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July 26th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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talking about dishes and how 'they are just being assholes'

they all agree april has never done dishes, and that jenny has done it once and said as she was doing it 'i need a way for you guys to keep them'

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howie and kaysar tell james and sarah the logic of putting maggie and james up. sarah wishes there was a way to show ivette that eric would have turned on her too.

everyone breaks up from the hoh room because kaysar had to go to the dr.

howie dancing around 'my little jannnnnie'

h: im living in a mansion, i cant pay the bills, so eat pbj

James: i got my keyyyyyyyyyyy back and you aint gottttt one, so go home *singing*

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April/Jen/Eric/Maggie/Beau/Ivette/Rachel by hot tub.

Ivette doing some James bashing.

talking about how they knew rachel and howie were partners. they say howie treated her much differently, and then rehash the surfboard AGAIN. april saying she wished she stayed on longer. Rachel is saying she was pissed howie stayed on the board that long. Rachel: i was like get off the damn surfboard!!!!!!!!!

James to the diary room, maggie please put on your mic.

everyone going over about what they said to their partners after the surfboard. woulda, shoulda, coulda.

(night all!)

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BY 10:15 BB time

Eric, Rachel, Ivette, Maggie, Beau, and April outside. I think Jennifer might be there, too, but I can't see her right now.

Eric just asked "Why did everybody jump on the f---ing bandwagon to cut my balls off?"

April says that this isn't going to go all anyone's way from now on, and Eric agrees. She says she was playing with all of her heart.

Eric says he isn't going to go groveling.

Rachel says that she didn't know all of this was going to happen--she thought they were all on board. She thought even Howie was.....

April asks Rachel if she thinks that Howie basically was playing so that he could go on either side. Rachel says no, he just is friends with everyone. Eric says that "he" told him not 16 hours before the veto comp. that he would like to see Eric in the final four. Rachel protests that they didn't know what was going on at that time! Eric comments that he also sold his girlfriend out. Rachel then says, "Oh, you are talking about JAMES!"

Ivette: I got asked what I would do, and what I would do to stay in this game, and I said I would not do anything to change my vote, and I would stay the same no matter what in this game.


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Ivette: I'm trying to be optimistic about it, but me, I'd walk out of this house, let me complete whatever competitions I have to complete, and SEND ME HOME!

Eric: Like I said, in three weeks I have experienced every high and every low you can experience in this house.

April: None of us can sit here and say we all were perfect and we all did the right things.

Eric: I wasn't going to say that. Go ahead, MAGGIE. What were you going to say?

Maggie says that she wasn't going to judge people for the secrets that they keep, because how can they?

Eric: I've said this a thousand times before, and I'll say it again. When I looked you in the eye, I followed through with what I said before. So look at my track record. No matter how they spin this, they can spin it any way they want. But you guys know when I looked you in the eye, and I gave you my word, and I swore on my childrens lives, I was completely honest. I told you I would take you as far as I possibly can.

Everyone says "of course, of course!"

Ivette says she doesn't care, when people try to tell her things now it doesn't matter.

Eric: I love you to death, kids.

Eric also says something about "grandma's house."

They go inside. Ivette said she needed to go to the WC.

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Ivette and Beau dancing like madness in the shower area.

(*sorry mods*)

Maggie and April is in the shower watching them.


Maggie just said people on the internet are seeing this..

Eric: and they just snap shotted it!

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F4 HOH room.

Janelle and Kayser are lying on the HOH bed together, clothed and in robes. Janelle has the controller for the spycam and she thinks there should be sound for it, as there is a volume dial. Kayser says that there is no sound.

Janelle asks Kaysar if he wants to work on the clues, and he says they can't because BB took the coasters.

Janelle wants to play a game, but they can't think of one to play.

Kaysar: I'm so tired.

Janelle: Me, too.

They are watching the spycam.

Janelle: She is still yelling and pointing her fingers! It is so rude!

Kaysar says that he hates it when people are opportunists. He asks Janelle if she knows a lot of people like that, and she says, "Of course!" He asks if that is because of where she is from, and she says no.

Janelle: There's Jenny.

Kaysar: A confused poodle. (They chuckle in an indulgent sort of way)

Janelle: Is this what they see on live feeds, too?

Kaysar: I think so. Something like this. Yeah, pretty much. I think these are the same channels. (They are looking at an overhead shot of the living room seating area)

Kaysar: The people around me, they are so negative, always trying to tear me down. They never want anything good from me.

Janelle: Like who?

Kaysar: People who call themselves my friends.

Janelle: Not Michael?

Kaysar: No, not Michael. (She asks who, and he says he can't really say right now)

Kaysar: I hate arrogant people, you know? Like they have something to prove. The second something good happens to you, they are there to screw things up.

Kaysar talks about people who are arrogant, have big cars, expensive things, etc. and he doesn't like that.

Rachel to DR

Kaysar: I'm sure you have the same problem.

Janelle: Yeah, I do. That's why I don't have many friends. I learned the hard way.

Kaysar: That must be hard for you, because I think you like people.

Janelle agrees and says that she learned, after "what happened."

Janelle: Either that, or people get jealous of you and resent you.

Kaysar says the same for him.

Kaysar says he isn't sure why, but he tends to draw a lot of attention. Janelle wonders if it is because he has a lot of money, and he says no, that's the thing, he doesn't. He says that people try really hard to get attention, and he doesn't try, but he does get the attention. People don't like that.

Kaysar: Take away the cars, take away the money from them, and what are they left with? At the core, not much. Just a bunch of insecurity. That's when people don't know themselves too well. They don't know their values or what is of importance. That's why you should always know your value, what you stand for. Sometimes I wonder if you know about your beauty.

Janelle: Me? What do you mean?

Kaysar: Sometimes I wonder if you know how beautiful you are.

Kaysar: I think there are times when you look at yourself and think that you just aren't beautiful?

Janelle: Yeah.

Kaysar says that you can look at yourself and think the beauty is on the outside, and that is perception.

Kaysar: But what you have on the inside is more solid, you know? It is more useful to you. I'm not talking to you this way to make you feel bad. I think you are an awesome person. When you talk, when you say certain things, in the little things you do, I can tell about you, you have a good heart.

Kaysar talks about how she has a good heart, and she thanks him. He says he means it. He says sometimes people don't care for those things so we don't know that is what matters.

Kaysar talks about his goals, says he wants to be the best, and he won't rest until he gets there. Sometimes people don't like him because they feel he is too serious, even in this game they may think he is too focused.

Janelle: You've had fun, right?

Kaysar: Yeah, I've had lots of fun. Sometimes I might be too serious.

Kaysar says until a couple of months ago, he hadn't left the country for about 20 years.

Janelle: Have you ever been to NY, or?

Kaysar: I haven't been anywhere.

Janelle: Vegas?

Kaysar: Yeah, I've been to Vegas.

Janelle: Have you been to Mexico?

Kaysar tells a story about how he went to Mexico for about an hour and didn't take anything with him. He just jumped in the car. He had to convince them he was born in LA. He actually hadn't been naturalized and had a green card.

Kaysar: It's so easy to get across.

Janelle says he probably didn't have an accent or anything.

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*Howie, Beau, and April is outside in the backyard area.*

Howie and Beau is kissing each other.

Howie is practically making out with Beau ont he neck.

Beau: Give me a hardon.. not kidding

Howie: really?

Beau: ah, i'm kidding!

Howie just killed beau's arm and face.

Sarah and James on hammock watching and laughing.

Howie is kisisng Beau's face as Beau tells him where....

*Sarah keeps screaming*

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Howie is in the BY with James and Sarah. James and Sarah are in the hammock. They are talking about how it is unbelievable that about 12 million people are watching them. James says probably 20 million after what has been happening lately.

Howie: The Cappy Curve took a Howie Hook in the BB House!

James says that he actually says that he feels a little sorry for Eric and that it could have all been different if Eric had dropped Ivette and stuck with him.

Howie is wolf whistling at Beau, who just came outside, and James says "I think he wants a kiss."

Sarah says she wants to see them kiss. Howie goes behind Beau and kisses him over and over on the neck. Beau points to his cheek, and Howie kisses him there. James says to give Beau a hard on, and Beau says no! Howie kisses Beau several times and Beau laughs and is embarrassed. James says it looks like a first date!

April comes outside and Howie comments on how she has big boobies. Sarah calls across the yard and asks April if she saw them making out?

April: I see it all the time.

Sarah: What?

April: I see it all the time. (Her voice is not a happy voice)

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F1 and F2 in BY with Beau and April sitting at the table.

F3 and F4 with Sarah and James in the hammock and Howie next to them.

Beau and April are talking about clothes that they had that they were told they couldn't wear. Beau had a shirt that told friends congratulations on their wedding or their anniversary and he was not allowed to wear it. April had a shirt that was just the right color for something, but they wouldn't let her wear it. She doesn't think it was fair.

Beau started talking about having tickets to go to Indiana for something, but then BB interrupted, telling Sarah to stop playing with her microphone. She says she wasn't touching it (she wasn't), and Howie says it was her boobies interfering with it. She says she doesn't know what she is doing wrong, because she wasn't bothering the mic.

F1 and F2 are now switching to different views of the living room, sometimes from the side, sometimes from above, and sometimes from a shot that includes the kitchen bar area in front and the living room in the back. At one point, the view was of the orange couch and beside it is a clear table, and it looks like maybe the coasters are back. I'm not sure of that, but I saw something small and round there.

F1 and F2 are continually changing views of the sitting area in the living room, and the metal wall behind it, with the interlocking loops of metal. Also, they are showing the metal door next to that, with the squares on the front of it.

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Guest nvdranger

only Jan, April, Crappy, Ivette, Beau, and Howie are up and in the backyard, the other hgs are sleeping.

More of Howie's lil Beau Beau and kissing on Beau.

Howie singing: Ivette was carpetmunching and they loved the choming. While Beau was rim jobing.

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Guest nvdranger

Howie and Beau talking homosexual stuff (you really dont want to know).

Crappy teaching Ivette how to throw coasters in the LR.

Howie doin some squats, april massaging janie, crappy still teaching coasters with the cameraman haing fun sooming in and out as they throw the coasters.

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F1 still on living room shot. F2 exercise room.

F3/F4 on GR, with Sarah and James getting ready to go to bed.

Sarah: How can we make it so we don't slide around so much?

Lights out for Sarah and James.

Sarah comments that one of them has cold hands, and James agrees.


April is talking in a very loud voice about some sort of hair product that she is asking Janelle about, and in the meantime Eric and Ivette were talking in quiet voices next to her.

Eric: Are you sure?

Ivette: Yeah!

Eric: I'm not doubting you, but how do you know it was fake?

Eric tells Beau that he can totally see why celebrities would like to hang out with him, just to have a good time.

Beau: You mean to live vicariously through me?

Howie is singing a song to the tune of "Kung Fu Fighting" and the words are about "Everybody is carpet munching"...

And we have FOTH

Now, Ivette has brought Eric into the house to talk

Eric is giving Ivette lessons on coaster throwing technique, talking really seriously about it. She is practicing and he is telling her how to do it.

Eric is talking about how he figured out that you have to aim at the curve.

Ivette: The Cappy Curve!

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Guest cdmon

jan and howie are working out in the by

howie swears he smells brownies or something in the by

cam 1 & 2 are showing james and sarah in the gr

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For a long time in the GR there was near silence, and a very large tent in the middle of the bed.

Now, James and Sarah are whispering about strategy. James brings up the subject of the final four. Sarah says that she believes that if they are split up at the end and one of them is up against either Howie or Rachel in the end, they won't have as good of a chance as they would have against Kaysar or Janelle at the end. Sarah says she likes Janelle.

Sarah tells him that the chances of the two of them going to the end together are not great. James says he knows.

They are talking about which of them would have the better chance if they were both put on the block together, if they had the veto. James is talking about who the jury might consist of, and he says that people like her more, and she would have a better chance.

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Eric, Ivette, Beau and April are in the BY together at the table. Eric tells Beau that he is more famous now than he was. Beau says that this might actually hurt his reputation.

April says that if people did switch their votes and vote against Eric, it would make the other team think they have more power than they do have. Eric says he thinks the vote will be 5-4.

April starts to talk about someone living with their parents, she has no job except she is a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, and we get FOTH.

Now talk has switched to West Point. Beau says his Dad went to West Point for his last year, and was a Captain when he came out. Eric says that people from West Point come out as commissioned officers, and there is a guy at his firehouse who came out of West Point. He doesn't understand why he is a fireman, then. He says it's not that he doesn't love his job and think it is great, but he doesn't see why this guy is a fireman. April says, "Why go to West Point if you want to be a fireman?"

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Howie looking at the fish tank.

April,Beau in the WC brushing/getting ready for bed


Howie was hunched over Beau a moment (inaudible)...

As soon as Howie left (to WC where Janelle is)

Ivette is instructing Beau to let Howie in his bed so they can blackmail him later!!! (more planning with april, ivette, and beau... cant hear)

(this women is evil and a dirty player)

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