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7/9 - Live Feed Updates


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2:37PM BBT

Monet, Britney and Enzo are talking in Cabana Room. Monet says Annie is playing both sides of the house. She's in an alliance with Brendon, Rachel and Andrew. She's also in with the girls. Enzo said he knows all about it because he's been watching her wrap people around her finger.

Ragan enters the room. Monet is really going off about something Rachel did with some bathing suits which were soaking in one of the sinks (sorry, no clue).

Enzo tells Ragan he's glad Brendon won today because it's going to change the direction of the game. Britney keeps saying they HAVE to break up that alliance( but I don't know who she's referring to right now).

Annie comes in and starts complaining once again about the clothes she supposedly got from her sister and none of them would be something she bought for her. (she has repeated this story to several groups in the house)

Britney says it's obvious Brendon and Rachel are an alliance and they need to get rid of one of them. Why are people getting stupid and not paying attention to this stuff? She thinks it's a poor choice if people believe anything Brendon tells them especially if he says he'll not vote for them. Are you kidding me? That's not the way to play this game.

Kathy comes back in the room and they quit talking about the game. They are making fun of the words they spelled during the comp today.

Enzo makes the comment this game is now getting good. Britney says the only good thing about Andrew being the saboteur is BB is going to tell him what to do or let America tell him what to do. (?)


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I think it's 4:21pm BB time: Matt and Reagan are talking. Matt is voicing a concern about Kristen. He says he likes here but he just doesn't know where she is at gamewise since she's so quiet about it. Reagen says this is when people really start playing and it gives him uclers. Now Andrew has joined them and he is saying he is not the sabeur. (sp?) They are wondering if the live feeders are watching them right now. Reagan says yes they are and he loves it. (am I doing ok? If so I will keeping trying to do updates)

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4:20pm BBT - Brief meeting in the HoH with the Meow Meow Mafia/Brigade.

Enzo and Lane filling in Hayden on what they've been finding out. Enzo let's him know that Annie is playing the entire house and they are starting to think she's the Sab. They decide Kathy is the best bet as a replacement Nom for Brendon to try and ensure Rachel is evicted.

The goal this week is to try and make a few votes go to keep Rachel to try and keep their alliance a secret. Next week they are going to try and get Andrew out and Annie as another option.

Hayden asks Lane to work on Brendon to keep him safe next week should Brendon win HoH or has influence basically tell them he was doing what the house wanted.

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4:50 BBT

Matt and Brendon have been chatting in the kitchen. Brendon is trying to convince him that Rachel is a good person and how it's a sucky situation that she still might go home. Brendon tells matt that if it's them in the F2, he'd tell everyone to vote for Matt so he could win the money for his wife's condition. Matt says his wife is happy to hear that. Brendon eludes that he's more than just a swim coach and they go in the HN room. Brendon confesses that he's about to start his Ph D and Matt is impressed. They head back to the kitchen.

Brendon tells him 2nd place would give him enough money. He then tells Matt had he had a free ride in college. Brendon says he wants to get into cancer treatment (for his PhD) and tries to get with Matt's emotions b/c of his wife. (I don't know if it was mentioned on the LFU last night, but Matt's wife has some condition with her leg, which has cost them a lot of money.)

Outside, Lane is helping Ragan lift weights. Some girls are tanning and chatting.

4:55 BBT

Lane moves over next to Annie on the grass, who tells him she doesn't like it when he grunts. They seem to be flirting. Britney is sitting next to Monet on the lawn chair. Andrew and Rachel are also sunning outside.

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4:55pm BBT Brendon is being TOTALLY stupid and spilling to Matt that he has a degree and he will be going for his Phd. Matt is just soaking it all in NOT saying a word about him being the 2nd smartest guy in the world LOL

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5:00 BBT

Enzo and Kathy in the hammock. He tells her that he likes Kathy and she's safe and Rachel is gone this week. they talk about how Annie has made many alliances and Enzo reveals that they'll backdoor Annie in a couple weeks.

Enzo says they should have backdoored Brendon this week instead of having him play in POV. (I hope someone backdoors Enzo for that comment~lala)

5:05 BBT

Inside, Matt, Annie and Brendon chat in the kitchen. They say 3 fish (in the fishtank) have died since the first day. Ragan enters. Annie thinks there's a difference between catsup and ketchup. Rachel enters and asks Brendon to untie a knot in her bikini top.

Ragan gives the knot a try. Rachel confirms she had a boob job. Ragan asks Annie if she'll get a boob job (think she said no-off camera). One of the men ask if Rachel is the only boob implant in the house and she says Kristen's are fake, as well. Lane is also sitting at the dining room table. Rachel takes the knot and tries to undo it with her teeth.

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5:25 BBT

Annie and Hayden chatting on the outside couches. Enzo and Kathy still in hammock. Matt seems to be outside now, too.

Annie and Hayden turn to game talk and how things are weirdly different now that the POV comp is over with. Annie says they need to stick to a plan. Hayden asks her what she thinks should happen and Annie says Rachel needs to go to break up that pair. He asks if it matters who goes up next to Rachel and she says no, that many people have said that it doesn't matter who goes up as the 'pawn' b/c Rachel will go.

Hayden says he might not put up a pawn and will just let the house vote as they may. Annie says she understands that.

Talk turns to Andrew and Annie says she doesn't hate him, just thnks some of the things he's done to her have been disrespectful. Lane and Kristen join them on the couch.

Hayden hopes they get alcohol tonight and they laugh.

5:30 BBT

Britney and Monet still tanning. They're talking about soda.

No game talk going on anywhere on the feeds.

(I'm out for awhile!)

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5:50pm BBT - Enzo & Matt meet in the Hoh and hope Hayden will join them. Matt suggests they put Annie up and possibly backdoor her instead of risking Kathy. They decide that if either of Annie or Rachel go home it's a win win for them preferring to it be Annie now instead of Rachel because she has 4 alliances and they think shes the Saboteur (me too)

6:00pm BBT - Hayden doesn't come up so Enzo goes down to try and get either Lane or Hayden to come up secretly. He meets some of the girls missed who it was but they apparently agreed that Annie would be okay to be gone.

Enzo gives a signal to Lane but he doesn't pick up on it ... Enzo heads upstairs and they joke about why they have signals when they don't even know what they are. They get spooked when Annie comes into the house and Enzo bolts the HoH

6:10pm BBT - Enzo & Hayden in the HoH with Hayden talking about getting rid of Annie.

6:15pm BBT - Hayden suggests they let Brendon know but he can't tell Annie if he does Rachel is no longer safe.

The Brigade figures the girls will go after Rachel and they can worry about Brendon & Andrew so they hae 3 weeks ... (Someone better let them know how this game works lol)

Hayden is on board with the plan to backdoor Annie

6:20pm BBT - Britney joins the Brigade. Brit is fine with the plan to backdoor Annie.

6:25pm BBT - They are talking now about making sure Brendon, Rachel, or Ragan don't win HoH by playing defense. Discussing the different alliances Annie is in.

Enter Lane ... Idle chat for a bit

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6:30pm BBT - Monet comes in and they discuss between Lane, Enzo, Brit, and Monet the Annie option.

6:35pm BBT - Monet thinks it's a good move to get out Annie.

Enter Rachel and game talk is over ...

Move outback we have Kathy & Hayden ... Kathy is in favour of breaking up the couple as far as I can tell so far.

6:40pm BBT - Enzo joins and just talk about their situation Enzo hasn't mentioned Annie yet. Enzo leaves and Hayden works on Kathy again regarding Annie. Hayden tells Kathy right now if he had to decide it would not be Kathy. She tells him to do what he has to do ....

6:45pm BBT - Back in the HoH we have Lane, Monet, Brit ...

Still discussing their options seems to be Annie or Rachel still. They think Annie is the bigger competition in the HoH Comp but they will go with what Hayden wants as HoH (For now lol)

6:50pm BBT - Lane leaves and Monet and Brit are not happy that Enzo told Lane about the plan thinking Lane is friends and close to Annie.

They both agree if they get HoH next week it will be Brendon & Andrew. Brit says when he puts Annie up they make a deal with Rachel.

7:00pm BBT - Matt, Kirsten, Ragan, Kathy, Hayden in BY on the couch. Brit, Monet, Lane in the HoH..., Brendon & Annie in the Kitchen talking about surviving this week basically cooking dinner ...

Alot of idle chat and repeat convos ...

Shift change anybody? :)

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7:05 pm BBT: Lane asks Monet if they should date and Monet tells him she doesn't date guys from Texas... he says they should just make out then. LOL

7:17 pm BBT: Britney, Enzo, Hayden, Lane, Matt and Monet are all in the hot tub. They are discussing the PoV competition and the words they all spelled. (Brendon won with the word... understanding.)

7:27 pm BBT: Andrew is sitting alone in the HoH.

7:32 pm BBT: Hayden talk to Andrew and tells him that he doesn't think Andrew is the saboteur. He also thinks he should apologize to Annie for putting his head under the covers when the feeds first came on last night.

7:38 pm BBT: Hayden shares with Andrew that he's thinking of putting Annie up on the block.

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Andrew and Hayden are trying to determine who was on the sofa during the black out of the lights. Hayden says Enzo, Matt and Rachel were next to him. They are still pretty sure Annie was not in the room and think she may be the saboteur.

Hayden in HOH talking to Rachel. Offering to put "someone" else up who would definitely go home and keep her safe if she will not go after him. She says she will do anything to not go up. She says she will guarantee until final 7 not to go after him. But by that time it is every person for themselves.

Rachel would like Monet to go up even though she genuinely likes her! (yeah right) but she gives her word 100% that Brendon will also not go after him. Hayden says it is risky for him but he is thinking about her staying.

Hayden and Rachel just shook on their "deal".

both say they are attracted to each other.

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8:00 BBT

Matt knocks on HOH door. He offers to give Rachel and Hayden a little more time and waits outside.

Kathy and Monet just being quiet and Kathy is pulling on Monet's wringlets

Rachel leaves HOH and Matt goes in. Rachel goes to Brendon and tells him Hayden says her staying is dependent on Brendon making a deal with him. Brendon says he will promise anything to keep her safe. (awwww )

Hayden tells Matt "I just planted a seed" talking about telling Rachel she might stay if they backdoor Annie.

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8:05 pm BBT: Hayden tells Matt about his conversation/deal with Rachel to keep him safe next week. Also, tells Matt that if he puts Annie up then she is out!

8:09 pm BBT: Rachel goes outside to the hot tub where Brendon is and tells him her conversation/deal with Hayden.

8:10 pm BBT: Meanwhile, back in the HoH Matt tells Hayden that he thinks Ragan is no threat whatsoever.

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8:22 pm BBT: Annie, Hayden, Lane and Ragan are on the BY couches discussing their relationships. Annie says she's a wonderful girlfriend and doesn't understand why she keeps getting cheated on. Lane asks her if she's clingy and she says nope. Annie tells them she likes quirky and funny people.

8:32 pm BBT: Rachel attempts to do a handstand in the BY and falls.

8:45 pm BBT: Andrew, Annie, Britney, Enzo, Kathy and Matt are in the lounge room. Andrew is answering some of their questions about his religion.

9:05 pm BBT: Rachel and Brendon are still in the hot tub. General chit chat along with some flirting and some PoV talk and some... I like you for your brains, not just your body talk. (Just realized this convo is from earlier... Superpass had a loop going on the video I was watching.)

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