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  1. Done praying and turns off the light... gets all cuddled up and looks like he is down for the night.
  2. F3+4 Loud snoring, I'm not sure who it is. F1 Back on K while he is washing his hands. Now he is praying.
  3. Kaysar then plops himself back down on his bed and finishes eating his food. ( hes soooo cute ! ) Drinks some water to wash it all down. then proceeds to the HOH washroom. He takes off his robe, and uses the toilet. Feeds then all change to the sleeping HG's downstairs.
  4. Kaysar...in the downstairs washroom now, looking at his face in the mirror. F1+2 Kaysar walking into the kitchen gettinhg something to eat. Then going back upstairs to his HOH
  5. Kaysar is up ! and drinking sum water. Now he is out of the HOH and walking downstairs.
  6. F2 zoomed in on Kaysar sleeping... Hes so adorable.
  7. F1 Main bedroom.. F2 Kaysar in his HOH bed sleeping over the covers, with his robe on and the remote for the spy cam near him on the bed F3+4 Howie and Janelle sleeping.
  8. Jan wakes up starts laughing Janelle "how much cologne are you wearing.." Howie "oohhh god ewww.. ohh your so cute"
  9. Awww I guess beau doesnt jerk howie off tonight lol Howie just went into the GR and got in bed.
  10. Howie.. cleaning out his nose with Q-tips, and doing sumthin with he rim of his ear with one. I'm not quite sure lol. Putting his mic back on. Now he is walking through the house flossing like he always does.
  11. Howie is done in the shower... drys off a bit then gets his undies goes back in to put them on. OH GOD ... its the bad undies... You see the outline of his :: clears throat :: package
  12. Howie spits , sniffs and then looks down and says "thats awesome"
  13. Jan goes into the GR and say goodnight to Sarah and James... James rolls over and is now spooning Sarah. Janelle is getting comfy in bed. Howie is......yes of course.. STILL in the shower... and blowing his nose..
  14. Janelle goes back into the bathroom , Jenny is there aswell washing her hands Jenny leaves. Janelle goes into the potty, hopefully she poops this time. Maybe she wont feel so bloated anymore.... She didnt poop if she did it was really quick ( lol ) Janelle "Night howie" Howie is still in the shower.
  15. Janelle is taking laxatives... ( still having a poop problem I'm guessing )



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