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8/12 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 3 weeks later...

9:12 PM BBT

Natalie and Jessie wrestling up in the HOH room. It started with Natalie saying the only reason he was there is because she hung her a$$ off a toilet. If she had known what she knows now she would have been the first to drop. They started wrestling and she kept yelling for Big Brother to save her, that Jessie was violent, that he was hurting her. She was loving every minute. She finally started yelling "Look America, Jessie is getting his a$$ kicked by a girl".

[i'm out for the night - have fun night owl]

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10:30 BBT In the Kitchen/Dining Room the entire house minus this weeks outcat Russell are playing a game of "Table Topics" provide to them by BB

"which is more important ..respect children/parent"..Lydia says the children....

"what would you most like to ask God?".."oh Fuck" Kevins says when he realizes it was directed to him..."why?" was his answer...Jesse wants him to elaborate

Jeff is in the kitchen preparing his slop meal and seems to have side tracked the have nots with his slop concotion...

"I always wanted to go to Fiji" Jordan tells the group to her question...

Russell is in the Pool Room, he was asleep earlier but is awake stretching..Jeff did call him to play but he never came out..

10:36 BBT Table Topics continues...

"i like it now" natalie says when asked what era she would like to have grown up..

"my hairdo" and his "calves are too small" is what Jesse would change about his appearance.....

10:38 "suck it bitches" is Kevins favorite quote..

Jordan would rather be "the worst player on a winning team".....Jeff gets a political question ands says "i don't even know man...I hate politics man"

The Table Topic goes on...

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10:42 BBT

Russel has headed back to bed and has the lights off in the back pool room...

In the kitchen a half hearted game of Table Topics continues....{people just seem to be going through the motions} as have nots are eating.really not paying attention...

Kevin would like to go to 'the opening ceremonies to the Olympics" when asked about sporting events..

Jordan is all about "forgiveness" rather than "Justice"

Jesse can read or pronounce the word "synchronicity" and has to pass the cards to kevin to read them....

10:47 BBT table Topics continue..

Jeff doing dishes in the background......Jordan "i wished I would have stayed in school' and "take the night back" she once went out drinking if she could changean event in her life..

Jeff most inspired by "Dad" and his "boss"..

10:50 BBT Michele is asked the same questions and its "a female scientist" she can't name who motivated her to finish her PhD ...

10:51 BBT according natalie the culture will change in the next 100years ...... "we will be out of the recession" {so profound}

10:53 BBT The game continues..

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10:55 BBT

Jeff talking about his "chain" his Gpa bought from Italy and lost it and says that is the one childhood object he could get back..

Michele's ultimate party would be "a foam party"

10:57 BBT Natalie would go to war if drafted...Lydia would talk to her dead "nannie" if she could..

a lot of talking over each other....Jordan would like to have "Matthew Macconaughey" to meet and in bed..Jeff "how would you know" he wold be good in bed he asks her...saying they're a lot of celebrities "i'd like to bang" but doesn't know if they would be good in bed..

11:02 BBT Natalie wanted to be a cop but know says that would not be a good job for a woman...

Chima gets the "integrity" question and according to her "i have it"....

"when Casey betrayed me" is what made Kevin cry last.....

if Jeff had the "money and time" he couldn't figure out what he could do..and says "i don't have a specific answer"

Chima would live in "London" if she was booted out of US or "had to leave"

11:08 BBT The game drones on....

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11:09 BBT

Russell is alseep and is missing the Table Topics game..

"the worst thing about being a woman is you period" and the best thing "everything" and can't answers...Chima saying "menopause" and "being the weaker sex"....

Michele would like to see and "bruce sprinsteen' in a front row concert

Natalie would like to speak "Chinese" and would be nice to "go into a nail salon" and understand what they are talking about...

11:13 BBT Jesse the most "amazing weather" he's seen is "night time' and the beach "when its clear"

Kevin's favorite movie "Neverending Story" and says he's not a book reader "i know this sounds stupid..I know what you did Last Summer" is his favorite book.{well that figures}

Jeff says he would like to change "my temper" when asked what personality trait he could change...

11:16 BBT "pay my taxes or go to jail" are the obligations to her country....Chima says..

Natalie would like to be Obama's bullet proof car........

"tho shall give jesse money" is what constiutional ammendemnet Jesse would like to enact...if he could

11:20 BBT Jeff tries to escape out of all the fun [facetious} and head outside only to be stopped by Jesse and Lydia who says "we only have a few more" but makes his escape anyway and heads out to the couch to smoke..

11:24 BBT the game is finally done and breaks up...

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11:25 BBT

Natalie and Jesse bicker about "grilled cheese" ..Jesse thinks making it in the microwave will taste just as good as the stove top...

11:26 BBT Michele and Jordan are outdoors working on the laundry..as Michele heads in..Jeff gets up and joins Jordan at the pool table jordan wonders where Russell's at and Jeff says "sleeping" and Jordan thinks he's awake..Jordan saying "he already said he would backstab us"

Jordan says she feels "good" as Jeff says "because you worked out"

"are you an republican or a Democrat" and Jeff says "Independant" who voted for Obama...Jordan voted for McCain...Jordan's mic not really working well as they make a half hearted attempt at political talk...Jeff heads in "to brush my teeth"

11:33 BBT Kevin and Natalie come out to play badminton and Jesse follows shortly as he distracts Natalie who "can't do it" as she tries to play...

Chima emerges from indoors..."i wanna play" and says "its too cold for me...its freezing out there..tomorrow" and goes back in but sticks out her head to keep talking complaining about how cold it is..she goes in to discuss it with Jesse and Michele...

11:37 BBT Michele is doing dishes and Kevin/Natalie play badminton

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11:40 BBT Natalie keeps saying "i suck at this" and wants touse the bigger ball and Kevin realizes the cheap goods BB provides and says 'we might beak" the raquets...

Chima comes back out and complains about the cold as she sits next to Jesse on the couch..

J&J in the bathroom and Russ was in there too saying he can't sleep...grabs his mic and heads out....Lydia telling Jeff "stop cutting your hair" from the kitchen and says "i'm not" he's tells her "i'm plucking my eyebrows"

11:44 BBT Micle comes into the BR as Jeff is now tweezing his nose hairs.."oh fuck...that fucking kills" as he plucks away..

Jordan is in the green/eco room working on her toes...

11:46 BBT

Jeff heads into the eco room and Michele comes in and says Russell wants to talk to Jordan as she asks them "do you know what its about"..Michele whispering..and it ends what they were discussing......Jordan leaves..

11:49 BBT Jordan heads into the pool room and Russ asks Jordan where she was at....with the vote and says "i'm going back and forth' and tells him everyone is voting him out..and "keep lydia" and Russ tells her Jeff is voting for him and "they feel threatned"

Russ tells her he has the extra vote who would vote for him to stay..and says the other side "wins everything" and pick people off and tells her how he stuck up for J&J in his HOH and the reason he felt threatened..telling her "if they do get me out" her and Jeff become "easy targets"

Jordan asks about when Russ when he told them backstab them and says it was at the end of the game....telling her "they are so dominant and so in control" and Jordan says "i don't want to piss everyone off"....

11:54..Russ tells her she can make a move now or try to win "back to back to back"...Jordan asking who his extra vote is and inaudible whispers.....'are you sure"...Russ says "pretty positive and Jeff knows" and says "ok"

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11:57 BBT

Russ goes over his Woman Alliance theory and tells her that Jesse might be on baord to flip...Jordan asks if she can talk to Jesse and tells her "talk to Jeff" and goes on about Chima has people scared...Russ goes over who Chima has on her side....

Jordan expressing concerns that him and Jesse will vote Jeff out...and Russ says "i can't work with Jesse anymore" and says he has Natalie and says "i'm not" going to protect Jesse and wants to work "with Jeff"

12:00 BBT....Russ "why would I want to be the bottom guy and Jesse totem pole" and says for her to "talk to Jeff"

Russ says the best part is the votes are annonymous like when he voted "for casey" and again tells her "talk to Jeff"

12:02 Jordan leaves..walks about the house before heading to green room with Jeff

Jeff asks "what are you being crabby about" and says she's not and says she's carabby because "she had to go talk..don't take it out on me"

12:04 BBT Michele comes in...Jordan "i'm just thinking" about when Michele and her were talking about..."trying to figure it out"...Michele says she is being warned about aligning with other people and says they have to win HOH or they will have problems

Jeff says "i would rather keep Russell" and Michele says "there is no stratetgic reason" to keep it...Jeff says 'we can't swing it anyway" and Michele wonders if he would be on our side...Jeff says "if we can swing it"...

12:08 BBT Jordan tells them what Russell promised her..and jeff tells her "he doesn't' have Jesse and natalie and Jeff "he told me he does too" but he doesn't..

Jeff tells Michele that for her to say she's on the other side...as Jordan goes over her convo with Russ and she's whispering at a low level

Jeff tells Michele "jesse does hate you" and Michele "i know" and tells them to just "try to win"

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12:13 BBT

chima comes back in and their strategy session turns to Jordan's "disgusting" toe nail clippings and the need for more contact lens solution..

Jeff says there goal is to win HOH and put up Jese/Nat with Jesse going "right" he says..

12:14 BBT they are talking baout Kevin where he will go after Lydia is gone...Michele thinks he'll stay over there while Jeff says "i don't think so' saying he has is own thing going..

12:16 BBT

Michele says they they need to go with the house just in case Lydia wins and they have no votes..against her..

They talk how they are their next targets...

12:18 BBT Jeff telling Michele they need to start counting things...as Jordan kinda hopes its endurance....but Jehh says "oh fuck" saying the feeling in his leggs is coming back and "i'm on slop"

Michele wants to use scare tactics during endurance...tripping and yelling..

12:20 BBT Jeff talking about jesse trying to be cool now...and questions why now..saying Jesse is trying to walk through the game but not on his "watch"

Michele {inaudible} as her and Jordan whisper...

12:24 BBT Jeff has left and Michele and Jordan keep whispering...Jordan and Michele talking about not seeing any positive him staying...Michele says he would "get Chima out"

12:26 BBT Michele saying that Chima may target Jeff to try to get "the strong" men out of the house...

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12:29 BBT

Michele and Jordan whispering..in green room talking about putting Jese and Natalie up saying that he's their main target and don't want jesse winning HOH on Thursday..

Michele says They should put Lydia up against Jesse in order for kevin to vote they want...Jesse out..

Michele stating that Lydia isn't enemy #1 on Jesse/Chima's/Nat's hit list but Jeff and Jordan are....she tells her she knows that for sure.....Jordan talking about what benefits in keeping Russel as Michele says "i think she's fooling with him" that natalie is keeping him...Michele "russell lies" and "makes up story" and will say anything to "stay alive"...."he can't be trusted"

12:37 BBT "the vote this week is 3-3' and the vote next week is "2-3' and if one of them is HOH they need the "extra" vote next week...Michele says...

Michele telling jordan "its do or die" this week....

12:39 BBT they are talking baout the possibilities about POv but Michele says "if we do not win HOH we're dead"

Michele telling Jordan "i want Jesse first" and says she wants "Lydia" saying "she's always listening"

12:41 BBT Jordan not wanting to go to bed because Russell "is going to hound me" about her vote....

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12:43 BBT

Jordan talking about HOH saying she hopes Michele won't turn on her and Jeff and says she won't.... Jordan would like "apples and peanut butter" and Michele says she doesn't care about the basket

They are talking about the wizard power as Jordan tells her he doesn't have it...and says Jeff doesn't either...

Michele says her fight with Jesse started becasue when he came in she didn't know who Jesse was..

"we're gonna fight hard on thursday..if we lose we gave it our best shot" Michele whispers..

Micheles says not to talk to Lydia or kevin...and Jordan "we're done" if "one of them get HOH"

12:48 BBT Michele says "it will be an uphill battle" but it will be interesting..

12:49 BBT Jordan saying she wants peanut butter

Michele telling Jordan "i have never turned my back"on Jeff and Jordan saying she backs them "100%"

12:52 BBT Michele saying J&J "are honest" and don't "fabricate words" and talk about how Michele words have been "twisted around"

12:53 BBT they keep whispering but get up..."look how red my nose is..its so stupid looking" Michele says as they leave the green room.."where did Jeff go' Jordan says...

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12:55 BBT

Jordan heads to finish the laundry as Kevin and Jeff are playing pool...Jordan says she's craving apples and PB..Kevin is just craving "food" and Jeff "steak with some pasta"

12:57 BBT Kevin and Jeff continue their pool game as Jordan watches from the side.."jordan has a penis" to try to distract him from the win..Kevin wins."i finally beat Jeff"

12:59 BBT Kevin heads indoors...and join Natalie and Lydia who's talking about someone natlie lives with whom she doesn't even talk to.."her and my dad don't even get along" and feeds switch to the BR and jeff brushing his teeth...

1:01 FOTH Natalie talking about her mom "my mom was really messed up" so I guess she didn't sign a waiver so we get foth...

1:05 BBT Natalie talking about her sister having tatoos..Lydia says do you think she was "defying your dad" and talk about whether "Long Beach" was ghetto and Lydia says there are "nice parts" natalie talking about her sister has two kids..and is 'always giving my sister money" and says they talk on the phone 'all the time" and says she knows theyare watching and her momis too since they live together...

Lydia asks Natalie if she thinks her mom will try to be "her BFF again"


1:08 BBT talking how her neighbor would take them to school as her dad worked for "Nestle" as some computer analyst..

1:09 BBT Natalie telling them she took "karate" and "Thai kwon do" and says she got into because they handed out fliers...and she wanted to try it and tells Lydia she was i the "Jr Olympics" and got out of it because she was hanging out with friends.....

1:11 BBT Lydia "are you black belt" and Nat says yes...

Natalie everything about learning about being a girl was from "girlfriends" saying her first period was a nightmare...

1:12 BBT Jordan "i can't picture your sister being ghetto" and Jordan asks about her MOM and drugs and ....


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1:13 BBT

Natalie says her sisters kids are from "black guys" and says she can't find work because of her tattoos and what they say..she refrenced them basically describing what the color of the skin...

Jordan telling her stories of her "trailer park" trash friends...

1:15 BBT "cost of living" was the reason for leaving LA for Arizona...Kevin unrealistically saying "my little condo" could get a mansion everywhere else..."1200 sf" is what his condo is when Jordan asks...

1:17 BBT Jordan telling how cheap her GF house's were ....Kevin says his job knows he was coming...

Natalie saying this was the most she talked about her life...

1:18 BBT Kevin saying a lot the guys where he works "are gay" and brief FOTH....and Kevin says @ 29 he's the oldest.."the President is 25"

1:22 BBT Kevin, Lydia, Natalie and Jordan talking in the kitchen talking about work and what not...

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1:24 BBT

They are talking "dream job"...Jeff wants a travel show..and host it...Lydia says her and Jeff could do one...

Lydia "i don't know what my dream job"....Jordan saying "i love working at the salon"

1:26 BBT Lydia doesn't want to spill who she's worked with.....

Kevin saying he can see himself as an EMT or some "emergency" room tech

1:27 BBT Natalie telling them what her "dream job" is as she wants them to guess.."i don't want to guess" "i would love to be a professional..........." guesses ensues................"Poker player"

they say you can make a lot of money..

Natalie lying she's not old enough but played at "Morongo" Casino because there she's old enough...

1:30 BBT''Talking about "Annie Duke" and says she wears her yellow "hoodie" and Lydia says she should dress up and not be "ghetto"

Jordan bless her heart.."what do Asian people talk" someone says "Asianese"

1:32 BBT Natalie saying if they let her win HOH so they can get cards she won't let them leave...as Jeff says "what if I win and request cards"

1:34 BBT Jeff saying "i got fucking hosed" for his extra day of slop for drinking "Gatorade"

jeff saying no one would have noticed had Lydia hadn't opened her mouth...

1:36 BBT Jeff talking about his Gatorade mishap...

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1:37 BBT

Kevin going to DR with a list of things they need.."pumice stone" "contact solution" Natalie saying some "toiletries" as lotion are "luxuries" Jeff saying his contact solution is a "neccessity' as he gets snippy with Natalie saying she 'doesn't know' what's a luxury or neccesity...saying like them he doesn't care what brand it is but that he needs it..

1:40 BBT Natalie tells Jesse she's going to bed to get on a "regular schedule" as she joins Jesse and Lydia in the eco room

1:42 BBT Foth back and forth as they discuss what BB provides for them ...


{I'm out..be back tomorrow}

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2:00 am BBT- Jessie, Nat, Lydia, and Kevin having a pow wow in the recycle room. Talking crap about Michelle, how she is a PhD, and how she is most likely lying about how much she makes. Lydia brings up the fact that she said she has gotten grants more than once, and she is probably loaded from those. Kevin explains the the grants go to the area of study, not the person. Jessie said they need to get her out.

2:08 BBT- Now start switches to J/J and Russ. Talk about how they are so rude because they always slam the door in the splish splash room. Talk goes not to how they aviod the rest of them and how Russ chooses people to be mean to..Then back to bad mouthing Michelle. nat trying to say that ppl tried to give her crap for only taking two showers the week of her being a have not, saying Mich showers less, also saying that she doesn't wash clothes and they smell, etc. Just the same back and forth talking bad about J/J Russ and Mich.

2:15 BBT- Now talking about votes , saying that if just one of them is on the block, they have enough votes to keep them and the alliance can stay in tack. Talk about the mystery power, think that it it is Jeff, and that he might want Russ gone and not use it Nat: It better not be used.

( this is my first time doing this. Couldn't sleep so I decided to give it a try)

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2:20- talking about how Russ will leave the house, whether he will be articulate or leave with a bang, also thinking he will try to stir the pot before he leave. Jessie saying that they should try to make it seem like Jeff is Russ target, trying to call russ out in front of Jeff. Talk now saying Mich votes isn't needed. Nat: Mich said she will never put up J/J , even tho jeff treats her like crap, Mich think that jeff treats her like that because of Russ.

Then talking about how Mich is trying to manipulate Chima. Now saying that she won't put up Chima either.

Talk turns to if BB will make them were another crazy costume, like the banana suit. They hope it is a penguin, and they would jump in the pool with it.


2:30 BBT two feeds switch from sleeping HG to J/J- Jor: I would be so mad if he (jessie) would win it again. Talking about who would put up who Chima would put up Jeff, Jessie would most likely put up Mich

Jeff: If Jessie was gone, the house would be are. He's been on easy street since day one, I don't know why everyone has been on his nuts.

Jor: ppl won't vote Chima cuz of his mouth...

Jeff: And Russ is getting on my F-ing nerves he follows me everywhere.

Jor agrees

jeff tells her they should still vote against the house, Jor think they should get him out now. Trying to pull it off to keep Russ in but but tell him not to tell the other side. Thinking they might get Mich too.

continue to talk about Russ is actint like their shadow, following them etc..

Jeff: but everyday is more lies, like he said he has a camry when i mentioned i had one...

Jor: he is trying to fit in

Jeff: In a perfect world, if jessie were gone , Russ would be loyal to us...

Jor: he said they others were trying to get him to put us up, but he didn"'t.

more talking about Russ, jeff also mention he can't stand Lyd because she runs and tells everything to the other side. Then more stuff about Russ

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2:51 BBT- talking about Jessie/Nat , how Jessie tried to get Jeff to trust him etc..

Jeff: You need to pull and HoH out your ass.

Jor talking about last year, saying there will be another endurance comp soon, wishing roonie was there just to tell her.

(alright, the eyes are getting heavy, hope this helps!)

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9:30am BBT All sleeping...........Lydia is moving around a lot. Jeff is sleeping in the fetal position.

9:35am BBT "Good Morning Houseguests it's time to get up for the day". All the have nots are up and out of that room and in SR changing their batteries. Lydi and Kevin back to bed in the red room. Jeff went to lay with Jordon. Looks like Michelle is in the kitchen. Michelle went to BR now it's Jordon's turn. Michelle goes into the SS room to lay down. FoTH.

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9:45am BBT Chima up and in the kitchen wearing her HOH robe. Russell up and in bathroom. Russell in SS room going back to bed I guess. Chima making her morning tea. Chima in SR changing her batteries. Everyone else in bed..zzzzzzzzz

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