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July 26th Live Feed Updates

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A: So do you think your mom's gonna be watching tonight laughing her a$s off when it all comes out that everybody found out that everybody found out about the secrets and stuff?

Jenn: She won't laugh, she just.

A: What would she say?

Jenn: I don't know what she would say. I don't think I told her the twist.

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April/Jen talking to Rachel outside about the 'other reality' show that they both auditioned for...

J: not to mention, we met auditioning for another reality show, so you are the type...

R: you both met, auditioning for another show?

J: I don't think we can say.. it's on right now...

A: we made it to the semi-finals..

J: you probably haven't heard of it...

A: it's the only one that I ever...

J: but the thing is, we didn't know, it's the first season..

A: and when I watched the first one, I was soooo...

J: we watched it, not together, she was watching at home, I was watching at home, and we'd call each other during commercial breaks...

A: we were like, so happy we didn't do this... and we were like, now we know why we didn't make it!

R: you'll have to tell me after this...

A: you'll laugh!

R: I will not!

J: we did not fit! I was trying to be someone I wasn't

A: I was too... they looked at... after I did my video interview.. the guy was talking to me, you so made it, you're going to be the Omarosa on the show... I'm so not like her, that's not a bad thing, but.... fish...

J: (back) I'm so anti-sorority... like I'm banned from it... they will hate that I say I was part of it...


April/Jen/Rachel/Ivette/Maggie talk about soroities... and stuff...

BB: Maggie, please check your microphone

M: you just gave it to me!

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April and Jennifer playing coasters..

beau and Maggie are watching.

Maggie spills coffee on Eric's sweatshirt..

eric saids maggie can keep it and do whatever she wants with it..

Eric comes and shows off his pro coaster skills and "teaches" Jennifer

April and Jennifer playing coasters again

Rachel and Ivette trying to make something for the bread.

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Kaysar, Howie, Janelle are STILLL sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric is playing coasters and showing off his proness skills by getting all of them on the table.

April, Beau, Jennifer is watching.

Sarah is sitting at the big dinner tale with James.

Ivette was called to the DR 4 minutes ago.

Rachel just sat down and watching Eric play coasters.

---- 5 minutes or so later..

Maggie comes walking by and Eric leaves all the coasters around the table (not even in the center) and walks off to talk with maggie in the large bed room...

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Eric/Maggie conversation...

M: what about, for the next HOH... Kaysar... and let me give you 3 sets... Rachel's gonna play for Howie... if her and Howie get it, they are gonna take him off...

E: and put up James...

M: mmhmm... Kaysar's gonna pick James to play for him...

E: right

M: Kaysar won't come off... and he'll be gone, we'll vote Kaysar off before we vote out Howie...

(then she questions Ivette not getting upset at James for him kissing her this morning)

M: if anyone did that, she would have thrown a fit, what does that tell you...

E: or she's keeping her enemies closer? That's the other side, and she may not be playing it too bad

M: but Beau her partner asked her, and there was no discusion...

BB: Maggie, please check your mic... and she realizes she left it in the bathroom... they come back walking to the kitchen...

E: no, I do like that... either way you are cutting one of the heads off...

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more in the kitchen..

M: if Kaysar plays James, and they win and he comes off.. then what?

E: that's the problem, then they are both safe...

M: is there a way around that?

E: put them up together, then one of them goes.. they can't play for each other... that's the only way to avoid that from happening...

[i was wondering about their logic a minute ago...]

Ivette is with them

E: we are trying to guarantee a way that one of the ones we want to go

I: there are no guarantees

E: at least one of the double headed snakes goes...

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*Eric, Ivette, maggie are talking in the Workout room.*

Eric is starting to get upset that Ivette is hanging out with their "enemies" too much.

Eric: when I saw James kiss you(Ivette) at night when eevryone was asleep.. I was pissed.

Ivette: I just wants to try and keep closer to my enemies.

Ivette: I don't even talk to them when you(eric) are around because i know you(eric) will get upset. I don't want to sit here and make another enemy.

Eric : Ivette put yourself in my shoes...

Ivette: You sat here and you coahed me and said. don't wear your emotions.

Eric: I know.. but am I comming to you? I'm coming to you. It's okay, I'm asking you to not get upset, and just to understand my perspective.

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Guest cdmon

james, sara, rachel and jenn are in the living room

kaysar joins them.

ivette is telling rachel it rised. i guess something that rachel is baking.

it's hard to hear them in the living room.

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Guest cdmon

jan is still asleep and showing her on cam 4

BB says there are fresh batteries in the storage room and telling them to change it out.

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