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9/6 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:35 - Nat and Kevin playing pool, Michelle on couches playing solitaire. Kev. asks Nat if she is still bugged out about being engaged, she says, of course. Then Nat talking about how none of her friends watch the live feeds so they won't find out until Tues.

9:40 - BB calls Jordan to DR and Nat says, "finally, they are waking her up for us!"

942 - Looks like Jordan is still in bed. Nat just asked M. if she was drinking beer. M said, " Yeah, its weird to drink alone.

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9:56 PM BBT

Kevin downing wine. Says he's the hostess with the mostess referring to the fashion show they are about to put. Jordan called to DR. They all say that every time they get close to having it someone gets called to DR.

Natalie, Michele and Kevin preparing for the show. Kevin showing the ladies how to do the catwalk complete with shoulder pops and bang, bang, bang sound effects. Kevin wants them to say he went from fabulous to fabulous. Natalie wants to say he went from too colourful, too brightful, too, too much to straight boy. Kevin says he's getting a 'make under' as opposed to a make over because he's gone from glamorously gay to ...well. He's going ot walk like he's straight. Natalie is going to say he went from girly to manly.

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10:21 PM BBT

Michele has on a cute outfit with sunglasses. Jordan has on a pink blouse, dressy shorts and eye glasses. Kevin says "whoa sexy Dental hygienist Jordan" Now Kevin says he needs one of them to have a super girly look - super femme. Natalie says she has lip gloss.

Natalie is wearing her white hairband, white shorts and a black spaghetti strop top. The girly look. Jordan put her hair up in a bun as well as the glasses. Michele is wearing a grey print satiny top (spaghetti sleeves) and black capris. Kevin is wearing dark, yet faded, blue jeans, a blue shirt and had a black shirt over it. Very subdued for Kevin. Michele asked Kevin if he was having a fashion orgasm. He said the girls were gorgeous. Apparently Jordan usually wears her thigh high black boots with those shorts when she goes out clubbing. Natalie complains that the other girls are wearing heels. Jordan volunteers her heels to Nat who immediately says they won't fit her.

Everyone agreeing that the judges give positive feedback only.

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10:23 PM BBT

Fashion show begins...

Ladies and gentlemen are you ready for the BB Fashion show? (Kevin hosting for the girls, Natalie does Kevin's)

Natalie aka Scrappy Do - She went from Scrappy don't to Scrappy do. She went from boring and busted to girly and gorgeous. Her hair was like a rats nest before and it is now straight fine fabulousness. Michele gives her an 8 for her luxurious mane. Jordan gives a 10 for getting rid of the boy shorts and is wearing a fitting top showing off her white shorts. Kevin says and why are we wearing white shorts? Because she can now put in a tampon!!!! Total score of 18

Michele aka Dr Delicious she went from geek to Rocker Chique she's wearing rocker tights with a rocker top. Jordan gives a 10 for the 25 pound loss, her straightened hair and her awesome new booty. Natalie gives her a 10 for the weight loss she went from freak to gorgeous. Kevin having her work it out and drop it down. She gets snagged up on the runway and they laugh at her clumsiness.

Jordan aka Gucci she went from Homecoming hot mess to pretty in pink. Those new boobs have a new home in that top. This future dental hygienists will be giving some pleasure giving oral exams! She has got some fine junk in the trunk. Michelle gives a PhD in hot for going from hot mess to a geek. Natalie says 10 for going from innocent southern belle to naughty school girl teacher. Kevin says she's so hot he's going to cross over just for her.

Kevin aka k-town. He went from girly to manly looking good kevin he is looking straightalicious. He is giving the runway show of the night. Jordan gave a 10.5 cause he is smoking Jordan would give it to him if he wasn't gay. Michele gives him a 10 because she follows the rules and is stingy with the points and she'd take him home tonight. Natalie repeats the manly comments. Kevin is not impressed with her repeated referrals to straight and manly.

Wardrobe change. They really are having fun with this.

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10:20PM BBT - 10:35PM BBT

First round of show is over. The LR has been laid out with red towels as a runway. Nat was first out and Kev said she went from scrappy don't to scrappy do. Next came Mich as Dr. Delicious. Jord received a PHD in HOT from judge Michele and Kev said he was ready to cross over for her. Nat MC'd for Kevin who went from girly to manly.

The F4 are now dressing for round 2 of the fashion show.

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Next up Jord hosts Kevin who went from K-Preppy to K-Town. Tells Nat to take a number to go steady with him. Gives him a 4 when for the rejection.

Kev resumes hosting as Jordan comes out casual for her football hotness Jeff. She is the football hero's trophy girlfriend. With a little Bend & Snap!

Next up is Michele as Jordan takes the judges seat. Dr. Delicious is back aqua sexy and sophisticated. Do you want to make an appointment with this dr, she'll give you a checkup anytime.

Nat up next sporting her new twistie engagement ring and a low neck look called Traget'. Jord says get rid of the basketball shorts and show off those legs.

And the winner after Rock Paper Scissors between Natalie and Michele is Natalie! She won the Model Makeover Match!

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10:37 PM BBT

Jordan wearing a barely there jean skirt and an orangy peach relaxed top. Natalie wearing a jean shirt and a purple shirt with white sleeves underneath (a little like a dressy hoodie), Michele wearing something white but covered it up Kevin wearing black pants, a black and grey checked shirt, a grey vest and a white tie. Kevin switches his pants to bright blue to Natalie's disappointment. Michele is wearing the sexy green and white dress she won in the luxury competition. Jordan put a hat on (she looks ready for the beach) and Natalie's black bra is showing.

Deciding on comments again Natalie AGAIN throws out a 'straight boy' comment. Kevin bites his lip and says yeah okay

Jordan intros Kevin:

K-Town he went from bright colours to preppy boy. Kevin asking if they need help with their homework because he'[s a college prep. Pretends to have dropped something on the floor and gives them a butt view. Jordan calls him Kev-O. Natalie asks him if he'll go steady with her. he says oh no. Michele says as much as she likes him she doesn't want to go steady with him so she'll keep the score of 10.

Jordo aka gucchi she is wearing a cute skirt with a hoodie top wearing a hat for her football hottie jeff - she is the football trophy girlfriend. Michelle gives a 10 for Jordos bend and snap - she does it again and they upgrade her to 15. Natalie says she also gives a 10 because with that bend and snap she'll have to show her some moves later.

Michelle or Doctor delicious - ultra sophisticated tonight, ultra sexy wearing a drip dyed number tonight - do you like her? Can she can give you a check up anytime. Jordan gives a 10 for the spinning like Marilyn Monroe and the flash of the vay jay jay. (when she spun her skirt went way up)

Natalie aka scrappy doo the newly engaged lady who will be upgrading the ring for a 1 carat princess cut. Work the skirt girl and show the cleavage, show the boy what he is about to get (she flashed her stomach. Jordan gives a 10 and says she has ot burn the basketball shorts and wear heels all the time. Kevin says tonight they are going to Barbecue some basketball shorts. Michele give s 10 says it's unfortunate she's off the market with a baking body like that.

To decide on the winner they go down to rock paper scissors between Natalie and Michele because of the dramatic make overs. It comes down to Natalie winning. Kevin hands Natalie the vase that looks like the Stanley cup from the LR and Jordan puts the orange crown on her. They applaud and crown her the winner.

Michelle has some pants with the crotch worn out to add to the BBQ.

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HG each nominate an article of the other's HG's clothing for eviction then vote live to evict.

Nat's yellow ASU shirt is evicted first. Her basketball shorts are saved.

Jordan's peace sign britches are evicted next. Her orange hoodie is saved.

Michele's slippers are evicted unanimously. The yellow Bosten College and purple hoodie are saved. Mich tries to save her slippers but is thwarted.

Finally its Kevin's turn. His flower shorts are evicted, saving the coral shoots and the cut-off jean shorts.

They have officially been made over thanks to the Big Brother Fashion Show.

However, each of the HG take all their clothes back so nothing really was accomplished.

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Hosting a nomination ceremony for BB HG 'Old Look' . They are nominating three items each and voting to evict the worst offending item.

Jordan nominated Natalie's ASU sweatshirt , Michelle nominated her Basketball shorts and Keviin nominated the 500 shirt. Kevin doing a Julie Chen cast your votes now. Mich votes asu, jordan votes BB shorts and Kevin breaks the tie voting to evict the ASU hoodie. It leaves the nomination chair and is evicted to the door.

Michelle nominates Jordans disgusting peace sign pajamas. Kevin says she just did the world a favor. Natalie nominates the purple old school homecoming shirt - Kevin says homecoming is about to become old going. Kevin nominates the old faded orange hoodie. It is thrown to the nomination chair. Voting on Jordan's old look nominees. Natalie votes to evict the peace sweatpants. Kevin votes to evict the homecoming hot mess shirt. Michelle would like to evict both items she votes to evict the peace sign pants because she has a gorgeous booty and the pants do her nothing. Kevin says get those peace sign bitches out of there.

Jordan nominates the old slippers for Michele's old look. They tell her they stink and they say Jeff may cast a vote from outside of the house he hated them. Natalie nominates the purple hoodie, the faded out, too small, got to go, hoodie. Kevin nominates the mustard yellow, busted Boston College tee. Kevin votes to evict the slippers. Mich says she's going to barefoot now bitch! Natalie also evicts the slippers. Kevin doing a terrific job as 'Julie" Jordan also votes to evict the dirty nasty slippers. Michele grabs them and says no!!!! They are mine. She runs around the house and they chase her - they finally throw them out and Kev says it smells better in the house already.

Michele nominates Kevin's girly flower shorts - he says What? They were 100 dollars and I got them 19 dollars. Jordan nominates the fish shoes. She says they are nasty fish shoes. Natalie nominates the cut of jean shorts. He is a man and men do not wear cut off jean shorts. You are a man now Kevin and men don't wear these! Kevin calls for BB security to protect these B's. Michelle votes for the flower shorts. Jordan votes to evict the doo doo brown flowers, they ain't working. She can overlook the nasty fish shoes. Natalie Please cast your vote. Natalie votes against the fish shoes, the koi nasty slip on shoes. In a vote of 3-1 the flower, exquisite shorts have got to go.

They officially have been made over and the fashion show is over.

{Signing off now - nighty night}

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HG heading to bed about 00:10BBT 9/6.

Before then the convo was varied from female "holes" (pee hole, a-hole, period hole according to Jord) to body hair (Jord doesn't go for guys with forests on chest) to what men like (kev says men are visual). Talks about the finale elicit "You Are Not Allowed To Talk About Production" complains from BB. Jord told Nat she initially thought she was older but the mention just rolls off the convo. BB starts calling them in for final DR sessions and they head to bed. Kev sleeping downstairs in RR w/Jord & Nat. Mich is in SSR. Everyone was getting along tonight

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12:00 BBT

They are talking about hair on guys. The girls agree that men should not shave their legs or underarms. J said that her brother has a very hairy chest.

They then talk about boobs. J said that if her boobs were perky, she wouldn't get a boob job, she said they were very weird.

Talk then turns to what is going to happen for the next two weeks, J hopes that BB might do something special for them tomorrow. The rest say no, that there are so busy planning the next two weeks.

Talk then turns to the fact they are the F4. Jor thought she would be out before the jury. Then they talk about where everyone is from Cali mostly.

Kev gets called to DR

then they start to talk about life outside the BB house. J is worried about the haters. N says that everyone will have fans and haters, and to take what the haters says with a grain of salt. J says that N will probably cursed ppl out that say crap about her to her face. J tells her to "maintain the anger"

N admits that there was one point of the game she cried in the DR and considered quitting. The ppl in the DR convinced her not to, and she is now glad she didn't leave. They then talk about the fact that the final four is from each clique. Nat says she is ready for bed. K comes back from the DR. Kev is tired, decides to say goodnight. They say that they are happy because they get to sleep in tomorrow. N says goodnight to M, then goes to BR to say goodnight to Jor, then goes up to HOH.

12:15 BBT

Jordan goes back to kitchen, and pours the rest of the red wine into her glass. She then goes into SS , tells Kev she won't be able to sleep because she slept till nine. Her and K continue t talk. J hopes that she can stay later because she wants to see LA because she never comes out here. She hopes that Jeff can take her around. She then says" I always think of Jeff as my age, I don't know why" She continues to talk about things she wants to do in LA. She is references The Hills and Laguna Beach as what she expects from Californa (Oh Boy! Does she really base her preceptions of California on MTV reality shows!) K then said that he needs to go to N. Carolina. J tells him that where she lives, she is 2 1/2 hours from the beach, and 1 hour form the mountains

12:20 BBT

Feeds switch to Nat getting ready for bed in HOH. She has the dining room table on on the screen monitor, and turns off the lights

M now turns on the lights of RR. M/K start to talk about clothes. M didn't bring that many clothes because she thought that it wasn't going to be that long and that she could just wash them. They then talk about clothes they found and lost. they both said they can't find a lot of their socks. K tells M that Jor is staying up. She said they will have a nomination girls party. Then M mentions that she only cooks and cleans when angry. She said that this is the first time she will have to do a nomination speech.

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12:25 BBT

M goest into BR to Change into sleeping clothes, no sign of J at this point.

K turn RR lights back on and seems to be looking for something. he turns the lights back off and tries to fall asleep. All feeds on him in the RR with lights out. Now two feeds also on N in HOH with her headphones on.

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12:30 BBT

M doing her nightly ADLS in Bathroom.

12:38 BBT

M goes outside , looks like she is putting away things in the recycle bin. She then picks up stuff that is on the outside table , and looks like she is starting to play cards on the kitchen counter top.

J comes out " You awake"

m: "no, I'm sleeping"

N then comes out and starts talking to them

J said that that she was in DR, ans that Sean is her new Bff

they go outside.

J wants to go in the jacuzzi, M said she can't because she doesn't have any panties o. J says she could never go commando. J says she will just go in her bra and panties, M goes to get dressed more appropriately.

M goes come back out in a bathing suit.

J wonders what Jeff is doing, play solitaire. M said that that is lame

M then said that Jeff is probably whacking off right now. J said that that is the first thing all the guys probably do. M said that is the first thing she is going to do and that she is was so horny before the veto.

They then talk about the veto. J says that K is gonna keep M, but M thinks he will keep J. J then said that if she makes it, M got her vote. Now telling M that Jeff told her to stick with M.

Now talking about needing to pain their fingernails. Nat come out in bathing suit to join them. They start to talk about the fashion show. They are now talking about how late they have slept in the pass days. They then talk about how they (the Dr ) doesn't want them to sleep. J mentions she like Sean (again) and we have FoTH.

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12:55 BBT

and we are back, they are now talking about church, religion. N says she is not uber religious, but she is trying to get back into church and stuff. She also is trying to make K believe again because he use to be Jehovah's Witness. M said that she was raised Catholic. Jor said that her grandmother was a Jehovah's witness. J says that at home, when she actually goes (which isn't a lot) she goes to a "black Church". She also comments that her grandpa told her that she needs to become saved.Then Jordan starts to talk about how the left behind series has her scared that the end times are near. She asked N if she has ever doubted that their is a God and stuff, especially when bad happens to them. Both N\M chime in that their were times they have doubts, but ultimately they believe in God. J says that she believes that everything happens for a reason.


Talk then turns to the fashion show. They all comment that Kev made a good host. N didn't expect that of him. They all think he is funny.

then talking about the veto. N said that from what she saw in the DR, she would have done really well. (here we go again) J disappointed that she did so poorly. they then talk about details such as how the blocks were set up and that is what made the comp hard.


after a silence, they start to talk about whether or not their families are okay at home. M is especially worried because her husband doesn't really talk to her side of the family. then we got a Brief FoTH

J said that she won't be able to sleep tonight. She asks how long she took a nap, and N said one or two hours.

J: I had this nail polish since before Lydia left. I'm scared to take it off. I think I'm gonna wait to see how long it last.

they then talk about sleeping patterns in the BB house. N said that most of the scheming happens at night.

N: Me and Jessie went to bed at 5 or 7 in the morning. When we were going to bed, Casey was waking up

Jor thinks it was less stressful when there was more ppl around. N said it's because now they can smell the money so they are stressing more. J/M say that Nat is in a better position then them, she is already going to the finals.

Talk then turns to the fact that M has never had to make the pre-eviction speech. M said she is nervous. J said that is one of her least favorite things.

1:15 BBT

J: there's a dollar bill!

M: Yeah, it's been there for a minute

J; Jeff got a lot of money. I was excited that iI got 1700 dollars, then Jeff told me that he got 3000.

they then talk about BB n who in their family watches BB. Nat said that being on here is a dream. She would fight with her bf and win so she would get the TV on BB nights. M said that she is the only one of her friends that watch.

N said that BB is taking a big time risk. N also says if she was married and stuff she wouldn't do it, but since she is young she figured why not. J starts talking about calling her dad and then said "i don't know if he signed a release"FoTH

Mich said that she had to go threw her closet then get more stuff. J said that she didn't think she made it and they had her fooled. J then said that Nat is lucky becaus eshe only has an hour flight home.

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1:20 BBT

jordan said that she will miss the house a little when they leave.

J that talks about the J/J DR. She said that she was so excited and that she did most of the talking, and Jeff was pissed.

J: I want to go to the bar out there

N: what if they turn this into a club.

J: That would be so cool.

J: I want to go to the Club they always go to on the Hills.

M is totally lost, but N knows what she was talking about

J then proceeds to say that she would freak out if she saw Brody Jenner (For those who don't know The Hills, Brody Jenner is the son of Bruce Jenner, and a regular on that mtv "reality show", and yes, imo he is a cutie). N agrees that he is a cutie.

They then talk about the Octomom, and they think that isn't cool for her to do that.

They then talk about the TLC show 18 and Counting (though they forgot the name of it) J comments on how they are old fashion in many ways, and that he mom continues to have babies.

M thinks that having that many kids is not helping overpopulation. Jor said that she will only have as many kids as she can afford. They talk about how hard it is to raise kids now because it is expensive and you need to get some kind of education to hold a good job.

Now talking about the prize, how much money will be taken out. They also talk about trying to turn there money into more money.

They then talk about the bank they are with. N wants to buy a house straight up if she wins, but m cautions her to be careful especially with the market the way it is.

J then talk about who she would help if she won the money, then Brief Foth.

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1:37 BBT

Back from Foth, Nat claims that she will win final HOH, and that that will mean she will get some money.

they then talk about how much of a crap shoot the HOH was. and that it was really anyone to win.

They then talk about the endurance comp coming up. N ask if they are gonna wear athletic clothes, J/M say that if they know they are leaving,m then they rather dress to look good in front of Julie. N mentions that whoever leaves during endurance usually knows.

(taking a short break, be back in a little)

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2:22 BBT

Now J/M is SS on the same bed, Nat back in HOH (looks like she is sleeping)

J/M. are talking about how they aren't drunk tonight because they paced themselves, not like the other nights in the house. J mention how drunk she got on Thursday, especially during on the DR, then Foth.

We come back to saying something she did while drunk was too trashy for t.v.

M said that the fashion was fun, and that she tried to do more fun stuff like that throughout the season, but it never work.

They are now talking about the first photo shoot they had, the one they were all in their bathing suits, and that was the worst part. brief HOH. J said that she did not feel cute at all that day. They both complained about how white they were before they got into the house and how bad it looks in the pics. J said that she is going to borrow her friend internet to see the pictures and read what ppl said about her.

More random things about the house

2:30 BBT

M goes to get on her bed, J said she doesn't know where her blanket is, but she will find it tomorrow. M turns off the light, and they both try to fall asleep.

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