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7/11 - Live Feed Updates


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12:14 bbt Kevin Casey and Jeff working out .

Chima Russel Kevin and Nat talking about jeff how jeff is racist, he hates Chima coze she's 'no you doon'ttt' , he hates Kevin coze his gay

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12:20 BBT

Russell and his train are at the dining room table, REhashing the fight over and over again. Russell says Jeff doesn't like gays, blacks, no one but white people. Chima throws in he only like's blonds.

Jeff continues his workout outside with Casey and Braden.

12:30 BBT

Casey talking with Kevin about votes. Casey says the votes will be 5-5, with Kevin being the swing vote, who could make it 6-4 woth Lydia leaving. Casey says if that happens, they're down a player, and an extra person who could help them win HOH.

Kevin goes over to Russell, telling him he gave Lydia his word he would save her b/c she's in his clique. Russell says he understands and respects that. Asks who would Kevin pick as an alternative if Russ were to save Lydia. Kevin says Braden, and Russ say's he'll 'marinate' (consider) that option. Kevin asks if Russ will hate on him b/c of his loyalty and Russ says no way, he likes Kevin. Lydia joins them and Kevin comments on her tan.

ID LD called. The HGs head inside.

Jessie in HOH bathroom. Russ joins Nat at dining table. Lydia, Jeff, Jordan and Ronnie in pool room. Casey walks in and all others leave, but Ron and Jordan. Ron whispering with Jordan. Jordan thinks Jeff is pissed b/c no one stuck up for him. Ron says he doesn't want to say good person/bad person, but someone who deserves to win, actually win.

Feeds change to Casey, Laura and Russ in storage room. Casey talking about options using the veto. Russ using the thought of putting Braden up, saying he's one of the smartest people playing the game. Laura says Braden is on her team, but she'll deal with losing him. Russ thinks Casey is the brains of his alliance.

Russ leaves and Casey tells Laura he doesn't want to say final 2, but how they have similar interests and work together. He gives her advice, saying she knows the game and shouldn't make a definite tie with Russ. Kevin walks in and Casey tells them how he started to get in the arguement earlier, but realized he should just let them fight it out, especially since they're on the same team. Casey said he likes both Jeff and Russ.

They leave the storage room and all feeds change to Ronne, Nat and Jordan talking in pool room. Nat tells her she was gunning for Lydia and she made that clear and how Jeff doesn't talk to her team and how Nat feels alienated from the rest of her team. Jordan says she told Jeff to go talk with them. Nat says she feels like this is high school. Says she only has one person to talk to in the house, which is Jessie and Nat knows this is a stupid move.

Jeff walks in, gets something, and leaves. Nat apologizes to Jordan if she's disrespected her in any way. Nat says she thinks her and Jordan are being put in the middle b/c of who they hang out with. Jordan says she flirts with Jeff and Russ and her and Jeff are goofy friends. Nat agree the same with her and Jessie. Jordan says the whole jock team needs to talk. Nat says that they've tried to include Jeff with them. Says she wasn't in the arguement and that Jeff started on her, so she defended herself and how Jeff attacked her. Jordan says Nat, Jessie and Jeff need to talk together, w/o Russ right now, since he's still mad. Casey walks in, sits down and listens. Nat repeats she was just sitting there, doing nothing, and Jeff attacked her. Casey asks if she's sure about that, and he'll be interested in seeing the tapes. He says he's not trying to say she's wrong, but it doesn't make sense.

(You can view pics about all this at our picture forum!)

(Anyone else out there? Have to head out for a little bit.)

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1:09 bbt VOice " Russel Please Stop That'

1:10 bbt - FOTH

1:14 Jeff Ronnie and Kev in the spa room , ronnie tlking about his brother and how they used to fight. Kevin says that whn he fought with his bro they would punch but the face was off limits ( jeff is yummie)

Ronnie's wearing a black T-shirt with the writing DORK on it

1:17 FOTH

1:20 Russ is askin laura why she wants to be ina tub instead of a shower , she says that it's better to balance when ur shaving

Lydia is getting ready, jordans napping, Russel is in the shower now

Braden is getting ready to go the shower. Chimas doing a protein shake. MIchelle says that last nite she found a half of a chip and she was talking to it 'I love you' Nat is telling her not to do that coze the edits will show that michelle is crazy

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1:55 BBT

In the Have-Not room, Ronnie is whispering to Jordan that the new plan seems to be to get Braden out. This was after an earlier conversation that Ronnie had in the storage room with Russell, where Russell was talking about using the veto to get Braden put up and voted out, because he seemed to be the one playing the hardest right now and staying under the radar.

Jordan is sticking up for Jeff, whispering to Ronnie that he is a sincere person.

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1:45 Russ took ron to the storage room to ask what would ronnie think if russ would use the pov on lydia and backdoor braden. Ronnie was excited

2:00 ronnie tells jordan of the conversation he had with russell in the storage room

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2:40 BBT

Russell is now in the HoH room with Laura, and fills Laura in on his plan to take Lydia off the block and have Braden go up as her replacement.

Laura says that she thinks it is a great idea.

Jessie has gone down to take a nap (big surprise!) in Natalie's bed.

In the bubble-wrap room, Braden is lying on top of Jordan, with Jeff right next to them.

In the meantime, Lydia and Ronnie are talking major strategy in the Pool room.

2:55 BBT

Michelle has just left Jessie in the HoH room. They talked about the Braden eviction plan, and she was on board.

Now Lydia has come up, and Natalie is working with Jessie to tell Lydia the plan.

They are telling her that she will come off and will be safe.

3:10 BBT

Ronnie is sharing his observations from around the house with Jordan, Jeff and Braden in the bubble-wrap room.

For example "The number 3, 5, 7, 1 are written on a lot of things in this house". And "I've already calculated how many hours we've spent in the Have-Not room, in case they use that question in a competition".

3:15 BBT Braden explains to Jordan that he needs to at least make the jury, because he has lost/given up his beach-front apartment to come on Big Brother, so he will be really screwed if he gets evicted in the next few weeks. He also tells her that he has been on his own since he was 14, saying he is like a gypsy, travelling the world.

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3:30 BBT

Braden talking with Jeff and Jordan. He says if he's the first one out his life is going to change dramatically. He had a beach apartment in a hotel and he lost it when he went on the show. He says he'd resolve his court case and get out the country. Hang out in Australia because the girls are hot there. Jordan asks him what his court case is about and he says nothing, don't worry about it, it minor.

Kevin, Chima, Lydia and Laura in the bathroom talking about Ronnie always being in the diary room. They wonder if he's America's player. Or a relative of someone else . They call him teacher's pet.

They wonder if Michelle is a doctor because she works in a lab. They are now discussing the possibility of there being an honour roll and Ronnie being on it this week.

They are talking about where they buy their clothes. Target, American Apparel etc.

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3:30 BBT

Kevin, Lydia, hima and Laura in bathroom chatting. They think there may be a "teacher's pet" in the house (which would be a cool idea) and they talk about other theories, including him having a slop pass and eating lunch in the DR. (I think they were talking about Ronnie, but not sure)

Jordan, Jeff and Braden have been in the gym (recycled) room.

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3:38 BBT

Jordan and Jeff talking about this morning. Jeff says he was a little mad at Jordan this morning because they old him she was saying stuff about him and that people thought he was jealous and stuff.

They are talking about how people are making insinuations that they are more than friends because they hang out so much together. Jordan says we're just friends. She notices Braden head upstairs and she wonders if he'll say something. Jeff says he's pissed and is probably just going to see what's up. Says he (braden) pinky swore but who knows how far that goes around here.

3:50 BBT

They call Ronnie in. Ronnie is irritated because someone says stuff about him getting called in to DR.

Natalie to DR.

They tell Ronnie Braden went upstairs and are now talking about what that might mean.


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4:00 BBT

Jeff and Jordan are now in the kitchen - Jordan making pizza

Braden's back. Says he think he's done for the day.

Jeff's telling him not to say anything, to use it in his head when they talk to him and listen to what they are saying.

Braden is telling them about Jardiniere (it's like a salad with hot peppers and celery and cauliflower) says it's a Chicago thing. (sorry Braden it's a French thing!)

Apparently Michelle and Casey were playing a game as Lydia is yelling up "Who won, Michelle or Casey?" Natalie, Ronnie, Lydia and Chima are in the living room. Kevin just came in wearing the POV and did a little skit for them "Screw you b&tches, I'm not using this on either of you." Chima and Lydia laugh

Chima says her morale is down because she keeps loosing, she's sleeping on a hard bed, not eating and getting cold showers. They laugh.

Lock down is over.

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4:16am bbt - just heard nat, chima and ronnie in the red room and nat is telling chima that the plan is for russ to take lyd down and jes put braden up and everyone is voting out braden; chima says should a stipulation to lydia be that she has to vote braden out if rus takes her down with veto?; nat says it doesnt matter, we all will vote and that will make 5 and thats all we need; chima says who is we? nat says me, russ, ronnie, jordan and laura; as an after thought nat says they might have casey too.

4:17bbt - chima and nat still talking and nat telling her that lydia will be so grateful that we took her off we can use her next week to get jeff out

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4:10 PM BBT

Casey, Kevin and Laura outside. Casey smoking. Laura mentions getting called into DR and gets BB warning.

Inside:Natalie tells Chima that hey are taking Lydia off the block. Chima says there should be a stipulation that she has to vote for Braden if that's what they do.

All kinds of whispering and I missed what they were saying but it was something about which votes they had and not trusting someone. Natalie giving advice to Chima about saying that she wants to play and win comps. She's telling her to apologize to Lydia for a comment she made when they were wearing the lingerie and to be nice to her to make sure they get along for the next couple of weeks.

Natalie talking about how Braden is starting all kinds of drama and has to go. Chima says "Isn't Jeff (had wrong name here) going out next?" and Natalie says yes, get along with Lydia for the next couple of weeks because we need her.

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4:28 PM BBT

Jessie and Nat in the HOH room. Jessie just used the "If I told you, you had a nice body would you use it against me?" line. He's talking to her about how she needs to act like an 18 year old because she doesn't really. And then says stuff about some guys liking to date girls right out of highschool. He doesn't like anything fake, those other girls with their fake boobs, he doesn't like that.

4:30 PM BBT

Nat telling Jessie that she told Chima she has a lot of damage control to do and Jessie says that's good.

Braden called to DR and Jessie is trying to get there before him.

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4:24 bbt - jessie and nat in HOH and Jessie asks if he can tell her something and wants her to come under the covers.. she says no just say it to my face... they goof around it about it a little and then Jessie says, you know I respect you right, she says I do you too, he says you know how you told me that you lied about your age... he says he usually doesn't like girls younger then him he missed all his partying years and nat says well she dates older guys for stability... he says what I was gonna say is "if i told you you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me" and nat hits him with a pillow and says thank you... he then goes into a speech about not liking fake things or big breasts... for some reason he is bright red... he is tryng to tell her something but cant spit it out.... He said that I knew you and what you had did and you thought you were more mature then you being 18, she said she tried to play the maturity down.... he keeps talking around in circles.... and now nat is too (i guess they know what they are talking about)

Nat now telling Jessie what she told Chima, for her to do some damage control and apologize to Jordan for the comment you said and in her speech to say "I know I said I didn't want to be here but I really do"... BB called Braden to DR and he runs downstairs to get in before Braden does... they let him in.

4:32am... BB just made announcement to Braden that the DR was temp. closed and they would make an announcement when it was available... of course everyone outside said why did they call him and then cancel it??

(i'm outtie for a little while.. be back in a couple of hours)

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4:15 BBT

Jessie tried getting into DR, but Russ was in there. He heads back upstairs where Nat asks if he wants to go outside. He tells her to come over to his bed. (Jessie has been trying to tell Nat how he likes her, but he's being very shy about it.) He starts off with 'You won't hold it against me, will you?' And she doesn't know what he's talking about. He says he respects her and she says the same about him. Finally, after other stuff, he says 'So you won't hold it against me if I tell you you have a nice body?' She smiles and thanks him. He brings up how he went from 19 to 28 b/c how he had to grow up to accomplish goals. Nat agrees. He says how he's always dated older girls b/c of maturity and knew Nat couldn't be 18. He says he knew anyone that would want to argue with Nat would be barking up the wrong tree.

BB calls Braden to DR. Jessie runs out the HOH and into DR before Braden even got out of the pool. Nat tried to ask why he needed to go in there, but he just replied 'Because'. Braden gets out of the pool, when BB says the DR is temporarily unavailable and they'll message him soon. Outside, the hgs wonder why they called Braden and then not allow him in. Lydia jokes BB double booked.

4:35 BBT

Nat joins the crew outside and Braden is finally called to DR. The outside crew continues to speculate about a Teacher's Pet. (either Ronnie or Braden)

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5:09 PM BBT

Jessie outside with Michelle. They are tanning and talking about the sky. Jessie says you can see the pollution. Michelle makes a comment and giggles. They are talking about environmental issues.

Michelle is joking about Ronnie having a twin and her being married to his twin who's name is Tim. This is in response to Jessie talking about the rumours starting to go around.

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Ronnie and Chima talking to the group on the patio about they would do anything not to be a "Have Not" again. Ronnie says he'd do anything, shave his head etc. Chima mentions that she'd do just about anything to avoid it again.

5:21 PM BBT

Lydia, Natalie, Ronnie, Kevin and

Ronnie suggesting that the BB house should have controlled internet. (LOl)

Lydia asks them what they thought times were going to be like now, back when they were kids. She thought it would be like the Jetsons. Discussion turns to hover boards and Ronnie says they exist.

Russel and Chima talking about Braden and how he knows what the plan is and that someone told him. He says whoever told him is going home next week. They think Lydia told Jordan and Jordan told Braden. Says people are stupid. They wonder if it was Kevin then so no, it was his suggestion. Then they say was it Jeff? No... how would he know. They go back to Lydia. Chima says she should go home for telling. They can tell that Braden knows. Russel says that Braden has been throwing the pillows and is angry. He walks past and doesn't say anything anymore. Chima suggests maybe he's just mad because Russel fought with his friend. No.

Chima questions why Ronnie would tell him. And then Russel says Ronnie's been in the room with them. He wants to know who told 'douchebag'. He's trying to calm down before going outside and trying to figure out who said it.

Russel calls Ronnie into the storage room and confronts him. Ronnie denies it. Russel says "you've been in the room with them, what have you been saying?" Ronnie says "I've been talking to Jordan."

Russel asks if he told Jordan anything because Ronnie told him earlier that Jordan overheard them talking but she didn't hear anything. And Russel is going to find out who told Braden.

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5:30 BBT

Chima and Ronnie watching Russell eat at the dining room table. They discuss when they can eat regular food again.

Russ and Jessie in SR. Russ telling Jessie that someone told Braden the plan to backdoor him. Russ tells him how Braden was mad and told Russ he knew. Russ trying to figure out who told. Russ told everyone in the house but Jeff, Braden and Jordan. Russ thinks it's Ronnie that squealed. They say that's why Ronnie follows them everywhere and tries to get in all convos and says he'll do whatever the other hgs want him to do. Jessie says they need to stick with the plan to get Braden out. Jess says it doesn't matter if Braden knows or not and Russ says the point is someone told the secret. They leave the SR.

(LOL) As soon as they walk out of SR, Ronnie greets them in the LR. The 3 head back to SR and Chima tags along. Ronnie asks if Braden knows and CHima stick up for Ronnie, saying she doesn't think Ronnie told. Jess says they're not accusing Ronnie, but they need to find out who squealed. Jess says that group (Jeff, Jordan and Braden) is scared now that they know the plan. Chima wants to know who told Lydia and Russ admits he did b/c Lydia follows her around. Chima says Lydia probably told Jordan, who told Braden. Russ says if Lydia did, she's an idiot. Chima says Lydia will deny it and Russ says he'll know if Lydia is lying. Chima says she knows when people are lying.

Ronnie tells them that Jordan told him the players her group wants to take to the end. Ronnie throwing Jeff and Jordan under the bus (for real!!!). Ronnie says he hates how that group says they want the 'good people' to the end (umm, RONNIE is the one who said that to Jordan earlier. She agreed, but HE said it. Read earlier convo for the proof!!!)

Ronnie says they should stick to the plan to get rid of Braden. They hear someone outside of SR and Russ walks out. Chima asks Jessie if he's sure she has the votes and both Jess and Ron say yes. Jess says Casey hates Braden. Chima asks if Lydia will vote off Braden and the boys say yes. Chima says her group will have to put up Jeff next week if they win HOH. Chima leaves SR.

Ronnie keeps whispering to Jessie. Jess says he's not stupid and thinks of a lot of things, just like different moves in chess. Ronnie tells Jess that he conviced Jeff and Jordan to throw the HOH to him, and then Ron laughs and says he'll put them on the block. (Watch Ronnie throw HOH himself, b/c if he wins, he'll have to show his cards and pick a side, since he's playing both sides right now.) Ronnie says Jordan's not as dumb as she seems to be. Ronnie says if he wins HOH next week, he's putting Jeff and Laura up. Ronnie swears that if the other side tried to throw Ronnie under the bus, everyone will see quiet Ronnie disappear and Ronnie will go off. (Ronnie trying really hard to kiss ass to Jessie.)

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Russel has Jessie in the storage room he recounts how he knows says the only person that's been in that room is Ronnie. Says he was nervous when he confronted him. Says wouldn't that make sense if Ronnie was passing information back and forth playing both sides and never making a choice. Jessie says he's always in every conversation. He approaches everyone and starts talking game. Jessie says "I told you. I told you. I told you." Says they have to stay with Braden because they don't have a relationship with him. Says they have to keep Ronnie with them until he does them wrong.

Now comparing cuts on their hands.

They have Ronnie and Chima with them now. Chima saying that she doesn;t think Ronnie told him. Russel and Jessie say they aren't saying he did they just want to find out who leaked. Ronnie is in full cover up mode. "I just keep talking to Jordan to get information."

They just said Lydia told Jordan who told Braden. Missed who said they told Lydia.

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5:43 PM BBT

Ronnie is sucking up. Tipping his hat to them because this Braden idea is such a good idea. They are saying this is similar to Brian's (BB10) situation.

Chima is checking up to make sure she has the votes. They assure her she does. They are talking about how Casey and Braden snap at each other all the time. Chima is questioning if Lydia will vote for Braden. They tell her to think about what sheep is leading that flock it's Braden and Jeff. Ronnie is throwing Lydia under the bus a bit - saying you have to question her motives. Jessie is comparing how they play to how Ronnie plays chess. Look at how they pissed off Kevin. He has to vote for one of his friends.

Ronnie tells them that Jordan and Jeff are going to throw the HOH to him. They say put them both up if you get it because you're going to piss them both off. He's telling them how Lydia told him about her coming off the block and a popular person going up. He also says he thinks Jordan is smarter than she seems. Ronnie's plan for next week is to put up Jeff for sure, he'll spare Casey if he pledges allegiance, then he'd put up Jordan or possibly Kevin.

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5:50 BBT

Ronnie says he doesn't believe a word that the other group says. He tells Jess that Jordan asked Ronnie if he was with the athletes and Ron said no and Jordan said Russ told her. jessie says there's no way that happened and that Jordan would have been on the block if Lydia saved herself. Jessie says he has Ron's back and he's fighting for him like he's fighting for Nat.

Lydia and Russ in recycle room. (Lydia kissing his ass.) Russ says he has a huge target against him. Lydia says Kevin will side with her and how Jordan is standing alone right now with Jeff and Braden. Lydia says Laura will do whatever Russ wants her to do. Russ asks if Lydia likes Chima and she says no, b/c Chima made her cry earlier today b/c of her little comments, especially when Chima said that Jeff only likes blonds. Lydia says she doesn't make black comments about Chima and how Laura makes small comments, too. Lydia says Chima wants the boys out and Lydia wants to protect them. Russ says he's going to get f*cked in this game and Lydia says not by her, no way.

6:05 BBT

Ronnie and Jess still whispering in SR.

6:20 BBT

Ron and Jess STILL in SR. Lydia and Kevin right by SR door. Braden walks by and Laura comes around the corner when Jessie hears people outside. They open the door to see 4 people there. Laura, Lydia and Kevin enter SR. Lydia says you can't trust Ronnie b/c he goes around to all the groups. They agree. Many HGs at the dining room table now.

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8:58 PM BBT

Lydia and Russel in Recycle Room discussing other players. Lydia just said "really, who in this house can beat you? Do you think Casey or Jeff? No. Only one in this house that can beat you in Jessie. We know that."

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6:25 BBT

Jeff and Michele talking outside. He says Ronnie and Jordan are honest people and he clicks with them. He says they're good people and that's what he likes. Michele agrees. Chima comes out with bug spray to kill the ants.

Ronnie in bed with Jordan, whispering to her. (missed convo.)

6:30 BBT

Casey and Nat talking in plain room. Ronnie in hammock with Braden working out on the grass. Ronnie heads inside and wonders around the kitchen with other hgs. Now he's headed to plain room. Nat instantly changes the convo, complaining about the plain room. Ronnie immediately chimes in, saying how horrible it is. Ronnie leaves and convo goes back to game. They wonder who told Braden and Casey says they shouldn't have told sp many people about the backdoor plan. Nat says she doesn't know who knows and doesn't know what Braden knows. Casey says Runn told him the plan when Laura was with them. Casey says he's been playing dumb a lot and Nat says she hasn't and Casey tells her she should.

Casey thinks Jeff's been throwing comps and Nat says she knows Jeff threw the first one, b/c Jeff was asking the other jocks if they should really win the first hoh and Nat said hell yeah. Casey leaves.

6:40 BBT

Casey and Jeff compare hair products. Casey mentions his 'Swag Unit' shirt and how people come up to him in the mall to ask him about it and people call him 'Swag'. Ronnie's walking around to different rooms. Russ is in HOH watching the spy screen and listening to music. Michele and Chima are outside. Michele says she doesn't really wear jeans and how her dog ate the crotch out of two pairs of panties of hers and then will poop the panties out later.

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6:25 BBT

Ronnie convo w/Jordon. Ronnie made Jordan promise not to tell anyone where she got this info. He told her that Braden is the leak. She promised. Ronnie said just because he isn't talking to her, its just because he doesn't want to raise suspicions.

Nat chats with Casey. Casey gives her advice not to show her cards. Advised that she has to politic because next week will bring something new and she may rub someone the wrong way. Nat saying that Russell told everyone about the plan to get Braden out. Casey says "ya'll need to quit telling so many people"

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