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7/9 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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Hayden says Kristen is on a different planet. The boys think Monet winning POV would be the best thing, b/c it'd keep blood off their hands. They want Monet to keep thinking she may be a replacement nom so she'll play hard for POV.

Enzo says that Annie knows him and Hayden are tight. Matt is also apart of their group, but they say there's four of them (Lane is the 4th). They agree in week 3, Annie needs to go home b/c she's a legit player.

Hayden tells the boys again that they need to keep seperate within the house so the other HGs won't be more suspisious. Hayden says he'll leave the room first and heads towards the bathroom. Matt sees Andrew approaching the HOH room on the spy screen. Instead, Rachel comes thru the door.


Downstairs, Brendon is looking thru the first aid kit with Britney. Brendon thinks Annie needs a bandaid on her back, but decides not to take it. Annie heads upstairs to the HOH room.

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11:21 BBT

In HOH Matt wonders how they should leave the HOH so they won't be found out..Hayden says he'll leave first and they can stay and hang out.

11:23 BBT Andrew Bashing as rachel is now in HOH...as Enzo saying it 'was wierd" Andrew opened the door for her "and left" as Enzo's Andrew paranoia is in full effect...Rachel "i just came up here to hang" as Enzo 'that's fine" but thinks its "wierd' Andrew just left..

11: 24 BBT

Brendon in the kitchen talking to britney about her BF....

Back in HOH Annie goes in HOH as Enzo fills her in about Andrew's door opening stunt...

11:26 BBT Brendan and Brit having small talk in the kitchen.. talking about cleaning mirrors as hayden stops by..Hayden is now joining the small talk as Ragan comes in as he clowns around.."are we going to be early' ragan asks as Brit says "i'm tired" as according to Brit she went to be "at 3:30"...

11:28 BBT In the kitchen Ragan talking about slop..as Brit says they are "the bad class" as the are always getting in trouble..."trouble makers" and either Brenson or Hayden said they need "electric dog gollars'

Raygan talking about his unmasculine years and they way he dressed and people throught he was a girls...as Brit says he doesn't sound gay at all.

11:31 BBT

Andre and Brendon in sunset room whispering as Andrew says everyone thinks he's the sabatuer....as they talk about one of them him or Annie or Brendon need to win HOH as BB calls brendon out for not having his mic on "you fucker" to BB..meeting breaks up [so i guess Andrew is going to save brendon if he wins POV]

11:33 BBT Andrew has joined the gang in the kitchen talking Kosher food as late night snacking ensues..

Back in HOH Enzo talking about his wife or gf and how he met her..in Hoboken....as Enzo goes on how he's a "straight up" type guy that if he likes a girl he'll call her "that night" as Enzo does his lady talk...Matt admits he's"horrible" when i comes to the ladies..Brendon comes in..

11:37 Enzo telling Bren "you gotta do" what you gotta do since he's on the block...he'd do the same as Enzo asks who's gonna win so the speculate ...

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11:40 BBT

Outside Lane Kathy and brit talkingon the couches..

They are talking about Andrew taking off Brendon as Britney says "that's his job" to make things chaotic....as all three agree Andrew is the Sabatouer....

11:42 BBT Annie comes out as they talk about someone being "creepy"...I'm sure its Andrew as Annie complains about Andrews kosher customs as brit asks what would happen if his food does toch someting non kosher...

11:44 BBT Kathy's arm looks nasty all bruised up...as Kathy says Andrew "gets in my space" as Brit says "as Rachel was working out in her bikini he was about to rip his pants off".....Kathy warns he better not do anything to her as she will be thrown out of BB.....

11:46 BBT Brit heads in as shes cold..

Back in HOH Annie talking about Andrew and his question about who's body they wished they had...Enzo goes over convo with Andrew... as they are all talking about him as Brendon just listens as Annie goes over her de Koshering the cookie sheet...

11:49 BBT Andrew bashing continues...in HOH..

"i can see him snapping" when he gets put on the block Enzo guesses..Brit about Andrew.. "i wish he was safe from nominations but not safe from evictions" as brendon agrees as he would be safe..

11:52 BBT

Back downstairs Kathy talking about Andrew being "unpridictable" as lane says he probably doesn't know whats "right from wrong' for living a shelter life and Rgan agrees as he can't tell what appropraite and in appropiate when he talks about the girls in their bikinis..

In the Kitchen hayden and Kristen are talking about..Brendon.....Hayden "i like the guy" but...Kristen "i do too" but...as they clean up the mess in the kitchen

11:57 BBT Monet comes in to the kitchen as hayden tells her what and where everyone is doing...

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12:00 BBT

Back in HOH Annie going on about the cookiesheet incident...with Andrew as they seemed pissed about his Kosher views as they do "how do they know" about what is kosher or not as Enzo ;how do you know if " someone is "pissing in the spa" or not....repeated twice

12:02 FOTh as my feeds have gone haywire FOTH music and "stream is unavailable'

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^^Same here.

From Real Player:

For anyone experiencing difficulties, we are aware of issues with the feeds and chat, and are actively working to get things running smoothly.

Tonight from 12:00 to 12:15pm PT, we will perform maintenance on the live feeds. Stay tuned, they'll be back shortly and chat will be available without interruption.

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12:22 BBT

Backyard = they r talking about us. they are freaked out about us watching 24/7. wondering who would be watching at 3 in the AM. (well, i guess that would be me.....hehe)

Britney came out and they started asking her what she used to watch.

12:23 BBT Feeds switch to Braden & Rachel talking

12:26 BBT

Braden & Rachel move to what used to be the workout room. it is now a room with 1 large bed

R & B talking about talking to people about how they can stay in. and different people they can put up if one of them comes off the block

(just a side for the people reading this. i am no good at word for word convos. i will do my best to give u all an idea of what is going on and quotes if somethin big goes down)

currently the only feed up is #1 on B & R

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12:15 BBT

Feeds have returned as Annie has come outside to talk about Andrew and his "hard and ready" comment about I think kirsent showers and the Kathy's what body she would want out od f the girls Kristen "i just think he's socially inept..that's all" and Kristin says hey may be influenced by the way Enzo talks..

Lane goes on about his sheltered life and that's why he acts the way he does..Annie going on about it...Kathy saying 'we'll have to address" any future bad behavior Andrew does...as Annie "i don't want to start any drama" ..Brendon sticks his head out and goes back in..."kathy to Hayden "he's otta your room now" and Hayden says he's glad he's fighting to stay...

Annie turns talk about Andrew's back rub that she didn't ask for or want...

12:22 BBT talking about the people who watch the live feeds....wondering who they are and why they do it and is it more visual...like "people watching your neighbor through the window"..of course its the "some pervy people"..

12:24 BBT

Brendon and Rachel talking in one of the rooms {sorry don't know the rooms yet} as Brendon whispers something that Andrew told him about trusting "annie" {hmmm} as Rachel checks where everyone is at and reports they are all outside...and Rachel thinks its ok they hang out..."what now" and brendon wonders why they are on the block..."why am I on the block' as Brendon says "not to make waves" as Rchel and Brendon agree hayden "wants me out"

12:27 BBT they are talking about POV and are guessing how votes will go. ands says "whoever pulls me off" I'll 'have their back" Brendon told Enzo...Rachel whispering nervous if she stays on the block she may get voted off and brendon says kathy plays "both sides" and...Rachel asks if he trusts Andrew and Brendon 'at this popint I need to keep him around' as they whisper inaudibly..

12:29 BBT Rachel tells Bren that she thinks he'll win POV and agains whispers inaudibly...as they talk about the popcorn they are eating..

Brendon saying "its hard" cooks and cleans for everyone and been cool and says monet doesn't cook or clean...Rachel saying that hayden thinks "just a strong competitor" and that's why he's up and Bredon told him that he really wanted Andrew off...

Brendon thinks Hayden won't pull him off because he doesn't want to make waves..oblivious hayden wants him gone.."i don't trust him" Brendon rationalizes...and says if he wins pov he asked him if he wants him to come after him Lane goes by and Rachel and Brendon decide to go outside as they talk about appeasing Annie..

12:35 head out to "change clothes' to go head outside

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12:36 BBT

Brendon and Rachel head into Sunset room and change and talk to Andrew who asks if everyone is still partying as rachel jokes everyone is hanging out in her have not room.. they joke with him as they head into the have not room to change...

Rachel joking about sharing the lounge chair bed as Brendon "i can make you comfortable" on her rickety lounge chair bed

12:39 BBT Brendon and Rachel head out after a few more pit stops. Kathy and Brendon exchange a few words in the kitchen as Kathy tells him she's tired but is feeling better. They talk about Andrew and Kathy says "its awkward" about his presence...as Brendon is sympathetic..and in waltz Enzo..as Brendon tries to get Enzo to use the POV on him if he wins it and tells him "i'm gonna try to win HOH" and "still got your back" and Enzo asks if he will ask him to protect his people and Brendon agrees whatever he asks...as brendon heads outside and enzo to the BR

12:44 BBT in the bathroom kathy is in there and has small talk with enzo

Outside everyone is outside minus Enzo kathy and Andrew..and hayden who is called to DR...

12:46 Just talking...Enzo asks where Andrew is as he says "he's he sleeping already" ..

Enzo playing with camera in the yard making faces...everyone laughs...as they talk about how cold it is..

12:49 BBT All feeds on BY and HG just having small talk

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12:53 BBT

Boner talk {and the girls are disturbed by Andrew} but they are joking around with Lane as Enzo starts talking about Andrew just opening the HOH door and left..

More joking about his Kosher beliefs...as they say all the stuff has probably been used from last season and has had sausage cooked on it..

12:56 Andrew comes out as he jokes they make too much noise and have kept him up...Andrew counts as he asks where Hayden is and they tell him he's in the DR.

12:58 BBT back to small talk in the BY

Joking about JC and the eviction show...

1:00 BBt they hear a plane and joke "banner" turns out to be a helocopter...Enzo "choppa"...

Not much going on..

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1:06 BBT

they are in the backyard trying to figure out which days the shows will fall and what days are the eviction. noms, pov and get production warning from BB.

All feeds on BY and a lot of unimportant chatting...

They are freezing from the unseasonably cold weather {its warming up next week}

1:10 talking about food comp...Ragan who's on slop says he'll just "drink shakes" and havenots get to eat popcorn this year..

Ragan trying to get Annie do a "final two role reversal" but she's too tired as they make fun of past HGs Natalie BB11 in particular. Lydia too....Britney making fun of Natalies proposal and Enzo says her fiance was a "cornball"...joking "natalie's husband" is "probably the saboteur"

1:14 BBT Britney talking about Enzo says he wanted a "real villian" rather than the saboteur as they laugh about it..

Saboteur talk.......as Enzo says the words always have to sound fancy "saboteur" "coup d etat"....as they joke about BB scaraping the whole saboteur twist..

as they joke what he/she will do next..

1:18 BBT everyone laughing at Enzo's mocking of the saboteur twist laughing it was "a sex offender" bb "got off the street"

1:20 Andrew back outside fron DR as Brendon is called in..and general cit chat ensues..

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1:23 BBT

Enzo wants a ticker tape parade a big sign when he gets home...as they talk outside....Enzo joking about JC as he wants to say "i vote to evict your motha" on the live show....

In the cabana room Ragan and Kirsten talking as she says she wants to talk "to him tomorrow" as Ragan warns to make sure that other people are around..{i think Andrew} as they ponder who the sabaoteur is..

Ragan has three people ..Andrew, Brendan and "a woman"..."its all based of of balck out " stuff and "the woman" is based on what someone elese tols him but will not say since he didn't see the woman for sure but say "the two boys"..for sure..."if its not him{andrew}...its brilliant"...Kirstin "my gut is telling me something' that it isn't Andrew..as she says "he's an easy target" and people need to have open minds and look at other HG as Annie joins them..

1:30 BBT Kirsten wonders if people are doing saboteurs to make them look innocent..she's talking about two nameless girls as possible saboteurs...

Kirsten "i think everyone is feeding off one another and not thinking for themselves" {welcome to BB}

Annie "i don't care who the fuck it is as long it doesn't" affect her game saying pictures and slop are nothing as kirsten says they need to look more into it..

1:33 BBT all feeds switch to Kathy and monet whinning about Rachels dirty look when she pulled Monet's name for pov....as Kathy fans the flames....all feeds on this....

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1;40 BBT

all feeds on the hammock in the backyard with Monet obsessing over Rachel's dirty look. as Monet keeps going on about it being "rude"

Monet talking about Annie being "buddy buddy" with brendon and Rachel even though shhe "bad mouths " them behind their back..as Monet says Annie wanted to sleep in brendons bed and wonders how people can't see what she's doing..Kathy "she's working it" and she stirs the pot about Annie...

1:43 BBT Both Jump as a bug lands on them....Kathy talking about Annie and her attack from a stranger and they laugh..as they don't believe her "trust me if I heard that story" she'd be 'all over that case" ans laugh she's had more happen to her in her twenties than she had in her whole laugh....as they make fun of her..

Someone tells them goodnight...as they laugh at her stories..Tshe made me mad when she said "the cops don't care" as Monet says 'she amkes me dizzy' as she hops from group to group and in evryone's business..

1:49 BBT Kathy and Monet talking about Annie...

{i'm out..a lot of stuff for a first night of feeds.. be back tomorrow...sorry for all the typos}

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2:01 am BBT: Matt, Rachel and Ragan are in the have not room talking about her playing in the PoV and NOT using it to save Brendon if she wins it. Matt, passively, suggests to her that if she does then she will be target #1, as she would be going against the whole house.

Brendon walks in and climbs into bed with Rachel and Matt and Ragan tease them about getting married and having babies.

2:11 am BBT: Enzo and Annie are in the BR and Enzo is telling her how bad Kristen's fart smelled earlier. Enzo then lays one out himself and Annie vacates the room.

2:22 am BBT: Brendon and Rachel are laying down together, flirting and chatting in the lounge.

2:30 am BBT: Annie joins Rachel and Brendon and finally we have some serious strategy talk. Basically, Brendon is discussing why it would be better form Hayden to keep him and get Monet or Kathy out this week because if Andrew were to win HoH next week he (Brendon) is the only one that could get in Andrew's ear and keep Hayden safe. Brendon wants Hayden to commit to a deal before the PoV is played so that he knows he isn't being "played" and he asks Annie to commit to voting to keep him along with a strategy of keeping each other safe next week. They all agree that if Rachel is up against Kathy or Monet then Rachel wouldn't be evicted.

2:54 am BBT: Annie leaves the room and Brendon and Rachel put their heads under the covers and start making out.

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2:54 am BBT: Brendon and Rachel making out under the covers in the lounge room.

3:10 am BBT: They finally came out for a breath from their smacking session! (I thought eating was annoying)

Everyone else appears to be sleeping

3:12 am BBT: It appears they are heading to bed (Time for me to go to work)

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3:07 am BBT

Rachel and Brenden still making out on lounge... Rachel asks Brenden where is his favorite place to be kissed, he mentions his chest... she says thats not fair... more kissing... R - Your're a big trouble maker B - No - Im'm not R - What a way to kick off the live show B - I'm going to take a cold shower R - Are you really? B - No R - I'm going to go off to bed in my cold room... They part... B - to bathroom to brush teeth... R - heads out into main house....

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6:06 am BBT: Andrew is awake walking around kitchen and then off to the BR. (I guess he's getting ready for a morning ritual.)

6:09 am BBT: Andrew goes up to the HoH balcony.

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6:10 am BBT: (Did a quick Google search) Andrew is doing his Shacharit (1st of 3 daily prayer rituals.) He has on a yarmulke (hat), tzitzit (four cornered, tasseled garmet) tallit (prayer shawl) and is swaying back and forth while reciting in Hebrew (I assume since, we have no sound) his morning prayers followed by the morning blessings for the Torah and readings from Biblical and rabbinic writings. The second part of his morning ritual will be Pesukei D'Zimrah, verses of praise, containing many psalms, and prayers made from a tapestry of biblical verses, followed by the Song at the Sea.

6:27 am BBT: Andrew is done and goes into the HoH room and wakes up Hayden. We still have no sound... argh!

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6:28 am BBT: (Finally, I figured out my sound problem.) Andrew tells Hayden that he is NOT the saboteur and he wants to stay that he realizes people are thinking he is. He wants Matt out next week and says he will NOT taken Brandon off the block if he wins PoV. He wants to make a deal and says he only trusts him (Hayden) and Kristen.

6:33 am BBT: Andrew goes back to bed.

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