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July 26th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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E: don't let anything James does Thursday get to you

M: I know what he's going to do...

E: are you going to tell me?

M: no, because it will get to you...

E: I'd like a heads up...

M: he's going to wear your hockey number

E: 21? that's not my number... that shows him how stupid he is... that won't bother me...

(walk to the gym with Ivette)

I: if Rachel votes with them.. don't tell me you don't have any control over it...

M: that's why I didn't put anything in Kaysar saying I bet my life until I saw who he put up

I: you have control to change it

R: she asked me about Iv and Jan this morning... I told her she hasn't picked up anything... and James came saying she wanted her out.. he was scheming from the first day...

M: I will tell you, the fact James came and kissed you in the night

E: what was that all about?

M: how do you think we feel about that?

I: he's trying...

E: I understand you have a game to play

M: you promise me if you get HOH you'll put him up

E: night before, when you came to me with his explanations... then he comes kissing you... put me in your spot...

I: I understand... I've got two enemies...

E: that's what I said, keep your enemies closer

I: Kay/Jan hate me... no one else has 2 that hate them

E: except me

M: and me

I: I've got my things to say to them, but... I'm not now... he knows, I don't hang out with him

E: he's looking for insurance... being how you are, I'm surprised you allowed that.. to me it would have made my skin crawl... when I saw that, I was I don't know what to think...

M: the first week, you were so adamant... but you aren't that way with james... it's hard for us to comprehend...

I: I've already told you guys... it upsets me, because you know who I hang out with...

E: if you're telling me you're keeping your enemies closer

I: I have!

E: ok

I: you sat and coached me, don't let your emotions control you...

[little tense but they seem to be on the same page still]

Ivette goes back to the kitchen, E/M to the bathroom

M: I'm going to be left with no one... they know I wouldn't put them up!

E: but you have to trust them!

Eric walks back to kitchen

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Guest cdmon

james, kay, howie and jan are in the gr.

BB called kay to DR

they are talking about jan working out and she said she's gained so much weight

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E/M/I in the bathroom

E: I've been asked many times, that as soon as she went up, I still had my word, why didn't I go back, that I wouldn't get involved in the veto competition... she knows my word is gold, and she never questioned that for a second...

M: never once did I ask him to join me in the POV

I: but it wasn't a fair one anyways

E: no it wasn't

I: even if you had gone in...

E: if you only knew what a good chess player some people in this house are, you'd know they were screwed from the get go

I: absolutely... was it a well earned one?

M: no

E: no, and I expressed.. voiced my opinion on that...

I: that's why they put it in bold letters, nothing is up for negotions... should have read between the lines

E: I did, I know that, they can

I: I didn't know it would be like this

E: they can make this road wind anyway they want

M: and only we will know that...

(Ivette notices she has lost some weight from last week)

E: I've expressed how I felt about that, and they were like no no no, but I have control of myself... I'm sure it's upsetting some people, that I'm not grovelling and trying to cut deals...

April comes in... tells BB is going to throw her an HOH

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Guest cdmon

james is telling them what they need to do when eric walks out that door is to look at everyone basically saying your screwed and do that when they go outside for the hoh competition.

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Guest cdmon

cam 1 and 2 showing the gr w/ sara, kay, howie, james and jan in there.

cam 3 showing maggie and jenn are in the gym working out.

cam 4 showing the door to the gym

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Guest cdmon

ivette is in the bathroom spelling out words they did for the food competition.

beau joins ivette in the bathroom and doing their coffee talk

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Guest cdmon

rachel and april are in the lv and wonder what is bb doing outside.

someone is playing coaster...cant see who it is

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Guest cdmon

rachel and april still talking about what bb are doing outside...they thought maybe setting a golf course, mowing the grass, spraying stuff on ants or bees.

talking about it could be a luxury contest.

eric is playing coasters

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Kay/James on the couches...

K: why don't we play it cool til the time comes, this is the time of observation

J: there is nothing left to observe

K: there is no room for A/Jen... I was up from 4 to 6, thinking all night... they think we're the big target, so whatever it takes, lie to our face, cry, do anything, anything goes, I'm not down for that, I sat there, April is I trust you I trust you... lie to my face... nothing has changed, except we have to send a message, after Mag we take out April

[amazing how power of HOH has a way of going to their head lol]

J: or Jen...

K: or Jen, we don't know...

J: don't get angry

K: I don't get angry, I get even... game on... game on...

J: this week's done

K: this is when the planning begins

J: the planning is done... I was having fun...

K: I came up with an idea last night... I'll tell you later...

J: wait til the door opens... wake those two up...

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Guest cdmon

cam back on

beau is plucking ivette eyebrows

k, h, jan, james, s, are in the gr is talking about who's weak.

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Jan/James/Howie gold room

H: we are in for a dog fight, this is the most ultimate HOH

James: I like our odds

Jan: we have to win

James: I want this so bad

Jan: if they win, who will they put up?

James, probably me, and Kaysar... and if we get off, Jan

James: you know, we are all liars

Jan: but they are the biggest

James: it's one thing to be a liar, but when you are caught, to continue, on and on... after you are caught... that's why I want HOH so much, I'll tear out all his ideas, tell them they were part of a cult, and they were sheep... until I cleansed myself

Jan: you were brainwashed for a week

James: it's like you pledge your loyalty to this fool...

How: we got to win, I like our shot... we lose Kaysar because he's HOH, they loose Eric... I like our odds...

Jan: there is no way one of us can't make it to the final two...

James: we have all tried being nice this week, we had to put up with them over and over... I want to talk to the group, see if we should turn it up a notch... Eric's in there talking, and we are being nice... I don't think they understand what they are dealing with

Howie: you better hope you win HOH!

James: some work better when they are scared, I'm like that, when my backs against the wall... they think they will coast... I want us to put the fear of... there is no reason when we are the dominate group... if Rachel went to them and said you better hope you win HOH...

Howie: this is the biggest HOH of the year, maybe in history.. if we get it we start chiseling again...

James: April doesn't work good when she's emotional... Maggie is scared when Eric is gone... when he... I want to make a group decision.. it can't be one or the other... I want to look at them, and say, every single one of you is next... the HOH comp will be... when we go out... everyone of you is next, we have the order figured out already! They've been playing dirty all this time... why should we be...

James: why should they be the one going around talking...

Howie: until you get the HOH key... talk means nothing...

James: it depends on how you are motivated, he is going around... they don't see the reality of the repercusions...

Howie: if I was them, looking across... I don't like this football game, I want to repick the game

James: on the surfboard... you got on one end, I got on the other, and we gave out orders, how it should be...

Howie: I'm due, you're due, you're due... we are all due for an HOH... after Eric walks out the door, they haven't had anyone win HOH

James: the only one to win anything... when Eric is out, they haven't won anything... Jenny ate a snake...

Howie: I could have eaten that, and I can't eat anything

(Kaysar back from DR)

James: I was telling them...

Howie: we need to tell them, who has a better chance of winning HOH, you're group or ours?

Kay: here's what I was thinking, Wed is the day to vote... their core of the group is free.. sometime around 10, before the first group is cast, I'm calling A/Jen to the room... and hold them their, they go to DR and vote, then keep them until the next day...

James: will that work? you can't take hostages...

Kay:I'll tell them, I don't trust you, I thought you were smarter... last night I was recapping...

James: Rachel is out there...

Kay: she heard something last night, they thought she was sleeping, she wants to tell me after the lockdown... they are all in the bathroom, Eric was talking...

Jan: it's his game...

James: they don't understand the organizational structure that we have...

I think I act better under pressure, Jan does... I want to put pressure on them when Eric walks out the door... this is the biggest HOH in your life

Kay: here's the thing... let's do it in a team way.. the perfect timing is... when they see their leader walk out that door... what will we say?

Jan: I'll say Maggie you better win HOH because if I do you are gone!

Kay: you better pray to God that you get HOH...

(feed of Mag/Jen in gym overshadowing sound, Sarah in GR also)

Jan: they are thinking about themself, trying to stay, they need to think

about their partners... they don't care about each other

Howie: two things will keep them from winning, fear and common sense

(GR whispers very hard to hear)

Kay: what is nice, we are taking the back seat, letting them get worked up

[hehe funny to see them all gettting worked up and emotional over the game, talking about the other group getting worked up, while on the other camera it's Mag/Jen in the gym working out and talking about other things]

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Guest StillMissWILL

Jen is in with Kaysar saying she is not lying to him. She is on his side and loyal to 'them' (whatEVER)

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K: What has been going on on the other side?

J: It's been trash talk

K: I want to know what April came up with.

J: Whenever they would ask her questions, she would still lie.

K: Where did she turn, though??

J: Are you asking what side she is on?

K: I know what side she is on. Here's the deal Jen: I want you to play the rest of this game solo. I want you to vote out Eric. If you don't, then you're going up.

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1:48 BBT

K and Jenn in HoH room

Jenn: Sara and I were going to be first on the block, and I was like get the F*ck away from me. I feel really unconfortable around her though (I think she's talking about A). When she woke up we were in the kitchen by ourselves and she said hi, but I was playing coasters with her to, cause I have to get. I refuse to be missarble in this house, and that's why I go after these people as soon as I hear they are talking about me or they don't like me or something I try my hardeset.

K: I've never said anything bad about you?

Jenn" I've never said anything bad about you.

K: I'm just saying I know you're smarter than you really are, you don't show all your cards, I know that.

Jenn: Probably why I don't talk to you as much, I trust you and I've never heard you say anything bad about me, I don't think you would say anything bad about me.

K: The only thing I said is at 1 point I think that you came up with the plan to screw Michael over, and later I told you, I explained the story outside. I thought that if I was honest with you guys, then I can earn your trust, but apparently that's not the case with A. You know what I'm saying? Which really aggravates me.

Jenn: Yeah we're totally, like I've been thinking of, you can't say whatif, but, I should have brought someone in here that I was closer with, cause she doesn't know me. She's starting to listen to them like, "Oh Jen's so quite she's up to something. She's on the other side, she's stratgizing." If I had of brought someone I was close with, they would have been like, oh that's just Jenn. I'm a quite person. I used to be more hyper.

K: Here's the deal Jenn, I suggest that you play the rest of this game solo.

Jenn: Well, I have no choice.

K: You'll get further. I want you to go against E, I'm not even going to extend myself to your partner. She's done. It's fair game. If you dont' do this, the 2 of you are going up. I don't know if it's next week, or when, I'm just telling you to watch your back, b/c you 2 are partners, you have to be accountable for her. She's a lose cannon.

Jenn: Right.

K: Anyone can go up now it's fair game. I would have honored that promise to you guys, I really would have. I"m very disappointed.

Jenn: I don't even know why she aggreed to it that night.

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