks him leaves..

10:58 BBT Ragan up from his food coma and tells hayden what he ate "I didn't fuck around with dinner"

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Enzo mentions something briefly to Hayden and Enzo.."target practice tomorrow" about what's going on in the backyard..as Enzo says they may not get beer because of "this fucking thing" that's going on tomorrow as Enzo talks about eating spree part two in the kitchen...

Enzo 'we ain't goin outside tonight" as he says "what if someone wins a car" "10 Gs" and both him and Rachel yell "target" and talk about Enzo win a "call from home' and have "phone sex"

11:03 BBT Enzo almost giddy over all the food...

IN Cabana room Brit sits with Kristin and Kathy talking about clothes and what they will change in to...Kristin being silent..Hayden reentes as he asks Brit "are you going to bed" and says she will when Rach gets her HOH..and talks about when he got his room at "2 in the morning"

Lane pops in and aks Hayden to "play chess" and Hayden says he will and he's called to DR..and Kathy and Brit laugh about their "fugly" DR sessions...Lane comes back in as Kristin tells Rachel "she doesn't need to smirk" as they fight "you're middle name is drama" Kristin tells her...as Rachel tells Kristin "grow up" as Kristin insists rachel smired and Rachel says she started it my accusing her of doing imagainary face...and Rachel leaves and starts Yelling "i'm calling you out on it" as she claims she 's getting "dirty looks" and Rachels yelled "i'm not giving you dirty looks"

11:11 BBT Hayden heads upstairs.. Lane waiting..setting up chess table..

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11:12 Upstaurs they've realized "andrew jacked the King" similar to what Matt and Ragan went through...

Brendon tries to calm Rachel down..

Upstairs they try to figure out what to do play "without" Kings unlike Matt and Ragan earlier using someting in its place..

They says "we can't play" as they continue to accuse Andrew...

11:14 BBT Enzo Rachel and Brendon at table as Brendon tells her not to stop down to her level.. "she makes me so mad" Rachel laughs..and says "why's Britney" in there as Brendon says no when Rachel asks him to get her to "talk" and tells her it will look "childish" and "petty" rachel upset by Kristen's lashing...and Brendon says "she wants to pick a fight" and will look "worse" as Brendon all her shit "caught up with her" let her "marinate in it"

11:17 BBT Cat fight averted {damn you Brendon} as Rachel wonders why Brits in there "maybe she went to talk to Kathy" as Rachel stews over Kristin...

In Cabana room Brit says it will be awkward because she gets along with Rachel..Kristin bitchly says "i will not take offense" if she hangs out with Rachel.. as Kristin tells her she will do anything she wants to get her out..

Hayden tells Kathy and Brit she's only putting up floaters..Brit "oh this week"...as brit reiterates she will talk to Rachel and not take it as she's talking about them..Kathy thinks she's going up even though "i don't think of myself as a floater by any means" ( i know this one's too easy}

11:22 Brit leaves..

Rachel stews in the bathroom...Ragan is up to eat pizza...Brendon trying to talk sense into Rachel.."can I go talk to Britney" and Brendon...warns about handling her booze..and warns her to walk past Cabana room and not "look" and says he would be upset if he finds her in there..

Again cat fight averted...for now.....as Rachel

11:24 Called to DR for possibly her HOH

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11:26 BBT Kathy actually thinks Rachel's will waste her HOH on her and nominate her.....as Kristin tells Kathy she needs her....as Kathy wants her to "punch her out" "cus I can't do it"

Kristin "i just can't do it" go to HOH "its gonna make me vomit"...Kristin 'ath this pointanything said about me is ok..it can't get much worse"

11:28 BBT Kathy saying she's sick of hearing "about past season"

In Kitchen..

Hayden Lane eating Pizza ...Ragan's mouth going a mile a minute..with Brendon talking movies..Brit joining them...as Brit talking "the whole season of Gilmore" she brought with her...

11:31 BBT hayden tells Lane "Matt used his Ring" for a King and they could use something as the light bulb goes on over their heads as they Rachel comes out

11:33 "who wants to see my HOH room"

All head up

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11:34 BBT

They enter minus Kristin "is this everyone" Rachel asks "oh after this week it will be"

Ohhh pics "sorority sister" .."hey"" "Champagne..Martini Rossi Rose" "heeey"

Kathy up there all smiles...as they cheer over "the new remote" and "chemistry goggles"

Hair stuff..spray tan....Most improved" cheerleader award..

Letter: "from my sister" "best big sister"......"so inspiring"..."miss you"....Dog Talk "In Canada" "dogs have "two story dog house"..."Vegas will not be the same without you"..."chemist"...talking about devolping "beauty line" ...."miss you"...."best friend" "rootng for you"

Alyssa Clampton...."thanks Lyssie" Rachel says and offers a toast of her champagne..

11:40 BBT Fridge check "more cheese" "more asparagas"...

Rachel talking about all the stuff and explains why the dogs are "in Canada" because that's where her "boyfriend lives"

11:42 rachel got "spice world" as her cd...as Brit talks what's on it..as Brit sings "stop"...as Enzo asks why they broke up..and Rach says they were just in Vegas...Brendon tells Rachel to "save it" because Enzo says they told him tomorrow will be an early as Brit agrees to wait for tomorrow..

11:44 BBT Enzo still talking Spice girls

Kristen downtstairs {no mater what she should have went up..poor sport}

11:45 BBT rachel explaing the pics...

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11:48 BBT

Kristin gets up heads to kitcen then to the bedroom to get ready for bed..

11:49 BBT More HOH singing..when camera cuts to Kristin changing...kristen keeps sighing...

Feeds are FOTH...

she sighs again as she fixes her bed...

Back in HOH more kiss butt time..Hayden gnawing on his fingers..

brit happy about "more cheese"...as brit tries to open it..rachel with her taost tomorrow and "hey" as ragan "champagne is my favorite alcohol"

Kristin in bed with her eyes closed {dreaming of her POV rigged for her to win no doubt}

11:56 BBT Lane and Enzo laying on the floor as Enzo says its "softer" tha the HN beds..

Brendon joins them on the floor...Ragan jokes about something being gay...

11:58 BBT just general chit chat...

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12:01 BBT

Everyone minus Kristin decompressing in HOH..Enzo happy from his "food coma"

Kathy has planted herself on the bed

Enzo says "we're gonna have to get up at 8:30 tmorroww easy"

rachel says he sister sent her hair color because she thinks her "hair looks bad"

Brendon "Matt's Birthday is tomorrow"as rachel says "we'll play flippcup and celebrate your birthday"

rachel sarcastically thanks "everyone" who came up to her HOH room..

12:04 BBT Music talk...Brit hates "the Pussycat Dolls"...Enzo likes "No Doubt"..and "what about Fergie...she's got that face" as Brit admits "i like fergie"

Hayden being really quiet just sitting in the chair biting his fingers...

12:08 BBT Ragan complaining the bathrooms are too far away from the bedrooms...

Not much hapening waiting for the first exit but seems people want there private time with rachel..

Ragan leaves just to go get water..Talking about the new remote and Matt talks about reprogramming..as rachel says "you broke the code"

Rach is exicted about the "Luxurious" {i know its Luxury but its no a typo} as Brit agrees "luxurious" and BB throwsa FOTH..

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12:46 BBT {sorry I had to take phone call so i missed the last 30 mins}

In HOH Ragan trying to get Rachel to "decompress" as they reassure Rachel that they want her here...

Rachel saying people should be up in HOH trying to stay off the block..Brendon telling her "we need everybody" on our side...Ragan says "its so hard to predict tomorrow"...Brendon says tomorrow start talks early but not tonight telling just have fun...

Kristin accusing of Kristin "attacking me"...Rachel "i walked away" when she tried to apologize' and when she accuse her of smirking...

12:50 BBT

Brendon telling her to be "the bigger person"...as she can't figure out why she's pissed...

Rachel says two weeks ago Kristin was her "best friend' and "ragan"

Brendon whinning her to move "forward"...as she says "sorry" as ragan says remebers their "pep talk" during one of his depression fits...

12:52 BBT Rachel pouting while Brendon goes on and on and on about "being the bigger person"

Rachel "what did I do"..and "I do care" as Brendon "you shouldn't care"...

12:53 BBT Kathy and Kristin talking as kathy bandages her feet..{i guess she stepped on something} as she says I'll probably "get the award for the most hurt"

Kristin says Ragan came down and told her "i would rather be with me"...and that was "nice"

12:55 BBT Ragan being his two faced self calling Hayden "trustworthy" and rachel refutes it by hayden putting her against Rachel calling him "a cop out" for blaming the house for putting them against each other..

Ragan saying he didn't see Andrew's speech..coming...

12:57 BBT Rachel can't figure it out a why kristin kept putting her up and up..{didn't rachel do the same}

Ragan say "I thought you guys were friends" as rach thought so too...

12:59 Brendon says he talked to hayden that they were "good" and Brendon says it was apparent hayden wanted to knock them out.. ragan going on about its all "observation"..as Bren and Rach says all those people "jumped off' the first 5 minutes..

Rachel says "when Matt didn't put Brendon and I" so many people "were pissed" and ragan "i sensed a lot"

1:01 telling ragan that Kristin told them that she wanted to take out all "the girls" and then let all the guys fight it out..and she can "control Hayden's vote"..

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1:01 BBT

In Jamanji talking about Andrew are Enzo Hayden Lane and Matt and Brit who says appatently no one "likes my voice"

talking about there probably won't be no more have not room....Hayden says he's being called back to DR as BB told him and FOTH...

1:05 BBT In HOH Brendon asks Ragan it "matt will be on board" and Ragan says Yes and he went "on a huge limb"..even when JC was throwing Matt "under the bus" and rachel asks "do you think that meant "JC wants her "to go home" Ragan says "no and FOTH again..

1:07 BBT Ragan says to be "gracious" and "think about next week" as bren says not to let HOH "go to your head" as Ragan says "mend" the bridge between her and Kristin...and bren says not make people "choose"..as Ragan says this season is "Unique" { if you call boring Unique go for it} and would be a smart "social move" and make her friends feel like they are going to "gun" for you..

1:09 BBT In Jamanji Room Enzo says why would Kristin put Rachel up with Kathy and joke about her worthlessness....The Brigade talk about the HOH...Enzo says he was just gonna guess as the talk about HOH..

In came Kathy and Kristen about the "glass" that was in Kathy's foot...froma drinking glass and is called to DR..

1:12 BBT Wishing for "coup d'etat" Matt says...Not much talking because kristin's in the room..she sits on the chair staring..the guys are not talking at all...

Kathy comes back...and starts talking and foth...saying she didn't need a medic "i was fine" as she says "kristin's a nurse" and Kathy goes on about the glass in her foot...

1:15 Kathy asks where Ragan is and hayden sitting next to Lane pretty far from kristin..Matt comes back in and asks Kathy "what are you doin in the pimp bed" and asks to share it "for a second"

Enzo: "fucken Andrew...he's capatain caca" and Lane says "captain Cuckcoo"....

1:17 BBT Mostly just small talk..

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1:22 BBT FOTH for last 5 minutes..

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12:25 BBT

Feeds returned briefly with a more happy Kristin and Ragan joining the Brigade Kathy and Kristin in the bedrrom..

They are talking about JC's speech lessons to Enzo and another FOTH

1:27 BBT

{I'm out be back tomorrow}

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2:05 am

Ragan up in HOH still supporting Mutt, Rachel and Brendon, still not aware that it was Mutts plan to backdoor Brendon, and not at all his plan to send either Andrew or Kathy home. WBRB

Ragan, trying to get Rachel to see past this week, and trying to get her to "mend that bridge" with Kristen. Wanting her to see that she doesn't want anyone to have to choose between her and Kristen. Tells her to make sure that she lets the other hgs know that she won't hold it against them if they speak to her, there shouldn't be any tension between them for talking to Kristen.

(What Ragan, doesn't know,is that most of the house, could care less if Rachel likes Kristen or not. Rachel, not really buying into this advice, still harps on the fact that she believes that Kristen is really just mad that Andrew outed her relationship with Hayden.)

In the palm room, enzo, kristen, lane, matt and hayden are all looking at each other, no one is saying a thing. Kathy comes in, saying that someone was watching them. Don't know who she is talking about. Oh, Kathy cut the bottom of her foot. Kathy asks where Ragan is, kristen says he must have gone upstairs to talk. Mutt, now walks into the room. He asks Kathy what she is doing in his bed, then says she can share it with him for awhile.

Mutt is looking for zit zapper cream, they all are helping him look for it. Enzo, brings up Andrew, and his exit speech.

I think maybe he might have believed some of it, or at least it got him thinking, even though he is calling him Capt. Ca Ca

cause he is asking about secret alliances, and who said I was stupid? Who said I was stupid - was it you Kristen or Hayden, as he laughs it off, but he is questioning it.

WBRB ragan has now joined the group in the palm room. Making nice with Kristen, he seems to be feeding the ego of everyone he comes in contact with. Have no idea where he stands.

Brendon and Rach back up in HOH, Brendon, trying to be voice of reason, in this screwy pair, Kathy, says, please don't put me up on the block again, I couldn't stand it, says Rachel. Brendon, tries to reassure Rach, that Andrew was on their team totally, but he never told them Matt was planning on backdooring Brendon, so they don't know, that Mutt is NOT their friend. They are under the misconception that Mutt is on their side..... NOT. wbrb

Brendon, still believes that Enzo is onto Hayden and Kristen, still has no clue that Enzo is working with Hayden and Lane and Mutt.

(Doesn't realize that they are not in a good position. Should not be trusting Mutt, he was willing and ready to backdoor Brendon. Still not clear, why Andrew did not tell Brendon that.) Brendon wants to go to bed, Rachel wants to talk to the other guests

Rachel being whiny and pathetic, wants to talk to figure out who to put up, she won't go to sleep, has the need to talk.

(Don't think it will work. No one wants to talk to her anyway.) Rachel is worried that Kristen will win POV if she puts her up, needs to think about what to do, if she does put up Kristen and then Kristen wins POV. Rachel then complains that she hates it when people tell her what to do. Brendon, says I am telling, I am asking, please lets go to bed.

(Changing to palm room, getting tired of that convo.... now we get foth, should have stayed listening to the ridiculous argument between brendon and rachel)

back in palm room, enzo still talking about andrew gone, and how he was such a tall person and a real character, that he will be missed more than most of the other hgs that have been eliminated. Ragan tells room, that we the audience will see what happened in backyard for sure. I am really hoping that we do, it sounds like Rachel really came down on a lot of people and told quite a few people off.

They don't understand why Andrew felt it necessary to say what he did when he left, why not say it earlier? Enzo, saying I was actually friends with him earlier, but I never could figure him out, and he didn't hang out with us.

(I can't believe that ragan can sit in a room with enzo, mutt, lane and hayden and not pick up on the alliance, they are basically talking about it right in front of him, even though they are kidding.) Ragan, says that nothing andrew said, rang true to any convo he ever had with Kristen

(Still don't know why, all these idiots are so ready to believe Kristen over Andrew????)

Brendon, must have talked Rachel into going to sleep, lights are off, and they are cuddling under the covers.

Back in the palm room, enzo and ragan are talking and joking, lane is chewing his finger nails, kristen is sitting quietly on a chair.

(Bedtime for me, these guys are just being silly. Nite all)

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