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7/16 - Live Feed Updates


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9:01 PM BBT

Kathy is sitting on the patio smoking by herself, looking serious. Hayden and someone else (couldn't tell, another guy) are playing pool silently. Kristin joins Kathy on the patio & they start eating ice cream together.

9:03 PM BBT

Ragan, Britney, Monet & Matt are hanging out in the HN room talking about the beeping noises. Matt says they've been going on for 5 days, & Britney & Monet disagree and say it's only been 3. Matt starts to speculate about the next HOH competition & whether it will be endurance. Ragain says it would suck to come in 2nd in an endurance competition, because you've spent all that time suffering, only to lose. They start chatting about being on the live show and getting to talk to Julie. Ragan says he didn't get to tell the joke he planned to tell Julie if she asked about being a Have-Not: "Being a have-not was a metaphor for my love life, Julie"; he didn't get to tell it since she didn't ask him about it. Then they talk about how everyone was quick to answer Julie & were really on their game during the live show, no awkward pauses. Ragan says today was so different, "to go from doing nothing to everthing we did today, it's just too much. It's like going from a hottub into a pool. Like hard-core stimulation".

Britney says she really thought the Saboteur could be Annie, so she was like "Hmm" when she found out it wasn't Annie or Rachel (just wait).

9:11 AM BBT

Ragan decides to go to the hottub, everybody else scatters from the HN room. Hayden, Andrew & Brendan are in the kitchen just talking about food.

(first time doing updates, hope I'm doing it right!)

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(Welcome PrincessPoohs!!)

9:27 BBT

In what must be a BB first, Rachel got tequila in her HOH basket. She also received a letter from home.

Rachel also got a Rascal Flatts cd. They all congrat her and clap. Lots of laughing by Rachel.

Many HGs, like Monet, Matt, Enzo and Britney, all look super bored up in the HG roomn as they listen to Rachel and pass around the new pretzal M&Ms.

9:40 BBT

The HOH party continues as Rachel shares her large cheese platter with the others.

9:45 BBT

People finally start to leave the HOH room. they discover alcohol in the SR.

(I'm out for the night.)

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(Thanks for the welcome!)

9:32 pM BBT

Everyone in Rachel's new HOH room. Rachel's sad that she didn't get her stuffed Rotweiller. She got a feather boa & one of her former pageant sashes, etc. She says "From Vegas showgirl, to pageants, to hiking, I have a lot of facets to my personality". Someone says "I bet". Rachel is showing Kathy around while everybody's chatting & laughing. Rachel wants to know if there are shot glasses downstairs for the tequila she got, for everyone to take a shot. Rachel says she told BB her #1 drink in the morning is "expresso" (espresso, sigh).

9:37 PM BBT Everyone is snacking on Rachel's food from her basket. Monet is just sitting back on the HOH bed being really quiet. Rachel says "nothing could be better than popcorn & slop".

9:39 BBT Everyone says how tired they are, what a long day it was. Britney says she'll sleep well, she's so tired. Brendan says "I know, i'm gonna pass out on that bed." Britney teases "What bed, Brendan?" & he just says "Outside, on that little cot or whatever" (?).

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9:44PM BBT

Monet asks if Kathy & her can take a bubble bath up there. Rachel says yes.

9:45PM BBT

Rachel says she's surprised her mother didn't write more stuff in her letter. Kathy says BB might have edited it down or something. Rachel has said 6 times in the last ten minutes how excited she is that they got tequila. Kathy says she's so excited for Rachel. Rachel says "Can you believe how this happened, after the position we were in last week?" Apparently producers told Rachel she can't have the have-nots stay in her HOH room overnight like she had planned. Kathy says it's the thought that counts.

9:50PM BBT

Kathy is giving Rachel motherly advice about her HOH reign. "Go with your heart, do what you do, & enjoy luxury". Rachel says "Obviously you know I'd never put you up" & Kathy nods and says she'd be heartbroken.

9:52 PM BBT Kathy and Rachel are talking about Brendan and how great Brendan is. Rachel says he's the most amazing person she's ever met.

9:56 PM BBT Rachel says she does a lot of charity work... all of the 'breast cancer runs', she says she has her own arts and sciences foundation and website. She says "People don't think that about me, but I do a lot of charity work".

Rachel: I don't understand why you guys can't sleep in here tonight

Kathy: At least we get to eat!

9:58 BBT Rachel says she's sad that there's a picture of her mom in here. She says "I mean that in the nicest way possible, she's beautiful, but I'm going to have to put that in the bathroom or something... at least when Brendan's up here at night".

10:02 PM BBT Ragain & Matt are talking game in the hammock. Lane eventually comes over to them for a second & Matt says "Why're you breakin up our showmance?"

10:12 PM Kathy helping Rachel unpack her stuff for the HOH room.She says she has her eye on Britney & Monet, that she doesn't understand why Hayden didn't put her up last week since she won the $10k. Rachel is about to say who else she's thinking of when Monet comes into the room. Britney follows shortly.

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10:14 BBT

In HOH Rachel is unpacking for her big move..Kathy has taken recidence up Rachel's....umm in her room. Up come Monet and Britney to come campaign for their BB lives. For now they are mostly being quiet as Rachel puts everything in drawers...

10:17 BBT Britney and Monet are dying to talk to Rachel but Kathy has now hooked herself up to the music and looks like she's not about to leave

10:19 BBT Kristin, Lane and Hayden talking outside as Lane tells then britney and Monet are upstairs..and hayden "that's funny ..you know what I mean" and realize "things change on a dime"

Lane wants Kristen "to go spy on em" and Kristen laughs she already is getting "the evil eye" all the time..

Kristen tells them she thinks she will put up "britney and monet" and Kristin says "they know it too" as Hayden says Brendon told him he would put up Monet..

10:22 BBT Back in HOH Monet is now listening to the music as Brit just sits on the bed drinking her wine..

Back downstars Andrew is goin in the hot tub as Hayden tells Lane there are two bottles of wine left but tells Hayden "i don't like wine" and Hayden says they have been in there 13 gdays "we malready made $1500" and say Monets "downfall" will be her "$11500"

10:25 BBT Lane and Hayden laughing about the bikini question ....Kristin knew the question was coming as Hayden though "there was no chance" people would pick Rach...

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10:27 BBT

Monet and Britney waiting for Rachel "touching up my makeup" from crying and Britney slurs I understand as Brendon comes in with wine as Rachel is drinking her tequilla and Brit gives her wine to Rach ...

Just a bunch of small talk as Brit tells Brendon he can't "get lazy" and "stop cooking"

now that he ha sthe HOH room..

10:30 BBT Brendon is playing with the spyscreen as Rachel opens her tequilla as Bren wants line cups and admits "i'm trying to stall" from drinking as Britney offers to leave but Bren and Rach say they can hang out..Monet and Brit leave and they tell them they will be down in a little..

10:32 BBT Bren and Rach are alone getting ready to do their shots and as Bren says "I'm so happy for you" Rach heads downstairs to get a couple of cups...

10:34 BBT Lane says reading the letters is different when your there than watching it on TV as Monet and Brit come down...as they all says Showtime is getting a show "its going down" Britney says as the talk quickly turns to sleeping arrangements..

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10:36 BBT Rach is back up and gets a jab in about Brit and Monet calling them "shiesty"

they toast to some really big Tequilla shots about relaxing and bren "to you doing an amazing job" "came back to kick some ass" with "class" and "dignity" and they down their shots...Rachel wants to do another but bren says "save it...for another day" and Rach agrees..

they cheer their wine "here's to alone time" and the two het start kissing...no game talk....

"we are force to be reckoned with" Rach says and Bren says that puts a bigger target on them

10:40 BBT "do you think they're pissed" and Bren says yes...and Bren says Matt is nervous...they try to figure out why Matt is nervopus and think maybe when he told her he would vote against her if the house votes against her...but really don't know...

10:42 BBT they are now Annie bashing Annie's speech "what a psycho bitch"...as Bren is nervous about being athreat and says there is nothing they can say to make them less of a threat and power going to their heads calling themselves the new "power couple" as they discuss past BB couples from seasons past...Brendon says he will win the endurance couples and Rach tells next week "you have to win" ..as Brendon says if it came down to him and Andrew he will let them win..as they discuss how excited he was when rach won..

10:46 Brendoan says Brit was a "fucking bitch" and Racj says she is "outright mean" to Andrew and Bren says Monet has the typical "model attitude" as Rach pours the tequilla...as they says tomorrow is just noms...as Bren says they have to watch their booze intake..

10:48 BBT toast 2 as rach says her parents will like him as long as they don't do the deed on "national tv"

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Brendon having trouble with his shot Rach calling hm a "wimp" and Brendon say "i'm Mexican too" and thank BB and CBS "a lot"

10:51 BBT They are just talking about when they get out of BB in "Vegas"....they keep talking about being excited and Rach says she feels like they "conquered Big Brother history" and Bren brags about the unaminous votes..

In have not room as Lane trells Matt that he's cool and he thinks it will be Monet and Enzo...as Lane says he's good but is nervous because "andrew is gunning for me" as Lane says "Brendon is HOH" and all Rach has "a key and pictures" and Matt says he feels better and will shut up and Lane says "enzo is the only one we gotta worried about" and says they have the votes to stay..

10:55 BBT Back in HOH as they keep talking about their rags to riches....Rach sayingg she had a really goos time with ragan as a have not..and she loves him...and Bren likes "kathy a lot" and fell bad for trying to get her on the block..but says it was acceptable...as

Now they are talking about Annie and her "bullshit" and "lies"....and Rach says "she was trying to break us up" and "emotinally to control you" and was trying "to manipulate you" and then "throw you under the bus and i never want to talk to hert" ever again....

10:59 a drunk Rachel "nobody messes with my man" as they go on about being Happy.. still very little game talk..

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11:01 BBT Rach says they can never trust Enzo and doesn't know where Lane stands and wonder if he can be swayed...Rach "the only people" she would put faith in......Bren cuts her off saying he'ss buzzed and Rach doesn't finish her thought..

11:03 BBT and go on about being a couple...

Bren says the only thing said Hayden he wouldn't put him up if she doesn't go home...and Rach says she's glad and cheer to "our families" and talk about her "lame" letter as Rch wanted her to mention her and her mom dancing on tables and jokes "i called you ouy on national TV"

11:05 BBT Kathy slothing on the outdoor couch cigarette in hand as Kristin lays there in silence

11:06 Talking how popular they will be on their Facebook pages in the kitchen..Hayden Monet and Britney and Matt...Lane strolls in and now they discus that "tacos were good tonight" and Showtime is getting a show from Bren and Rach and discuss new sheets for next HOH..

11:09 BBT Andrew is in the hot tub alone.Enzo laying on one of the chairs in the BY being really quiet..as he watches hayden play golf

11:12 BBT Inside Monet and Brit talking about the Saboteurs deeds and saying the worst was the lock on the SR and Matt asks "what do the viewers think" and FOTH

11:14 BBT Bren and Rach talking how science gets them hot and bothered...and Bren "please blog how much you want to punch me in the face" with all their science talk....Brit gets BB warning and Rack and Bren says "britney is gaming" and "monet is bye bye" possibly her if she wins POV.....

Rach watching the spyscreen "look at all those schemers.. in the kitchen...wondering who Rach is going to put up..They think they have Hayden Kristin Andrew and ragan and Maybe Kathy as their alliance...

11:18 BBT they are talking about who is getting "more action" Brit wonders in the Kitchen and Matt saying how goodlooking both are...as Hayden I"don't belive it till I see it" as Monet says he life isn't going to change.

11:20 BBT Bren and Rach talking to America about ...themselves {so lame} as Bren can not prounounce "philanthropic".

11:23 BBT Rach turns off the lights saying "time for bed" and he says they need to go downstairs to "hang out" downstairs...and Rach brendon "why are you so lame" and keeps trying to get her go downstairs to hang out

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11:25 BBT

In HOH the HOHs are under the covers..

Downstairs the Pizza is ready and everyone is eating..talking if Annie "knows who the saboteur is"

11:27 BBT Kathy and Ragan talking and Kathy wonders if Annie is OK and Ragan said he was hurt by her saying "she never looked at me" and said he treated her with "dignity and respect" and Kathy says she has "issues" she needs to deal with...."Ragan" the way I look at it is....it wasn't cool" said he tried to hug her when Kathy asked...

Ragan says he would leave when she started "her sales pitch" and he couldn't "trust her" and could Rachel and "the thing that did it for me" was Annie saying Monet shouldn't go up for the money and next day Monet should go up and Kathy says Annie wasn't "sincere" and needs to deal with issues "and this place isn't the place to do it" and goes on about Annie...

11:33 BBT "the world's out to get her"..that's in her "head" and they all gave up a lot to be there Kathy says...Ragan making fun of her "slaes pitch" saying that it never addressed "who you are" and talk they didn't care about Brendon's job...as Ragan says he feels bad she was the first boot..but says that attitude she gave him should have been for someone "talking bad shit about " her but all he did was a vote and is upset about that..

Andre comes in the bathroom and talk about DR sessions whethere to wait to be called or go to bed...Andrew leaves...Ragan hopes the longer we are in here "the more subtle our brains become"...Ragan goin on like he does everynight about not feeling like Ragan and Kathy agreeing like she always does...

11:38 BBT HOH Brendon talking about going to bed "in OUR HOH room"...Brendon gets up and says they need to get up to go downstairs as he flips on the light as Rachel "objects".

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11:42 BBT Rachel and Brendon make their way downstairs and Monets sasy she's "hammered" as people laugh at her..and Kathy asks "were you a good girl" and Brendon assures her she was...

Everyone in the cabana room with Brendon and Rachel...except ragan and Kathy in Bathroom as Enzo come in "she's fucked up..she's hammered yo"

Monet In Bathroom telling them when Noms are and the time BB needs to edit them...

11:45 BBT Rachel now laughing...talking what it will be like in Vegas together.."vegas willl be out of control" Hayden throws out....as Rachel's _________ laugh seems to be enetertaining everyone..

11:47 BBT Racel saying she was "trying to put the moves on you" to Brendon when he says upstairs she didn't laugh..

"if I was the flavor of tequilla I would be Platinum" Rachel blurts out...

"you wanna pump my blood tonight" she blurts to Brendon...

11:51 BBT Rachel drunk evryone else just watching and taking it in as Ragan sports a tiara and walks...Rach wants to arm wrestle Kristin and says she doesn't want to arm wrestle her when "you're this drunk"

Rachel 'what's the mood in the house" and goes on she's happy and happy to be "here" as she apologizes to the viewers and Bren says don't you went from the block to HOH..

11:54 BBT everyone tickling in and out of the caban room as Enzo who's drinking wine "i fucking getting there"

Rach called to DR...as Monet wondering if she can even stand and Kathy "i'd love to hear" the DR session...

"i'm not making any deals with them" Britney says and Monet wishing they would have "kept Annie" and Monet is mad she second guessed and says "i would be HOH right now"

11:58 BBT Monet and Brit being bitter about their HOH loss.

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11:59 BBT Monet saying the worst things that happened was Brendon winning POV and the Rachel winning HOH...

Kathy just listening to the bitterness...Brit says she wnats to go to bed...but the noise and Monet wnats to go to bed to stop all her thinking and both say there is no use to talk to her tonight because "she's hammered" and kathy tells them Annie needed to go because "she had issues" and both Monet and Brit say they couldn't trust her..

12:02 BBT Monet talking about the "Early Show" where they film it in LA or NY and Brit says "it has to be here"

They are now talking about wanting Pics and letters...Monet "this is harder than I thought it would be...it really is"

Brit says "not knowing is the worst" and says "if I go home I see my familiy" as both try to see the brighter side of being evicted...though Monet wants to make it to the "jury"

12:04 BBT Bren comes in and says they did a lillte DR together but she's in there by herself..

12:05 Brit ask "are you worried at all" and Kathy lies "absoulutely"....Now Monet and Brit says Hayden cut a deal... Monet wants to be nominated so she has a chance to play for POV and wants to "punch myself in the face" for losing POV...now they say "the person who doesn't get evicted the 2nd week is the winner" Monet hopes...

12:08 BBT In cabana room Brendon Hayden Andrew ragan, Matt and Kristin sitting around waiting for their call to DR as Brit and Monet go to bed they talk sleeping arrangements.....Kathy joins them....

12:10 BBT General chit chatting.....talking spot lighting shooting..if the eyes glow you shoot it...Kathy says its a against the law...and Fish and Game would arrest them...

12:13 BBT Kathy says if shee sees it they call game and fish and let them deal and says if they get cause they take guns, trailers, cars, boat "anything he has with him"....

Matt says Peta will hate Lane ands someone says "the NRA will love him"

12:14 BBT Lane says he's never been caught..like in "dove season" they can't use seed to hunt them..

12:16 BBT Kathy says she would arrest lane if she caught him...

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12:19 BBT

Pretty much the guys plus kristen asking Kathy what she does wnd who arrest whom..like corn field "hasher" parties and says her kid was always smart enough to stay out of the side of town "where i worked" and most partiers are at parents house but most of the time they make teens pour out their drinks and call their parents

12:21 BBT Monet and Enzo talking outside on one of the big chairs talking about Annie and how they didn't trust her... as they talk ...Monet when Brendon was gone Rachel would have crumbled and Annie would have stayed strong...

Enzo says Monets has the votes "it could be a good thing" and Monet calling Kristin a floater and don't know what is going on between Hayden and Kristin as Enzo says "I hate it"

Andrew called to DR and Enzo says he's glad because he hates him and calls him a "crepper" as talk about what today's schedule will be Noms at 2 and food comp inthe evening..

12:26 BBT Monet says "kissing ass is no good" and says it probably better of talking to Brendon....Enzo says if he goes up he'll stay and would be a "stupid mistake".....

Enzo:" It sucks Andrew survives another week..Brendon survives another week"

Talking about Annie and how rude she was when she left....talking how she "went crazy in your speech" and both suprised with the unanamous vote "she probably was so embarrassed..yo" Enzo says...

12:29 BBT Talking why Annie was so upset....Enzo if it was week 4 or 5 she would have stayed....and say she couldn't be trusted..

"Hayden struck a deal with them" Monet says and Enzo says he is "very calm" as he says he isn't going to "sweat it" and talk the brighter side of being evicted...see kids and family

12:32 BBT people are getting ready or going to bed...Britney wondering what she can do "nothing"...Lane says "you're good" and asks Lane "who do you think it will be.....will it be Monet for sure" as Lane skirts the issue.."it could be me" Britney says..

12:34 BBT Matt and Rachel talking as Matt thinks it will be him since "because of Andrew: as Rachel assures him "we're have notties" and tells Matt "you're so Stupid" and says "the Hebrew makes me mental" and rach says she would never put a have nottie of hers up....Matt telling Andrew is acting "all crazy like he's in charge" and Rachel says Rachel is in charge...as calls him "silly" for being Paranoid...Matt: "I can sleep tonight" and Bren asks Matt what are the feeling is in the house..

Matt says people say the three of Andrew, Rach and Brendon are like a three member HOH because Andrew was soo happy when Rachel won..

12:38 BBT as Rachel goes on about being offended Matt thought he was going up...Enzo says "well have new notties tomorrow"

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12:40 BBT

Enzo "i respect anything you gotta do".....Matt says he wants to get the saboteur out and Rachel asks who he thinks it is and has "a million" reason why he knows it is.."100%"...Matt says doesn't want to "talk about it" outside..

Brendon says he isn't and Enzo say for 50g's he would have done it...and Bren says he would have considered it and Matt says ne needs more "for my baby"

Rach said she hasn't talk game yet because she wanted to get hammered as the convo turns to Annie..Enzo kisses ass saying he wanted Annie gone because "i like Rachel"

12:44 BBT Brit and Lane talking in the bedroom about Annie saying he would have loved to keep her but went along with the house...as Brit says there is no point in stressing out..Hayden came in and tells him she had a talk with Andrew...

Hayden wondering where Enzo is and says he;ll go look for him as he heads outside to find him...Ragan comes out now..

Brendon comes clean about his physics labs he teaches at CSULB...

12:49 BBT Enzo and Rachel talking about her drinking whole bottle of tequilla. He wonders how he came off tonight on the show and if everyone loves him "its all about the meow meow" as the convo turns back to Annie..

12:51 BBT talking about Annies behaviour last week...

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12:53 BBT Rachel and Brendon go to bed in HOH

Enzo Ragan and Hayden stay outside as Enzo says he'll find out tomorrow...and says "they are peobably the two strongest people in the house right now" and talks how he was stumped on the HOH question...

Ragan talks about his question he was stumpped on....

12:56 BBT Hayden kicking around a ball playing soccer as a truck Matt tries to play soccer and lands on his drunk ass defending his goal

12:58 BBT Brendon says the people who wanted us out most came to them first...Brendon trsuts Ragan and Kristen and trusts them...."Lane hasnt come to us"....and Rach wants to know who's idea to put them up and Bren thinks "its Annie" even though she trusts Hayden if it was part of him she doesn't care...

1:00 BBT talking how matt was nervous...and it was funny people think all they do is make out....but they do talk game and Rach why wondering why Andrew is running the shots...and Bren says "he's safe" and Bren wish he didn't make it so obvious.....Bren says Andrew says act like you are going to put me up

Rach wants to nominate Britney and Monet...and Rachel wants to talk "to hayden" before she makes her decision but Rach says all the guys are trying to be his BFF...

1:04 BBT Brendon says he doesn't want to make an alliance with Enzo and Matt but wants to lett them know safety and Rach says no she doesn't want to make a deal with him.....and says she doesn't think Enzo will win HOH and no deals with him

Brendon "no decisions until we talk to Hayden" and rach agrees..

1:06 BBT Rachel says Kristen hasn't tried to Kiss her ass and thats why she loves and trust her...

Brendon talking how nice they treated Andrew and gald they treated him like a human unlike the other HG..

1:08 BBT Rach the best think to tell Brit she's using her as "a pawn" and Rach doesn't give a fuck if Brit tells everyone she is...

brendon says he agrees not making a deal with Enzo but need to find where Enzo's at and will find out through Hayden..

1:11 BBT Brendons says they are her to get out the Enzos Monets Britnies and Matts as Rach says she has her reservations about Matt...and Bren says they need to trust their gut instinct

Rach mad that Annie told Bren Annie told him she "doesn't trust" Rachel and says she would have pulled her hair out...

1:13 BBT Bren says Annie wanted what they had and was jealous and would have "been a great " allliance until she showed her true colors

1:15 BBT They brush teeth and are getting ready for bed

{i'm out be back tomorrow]

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1:10am BBT Brendon & Rachel discussing who needs to go on the block. She wants to put Britney and Monet on the block and tell Britney she's the pawn. Brendon says they should trust their gut instinct when it comes to the other hg. Brendon asked R if she noticed how squirmy Matt was earlier in the back yard. She says she did. Brendon said when a person is that unsettled there is something going on. She agrees.

B says R had good instincts when it came to Annie. She read the situation better than he did. R says Annie is probably really mad she's HOH this week. B says mad doesn't even begin to describe the emotions Annie is feeling right now.

Earlier Brendon was saying he found it funny the people who would have put them on the block in a heart beat were the first people hanging out with them right after R got the HOH room.

They both like Hayden and say they need to talk to him to find out more information before they make a definite decision on who to target this week. R stated how much she adores Kristen and would love it if Kristen and Hayden hangs out with them in the HOH.

R is upset because she feels most of the hg want to talk to him instead of her and she's the HOH. He denies it and tells her not to worry about it. Earlier he also told R she needs to have her one-on-one discussions without him in the room. That way he can be downstairs listening to what's going on in the house.

They're both brushing their teeth getting ready for bed.

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1:21am BBT Hayden, Britney are talking in their beds. Andrew is getting on them about going to sleep and quit talking!

1:22am BBT Kathy, Lane and Enzo talking outside. Kathy talking about how they had to be real particular about what she ate when she was on chemo.

Enzo says he just can't believe how things turned out tonight. He can't believe the speech Annie made tonight. Why did she need to bring up people from another season (Jordan & Jeff)?

Kathy tried to get Annie settled down so she wouldn't go off on the other hg. She felt she had some business at home she needed to take care of and work out those problems.

Kathy & Enzo are both saying how they gave up being with their families to be here. Annie was constantly talking about everything she gave up to be there like she was the only one who was going through that. They both say Annie was a loose cannon.

Enzo thinks she could have been a very good player in this game. What about that crazy story she told everybody. Kathy thought it was funny when she said she was jumping on their back.

Kathy said Annie knew she was going home. She hurt Ragan's feelings when she left without giving him a hug. Enzo didn't see that happen and is surprised. Ragan says he now knows he made the right decision by voting her out.

They both made sure they gave her a hug. She was doing so much the first week then the past couple of days was crying and saying whatever she could to get people to vote for her. Kathy says she was driving everybody crazy. Her discussions with her was mentally exhausting.

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1:36am BBT Many of the hg are still up talking. Britney and Monet are in kitchen fixing something to drink and heading outside. Ragan, Matt and Lane are chatting in have-not room. Lane is talking about how he's never been homophobic because he has a lot of gay friends.

Lane says he hates Ragan and Matt and can't wait to stab them in the back. They all laugh.

Britney and Monet just found one of the chirping devices!!! Monet was standing on the bed, slipped and fell in the floor. They are both laughing hysterically. Monet just put the device back up on the ledge. They are now looking for another one in or under the night stand between their beds.

Lane enters the room and they show it to him. He looks surprised. He was in the have-not room and saw Monet's head through that hole. He wondered what the heck she was doing. They laugh and he leaves the room,.

Brit and Monet continue looking for the other device then we get...


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1:46am BBT The feeds are back on and Brit and Monet are still looking for the second device. They're looking under all the beds, in the night stands.

Lane walks in and says he saw someone putting something up there earlier (didn't hear the name, sorry). Lane says he's always laying in the living room.

Monet is now looking through items in the living room and under all the couches. She's laying on the floor but not finding anything.

Monet returns to the bedroom and helps Brit take the mattress off the bed so they can look for device. They aren't finding anything there either. (lol) Brit is convinced it's right there close to her bed but can't locate it. (these two are tearing up that bedroom looking for the second device. It's hilarious!)

They keep hearing it but can't find it. So funny!

Enzo walks in the wants to know what they're doing. Monet fills him in on the info. Kathy walks in and Monet shows the device to both of them. She keeps pointing up toward the camera and whispering. Monet returns it to the ledge and they keep looking for the other one. It keeps chirping like a cricket, driving them crazy!

Brit tells Enzo not to say anything to the other HG. Monet thinks she's found the other one. Now all four of them are lifting up the mattress on the middle bed in the Palm Room. BRITNEY FINDS IT!!! She's so excited and dancing around the room. Brit, Monet and Kathy are saying they think Andrew is the saboteur! He's been acting strange and trying so hard (no clue. the whispers are too low to hear at times).

Enzo thinks BB is the saboteur!! Britney and Monet have returned to the living room looking through and under everything. Britney is still doing a happy dance about finding the second device.

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Kathy, Brit, Lane and Monet talking in bedroom. Kathy said earlier today Andrew was vacuuming all the rooms. He started to vacuum in the have not room and she told him not to because he stuff was all over the floor. He said he's going to do it anyway and she thought that was weird.

Camera shows Brit standing at the front door listening to some noise on the other side then we get FOTH.

Feed comes back to Lane and Kathy whispering but can't really hear what they're talking about. Sorry.

[i'm out for the night]

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Just want to add that Heyden and Kristen are sharing the double bed, whispering well into the night. They debated as to whether he should leave or not. Both said they'd rather he didn't. And so he stayed.

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