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8/14 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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9pm BBT Jordan and Jeff to the backyard. Lydia and Kevin still inthe kitchen.

Jeff is weary of all of this. Chima's in her ear. Now they are guessing who the votes were.

Russ joins them in the BY.

Jordan, "Natalie is the instigator" over and over again. (she's right!!!) Telling Russ not to mess up.

Jordan is saying she wants Natalie and Chima up and she's going to try to talk Michelle into it.

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9:04 PM BBT Chima boosts up Natalie by telling how loyal she has been. Natalie boosts up Chima. Basically, they are hoping Michelle is open to an all gals alliance. Michelle says she will definately talk to them about it some more. Chima and Natalie emphasize their loyalty is to each other and they have no other deals with anyone else in the house. They will vote as Michelle wants them to as long as Chima and Natalie are not on the block.

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9:10 PM BBT Chima and Natalie leave Michelle alone in the HoH. Most of the HGs are in the kitchen eating their Chinese food. Jeff and Russell are alonein the BY. Russell goes in to eat as well. Jeff doesn't want to follow because he is still a have not because of the gatorade and doesn't want to see all that food....and Jordan brings hers outside. Jordan "I feel bad eating this in front of you."

Jeff and Jordan are discussing the votes. They were expecting 4 votes for Jessie and there were only 3. Jeff is worried the odd vote was Michelle. They then bash Chima. They say she is bitter and that is probably why she is still single. Jeff "She doesn't deserve to be at the halfway point. Fucking bitching all the time. What did she do this for? People will die for the chance and all she does is bitch." Jordan "We should have told her about the time they were all out here talking shit about her." Jeff "It doesn't matter, she's going to do the right thing."

I'm out. Why sit at the computer when I can watch Showtime from the comfort of my bed?!?!

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Jordan and Jeff in backyard. (I've never seen jordan this way before. She's got a backbone!)

She said, They brought out Jessie's wine to remember Jessie. Rolling her eyes as she says it.

Russ joins them in the BY

IN the kitchen they toast Jessie.

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Jeff and Russ. in backyard

russ- saying they said, "how can he do that?"

Jeff- WTF if I was a quarterback in a football game and they said that... WTF Its a game!"

(again, I'm new at posting and obviously not really good at it!)

Jeff- They are down and are showing their true colors! They are acting like 2 yr. olds.

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954 BBT

CHima is int he kitchen with Lydia, kevin and nat.

Chima crying about Jessie, "he was so good to me" crying. And now Natalie is crying. Now lydia is crying. They are acting like Jessie just died.

"we had so much fun with him" they all agree. Kevin is the only dry eyed person.

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10:02 BBT

Russ, Jordan, Michelle, and Jeff outside by the BT Talking about how the 4 at the kitchen table are crying over Jessie, yet when their friends left they weren't even "allowed" to talk about their friends with out being called names.

Michelle sounds like she's really with J/J. She's wondering why they are talking so nicely about Jessie, "don't they remember Jessie wanted to dump water on my head, he wasn't that great Fuck him".

1006 BBT in kitchen the 4 talk about how they are going to try to keep in Michele's ear. Lydia,"she's good at keeping shit to herself" about Michele.

Natalie is telling things she's overheard j/j saying about the earrings she gets from jeff and the tickets jeff gets from Jordan. If they win.

Teasing Kevin about going outside to side with them. Now they are saying when they win HOH next week they are putting up Jeff and Russ.

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1011BBT BY Mich, Russ, J/J

Brown hair is naughtier Jeff says to Michele. They all agree Michele looks better brown. Michele just wants her hair longer.

Talk Nat wants to make an alliance with Michele. They are laughing about it.

She hasn't won anything Russ says, Jordan says jokingly, "hey hey hey now, I haven't either!" Russ apologizes jokingly.

Jeff says that Jessie acted like Jeff had no brain and was oblivious.

1015 BBT Kitchen 4some

Planning on grabbing the stuff that people haven't gotten from the storage room.

Lydia is bringing up moral ethics, no one has any here! (LOL)

1017 BBT BY 4some

Jordan says we need to make a big move while we have th epower.

(I'm off now! -jamiehuns)

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10:19 BBT The Jesse {Cuckoo} Klatch is in the Dining room..we have anger, tears, threats of bodily injury, martyr talk and the inevitable holier than thou to top it all off...

Outside the Russ is "very content" about them being final four and Jordan says "let me talk to her later" about Michele as Jordan says "they were cryin"....as she says to them that their "ship has sailed away"..

Jordan..talking about when Jesse called her dumb for "trying to be even" during her name in the hat have not..

Jordan telling russell "watch what you say" about the girls and "fag" and "be real nice" to Michele...."I don't want her to be offended" and listen to the other girls...

Jordan says Jesse gets to stay somewhere nice...Russell throwing Jesse under the bus saying he said "just backstab Jeff"

10:25 BBT Jordan says she doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't want to get on "Michele's nerves" as they try to guess who gave Jesse the vote...Jordan saying the Chinese food "was good" as Lydia is at the washer doing laundry..

10:27 BBT In the red BR the {jesse's girls} are figuring out their sleeping arrangements..They are talking about who else "Sweet hunk" Jesse as Chima put it saying "he was not what his muscle's conveyed"...Lydia now singing his praises.."jesse was the man"...{wow this is embarrassingly pathetic}

10:30 BBT Back outside at the Hottub...Jordan "if she puts up Lydia and Kevin that will be dumb" and the guys want Jordan to talk to her about the nominations..Jordan warns that all their actions this week will be followed by their negative comments..

Russell complaining about being called a "terrorist" by chima...and says it would be like going there with her being "African American" and Jordan says "don't...all hell would break loose"

10:33 BBT Russ Chima bashing...and says that they wnated him to put up Michele and Jeff and for some reason "they want to keep you around" to Jordan and she asks "why?" and he says because Michele and Jeff are "more of a threat"

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10:36 BBT

At the hottub...Jordan wonders if there are "anymore twists" and Jordan says she doesn't believe there will be no more "mystery power" and "thank God they gave it to you Jeff"

Jordan says "its gonna be wierd being in the HOH" and says she isn't going to go up there and feels she is "bugging someone else's space"

10:36 BBT In the Red BR they are talking about Jesse......

Back outside Russell says they will have "to start studying" because if one of them win "we'll be back to square one"....Jordan really wants HOH for her "white slippers"

10:40 BBT Back in the Red BR..talking about wearing Jesse's shirt to all the comps, nominations, veto, have nots.... and {hopefully to one of their evictions} Chima talks to the camera..."michelle if your watching..we've got Jesse"...FOTH

Lydia says if there is alcholo and even if she's "a have not" ..I'm taking it and downing it"...Natalie talking about when her and Ronnie tried to hide it and she's gonna "do it again"....

10:44 BBT Now they talk baout packing Ronnie's bible...because he wanted to "have it" as Lydia is upset she didn't get into it with Russell last night....

Natalie says "they don't care about goodbye messages"....and they only had them do it once.... Chima "who just left the DR?" and they all say "Michele" as they now ar talking about "Nivea" and Chima called to DR..talking her wine "Cheers you fucked me" and is doing a Michele {BB10} and will not face the camera..

10:47 BBT Lydia "if anything is gonna bring us together" its Jesse eviction and Natalie "when he hugged me ..don't be the next one in the Jury house" and says for her and Lydia to get vengence..

10:49 BBT Natalie "oh well the time will come its a matter of time"

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10:50 BBT

Michele back outside as Russell trying to push for a Chima nom and says she's a big threat and "she's annoying' as he calls Natalie "weak"...Russ says if she gets HOh him and her are going up.....Russ saying "the strongest two are Chima and Kevin" and Kevin does well with questions...

Michele "who is the least likely to get revenge" who she put up against Chima and says "kevin" would be good since he can't take Chima off and he would have to use it to pull himself off as Michele believes....natalie won't win anything...

10:53 BBT.."what do you think Chima and Kevin" to Jeff and says we can sway him to "our side" and not to put up Kevin.....J&J says he wouldn't take Chima off because someone else would go up..Jeff says to put up "chima and Natalie"....."that's who I would put up" and says one of them would go...and if POV used "i would put Lydia back up"...talking how "lost" both Chima and Natalie will be ...Jeff "chima needs to go home..she's the big mouth" of their group and talk how Lydia wants to "go"...

10:56 BBT "at ease" Russ says what the house would be without Chima....adn Russ says "she's playing for Jesse" about Natalie and will put up Jeff says "me and Jordan" will go up...

Russ says next HOH will be physical .."it's coming"...."you wait and see"....she tells Russell "as long as I got your word" he won't put her up..and says "i just want to hear it" and he does and Michele seems satisfied...

Michele says "no dick jokes for the rest of the season" she tells russ as he says they don't work....they laugh..

10:59 BBT Michele "its a done deal" about Chima and Natalie nom...

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11;00 BBT Poor Russell going over all the mean things chima did to him in their fight.....Rusell saying that Chima was "so loud and obnoxious to everyone" because she had Jesse, Natale, and though she was running the place...

Jordan says if Jeff hadn't had the power..Michele and Jeff would be up if they won..

Talking about Natalie always saying she was loyal to just one person "jesse"

11:03 BBT Jordan talking about lotion....and taking baths in HOH..

Russell "you're husband was what I expected" and Jeff says "not me ..I expected him with long hair"

Russell talking about how they will leave the house messy and Michele says "i don't need Chima to clean up" and says "i'm happy playing house" and Russ offers to help..

Jeff "how the tables turn" ..."my boss was so right" and goes on about being positive.. saying "i'm a creature of what he taught me" and his "positive thinking power"

11:07 Talking baout Kevin being alone in GR....Jeff says he asked "what's up..why were you in the green room" and Russ says Natalie went in there with him....Jeff talking about winning next week ans Russ says they have to be "final four"..and says next week if the win it will be for sure" unless "there's the double elimination bullshit" Jeff says..

11:10 BBT....Russ asks why Michele is the spa person and Michele says like Jeff is "the garden guy"..as BB took the garden and hope they put more stuff in it..

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11:12 BBT Lydia is in the Red Room unpacking....saying she doesn't want to give back her suitcase as she will be packing it again...

Jeff goes in brushes his teeth and Jordan says "i feel bad you have to sleep in the have/have not room" as Jordan prepares to go have her legs up in the HOH....

jeff hums and feeds go FoTH...

In green room Michele tells Kevin "anytime you want to talk just feel free" and Jordan, Jeff and Russ are up in HOH...

11:16 BBT Lydia happy she took Michele's conditioner...."I'm glad I took it" but the call "hey Michele"

Lydia "such Bullshit".."did you even see this coming" as Natalie saying Jesse did..as Lydia keep telling Jesse that he was gonna be there and ends with "boy was I wrong"

11:18 BBT In HOH hold her toy rat and goes over again what she does with them..saying she teaches "16 year old girls" how to hold them...saying rats "have big teeth" and will "bleed all over the place" with a rat bite....as she goes on about how to insert the "catheter" as Jeff asks where it goes..and she says "In their vain"

Talking baout "the coke" she gives the rats...."it 100% pure coke" as Jeff says he's "never" done it....and talk about the movie "Blow"

Russ ask Jeff "are they still crying" and Jeff so "no they're in their room"

11:22 BBT Jeff weighs himself "i82" and Jordan says he doesn't weigh "that much" and Russ says how can they play for Jesse and Michele says "i don't think she was trying to voluntary exit" but was just crying about Jesse in the dr about Lydia...

11:24 BBT Jeff says "i like the odds" of winning HOH next week and Russ says "i like the team"

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11:25 BBT

Talking about who goes next week as Russ keeps saying Natalie is "useless" and says "lydia" ........Jeff "if I win I'm putting up Natalie" and she's coming after him because of Jesse and wants her to go "on my watch"

Jeff about Jesse's Girls.."their spirits are broken"...

11:27 BBT Michele saying "this is Our week" and all says thanks....Jeff I wonder what "Ronno's thinking" and Michele "who fucking cares"

Russ talks about Michele's husband....and how they met...

1:28 BBT Kevin alone in GR sleeping

In red BR Lydia "so shitty...like he was my favorite"..Lydia "he got his chance taken..taken from him" whinning that he didn't get the chance to fight "so its kinda...bullshit"..Natalie saying 'he didn't die" he's like on vacation...

11:30 BBT Back in HOH They are still talking about Michele's rats....as Jordan says she would be scared...Michele "when you have a coked up rat" you want them to be able to recognize you....through scent and not allowed to waer any fragrences..

Talking baout Michele's crazy hair colors.....Jordan talking about her "Mahaogony" hair that turned "dark dark brown hair".......Russ saying he looks like "a jersey boy" ...."a guido" with hair....

11:33 Russ rehashing his motorcycle accident......and convo turns to the white slippers and pictures....Michele saying she "wants to adopt" beacuse of chemicals she works with and bad family history

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11:35 BBT

In red BR they are talking about Russell going up..and having the votes to send Russell home no matter which one of them goes up.....as natalie and Lydia wonder what Chima is taking so long in the DR...Natalie also told Lydia if she goes up against Russell and she wins POV, she warns her not to use is as "we have the votes"..

11:37 BBT Upstairs in HOH they are Jesse bashing as Michele making fun of him "there's a reason I put you up" she says he told her..Jordan saying Ronnie wasn't "even worried" goin on the block when Jesse was HOH and Russ saying he was when "i was HOH"..

11:39 BBT Natalie saying she can't wait to go off "on Jeff" as their pitty party continues....."we should have berated Jeff " made him say he had the power...

Lydia talking about giving Jeff?russ the cold shoulder and Natalie says "if Jeff had won HOH' and "wouldn't have gone up to see his room".....as Lydia says he didn't get any real "goodbye messages"

natalie "god ..why didn't Kevin win"......

11:43 BBT Natalie "i'm speechless" and Lydia says tomorrow when they wake up...Natalie cuts her off "i just want Saturday to come"....Natalie wants a poker table comp with "10 chips" and actually "play a true game of poker"....saying when you lose your chips "you're out"

11:45 BBTBack in HOH talking about being in "final four" and get new clothess...russ "shut up' and doesn't know about the clothes Luxury Comps and talk about past comps...Russ "i never heard of this"...

talking about winning next week's HOH..."if they win next week" russ says "its back to playing week to week"..as Russ says 'if its endurance next week" they are final four and Russ says "next week might be double eviction"...as they try to figure how it works and get the fast forward confused with a double eviction week...

11:49 BBT Russ saying 'we;re gonna enjoy this week"..talking abouthow its them that actually "enjoy the pool' as Jeff says the spyscreen is "the bomb"

Michele "i'm prepared to take a cup of hot tea to the face" from chima and Jeff says NO..and talk about "natalie was drinking tonight" and says she should get a penalty....and wonder if they will "say something to her" .....talking about "its flat out illegal" {waiting for the lightbulb to go off she's over 21}

11:52 fart talk...

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11:54 BBT

In the red BR things have gotten quiet , probably because Chima's still in the DR. however Lydia just laying in one bed and Natalie in another....

11:56 BBT In HOH spirits are a lot more upbeat as they talk about Ronnie..Jordan insulted that Ronnie told her she "looked like his wife"...

Michele saying she liked Casey and it was "bullshit he had to go" as Jeff saying he didn't say what he wanted to say more but hopes he understood why he voted the way he did...

Jeff saying that "its playing itself out' about karma saying 'they are getting what they deserve..they can play pity party all they want...I don't give a fuck"

Talking about Jeff during live show saying how he almost said "mind fuck" and Russ says she's quick on her feet like when he asked Natalie a question.... and Natalie answered"uh um ooh ah" and she moved on to someone "who could speak english"

JC talk....

12:01 BBT Talking about Laura..and what she really does....Natalie called to DR so Chima is finally out........as in HOH they talk about Laura..Jordan "i really liked her" ..talking about all the HG's past....

Jordan "i bet he was cheering" about Casey watching...as the talk about Braden..Michele 'i get to blog this week" as russell turns the convo to Chima being as obsessed with Chima as Chima is with him......

Michele says she needs to contain herself about tomorrow's comp...as Russ says she has to think about her nom specches tomorrow....

12:05 BBT in walks Lydia and drinking Chima returning her conditioner and asking if she can use the bathroom "for my hair".....hair color talk....as chima asks "are you enjoying your room" as they plant themselves in the HOH..

12:07 talking about lotions, potions and other stuff

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12:09 BBT

Chima starts singing and sets off a FOTH......

Talk about snacks..as chima tries to pawn off her snacks...as chima says "i'm over muscle milk" and Lydia "aren't we all"

Lydia offering Micheles bluberries for the pancakes and Muffins....

12:11 BBT Jeff renters asking about the time...Chima asks about if they are doing hair......Lydia calling herself "a natural blond" {why does she dye her roots black} as she says that's why he hair "doesn't turm orange"...when she bleaches it..

12:14 BBT talking about lotions "ped egg" and other things they are now willing to share with Michele and Jordan....

chima "i'm drunk" as her and Lydia head to HOH bathroom to do lydia's hair...Jeff sitting on the bed withthe earphones on and Russ talks about Tuna and snacks and whispers about chima when Jeff starts talking about the song he's listening to and trips a FOTH { since he hardly does trip FOTHs all's forgiven}

12:18 BBT FOTH

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12:31 BBT

Chima/Lydia still in HOH bathroom.

Jordan, Jeff, Russ, and Michelle making idle chat. Michelle made a face towards the bathroom. Michelle just asked Jordan about sleeping in HOH room. Jordan almost said tomorrow night to let Michelle enjoy the first night alone, but then realized that she could land as a have not tomorrow, so it's a slumber party for the two tonight/wee hours of morning.

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12:20 BBT

Feeds return with Jordan talking about have/have not comp.....talking at a lower level as they shovel the snacks in..Michele "its all gonna be gone by tomorrow"

Jeff talking about tossing and turning as Michele says she gave him a "little back rub" when he started snoring as he tells Jordan she should take "some tips' as she makes fun of him about her leaving all his shirts laying around...

12:23 BBT Jeff and Jordan start talikng about a song and Jordan sings "Beverly Hills..." and we get FOTH

12:24 BBT FoTH

12;25 BBT feeds return.....Michele says BB "encouraged me to drink my alcohol" as BB told her to drink it by the "end of the week"..talking about their low alchol tolerence...Jeff says "somebody will have to carry me home in a wheelbarrow" after just a six pack....

Talking about how wierd its like going to be home...Jordan wonders if the house is gonna "look small" and Jeff says he bed will look huge after the tiny beds at BB....

12:29 BBT Michele wonders how long it will take for her dogs to remember her she says "about a week" after she keeps feeding them as one isn't that smart...

12:30 talking about feeding fish.....

12:31 Jordan says she doesn't feel like washing her face and Michele says she's unmotivated and jokes she needs a "life coach"

More snack talk as Jordan asks about Chocolate Pretzles...Jeff called to DR as Michele asks if she's ever slept in HOH and asks her to sleep in HOH and have a slumber party....Michele says DR said "why don't you talk about your husband more" and shouldn't have boys sleep in her bed....and foth...

12:34 BBT Foth...

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12:37 BBT

Feeds return for a slit second to Chim and Lydia in HOH BR talking anoy "kimberly Kimble" and another foth..

12:41 BBT Still FoTH

12:42 Feeds return with Michele and Jordan in downstairs BR talking about Zits and complextion...while brushing their teeth..Russ in there too getting ready to shower and Kevin has come back to life

Michele calling herself "Rudolph" saying I always ahve this fucking red nose"

Lydia and Chima talking in HOH.....talking about "in the long run" they will behave and not run the risk of getting "fined" out of "our stipends"

12:45 talking about Kevin's disconnect from the Jesse pity party...Lydia says Kevin will "do what he has to do"

Lydia says she will try to make her realtionship work and look for the good that Jesse say in here.....

"i'm a leo" Chima says and "we're big cryers" Chima talking about Russell about being a "virgo" as she looks for the stars for why he behaves like her does..."insecure" according to Chima..

12:48 "he's a gemeni" about Jeff and says "you can't trust those mother fuckers" Chima says as Lydia says they shouldn't of never trusted Jeff......

Astrology talk.....ensues....

12:50 BBT Jeff Jordan Michele and Kevin in kitchen talking...wonder wher "little Jeff" was in Play-doh land and says he may have been "destroyed" .."in the storm".....the hat was "whisked a way in the tornado"

12:51 Play-doh Jeff talk....Michele says how londg will it be before they realize no one is in there in HOH...

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