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July 26th Live Feed Updates

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Eric joins Rachel in the kitchen

R: hey Eric, in the first week, what happened between Ivette and Janelle?

E: nothing that I know of... why?

R: then why do they hate each other so much?

E: I think because, I don't know for sure, but I know Ivette was getting upset about Jan not picking up, doing dishes, spends hour/half doing her hair

R: just little things?

E: Jan is all about herself, Iv is about others, polar opposites... I was against her the first minute, she tried to take a cot and sleeping bag, she couldn't grasp that concept, the first five minutes, she said.. so... and she broke up with her boyfriend to be with Michael?

R: well, that doesn't have anything to do with Iv not liking her... in Miami they live like a block away from each other...

E: in the first day they were talking about all going to the same agency... remember that? they still talk about that...

R: I thouoght Jan said something about Iv or to her...

E: know what else, James lied again... he came to Iv and said Jan wants you out in the first 12 hours... but she didn't say that, it was James lying, and it created friction between them

E: it's been a crazy couple days... surely they'll give us some clues, to do something besides sit around in groups

R: you end up sitting and over thinking everything

E: I just want to go out that door and see my family... prolongs the inevitable... in the game you don't think about them... as time goes on, I was able to separate Julie and the kids... I have a job to do here... now I just want to go home.. you don't have to say anything, I know it's over.. I know you are stuck, you got cornered last night...

R: I don't blame them... I know they are angry... someone else could step up

E: Jan hates my guts, Howie will go along, James, you know what he will do... that's three

R: if Thursday comes, just don't take anything that James might do personally

E: I'll ignore him, I could care less, long as he doesn't touch my stuff... what's he going to do? I appreciate the heads up... between you and me.. I want it on me, I've asked certain ones to get up... I'll include you...

R: I'll say a quick goodbye...

E: some here I consider rats... it won't change... I don't need them in my life

R: it's amazing what this game will bring out in some people

E: don't let this game cause you to do things... you'll be sitting in your bed at 3am...

R: I'm sure James realizes this game could turn on a dime... you know my position... I hope they know my position too

E: Howie will go along with you... he's playing the floating thing... I have to separate that group... what could James do to me that he has already... he wore my hat, he knows what that means to me... wore it backwards while screwing me... I don't think he's much different outside this house than in it... even he said he wasn't the greatest person before Sarah met him...

R: they have only been dating 4 months, that's not enough time for a person to change...

E: I can't acknowledge him, Kaysar... Sarah tried to come up with me... I know you are caught between a rock/hard place... I respect you... I told them, they executed a plan, you have to step up and win HOH

R: it would be interesting... because...

E: they know what they are going to do...

R: you don't have to tell me...

E: they have to win...

R: if they do what I think they will, and hopefully it's not me.. they will have me... and Howie...

E: I don't know how they are going to do it.. I've given them suggestions... but... it's part of the game...

BB: hey Eric, sorry to interrupt, but could you come to the diary room for a minute?

E: you haven't had enough of me yet? sure...

Eric and Rachel hug before he leaves to DR and she continues to clean the kitchen

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Cam1 - Eric is napping outside

Cam2 - the fish are swimming

Cam3 - Rachel is doing morning fixup in the bathroom

Cam3 - unknown HGs are sleeping

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Rachel/Eric outside

R: this has been good for me, because usually I can't sleep with any light/noise

E: you kind of get used to it

R: I feel like I'm cured! lol

E: you'll find happiness with a guy, you are too nice of a person, just don't force it... every time I've tried to force it...

R: my last relationship was like that

E: but you are maybe maybe maybe

R: red flag red flag red flag

E: it comes with wisdom... being on this earth a long time

R: I agree

E: before even coming in, you look back on your life, because they are doing background checks and stuff for the application process...

R: yep... most definately...

E: there was a lot of thinking taking place...

E: it's mentally draining because you are constantly thinking

R: that's why I'm so tired at the end of the day

E: I'm used to being around men and women of honor and integrity, maybe higher than normal because of the job they are in, so for me it was difficult... which is my fault, not their fault... because they used that to the best of their advantage...

E: I'm not saying this to make you feel bad, just verbalizing my own thoughts

R: if I didn't feel bad I wouldn't be human

E: but there are some in here that don't feel bad, they think it's part of the game, and that's ok... like I said I'm ready, I learned I'll never volunteer for something that takes me away from my family.... I'll never do it again... Julie, she is my best friend, doesn't make a move without us talking, we always talk, someone to bounce it off of, has to be difficult for her... and she is a strong, strong, strong woman, but you still need someone to bounce things off...

R: I sure hope I'm as lucky as you are one day

E: I've said, you could have had any man you want, I'm the lucky one, she chose me, or we chose each other...


Eric moving the pool cleaning hoses around... Maggie is up and outside with Rachel/Eric, Jen up in the bathroom

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(*Rise and Shine*)

Eric and Maggie outside talking. (and rachel.. i think)

Jennifer inside woke up.. shes brushing her teeth.

Eric: I haven't dreamed for the past three nights.

Maggie: I have very vivid dreams.


Howie sat up on his bed and looked around then went back to sleep.


Maggie, Eric, Rachel are upset the other people on another lot are having a BBQ early in the mroning.

Eric saids its ribs but Rachel saids its hashbrowns.. then eric saids if it makes you happy in Rachel's little world.. then you can think its hashbrowns.

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Eric/Rachel/Maggie on the patio

M: today's only Tuesday isn't it?

E: I was wondering if something's going on, because they took the stuff off the canvas... [?]

E: I'm ready to go back to work, and face all they will say... but I'm deserve it... if you put yourself out there...

M: if you go, go to the ER and say hello to everyone for me

R: will you get to go back to the same hospital

M: maybe

E: I think there are some there that will want her back... I really didn't get to see her work much until right before the show... they are busier so we try to stay away from them... we brought them a code... cardiac arrest...

talk of taxes, Vegas, horses...

Jenny comes out to join them... Eric says she seems all happy this morning.. she says it's because she's done her morning stuff, brush hair, contacts/etc...

Maggie's arm fell asleep rubbing Jen's back lastnight...

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Maggie,Rach, Eric and jenny are at the patio talking about april and how she was on a rampage last night.

J: i should have brought another person in the game with me. She talks about me behind my back

E: what?

J: yeah, i know.. she has said stuff behind my back, i already know this.

Jen is talking about how the other houseguest's don't like her because she is so quiet.

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Conversation on the patio.

Eric and Rachael are talking to jenny about her relationship with dan, Rachael is telling jenny that she was once in a situation like she was and can't elaborate any further on it due to them being on national tv.

Jen feel's that with the public only seeing her one side and not the whole story is making her look like the victim which she says isn't the case.

Eric is blabbing about the other houseguest's who he chooses not to talk with because of how they play the game. talking about *james-howie*

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James is awake.. he is blowing his nose in the bathroom area.

Eric is talking about his firefighting duties and stories with Maggie.. outside at the smoking table. Rachel is also sitting there listening.

Ivette inside the kitchen making breakfast.

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10:05 am BBT

Eric and a few still outside at the patio listening to eric tell a very "long" story about firefighters and such.

Fish an all 4 cams

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Rach/Jen/Eric/Mag on patio

discuss what BB isn't giving them... garlic... Biotene for April's mouth...

E: how about if she stops smoking? I quit... started dipping, but then I quit that...

M: she's gonna run out...

E: then she'll be...

J: gonna be?!?!? lol then she started talking behiind my back...

E: behind? she was doing that to your face!

J: I mean later... I should have brought a closer friend...

M: you need a friend in the house...

J: she's talking about me...

E: no she isn't ...

J: she is to Ivette

E: you all need to figure this out before Thursday...

brief fish... [?]

J: it's not a big deal... it's because we are so opposite... a lot in the house think I'm strategizing, because I'm quiet... if she was a close friend from home, she'd know that and say she's just like that... most times I'm quiet I'm not thinking about the game, I'm thinking about Dan

M: most times people are talking it's about your relationship with Dan[that she has been with him so long with no commitment?]

J: many think I'm insecure because of it...

M: I know your heart is slowly breaking

E: some say Dan this and Dan that... I say you don't know the man... there are 3 sides... I haven't met the man... it's between you Dan and the Lord... it will work out one way or the other...

(another HG joins them)

R: you know what I've said... after this, I'll tell you more about my last one... I understand... there may be certain aspects about yours that I understand, and I'll share later

J: there are things you can't say because we are on tv... I thought about not saying things because we are on tv, but the part I'm saying makes me look like a victim...

E: I don't judge you because of what you've saie

R: everything you do, you learn

E: some things you say and do you can't take back

R: very very true

E: but the way you learn that is by doing... but I don't regret the mistakes[fish-wakeupcall?]


(Ivette is out with them)

E: hey Ivette, did you take my hat off the nightstand? (yes she did)

E: back to conversation: I don't have ill will towards them... I don't resent them, they played their game within their confines... I just choose not to talk to them... it's not to intimidate them or any of that stuff... I think people understand that... it's not an intimidation thing

M: it's so funny, when people use the word intimidation, I don't feel that way, ever... you know, Boston did that to me... work, walk down the street I want... people eat that stuff alive... don't know if it's the way my dad raised me... I think people are scary.. but they don't intimidate me... I don't have time for that... I don't give them the choice.... but people scare me... patients lol

E: last callback I was on, roll up on a motor vehicle accident, go past another one on the way... first doesn't have injuries... I tell the ambulance let's go to the other.. he jokes with me... is that a direct order? I hear on the radio from my friend... I need the police, expidite... I call on the radio.. are you code-4.. meaning are you ok, he says yes, but expidite... then he says how long, he's seconds from saying he is in trouble... we head there... as we pull up we see a guy posturing up to my buddy...

M: why didn't he get back in the ambulance...

E: he's 220.. big dude.. from Chicago...

M: I'm trying to think who it is...

E: has a Cubs tatoo right here...

M: I know who that is!

E: I get out, call on radio, we are code-4 but it's esculating...

R: code-4 is ok... can't you do a code-5? it's getting worse? [lol]

E: we had another that could speak spanish, and he de-esculated it right away... I asked my buddy, were you intimidated? He said no way! it was just a fender bender, but the guy was trying to leave...

M: we just say bye-bye...

Eric telling other stories about calls to bad areas/drugs... Maggie suggest not giving so much detail, station numbers/etc... we end up with fish...

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10:29 am BBT

HG's are at the patio talking about some nasty things. Eric is telling them that "gross" is when you go to kiss your grandpa and he sticks his tongue down your throat. * maggie looks disgusted*

Maggie started singing and bb provided us with fish!

Feed returns..

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back from about 15 minutes of fish...

Mag/Iv/Rach/Eric/Jen at patio... Iv/Eric continuing an explaination about 'something' that gives the smart choice about losing weight... a book Ivette has been reading? Iv says she lost 10 pounds, then went into sequester and only had junk, and bars... Maggie questions her, bars?!?! ohh, granola bars and the like... April starts to share, and back to fish...


badk from fish, nothing seems to have change... Maggie sharing she went thru 2 years of college in Calif to be a doctor, decided to be a nurse instead, but her credits wouldn't transfer in Calif, so she ended up in UMass Boston for 3 years...

HGs question what time it is... Ivette says it's time for breakfast, Rachel says it's pre-lunch time for her! [lol]

Eric says his finger is better... 'almost closing up'... Jen wants to touch it and says 'it is soft and gooey!'

Maggie wishes she'd brought more Boston clothing, but didn't want to push the pairing with Eric... Ivette shares that Beau's plan is to come on to Howie in exchange for voting to keep Eric...

E: if I'm not going to grovel, I don't want Beau to grovel in his own way! lol

(Rachel/Jen get to hear about it also)

discussion that BB changed Jen's haircolor before going in the house, now she wants it touched up, but doesn't know how to do it even if they provide the supplies...


talk of dogs, training the dogs... dogs sleeping in bed... snoring dogs....

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