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7/24 - Live Feed Updates


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  • 1 month later...

10:36 BBT The whole house in Jesse's new HOH room...Picture looking, Letter reading and ass kissing..you know the spiel..

10:38 BBT People are now leaving and Jordan heads to kitchen to eat/make cookies and discovers "their frozen"...but eats the frozen "cookie dough" anyway..

Her and Lydia in the bathroom and Jordan talking with her mouth full and Lydia can't {or I} understands..

10:41 BBT Kevin is still in HOH..just talking..with Natalie talking about wine....and Casey listening to music..Lydia reenters..

In the kitchen the girls Chima and Michele are eating again...and talking about the rougue vote...Chima "shady bastard" Chima "it was him"....time for him to go.....{I didn't hear who she was talking about but I'm thinking its Casey}

10:44 BBT Jeff and Jordan outside "I'm glad he won" and Jeff tells her her and Michele will go up as pawns "GOOD GOD" Jordan bellows as Jeff tells her that Ronnie is the target..She tells Jeff that they need to eat healthy to be good at comps...Jeff saying he's glad he won and he tried...Jordan wants him to stay up Jesse's ass......Jordan wants to not Pick Jesse because he can put him up.........{if she has to pick another popular since she's the only one} she's adamant not to pick him and Jeff keeps telling her to "pick him"..

Casey comes out and starts about the Ronnie plan....Casey says Jesse "isn't that dumb"..and Jeff says he wants to be nice but since Ronnie backstabbed him he wants to not speak to him..

Casey agrees he'll tell Ronnie not to talk to him..Casey says when Ronnie gets evicted he's going to say "who got who" {ummm oh oh}

10:50 BBTTalking about Ronnie getting into Jesse's ear and messing up the plan.. for the 10th time casey says "i'm sure Jesse's not that stupid" not putting Ronnie making everyone bad "except Natalie" who's drunk the "Kool_aid" and says he could shit on "that bitch' and she wouldn't be mad...

Jeff says he's going to "lay low" and Casey says he is too.

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10:55 BBT

casey must instinctively think something's up[ as he keeps saying Jesse's stupid if he doesn't follow through..

Jordan says if they noticed how happy he was when Jesse won...

Casey says he's happy since he really has no friends and that was the ebst for him outt everybody..

Casey tells Jordan "be nice to people" and Jeff says "shit's changing" and two people have to go up and two people are "gonna be upset"

10:57 BBT Chima telling Michele and "i trust you" and says she'll go to bat for her as Michele feels she's getting nominated..

Casey talking about had they won they would still have to go after Ronnie and not "deplete" their numbers...Casey says about Jesse being stupid about not going through with the plan.....

Jordan tells Casey "i wished you would have got it" and casey says "it would be wasted week"..Now they are ragging on Michele..Jeff think's she's "bi polar" and Jordan says "she's wierd" and Casey can't figuire out why she has a "red nose" he can't tell if "she has been crying or is her nose just red"...They think she was the rogue vote for Laura..

11:02 BBT Natalie comes out and Casey says "how happy Ronnie was" people are nervouse Jesse isn't sticking "to the plan" Natalie says she hasn't talked to him but "I assume" Jesse's sticking to the plan..

11:01 BBTCasey getting worked up saying he "ain't God" "The bitch ain't Superman" and why people are scared of him...Natalie says Jesse was going to give it to him...but Jeff said he wanted to play for it because "either way" he was safe..but wishes he was "up there" listening to "Bob Marley"

11:05..Casey going on about Ronnie...and Natalie saying she understands...

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11:08 BBT Jeff/Jordan/Jordan says "we aren't talking to him" and Natalie "ok"..."Its an easy week..we're guaranteed another week"

11:10 BBT they are still talking about Ronnie and out walks Jesse....Natalie says "I'm gonna hit the hay and see what Jesse's thinking"..Casey says againg he would be stupid..."blah blah"..she leave Jeff says "i hope it doesn't get twisted" Casey saying like her saying "i don't think he's gonna do it" and words get all mixed up...

Upstairs Lydia in the Tub while Kevin sitting on the side...Jesse and Natalie sit at the Chess table and fills in Jesse about Casey's rant of "going against the whole house"...Jesse "whatever" and telling Natalie saying to Jesse casey "putting on the target on his back"..Up comes Russell and Natalie in full hyper mode....Jesse says about Casey "he doesn't say it to my face"...Jesse "its not his HOH" and entertain the thought what's "in his best interest"..Jesse says he's going to listen to everyone and if they don't "have the balls" to tell him they want Ronnie out..{inaudible whisper}

11:15 BBT Russ saying Casey is "more of a threat" than Michele..because Casey will come after us...Jesse says he's just gona listen and tells them "don't obligate me" to put up people...and Jesse says they are not going "to strong arm me" to "fuck myself" and do a move that benefits "them"..Jesse saying he wants Michele to go first..saying its awkward around her...Pluss he would rather know someone "is comming after me" than someone who he doesn't know where they stand..

11:20BBT Outside Jeff/Jordan.Caset talking and Jeff gets up to go brush their teeth.....Casey says "scraps" is probably twisting his words to Jesse...

Jeff goed to BR and Casey follows..

Upstairs Kevin plants himself at the chess table so all game talk stops..Nat leaves..and send to some "food" and a "couple advils" and she goes to get those items for Russ and Jesse..

11:22 BBT Michele and Jeff brushing their teeths and Jeff says sorry for hacking one up..and Michele says she isn't grossed out..Jeff 'yeah you're married"

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11:25 BBT Natalie really making her rounds this time to Ronnie in the SR..She says she can't tell him who Jesse's putting him up....but Natalie says "we're not putting you up or backdooring you" and Ronnie says he talked to Chima and has started to smooth things over and says "next week is endurance and wil "throw it to you since you haven't had it"

11:27 BBT Ronnie sitting at the table while Natalie prepares food..

Outside Jeff and Jordan "need to have some big dawgs knocked off".."Russell" "Jesse" and get "natalie outta here"........Jordan says she wants to win.. and tells her to "step up" telling her today's HOH "you were in only one who missed'

Both think Michele and Casey going up..Jeff "he's getting on people's nerves".........Casey and Russel were caught "scheming" by Jeff hope they were talking about "knocking Jesse off..not me"...

Jeff says in the real world he'd shut people "in two seconds"...he says some ing about slamming people into concrete..Jordan "Anger management" and Jordan "you scare me" when Jeff says to her "step it up" and Jordan says she knows she's going on "slop again" and Jeff wishes he could go...

Jeff: "casey and Lydia would flip on slop"...Jordan "you did good today"..Jeff "I shoulda won" Jordan "you shoulda" and Jeff what you "fucking mean..I got it in the thing" and reassures him he did good..

Jeff saying he doesn't "see that happening" and Ronnie flip...Jeff telling her "I want you here....it helps me get through each day you make me smile and shit" as Jordan is worried he's carrying her...Jeff says he goal to "get to the jury house" and he's going to make sure she does..

Jeff says next time "practice" even though she's tired....Jordan says "I would die" if Jeff went before her...

11;36 BBT Jeff and Jordan talking about Michele worried about someone "coming after her" and Jordan reassured her know one does.. ....

Jeff saying the little snit her and michele got into when she said he wanted her gone..."she's crazy"

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11:39 BBT Lydia and Jesse talking about Michele and the rogue vote for Laura...lydia "if she lied about something that small she'll lie about something" Gigantic

11:40 BBT Jeff and Jordan stil talking how she ate her pizza cold....."do you think this is going to look bad' as her head is near his crotch...she giggles and he doesn't seem amused..

Back in HOH "casey's a douche" Lydia says as Jesse complains about him "running his mouth"

Lydia complimenting his baby pictures..Jesse "look at those eyes"....Jeese what scares you more..Atletes having 4 people....or Michele" and Lydia says "Michele"...Lydia ragging on Natalie walking around telling people what Jesse is going to do...Lydia warns 'its too high risk' to let people know they talk to Ronnie..Jesse "too mant people talk" and Lydia "natalie is the biggest' Jesse "i know it pisses me off"

They are talking who should go Casey or Michele and both agree Michele...

11:46 BBT Jeese warning Lydia what he tells her he's not to tell Natalie...and they argue..

In pool room...Ronnie apologizing to Michele...in Hindsight" he should have told them he was changing his vote....Michele & Ronnie leave and Ronnie walking around by himself...

11:48 Lydia and Jesse still arguing..Jesse saying "talk to me seriuosly" without "your little girl voice" and she has to cover her eyes..to not talk to "her little girl voice"....but her voice turns to it as Jesse stops her....they are arguing over when they hit each other him in the eyes...her with the pillow..

11:51 BBT Jordan says she needs to pick "russell" for her team if she has to..and Jeff sends he doesn't think "it will come to that"..."maybe they'll just leave you" and Jeff says he has no idea what will happen..

They said if they would have laughed if they would have fallen in the hottub like Natalie did..

Jordan feels bad people are being mean and lonely but "she can't give in" and Jordan says she cares about people..and Jeff says even when people stab you in the back...they playfully argue..Out comes Casey..

11:55 BBT Jeff/Jordan/Casey head back into the kitchen to eat before the have/have not tomorrow..

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12:00 BBT Jesse analyzes Lydia's game.....and Lydia complains about Ruseell and Jesse says Russell has lied to everyone but he can't do anything about it....

Jesse says thete will come a time when she will have to do his talking "for me" and tells her she'll know whn....Lydia"behind every great guy there's a great lady"...

Lydia thinks Jesse won't make enemies with saving Ronnie..

Jesse calling her smart...and Lydia 'i'm so not smart"

Lydia says there is no way "kevin will befriend Ronnie" again so warns Natalie about "spilling the beans"...

12:05 BBT foth....

12:07 BBT Downstairs everyone minus Ronnie/Jesse?lydia standing around the bar eating and talking..Ronnie walks by without talking to anyone..

Jesse has joined the group...just talking about nothing special...

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12:13 BBT

Natalie going on about her "tuna" but "will skip the egg" since "jesse' was getting crabby and Jeff goes "oh Jesse doesn't want it"...Casey says "jesse can you request tomato"

Natalie decides to put egg for those who want it ....Natalie called to DR and says "i'm taking the tuna with me" and she did...

12:17 BBT Everyone waiting for Natalies Tuna while Jeff says if he gets HOH he's going to request "jardiniere" telling them how good it is..

12:21 BBT general chit chat as the late night feasting continues in anticipation for tomorrow's food comp.


12:23 BBT Pretty much the same everyone getting to eat minus Ronnie and Natalie who's in DR..

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12:30 BBT

Natalie out of the DR and is finishing up her tuna sandwiches...Chima "jeff Jordan you and Natalie are cute together" Chima says..Natalie gets excite did you hear that "we're cute"...

Natalie saying "there's no romance" to Kevin....and says "i'll sue you for slander"..and Kevin says they signed away all their rights to sue even if they died and get BB warning

Chima "no ones ever died".."knock on wood"

Kevin..if all the athletes get picked for POV" Kevin says....Chima says "check the bag"..

12:36 BBT Slop Talk basically talking about how much they would take to be on slop...

Jesse getting irritated the tuna is not done.. a lot of useless banter...this happening on all 4 feeds...

Ronnie sitting at the table and offered his expertise on boiled eggs... natlie starts shoeveling in the mayo..as her tuna nears completion..

Chima asks "where's Jordan sleeping"...and Natalie complaining about giving up her bigger bed.."its the same size"...Lydia says she doesn't want to sleep with Michele who has "night spasms" and Natlie and Lydia argung about the beds..Lydia tells her "I'm done discussing this" and Natalie "why don't you ask Jesse to sleep with him"

12:44 BBT Lydia goes out to complain to Casey.....saying she hasn't had to shared "do you know how bad I want to kick that soap box beneath her" ..Lydia complains about the athletes..Casey says "they haven't had to experience the anxiety"

12:47 BBTCasey "hope he sticks to the plan" talk

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12:48 BBT "she's got the little chiuaua walk down" as Lydia complains about Natalie walking around like she owns the place....Lydia wants to win HOH "to have music to escape to"

Lydia really in bitchy complaining mode...as she talks to Casey.."I know Chima's getting fed up with her shit too" abouit Natalie....Lydia tells casey "i was asked if I intentionally threw it today" ....

12:51 BBT Lydia "if their names get pulled out for the veto..NO" and Lydia says they tell her to stop playing "the what if game" and says "they play the what if game"...Lydia says "i just want her to stay away from me"...Lydia "ronnie is so Lucky jesse won" saying if he has "a glimmer of hope" it with Jesse..

casey "i hope Jesse's not that easily influenced"....Lydia complaing Jesse and Jeff act like "best friends"..Casey says he knew it "time heals old wounds"...Casey says everything is speeded up in here..."the healing proccess is speeded up in her"

Lydia goes back to the bed arguement....and says "fuck off" about Natalie...

12:54 BBT Lydia says "i told Jesse your demise will be" because of Natalie.......

Casey says "there can come a time" for Jesse and his "home girl"..

Casey "please don't repeat this" and pleads her not to tell "even Kevin".....Lydia says by tomorrow "i'm gonna says everything to her I said to you" Casey says to "wait for after nominations" she sagrees..

lydia says at home if she was her roommate "I would hide her shit"

12:58 BBT..."it may keep you off the block" about biting her tongue about Natalie for 24 hrs....Talking about tomorrow's comp and noms....

Talking about Jordan's situation and Lydia says "we'll get her" and Casey says 'i'll take her" Lydia and Casey says they don't plan on talking to Ronnie...and casey sasy"ill give Jesse the benefit of the doubt" Jesse will follow through the plan..if not "he'll have a hornets nest"

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1:03 BBT

Russell comes out to tel Lydia they worked out the sleeping arrangements.....Lydia caller her "a spoiled brat" as Russell will take the have nots room...."I'm a tank when I sleep"

lydia telling Russell she doesn't want him to. and tells him "i want to sleep all night"

Casey says to take the offer while Lydia says "i have a principle I'm sticking to" and goes on about Natalie not comprmisind..and says "i don't want to talk about it"

1:05 BBT Jesse comes out and sits on the couch...

Inside Russell tells Natalie "to drop it" we "tried to give her a bed"

Kevin tells Natalie "i have an idea why don't you sleep in HOH"

1:07 BBT Russell says she doesn't want to double with Michele.. and russ says he'll sleep in the have not.."its over its done with"..and says "this is ridiculous"

The bed situation seems to be defused for the moment...

Russ says if BB can turn on the AC and warn him it gets cold and may want to dress appropriately..

1:11 BBT Jesse sitting mostly silent as Casey complains about Ronnie playing the "sympathy card..like a wounded duck"

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1:12 "i don't think he gives a shit anymore" about casey "scratching his balls" and Jesse ask if he always does that..

jesse asking about Lydia going to bed and tells Jesse she's staying awake..Ronnie come out "night night" and Jesse "have a good night big man"

Jesse "what you think" and Lydia "about what" and jesse talking about Casey ..she says they have to talk about Casey "in your room' just in case someone walks out..jesse tells her "fair enough" and Jesse asks what she thinks of his pics..and convo turns to all about him..

1:16 BBT Natalie pokes her head out to tell Jesse "hey..I'm going upstairs"..as she heads to the HOH..and jesse moves to get up as he talks to Lydia about her tights..and how he doesn't have friens who wears the..she hits him "not a bad thing" and makes fum of her "lash out"....Lydia huffs and Jese says "don't huff at me"

1;20 BBT Natalie and Russ talking in BR saying they need to beat "it to his head" to get Casey nominated and evicted... and says they'll "bombared him with that pressure"

Natalie saks about Lydia..."she's being a drama queen..fuck her"..and Nat asks "is she mad at me" and Russ says "fuck her" as they head ro red BR and discuss the bed situation with Jeff.

1:22 BBT and Lydia talking shit about Natalie..saying she "milks it" about her shoulder injury..."she doesn't let thigs go..she keeps egging them on..and just won't drop it"

Michele comes out asking if it was her..and Lydia says she moves and Michele says its because of Casey's snoring..and it wasn't her but someone else "who put me in a bad mood"

1:25 BBT Jesse wants to talk with Lydia about who's talked to him and the info she's gathered..Lydia laying asying "ok" sotly..Lydia "you shouldn't keep the child waiting" and "it is like that to some extent' as he tells her 'it isn't like that" Lydia goes in "to put pants on"

{i'm checking out be back tomorrow}

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2:14am It appears Lydia & natalie had a argument. in HOH Room Natalie is complaing about Lydia to Jesse & Outside Lydia is complaing to Kevin. Lydia thinks shes gonna be nominated because of Natalie. Jesse tells Natalie "dont show your cards until shes out the door and then you can say, see week 3." Jesse tells Natalie Lydia is takin a plan ou tof Ronnie' book. Jesse tells Natalie to everyone knowledge the two people goin up wwill be pawns. Just make sure youre quiet, Lydia likes puttin her own spin on things. Natalie says Rusell told her Hes gonna talk to Casey then come to you. Jesse says hes gonna do what he wants not Ronnie, hes not afraid to get blood on his hands. Jesse: "Chima is shady, Kevin wont win anything. I want to talk to Casey/Jeff becasue if Jordan is my downfall then its your fault(Natalie)." Natalie is talkin very quick(Lol). Jesse & Natalie say we need to keep winning to win HOH, Ronnie wilol never hurt us. I dont want Casey to go home but I want to put him up. Natalie says if he goes up hes goining homne.

2:22am Natlaie keeps bringin up Casey. Jesse says how Casey screwed them twice. Natlaie tells him "If I or Ronnie dont win HOH next week were both gonna be on the block." Natalie saying how Casey gonna come after them & Casey's gonna win comps soon. Jesse says how the house wants him to put up two targets and get rid of Ronnie. Natalie says for him to put up a pawn(Michelle) & a traget, and one only upset the target. Jesse says yeah but they wont get over. Natalie says how bout insttead of Michelle put up Lydia.

2:28am Natalie says Ronnie is true we will never lie to us. Natalie says how Lydia is lair and will lie to anyone.

2:31am Jesse tells Natalie she has to stop filling in the gray area when talking, dont let pewople now anything play oppossum, Natalie "I wanted to win this week I will next week." Jesse: "You said that last week." Natalie "You were lucky it wasnt a real comp." Jesse: "You have to adapt." Natalie says she dosnet want Lydia to go home but she wants to break us up. Jesse says she wont win a comp and she wants to look weak.

2:35am Jesse says how Kevin/Lydia are playin it self sayin Casey to go home, as its a person that cant come back at them because he on their team. Jesse says "Little Momma(Natalie) you scare me with your mouth, you let everyone from LA to NY on Neon Lights on my back saying what im gonna do." She dosnet want to hear anyting. Jesse says "The more you talk the more you bury us. Right?" (Shes quiet)

2:38am Jesse feels sad how Ronnie is. But Jesse & Natalie agree they will pull Chima's key 1st. Natalie is talkin about havin to get Ronnie back in with everyone instead of being excluded. Jesse & Natalie watch Lydia/Michelle talk in the kitchen.

Lydia is bashing Natalie on how she is just sticking to Jesse the entire game.

2:41am Natalie says she wants to tell Chima what we are doing, he disagrees. Jesse says Jordan would be the easiet to put up. natlaie says no becasue of Jeff. Jesse says Jeff cant put me up, Kevin & Lydia cant win. Jesse wants Michelle to go home. If Michelle wins POV Casey goes home. It has to be defint not possibly though(they still discussing options)

(Im out see u all soon)

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5:45 BBT

Jessie and Lydia have been in the HOH room talking for some time. Jessie is throwing out the different options he has. Once he tells Lydia he is thinking about keeping Ronnie she starts to get mad. She tells him that Natalie is going to be his down fall. He is going to piss off more people then he thinks.

6:15 BBT

Jessie wants Lydia to sleep with him in the HOH but Lydia said she will get shit from the others if she sleeps up there after there was such a big deal made about the bed situation earlier.

Lydia turns out the lights and leaves. Jessie says something about "he should have parked the car???" and then says "good night america, I love you" ( I'm going to vomit now) :lipsrsealed2:

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6:30 BBT

All HG are sleeping. Casey got up (camera did not follow him) came back shortly and went back to bed. Jeff is very restless because he said earlier that it was very hot in the house and he was having a hard time sleeping. Apparently the HOH room is the only cool room in the house right now.

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7:40 BBT

Lydia gets up, changes her batteries and goes up to the HOH and gets in bed with Jessie.

8:10 BBT

Jeff and Rat get up and head to bathroom, Rat goes and changes batteries. Jeff goes back to bed, Rat goes in bathroom.

Rat heading back to bed (ok...... I mean Ronnie)

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10:30 BBT

Michele, Lydia and Jordan in bathroom doing makeup. Russ is walking around in there. Seems like the topic is music.

Nat and Jessie are in his HOH bed talking. Jess can't figure out why Chima would be mad if he kept Ronnie b/c Ron is in her group. He says when he tried explaining this to Lydia last night, she told him not to talk down to her and she got mad.

Nat seems to think Lydia threw the HOH comp, saying if it were POV, Lydia would have hit the #7. Jess wonders what the food comp will be and if they'll have to eat bugs. Nat says even if she wasn't guarenteed food, she wouldn't eat bugs.

10:35 BBT

Nat gets out of bed and says she's surprised that Ronnie hasn't been upstairs to talk to Jessie. Nat is saying others have expected Ronnie to go up and she told them it's not like Jessie will be mean to him and tell him he can't go up there. Nat says others have said hopefully Ronnie won't brainwash Jessie and Nat laughs and tells Jessie that those people are stupid b/c Nat and Jessie are the ones brainwashing Ronnie. Nat goes downstairs.

10:40 BBT

Ronnie and Jordan are both using the bathroom mirror, but no talking. Casey and Chima talking about wrinkles and creams in the kitchen, where many other hgs are, making breakfast.

10:45 BBT

Chima goes upstairs and climbs in bed with Jess. He wants to know why her and Kevin want Ronnie out. Nat comes in and tells Jess Ronnie is nearby. She climbs on the bed with them. Michele then knocks on the door and Jess asks her to give him a minute and he'll talk to her then.

Chima states that she doesn't think Ronnie is trustworthy enough to keep around. She says both her and Michele threw the HOH comp. Chima's worried Ronnie will pull his stunt again, but this time on her and the other jocks. Chima asks if they want Ronnie in the jury house and Jessie says you're not allowed to talk game in the jury house and tells Chima his knowledge if the jury house. Jess says Ronnie didn't put him up last week and Nat says Ronnie came through for them. Chima states she realizes that ROnnie played the whole house, but to their advantage and Jess says that's why the other side want him out. Chima says if Ronnie doesn't go, then she wants Casey out and Jess says that's the plan. Chima giggles and says she likes the plan then.

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This is a little out of order, but still important.

10:15 BBT Jesse and Natalie discussing nominatons. It looks like Jesse is going to put up Jordan and Michelle. If someone wins the POV and takes off one of the nominees, he will put up Lydia or Kevin. Jesse seems to want to keep Casey safe, but Natalie wants him to go up.

Jesse is really gunning for Michelle to go home. He feels Jeff and Jordan will feel like they are just being picked on, but since neither of them came and talked to him (Jesse) he does not feel bad putting her up again. He says he gave Jeff a chance last night, but he never said anything.

Jesse doesn't understand why everyone would want Ronnie out. He is really worried about putting someone else up and then the POV being used and him not putting Ronnie up. He is trying to cover his tracks to keep the least amount of people mad at him. He is going to stress to Michelle and Jordan that they are just pawns for the time being. (IMHO - He is trying to keep Ronnie safe while telling the least amount of people until he sees what happens with the POV.)

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10:52 BBT - Chima, Nat, and Jesse discussing who to put up. NOW...Jesse seems to agree with the other two and the goal is to get out Casey. They will still put up Jordan and Michelle, but backdoor Casey. Chima seems okay now with not getting out Ronnie.

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10:50 BBT

Jess tells her that Michele and Jordan will go up and they'll backdoor Casey. Jess says that only Russ and Casey give Ronnie a hard time, and if Casey leaves, Russ might calm down. Chima thinks Casey voted to keep Laura in the house and her and Nat say they believe Michele that she didn't vote to keep Jordan. Jess says Michele only tells the truth when she's backed into a corner and can't find any other way to get out of a situation.

They discuss Lydia and Michele and then talk turns to who threw the HOH comp, and Jessie says Lydia threw it b/c Jess was in the lead and Lydia wouldn't want to make 2 enemies.

11:05 BBT

Jess confirms that Michele and Jordan go up, with the plan of backdooring Casey. Chima states that it's more beneficial for her for Casey to leave over Ronnie. Jess says he's not going to lie to the hgs and say he's going to backdoor Ronnie. He tells them Michele will go if they can't backdoor Casey and Jess is going to put Chima's key first.

Michele and Ronnie are chatting outside the HOH door by the chess table. Lydia, Jordan, Kevin, Russ and Jeff in the recycled room. Lydia says Nat is attached to Jess and Russ says it's a dual HOH (Nat and Jess). They start to bash Ronnie and how Jessie won't tell them what Ron and Jess talk about.

They think Ronnie is talking to Nat and Jess right now, and feeding them lies. Kevin says that none of them have talked to Ronnie, so Ronnie would be making up lies. Lydia says they should keep giving Ronnie the silent treatment.

11:15 BBT

Lydia wants all of them to go upstairs and wait outside the HOH door so they can read Ronnie's body language when he comes out. They all head upstairs and (LOL) join Ronnie and Michele on the couches. Jeff won't sit next to Ronnie, do he goes by the wall and sits.

Jess, Nat and Chima can tell that all the HGs are outside the door, so Chima leaves and tells Michele to go in there.

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11:20 BBT

Michele starts talking that they can count on her and she'll give them her vote. Jess asks her the same thing he asked Chima (Why do you want Ronnie gone and how will it benefit you) and Michele says Ronnie is on her team and how Ronnie was in a bad spot when he was found out. Michele says if the job this week is to get Ronnie out, she'll go along with it and then asks Jess if that's the plan. Jess says no, but he's going to ask everyone in the house the same two questions.

Nat joins Jess in bed and he and Michele are talking. Nat asks Michele if whatever happens this week, if Michele doesn't go home, it's b/c of Jessie and Nat wants to know if Michele will not put Jessie and Nat on the block (IDK how Nat managed to get a safety deal) and Michele seems to agree without agreeing. She says she's thankful for not being put up the first week and Nat shes if she wins next week, Michele is not her target.

11:30 BBT

Michele leaves and Jess asks her to get Kevin. He asks Kev the same two questions, to which Kev replies down the line, he can see Ronnie planting a seed of doubt about him and Kev wants to minimize that.

Michele is in the recycled room, talking with Jordan and Russ, who are laying arm in arm.

Upstairs, Jess repeats that if the whole house wants Ronnie out, he won't go against that, but doesn't think it's that smart. He asks Kev who, besides Ronnie, he'd want out, and Kev says Casey or Jeff. Jessie's whole thing about keeping Ronnie is that Jess made the NBK deal with them all, and if he goes against Ronnie, then it's like he's going back on his word with the whole group, and slapping the NBK group in the face. Kevin tries to tell Jessie that if you look at the NBK as a contract, then Jessie agreed after false pretences, and technically, the contract is then null and void, b/c Ronnie lied to them. Jessie says that's why he's asking everyone, to see what they think of it all.

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11:45 BBT

Kevin leaves and Jordan joins Jess and Nat. Nat says she's trying to sleep (whatever) and Jess asks Jordan the same 2 questions. Jordan starts her pitch about why Ronnie needs to go. Jess asks if Ron goes and Jordan wins HOH, who will she put up and Jordan gives her word that Jess and Nat won't go up (again, Nat gets this HOH free safety pass).

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11:45 bbt

Jordan upstairs talking to Jessie.. she still trying to pursue Jessie to nominate Ronnie..

Jessie asks what she would do if she wins next HOH?

Jordan" I swear to God I wont put you two up (Jessie and Natalie)

Jessie" Good, But who you put up?"

Jordan" I dont know, It changes everyday.. I swear to God it wont be you two.."

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11:55 BBT

Jordan leaves and Ronnie enters. Jess asks him the same 2 questions (LOL) and Ronnie says he doesn't want Ronnie out and it wouldn't benefit him if Ronnie left. Jess tells Ronnie he lied to them when Ron said the other side wanted Jess out and Ron tries to tell Jess that Jordan did say she'd put Jess up. Jess wants to hear what Russ said to Ronnie word for word and Ron tells him what happened. Jess asks where his loyalty lies and Ron said them two and Chima, if she'll still have him. Jess tells Ron to talk with Chima.

Jess is not babying Ronnie and tells Ron not to trust Russ b/c he says a lot of stuff about them.

Ronnie tells them how Michele approached him last night and Michele asked him if he had any deals to stay in this week and he said no, b/c he hasn't talked to anyone and how Michele said the rumor going around the house is that Ron has a deal to stay this week. Jess says Michele is trying to act like she runs this sh*t. They talk about how Casey is saying a lot of stuff behind Ron's back.

Ron says that he's the only non athlete to have won any competition this week. (I guess Chima and Casey winning the Have Not comp doesn't count...)

Jess tells Ron to be truthful to him and Nat and Russ will continue to tell Ron lies about him and Nat. Jess says that him and Nat have been going along with the rest of the house and Ron understands that.

12:05 BBT

Jeff and Jordan are in bed together in the red room.

12:10 BBT

Jess is called to the DR. Jess says Ron is not going up at all this week. Ron calls Jess his brother from another mother and Nat his sister from another mister.

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