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8/6 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Michelle now crying outside.

Jordan runs after her, kevin comes out and are assuring her that Ronnie is gone.

Jordan says everyone is lying, everyone.

Michelle agreeing, saying she knows.

Jeff joins

Kevin has cried twice.

Michele: I'm just hurt

Jeff: by what?

Michele: fucking russell!

Jeff suggests michele talk to him.

Kevin saying not now.

Jordan asking if she's just stressed

Michele saying yes. Kevin tells her to let it out. K saying they've all been there.

Jeff telling her its just a game, she has her life, her husband, etc.

Jeff saying everyone has been there. M keep saying she knows, she knows.

Jordan assures her that nobody is mad at her, don't let it get her down.

M thanks Jordan.

Jeff asks if she wants water, and she does. Jeff goes to get her some.

Jordan: don't be sad.

Michelle said production told her she should be crying and she should be sad.. FISH

M saying she thought her and russ were friends, which is why she's so upset.

Jeff delivers her water.

Jeff; don't stess! you're safe, you took yourself off the block, ronnie is going home. the stress gets to everyone.. you need to step outside the box.

K says if he wins hoh, Russ is going up.

Jordan saying if she or jeff wins she's safe.

Jeff says M shouldn't get down

M keeps apologizing.

Jordan, Jeff and Kev saying that it's ok to cry and let it out, everyone gets stressed and everyone feels down.

Kevin assures Michele they can sense everyone can sense the bullshit and things don't add up.

Jeff doesn't know why there was a whole meeting.

K saying b/c jessie and co knew that being called out is M's weakness.

M saying she hasn't had a breakdown yet, this is a months worth, and she's ready to fight tomorrow.

Jeff saying let it out tonight, don't talk to anyone.

Jeff saying think positively and hope one of them is in power next week, so she can relax all next week.

Meanwhile, wake up calls from people are playing every so often. They are repeating the same set of them. Most are trying to memorize.

Jordan wants to know when Kevin cried

k says when casey stabbed k in the back.

Jordan saying M, don't be sad.

Kevin sad too because everyone is telling him Lydia is throwing him under the bus.

Jeff: words get fucking twisted!

K also saying that he overheard Chima tell Jessie 'no but we have to send ronnie home!'

Jeff: oh dude, yeah, they want ronnie to stay!

K: I know but...

Jeff saying these are the 4 votes right here, Ronnie is GONE

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Jeff: Natalie makes matters worse because she wants Lydia gone so its twisted.

K: well yeah, Julie Chen called it out. there's that love triangle thing!

Jeff; I dont know why they don't just admit it.

Jordan: theres no way in HELLLLLLL i'd want ronnie in this house any longer.

Kevin feels encouraged that the msgs sound negative toward people who think they are running the house.

Russell comes out and joins Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Kevin.

now talking about which msgs pertain to which HG, like who keeps the water on when they brush their teeth.

Ronnie joins now too

Ronnie: whats going on big brother friends for life

minimal laughter.

Jordan: nothing RON-O what's up!

They're discussing if this will have to do with the comp tomorrow.

Kevin, Ronnie Russ think they will

Jeff and Michele aren't so sure.

Lydia now joins outside as well.

Talk turns to food.

Jeff "do you really think they will play these all night?"

everyone is sure they will.

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Lydia and Ronnie getting all defensive about the call ins-- "I bet these people are just people who couldn't get on the show, or didn't even get a call back."

And Jeff says "they're just playing around, who cares?"

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Jessie trying to work Jeff, but he's not buying it. As Jessie tells Jeff how Ronnie's word is good Jeff responds with how Ronnie gave him his word and messed him up. That he knows Ronnie is loyal to Jessie like a dog. That because Ronnie f..with him and Jordon so he can't give him another chance. Still, Jessie trying to get him on his side.

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10:22 BBT Outdoor Ronnie talking about the HOH comp and the reguritation fest. as Lydia and Jordan talk how "the diploma" smaked and hurt....Russell says staying still was the worst part ..Lydia said it it "was constant" water she would have lasted longer because her "spandex"she was wearing

A freshly showered Natalie joins them eating. Talking about what they can't wait to do when they get out...Lydia to Ronnie "your nails are shiny" and Russ says "your feet are filthy" as he tells Lydia he's wearing "clear nail polish" and telling Russ he walks around "barefoot"..Russ says "i can't do that"

Ronnie explains what the evitees do when they leave.....Russ is going to have "50,000" messages when he turns his phone on....

10:28 BBT Ronnie talking about finale night and the "stations of reporter"...Natalie "the finale's here?"Talking how they fit a live audience when they went in the studio looked small..

Russ "I don't know who to pick" as they discuss the one person that can come to finale..

10:30 Natalie goes in as Michele tells Chima how she found " a random pickle" under a bed "probably mine" Michele tells her when Chima asked who's bed....Chim washing dishes with her yellow rubber gloves while Michele sweeps the floor and Natalie eats and watches..

10:31 BBT "who doesn't want the man evicted in a banana suit to get another chance" as they speculate someone may come back.Ronnie saying "maybe not" since he may get the "buffoon" edit. {sorry they saved that for you}

Russ talking about his blog saying its was a complte "mental fuck"...Talking about Twitter saying one of the q'a was "what was harder" Video game or BB game...Ronnie elaborates why BB was more difficult...

10:34 BBT Russ going on what "a crazy" game...Jordan "i see why we have to talk to a therapist"..Russ "you had to talk" to one...Jordan says I did...

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10:36 BBT

Chima talking about her pan cleaning technique as Natalie is dirting more dishes as Chima washes....Michele still scrubbing away at the floor..Michele now says "if the hooked us up with a swiffer" it would be easier

Jeff comes out of DR Michele what's up "Wizard" and says "oh yeah" as phone call play...

Russell calling the callers "dumb ass" and "creepy"...Lydia saying "you guys Casey's coming back with avengence" when the "justice is served"....Now they are ragging on the callers "grown people actually do this" Ronnie throws out there...while Russel acts tehe callers are no lifers..

10:40 BBT Ronnie talking about his meltdown and how he cried...Russell apologizing to Ronnie for being the person that made him have his "meltdown" saying "i feel bad" talking about "Karma" coming back like a "bitch" to himself

Russ "your probably the loveable guys America love"...Jeff says no they probably think "i'm an idiot" and a "yo-yo"

Russ "i'd give anything to be in a bar right now"

Ronnie goes in and tell Natalie only him, Casey, Laura and Braden have the chance to comeback if they do and the next person "would not make the jury house"

10:44 "I'm pooped......I'm becoming a housewife" Chima tells Natalie and Ronnie.

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10:45 Chima and natalie having girl talk about shaving with Ronnie sitting there listening..as Michele scrubs away...

Natalie talking about sleeping arrangements and getting "my bed back" from Jeff..Chima "it should be an interesting day tomorrow"......"there is no candy message" Ronnie tells her when she says she wants to hear it......Chima "no candy"...

Chima talking the calls are so easy and they will be easy to remember..Ronnie says this is probably the first wave and they will never be played again..

Jordan comes out of R and tells Michele they want her to stop mopping as they are worried the solution she's using something corrosive on the floor..Michele says "its water" and Jordan says they told her "water's ok" and Michele goes back to scrubbing..

10:50 BBT Natalie and Ronnie go outside to play pool.

10:51 Outdoor "zoloft" "abien" talk saying they need sllep Russ says "abien would be amazing"....Russ complaining his CD sucks and Russ says BB "doesn't replace it" the battery and when it runs out you're out of luck...Lydia says no one can use hers if that's the case if she's HOH.

10:54 BBT Chima painting her nails in BR as Kevin is laying there..Chima "if Russell doesn't go home next week.....he'll put me up" and tells Kevin the reason he "apologized is because he can't play next week".....talking how Russell is calm now..and will blow up again..Michele come s in as Chima talks how next week people will have forgotten what he did Michele "I'm an elepheant" and Chima says "what'd ya mean?" and Michele "I never forget"

10:57 talking about putting Russell up....

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10:58 BBT

"you have a feeling?" Chima is puzzled when he tells her he had a feeling Russ was trashing her in the DR and tells him it was a certainty...Chima says "we have nothing to talk about" and will not have a "one & one" and Michele agrees and brings up the "sexual dysfunction" and BBAD commercial and FOTH..

back to Russel bashing as Chima saying its the trust issues...as Michele and chima really though they "were friends" and Chima says "I lock his ass out of my room" if she's HOH and says also to put him on "have nots"

Chima thinks the "wizard" power will be something "bullshit"...now they are on the "bring someone back" bandwagon....talking about "swap people out" as Chima says she just "wants people out" and "not come back..."I'll seeya at the wrap party"

11:03 BBT Outdoors Lydia and Russ talking...Jeff looks like he's ready to pass out ..

Jeff telling Lydia "you're the worst liar" and brings up the "saran wrap" web and Russ says he "just peeled it off" and "went outside"....and Lydia was hoping to get a big "FUCKING LYDIAAAAAAA" from it......Lydia "at least I didn't liquefy you" as Russ call Chima's stunt "low class"...Russ says "it didn't bother me"...I was impressed for "my own self control" and said he patted himself on the back..

11:08 BBT In BR Russell bashing as Chima and Natalie comparing notes and the similarities what Russell told each of them.....Chima pyscho analyze Russell and the type of guy he is in the real world......

11:11 Chima going on and on and on and on and Russell simultaneously talking about Michele coming to him the next day after the fight...as he talks to lydia outside...

11:13 BBT "he can't stand women...a brain..a backbone ..that's a threat" Chima says about Russell....

11:14 Messages....

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11:15 BBT

Phone mesaages keep coming...

11:16 BBt Russell talking about "his hate mail" he will get...a Lydia thinks she will too.....Russell says "she went personal first" and started the yelling "I just ended it" and tells Lydia "you have to be impressed by my restraint"

Lydia says "i know you're trying to get him safe" about Ronnie as he says "its irrelevent' if he stays or goes...and Lydia says 'to her" it is and admits I'm for it" to get the vote to flip..and says at least he admits it rather than Jesse...

11:20 BBT Chima and Natalie Kevin talking as Natalie comes in...and gives them a report to what everone is doing.."they have been talking for like 30 minutes" that Lydia is talking to Russell..

11:21 BBT talking about HOH pics....."kevin "i'm gonna win" saying he's "not wavering" about putting up Russell..

Natalie hops on the couch trying to be one of the girls... they laugh and giggle and bash Russell..telling Natalie "no talking to the enemy" as Natalie says "i've been hanging out with Ronnie" saying he plays pool....

11:25 BBT Russel telling Lydia about being "a doctor" and starts bashing her for her communications skills and says "i'm gunning for Michele" just like he did to Ronnie...."anyone else I don't care"......"i'm the same height as Jesse" as Lydia mentions "Napoleon".."I'm 5'8''" and Lydia says I'm 5'8 and "i'm taller"

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11:28 BBT

J&J at the hammock talking about "make the move" and put up Jesse..saying I would have to campaign.."what if he save himself with th e power of veto" and Jeff answers Jodan back "what if he doesn't"

Jordan says she already knew a lot of shit about Michele because she already told her {feed switched}

11:31 BBT "she's everywhere"..about natalie...and tell her "put both of them up" and Jordan says we need Michele on our side"..

Jeff "my only fear putting them both up...Natalie will go home" and says "nobody's ever gonna get him out " if they don't do it....

Jordan says "we have the votes"...next week is "3-3" and says "me you Kevin" if Michele is HOH" and thinks russell would do it...

11:34 BBT Jordan saying Russell would side with them as Jeff ...Chima would vote to get Jesse out as "her and Natalie are friends' and "kevin would" and Jeff says he may not..but Jordan says she would..

They are trying to figure if they have the votes to get him out....Jeff tells her "watch what you say".....

Talking about putting Jesse up and Jeff says "why are we talking about this" {because I suspect Jeff's the Coup d'etat} we have to win first.....

11:38 BBT..."once we get Jesse out.Lydia and Natalie will go after each other"...and talk about being "really good" if they get Jesse out...as Jordan says "what if Jesse's the wizard" and Jeff plays dumb saying if he doesn't use it tomorrow they know its not Ronnie..."what about Natalie" is the wizzard..Jeff asks Jordan says "nah she's too bitchy"

11:40 BBT...Jeff and Jordan strategizing and talk about being Russell into the fold and getting Russell and Michele talking again...jeff saying people are "playing stupid" in this game with "personal vendetta"

11:42 Jeff says "i guess we can wait to see who wins HOH" as Jordan says "we are still good" if the don't and Jeff says "yeah" and says "Michele Lydia and Kevin" are the house targets...

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11:45 BBT Natalie and Jesse make up and Ronnie sitting there in red BR as she cleans her bed and tells Jesse to claim his bed before someone else does..

Natalie says "that sucks if you go home" and Ronnie "at least I never gave up"

Jesse puts his "JESSUPHUS" name tag on his bed..as Kevin comes through...

11:47 BBT Lydia and Jordan talk about goodbye messages and Russell chimes in and get BB warnings..

In Red BR Jesse tells Nat his convo with Jeff from earlier..as Jeff comes in..he leaves...

11:48 BBT Ronnie has joined Jordan at the HT as Jeff walks out "WIZARD" Lydia yells at Jeff....

Jordan joking "I deserve the wizard power"...

Jeff saying that Casey was up 'to three packs a day"...Ronnie says "i've lost 25 lbs"..."my arms are a lot smaller"....Jordan says "mine are getting bigger" from her workouts..

11:51 BBT talking about Casey's "morning wood" as Jordan says he wears the "same underwear as my grandpa"..Jeff says don't say that stuff "come on we're on Showtime"

11:53 BBT Ronnie and Jordan talking about trivial stuff as he looks like he wants to use his persuasive speech on her but too many people are around..

11:54 Just idle chit chat.....

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11:57 BBT

Jordan gets out of the hot tub as Ronnie leaves...

Chima comes out and is ready to start another fight and confront them......"making advances" and aks "did you tell her that" and says "probably not" and Russ sya there was "feelings" and Chima snaps back "what feelings"..telling him "there were no feelings" and she was not "enamored" by him like he said..

They are arguing where she kissed Russ "on the CheeK' Chima says.."on the lips" Russell says.....Chima says Lydia said "make out" and Lydia says she never said that and Russell agrees....

12:01 BBT Talking about the locked door Russ says 'i was trying to sleep" and she said Lydia said "I was trying to make advances"....Chimadenying she said stuff from POV com.."you want her # so you can fuck her" and says "I wasn't pissed" Russell was hitting on the model from the POV...Chima "I could care less" whatever he was doing "i was focused on the guy".....and sais "i'll give him her number in a joking way".....

12:03 BBT Chima saying I wasn't drunk or Tipsy..and again "I could care less" and admits she said "russell was hitting on my friend".....and said she was coming up "to take a nap" and is "i was pissed I would have never come up to my room"...and Chima says she heard she was locked out of HOH because she was "making sexual advances"

Lydia "you could make her cry if I wanted to" as she corroborates he said that as he says "I did not say that" as Lydia says like "you made me cry" for "strategic reasons"

12:07 BBT Lydia asks Chima if she said Lydia would suck "his dick" and "jesse's dick" because they are HOH and Chima says "I did say that..at least I'm honest" and Lydia "cool"

Look at the tapes when we get out jibber jabber..

12:08 BBT Chima saying she said it in a Joking manner as Lydia says she never "spoke about her in a female derogatory" fasshion and Lydia starts talking about her meltdown..FOTH

{Fight/confrontation is relatively calm....so far}

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12:15 BBT

Convo is still calm and she did say "the whore and slut comment" Lydia says "whatever..."

Chima says seeing them talking was what "brought me out here" and Chima fells like "you betryed ny trust and friendship" saying Russel made he "look like some hard up bitch"

12:16 BBT Natalie "gets genuinely pissed off" when Jesse "talks to Lydia" as Russ says that what he felt like about her talking to Lydia..

she says "it was never like that" with Chima saying she didn't care who "he talks to"

and Chima "i was only kidding" like the michele was "his new best friend" ...Russ says always says things he doesn't mean.......that's why he apologized...

12:19 BBT Chima saying "i wasn't mad at you from the POV"..as she repeats herself why she "came up to take a nap"

Lydia saying "all the guys" the girls were noticing the "gladiator guy"..

12:20 BBT...Chima "do i think I'm the only hot girl in the world" as wouldn't be mad if he notices other girls even if she was "his girlfriend"...Chima talking about POV hot guy/girl...

12:22 BBT FOTH....

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12:23 BBT

talking about the locked door Chima says it flet like a "big fuck you" and a "slap in the face" as Lydia fans the flames and says "that's how I would take it"

12:24 BBT Russell says when he upsets he just wants to be alone as Chima says he should have said "not to come upstairs"

Russell talking about he can't express himself..

Lydia playing the marriage counselor between them {hmmmmmm}

12:26 BBT Chima wants answers "why" the door was locked "why" he didn't tell her to stay downstairs.."why" .......

russell says "i hate talking about personal shit" and says "i hate this" and why "i probably don't do well with women"..and apologizes for all the "personal attacks" and says he said worse "to my parents" but didn't mean it..

12:28 BBT and Chima says Russell took it to another level......and the "personal jabs" came after she "threw the water" {that was funny}

"I wanted you to hit me so you could go home" Lydia and Chima tell Russell...

12:31 BBT Russ doing the "bad with women" excuse...as both Lydia and Chima says he doesn't deal with strong women..

Chima saying "i was just livid" from the "built up" of emotions.....and when Natalie told Chima went to go talk to him..it boiled over..

12:33 BBT russel blaming people "twisting" and telling her fed the flames..

12;34 BBT Talk continues as Chima "not once did I ever take ownership of Russell"

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12:35 BBT

Chima called to DR to end the {ridiculous} relationship discussion..

12:37 BBT

Lydia "do we have to talk about this anymore" and Russ says "no"

lydia "i just wann stay and be HOH" and Russ says "you are staying" as Russell "hates talking" like this

12:38 BBT

Natalie and Jesse upstairs playing chess..

12:40 BBT all 4 feeds on the chess game as Ronnie regails {poor} Jeff with vacation stories in the background....

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12:45 BBT

Jeff eating as Ronnie talks about his wife's "ovaries" and "eggs" and their problems they are having to reproduce

Talking about deciding to wait...because he audition for "seasons 8, 9, 10 and 11" and now since 'we both have jobs" they will try with the drugs and the probabilty of multiple births..

Jordan listening politely as Ronnie "i would be ok having triplets" and the new drug unlike the "glucophage' makes the ovaries "spit out" eggs..

12:50 Chima/Russell/Lydia discussion....

Russell bringing up the "Michele" "lies" and blames her for making him look like a "liar" out of him in front of Chima

12:53 BBT

chima "i was defending myself from your personal attacks" she tells Russell......

Chima going point by point what was said...and "who's this somebody" who told Russell she wanted to give Russ "a blow job" and Russ says it was when the towel was being wrapped around him and chima "that person was Jesse" as Russell saying he didn't remember..

12:56 BBT both bicker about character assasination...

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12:59 BBT

chima getting heated "don't yell at me" Russ says as Chima getting to the bottom of the "hanging the towel" in the shower...and rehash the fight......Chima says he hung the towel to 'masterbate" while he says it was "blow job" and Chima "i did not starts the personal attacks"

Russ says he didn't and she said ""you don't think you did but you did" as they bicker who started the "personal attacks".....

"i did not start the fucking personal attacks' as Russell thinks "mother fucker" is an attack on his family..as Lydia chimes in as she doesn't think its an attack on his family..

1:03 "your shit went way above and beyond it needed to go" Chima says..."you went there" Chima telling "you don't want to take ownership" and Russ says he has and Chima says "you haven't".....

1:05 BBT Chima looping that Russ started the "personal attacks"

Chima "maybe you said your sorry and maybe I'm not ready to accept it" and says from personal experience that the nasty words "had to come from somewhere"......Chima says "i don't come out of my asshole" saying shit "I don't mean"....

1:07 BBT chima "i said something about your ears" Ryss "little dick mother fucker" saying that's not a personal attack...and Chima says it was retaliation from his "personal attacks"

Russell apologizes again and Chima "i'm sorry for the thing I said about your ears"........

1:10 BBT Bickering continues...

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1:12 BBT Chima wonders the sincerity of Russ' apology if he meant it or part of the game...

Chima going back to the POV tiff......accusing him of "talking behind my back" and not saying it to her face..

Russel saying "i'm admitting to it and saying sorry" as he understands she needs time but still considers her "a friend" as she questions the things he says as she says "things in anger I mean it" as Lydia tells her "that's where you guys differ"

1:17 BBT This discussion is just rehashing about their fight as Chima resists his apology and Russell wants to put it to rest...on all 4 feeds

{I took all I can for tonight..be back tomorrow}

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What I have gathered so far..... Jeff/Jordan/Kevin/Michelle/Lydia have all agreed tomorrow if HOH is majority they will pick there answers like this BBAB, and then eliminate Jessie, Natalie, Russell in that order then at that point it wont matter who wins HOH.... Kevin went to bed and about 10 minutes later popped his head out of steel room and said to Jeff/Jordan/Lydia and said also truetruefalsetrue or yesyesnoyes (umm that wont be on majority rules i'm sure)

3:08am Nat cracking up telling Ronnie that she told Jeff Ronnie had the power and that she said Ronnie didn't directly tell her but he was saying i know the vote will be 7/1 nat voting for ronnie and then ronnie will walk to the door and they wont let him out and then tell him to sit back down and she told jeff ronnie just got out the DR.. Jeff says i knew he had it, i knew it.... Nat and Jess are telling ronnie how to act tomorrow to make them all think he has the power so they will be scared to vote for him and then maybe jeff and jordan will vote for him also and he might stay, then they talk him into going in the pool room to wake everyone up.... Ronnie goes in and turns on light and says sorry starts slamming drawers open and closed and then turns light off and leaves; jeff asks him if he wanted to sleep in the red room, that he will sleep in the pool room and ronnie says no thanks ... jordan/michelle/lydia know ronnie is just doing it on purpose and saying how childish he is... nat and ronnie in br laughing about it and ronnie lying saying he called them all bitches... nat says jeff told her ronnie better not fuck with him he doesn't care if he has the power or not... not chima and jessie in br laughing about it.... all ronnie did was get the girls talking about how they can't wait till ronnie leaves tomorrow and how they will all up in the HOH room... now ronnie says he is gonna do something else.... he heads back to the room and says who is talking jordan says your butthole, ronnie says oh my butthole talks... then ronnie says its a glorious night, lydia says why, he says it just is, michelle says sarcastically, oh its cuz ronnie got the mystery power...ronnie says what that michelle and her night terror screams? then michelle makes a comment like oh yes ronnie yes (like moaning) and jordan and lydia start cracking up.... ronnie says oh michelle i'm married sorry to burst your bubble.. then it gets quiet in the room (im pretty sure they are not falling for it)

3L18am Nat and Jess are hoping this plan will make someone else on the other side votes, all they need is one, and they are all three voting for ronnie as of right now and hope that one of the others freaks out thinking ronnie has the power and changes their vote....jess says if this doesn't work, one of us is going next week... nat says he should go out with a bang she will be freaking out all over this house, jess says well i will be right before you or right after you.... Jess sits down to eat real food... chima still in br doing her nightly ritual.... nat went to bed... all is quiet in the pool room

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3:23am... michelle gets up and leaves pool room... jes and chima are up in the kitchen... ronnie proceeds to get up right after michelle..... jess is telling chima how wrong it was that she told dr how nat smells from not showering... ron comes into kitchen and chima tells him to put pants on.... nat comes out of her room.... now lyd and jordan are up and standing in red room and listening to what is being said by jes/nat/chim/nat... when they see chima coming towards the red room the both run into the pool room.... jess/nat/ronnie laughing and talking about how ronnie is gonna walk around saying i am harry potter or harry potter all morning... lyd/jor talking about how stupid ronnie is how he said its a glorious morning and how he is going to come back in the room again and say something else stupid at 3:27am we get foth

3:28am... michelle comes out of br and ronnie said make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight your gonna need it, michelle says something and ronnie says what i don't speak crazy... michelle says try to wake me up and see what happens, ronnie says i don't need to try your up.... michelle goes in pool room and tells them how its nat/jessie talking ronnie inot this.... michelle turns on light and starts packing up ronnies stuff and moving it around and hiding it, someone suggested to put something in front of the door so he will fall... the girls are cracking up because michelle just hid ronnies glasses.... of course nat runs out to kitchen and tells them how the girls turned lights on, then turned lights on and then laughed so be careful, ronnie said he will turn the lights on and then asked jeff to go in... now ronnie and nat heading to pool room saying they better not have done anything to my crap ill hurt them... ronnie walks in and turns on lights and says i think im trading beds with jeff, michelle says why would he trade with you... ronnie says he offered... he is packing his bag up

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3:34am ronnie puts his pants on and moves his suitcase and bag over, now he is pulling sheets back and says to michelle i suggest you give me back my glasses and michelle said you must have misplaced them, ronnie said i don't think so, michelle then go find it, ronnie said you don't want to start this game with me, michelle says you already started it, ronnie tries to say he came in to get something, michelle calls bullshit telling him he did it all on purpose, ronnie says you do this you'll be looking for my stuff after i'm long gone, michelle says whatever my stuff is not worth anything... it gets quiet and then jordan/lydia starts laughing and asks what rono is doing, ronnie says he is going to make everyones in the room a living hell till he gets his hat and glasses back, lydia tells him he better not touch their stuff or them and ronnie... nat wakes up jeff and tells him what is going on, jordan goes out and tells everyone what ronnie is doing... jeff tells him to come sleep in the red room, ronnie says not till michelle gives me my stuff back... michelle says will you not come back in this room, ronnie says no its my room, michelle says then go fuck yourself your not getting your shit back unless you not come back in this room. nat and chima are laughing how the camera is following him, lydia opens the pool door back up open and tells jeff he can come in here and go to sleep.. michelle gets up and she tells jeff he said he was going to give me a wonderful night so i'm giving him one back.... ronnie says he is not leaving till he gets his glasses and hat back, michelle says i have been nothing but nice to you, ronnie says not true, michelle asks what did she do, ronnie says you you a minaical crazy bitch, michelle says really ronnie really? ok? and then walks into the kitchen where kev/jor are and says im a crazy bitch... she tells them i am leaving the room because i am sick of LOOKING at him, meanwhile in the pool room, lydia says i did nothing, ronnie says i don't care all she ahs to do i give my my stuff back and ill leave, jeff goes to say something and ronnie repeats it and at 3:43 FOTH

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3:45am.... feeds back and nat saying yeah ronnie said yeah harry potter lives another week... so jordan and jeff say man we are fucked we better pack our bags, jeff says lets go have a pool party... they all are in the kitchen now, nat tells ronnie to tear the room apart and look for his shit, what does he care... on the way to kitchen jordan says she was the last one in dr.. they all say yeah he is lying...... nat is telling ronnie to tear shit apart, ronnie is lifing beds and looking under everything... nat says just tear shit apart... ronie says i have half a mind to hide half her shit but im not gonna be childish like that (omg really?)... now ronnie saying he is gonna take her (michelle) monkey and tape it to the ceiling (bb keeps zooming in on the sombrero where ronnies hate and glasses are, he hasnot looked there) jeff/lyd/mich/jor in kitchen... nat still in pool room trying to make ronnie tear the room apart... ronnie starts pullin g sheets off michelles bed and taking michelles stuff apart, nat is laughing and giving the info to chima -- jor/mich/lyd/kev all agree that ronnie is just saying shit to stir them up)...and at 3:51am we get FOTH

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3:52 FEEDS BACK... ronnie and nat going thru everything (except sombrero) to find it, nat says no one is gonna sleep till he finds it... nat now asks the other house guest to help ronnie find his shit... nat asks jordan she says i dont know... jordan comes in pool room and ronnie tells jordan yo umust know the lights came on, jordan says i dont fucking know ronnie i wasn't paying attention..... lyd/michelle heading back to room... ronnie says all she has to do is give my stuff back... michelle tries to say something and ronnie says shut up i wasnt talking to you your a crazy bitch, michelle says nice way for a teacher to talk, classy... ronnie says im just speaking to you the way you are, michelle says just leave the room and ill get it... everyone but michelle and ronnie in pool room, nat trying to play off like she doesn't know what is going on, jordan said he is just doing this cuz its his last night and is giving michelle shit.... ronnie telling michelle that its fine he will just leave with the stuff and she will be a theif and she will have to replace it, michelle says you should know the rules better then anyone only if i damaged it.... jeff calls nat out saying we know you instigated it, she denies it, then she tells how ronnie came out of dr and whispered harry potter lives another week. michelle and ronnie still going back and forth, michelle telling ronnie you started this by trying to be the best super villian on the show.... red room and jessie is saying he did it to all of you why did michelle just do it, nat says why doesn't she give him his shit back... jessie saying you two didn't do anything, lydia says he woke her up not us.... Ronnie just found his glasses, and comes out and asks where is his hat, michelle says i told you it wasn't in a hard place to find, ronnie says i asked where my hat was and that is the only answer i want bitch... ronnie just found something and said i just found casey half smoked cigarettes you still kept those how grose... michelle just tells him have you ever seen me smoke around here.. ronnie says whatever i know you kept them cuz i saw the crazy look in your eyes... nat just yelled just give him his stuff, michelle says ummm no i dont apologize when i don't mean it... ronnie finds his hat and says once again wyle e coyote is a genius and michelle says good wyle e coyote can go to bed now, fuck you and at 4:05am we get foth (SORRY ABOUT SPELLING)

when feeds come back at 4:06am jeff is moving into the pool room, ronnie laying in the jeffs bed in red room... michelle goes back towards room, while ronnie was in red room chima tells him jeff to smile at camera (she thinks its funny its following jeff) and tells jeff wait you forgot a pillow, he comes back to pick it up and then says oh wait should i do it like this and picks it up with butt towards camera, everyone cracks up... at 4:08am we get FOTH

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