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7/11 - Live Feed Updates


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850 PM BBT: Natalie won the PoV. Jessie was congratulating her and talking about the competition. Ronnie said someting about "chunky Nacho Cheese sauce". (Should be interesting to watch.)

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9:10 PM BBT Laura Natalie and Jessie in the HOH making alliances, Laura says that she alliend herself with the strongest people in the house and they have their @$$ covered by her

9:11 Ronnie came into the HOH room. hE'S talking about the POV and how hard it was- something to do with spelling.

9:13 Chima jeff and kevin in the washroom, talking about her boobs, she says that her bikini is padded and that she will get implants.

9:15 Ronnie, natalie, laura and Jessie talking about how if the POV is not used the girls will have time to campaing. Jessie says that he knows his time is done in the HOH and that after this week he will be downstairs, and he wants to relax the next few days.


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9:30 BBT

Chima and Ronnie discuss in the bathroom that they hope they can get off the havenot restrictions soon, since normal weeks will only last for 7 days, but the first week in BB last 14 days.

Jessie and Laura chatting in HOH.

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10:33 PM BBT

Ronnie, Michelle, Chima and Laura in Bathroom.

Jeff just came in and asked if he heard someone in there going "number 2".

Lydia and Natalie came in. Talking about who they all look at each other.

Ronnie looks like Conan O'Brian (with red hair). Jeff is Nick Lashay.


Jeff says people think he looks like Jerry O'Connell and Justin Bateman.

Lydia is upset and crying. She was outside earlier upset. She's left the Bathroom.

Talk has changed to who's hot.

Camera switch...

Kevin, Ronnie, Braden and Lydia outside HOH room. (Edited to correct action)

Lydia wants good people here she can trust. One of the girls is 'trash talking' everyone and that's not how she wants to play the game. "She isn't taking any responsibility in a challenge and didn't want to get her hair wet. Not sure who they are talking about?

Lydia won't put the people she's with up.

Ronnie says he will call them all out if they put him up.

Chima won't talk to Lydia because she's up.

Lydia says if she's here and she can put him up, Jessie is going up and one of the other two is going up. She says Jeff is her home boy. Says he's been segregated because he's friends with them. Lydia is tired of walking around and doing what they want and make fun of them... like the little guy won't have a chance.

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10:40PM BBT: Lydia asks Ronnie to teach her how to play chess. They go up to the loft with Braden and Kevin, and the lesson just turns into a another gab-fest.

Can someone take over for a while, I need to eat dinner. Thanks everyone!

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10:53 BBT

Upstairs Ronnie Michele, Kevin Lydia Braden and Jeff talking only when Laura shows up Ronnie puts on the ruse that he's teaching her how to play chess.

In the bedroom I think Chima and Natalie are talking..inaudible whisper "who did he tell that to" Chima says Natalie tells chima "Russell wants her out of here bad" because Lydia would put natalie and "russell the hustler" up..they are talking about today''s Pov saying despite Russ being "an mma fighter" he's also smart. "what the hell he's like the energizer bunny" describing his PoV performance.

10:58 BBT

In the bike/green room the chess clun from earlier are now talking in there. talking about how Jordan was tired and sun burnt and is sleeping. Kevin fiddling with the bike with Laura who jokes "I'll race you" to him A lot of small wedgie talk as well as bike resistence talk. Talking about getting the fans going "Jesse tried" whined Laura. Braden comes in while Ronnie leaves to go use the bathroom..Laura leaves to join Jesse and in the bathroom.

Lydia leaves and goes in the kitchen and gives Jesse a big hug as she gets ice water...

11:05 BBT Russell, Laura, Chima and Natalie in bedroom talking about PoV. "I got lucky hands down" says Russell...while Chima says he had a great strategy. Chima says "I tried to overthing everything"...Russell says "you won" and she says "Lets call a spade a spade" and said "he won"..Chima says she clapped for his win.

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10:52PM BBT

Michelle and Laura join the group upstairs

Ronnie teaching them about chess - what the pieces are, how they can move.

10:58PM BBT

Group heading downstairs to play another game.

Braden tells Ronnie "Good explaining. Pretty simple."

They've moved to the recycle room.

Jordan got a sunburn and is in bed.

11:04 PM BBT

Laura, Chima, Natalie talking about the movie "Now and Then". Laura giving a plot line. In the classic room.

Russell ust came in and say the girls were going to 'spank him rotten'. He's recounting the POV competition. Chima's word was Superficiality. Russell says got lucky hands down.

Jessie called to DR.

Russell tells Chima she should have cheered for him. She did three snaps in a z formation instead of cheering for him.

Caset is also there. They were talking about Russell using the POV and Casey said something about this turning into a sore knee game. and they gals said they ain't playing that kind of game.

11:12PM BBT Jessie out of DR and eating in Kitchen.

[edited to remove personal commentary]

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11:09 BBT

Back in the green/bike room they are talking favorite food...Ronnie says his would be Lobster dip .......Lydia tells them to try says "Post apocalyptic" 10 times quicky..

In the kitchen Jesse Chima talking about POV telling her what a good job she did. Casey in there too.

Back in bike green room..Michele talking about liking anything red with dye and must eat "organic" saying she can't eat anything red...saying "it closes up my breathing"..Braden "couldn't they just cut a hole in your throat...with a tube".. she says "I guess" Braden then says "I like working out with a beer and a cigarette...on the beach"

Now Lydia asking if a significant other using a strap on...braden "its not my thing" but "if it was the hottest hottest girl"...sex talks ensues...I thing I'll soare ya the details..

11:16 BBT

Jeff walks in and says strapon are out of the question..."I'm not down with it...I don't like it"...Everyone now in the room as sex talks continues...Now Latex fetish talk...Lydia "it feels nice" and explains it to the others....

Everone talking "Jordans sleeping and Jesse's in the diary room" Braden says as "everyone" is in there..

11:19 BBt...sexy dressing talk ...Russell saying "guys aren't sexy" saying they only have to be naked and not dress sexy in the bedroom.

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11:22 BBT

Graphic talks continues while Jeff quizzing the girls about anal sex....Kevin chimes in....

Orgasm talk Chima not looking very confortable........Now Lydia poses the question and asks if anyone "has been handcuffed" "like to a bed"..seems more people have tried that.

Lydia jokes about having "a swing in my room" and someone says "a sex swing"

11:25 BBT

Ronnie looking terribly uncomfortable with all the sex talk...Lydia brings up "Masquerade Balls" and tells them you wear a mask and do it with someone else with out ever taking off the masks "who would do it?"

Lydia ask who would go to the Playboy Mansion and wear "legitamate lingerie" .."I've been there 4 times" braden says...Lydia "I would wanna go"..."I have higher aspirations" chima says......Casey says its like visiting a national monument..."go the the grand canyon, go to the eiffle Tower, go to the Playboy Mansion"........Braden goes on about his experiences at Playobot...Halloween, Valentine parties.....

11:31 BBT Seems people are now leaving..."Tomorrow's a big day" says Braden....someone says we have like 5 days.

Casey and Russel in kitchen saying 'we need one more bottle" of booze no doubt...Laura at the bar whispering about someone sorry missed it... and now wonders if there is more alcohol.

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11:35 BBT

In the green/bike recycle room Laura on the bike with Chima and natalie michele..

Ronnie and Lydia whispering about Chima saying "she's not campaigning"...why do the want "to keep her" says Lydia...Ronnie wants to know if he's safe "from Kevin" if he votes to keeps her...Ronnie wants to meet with the off beats and get an assurance...before the vote..the exit the bedroom "she doesn't give a fuck" about Chima I suspect.

11:39 BBT

"some people aren't voting with there clique" Chima says in green/recycle room. Kevin says "you shouldn't sabotage your own clique" .....Chima It isn't bulsshit because I don't bullshit"...PoV talk ensues...Jesse out of DR and in the room with them...

Ronnie say "I have an answer" slop restriction is over "next tuesday" and gets BB warning about DR sessions In the kitchen Lydia massaging Russell and talks about her love for moustaches. Russell admits he couldn't hold a candle to Johnny Depp. Casey says "I'm going to bed" before I get called to DR. Lydia's massage continues and Russells tells her "I owe you one"...Russell brings up the PoV and talk about how bad the smell was..saying "it smelled like ass"...Casey comes back picking his teeth with his fingersa talking about Russell having the tights from the "have have nots" comp....Casey say he's finally "laying down"

Russell asks what topic od discussion "for russell" {yes he referred to himself in 3rd person}

Lydia brings up sex talk from earlier and Russell "i'll do whatever makes me happy" and talk turns to PoV Lydia thinking there was prizes in the nasty goop.

Lydia campaigning now saying Chima "wants to get rid of you" and Rusell says "you'd put me up" Lydia says no...and says who she would put up {missed it}..Lydia says she had no itentions of "putting you uP" "If its my choice"

11:52 BBT

Russell offers Lydia a massage...Lydia says "tomorrow" Lydia says she would put up Natalie since she told her "I was safe" They go to LR to talk

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11:54 BBT

Lydia still campaigning while Russell insists he would go up since he's 'won the last two competeions" "I have a big target on a back"...Lydai says "he just felt bad" when Russ asks what Jesse told her about putting her up.

Lydia asks "why aren't you guys talking" when Russ says Jeff can't put him up. Russ trying her to comitt to who would she put up. Lydia skirting the answers but bad mouths Natalie...and explains Chima really doesn't want to stay and she does. Russell says "it wan't my decision' saying "he{Jesse} changed it, he was gonna put up Laura" when Lydia pressed that he knew about her nom.

Russell says "you are like me.. you don'y play nice" or "Bullshit" he tells lydia

12:00 BBT

Russell says "she is so ungrateful" and Lydia says she's so disrespecting...FOth

Back and Lydia campaigning hard to stay with Russell..Braden walks in....Lydia tells him "try to wake up early so we can do yoga in the shade"..Russel says that he gives his props to yoga people since he's "so inflexible"..Russell asks Lydia to "lay down" on the caouch with him...realizing they won't fit he sits up while she puts her legs on his lap.

Lydia asks who you gonna vote for? He says he doesn't know..talk about POV and brief FOTH....Lydia going over how she isn't going to be put up and his name has never come up with "my people" for possible nom...."I want to be here I would not put you up" "If you choose to keep Chima here..I hope you don't get fleas because when you lay down with dogs...you'll get something"

12:06 BBT Russell says things change on a day to day basis saying she wasn't the target..saying it was totally Jesse and Natalie "did what they wanted to do"

Russell says jeff "is making me mad"..."I'm falling asleep..we'll talk tomorrow...ok"

Lydia "i haven't need for sleep"

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12:04AM - Chima, Jessie, Kevin, Laura & Michele have been in the recycling room for the last while. Kevin mentioned that he came out when he was 21. Chima started asking questions about how his family took it. Kevin said he has no relationship with his parents or siblings and said its been quite hard. Chima kept asking questions and then someone said "it's getting pretty personal". Room got pretty quiet.

Chima offers that she has a sad story to tell. Then she matter of factly states that she was raped by a serial killer. Everyone was pretty shocked and not quite believing at first. The rapist broke into her sorority house, cut the phone lines and raped her at gun point. She fought hard and got away. She had to have surgeries after. Some time after he was caught and recently was put to death in Texas.

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12:10 BBT

Lydia has finally stop talking long enough to brush her teeth, Jeff was there but has now left and Russell checking himself out in the mirror removing his contacts while she is brushing her teeth.

In the Bike/green room Jesse talking with Natalie, Michelle, Chima, Ronnie, and Jeff. Chima talking about "empowering" other women who have been raped molested. Ronnie throws out statitstics. Empowerment talk continues.

12:15 BBT

Lydia sitting alone at the dining room table touching her bruised hands from the PoV

12:17 BBT Chima talking about being stalked and rapped and talks about her almost biting her attackers penis off. Her profiler said she could have bit it off. She talks about fighting him off.

"how;d they catch him" Natalie asked ...the rapist had killed his victims and she was spared saying because she fought back and the profiler "ruined his fantasy" and the attacker "had a gun to my head" "beat me up" "rapped me after that"...after she felt saying she ran acroos the other room and dead phone and put her robe on and ran over to a fraternity house and they called an ambulance, her mom..."and fould him a long time" afterward and through DNA and her descriptions and when he was arrested for robbery that's how he was arrested.

Jesse mubbles about about something insignificant..about cops nottalking a report from a car breakin....and convos changed to him....Chima says she had experience similar....Jesse says he's gotten far because "I've got shit on"

Ronnie talks about burden of proof, hung jury....

12:25 BBT Phil Spector case talk ensues

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12:19 AM BBT

Lydia and Jeff in the Kitchen

Lydia wants to put Natalie and Laura to go up. Says she'd tell them that if they asked. She thought people in the house weren't little sheeps getting led around. She says Chima said she doesn't want to campaign because she doesn't want to owe anyone.

Jeff thought he was cool with his group and now he found out that they don't need him so they don't need to include him in his own group.

12:30 BBT - Lydia thinks Natalie sucks all the fun out.

They are locked in... Jeff says he wishes he could go out.

Natalie wanted Lydia up. Lydia seems really mad about it. Russel was there and didn't stick up for her. [hard to hear whispering and background noise]

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12:37 AM BBT Lydia now talking to Ronnie doesn't think Jessie would be the guy to let an 18 year old dictate what he did. Ronnie gave her some info on the game plan.

She needs 6 votes to stay, thinks she has Ronnie, Casey, Jeff, Kevin, Braden and Jordan.

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12:28 BBT

Lydia at the table still talking to Jeff asking her if he wasn't included i the decision "why didn't he stand up for you" talking about Russell

Lydia looking distraught..Ronnie "that was heavy and intense' .."That was sick I didn't like it" Jeff replies..

Jeff "I'm going home next week"..."now your not" "If I stay" Lydia says and rags on Natalie. Jeff ""I could use some hammock time" and wishes the lockdown was over...

Ronnie asks if the want to join their convos Lydia declines and says she wants to have a "pow wow with you later" Lydia tells him Natalie was the one that wanted to put her up and Russel is the '"guy who says one thing and does another" telling him he thinhs he's going to win all the comps..Ronnie "that's a lot to take in"

Lydia inaudible whisper.Natalie bashing ending with "grow up honey"

Lydia talks about Russell hypocrisy..she tells Ronnie he needs to talk to Michele because "I don't want to be seen talking to Michele> Lydia says she has Ronnie Jeff Casey, Jordan KevinBraden and Ronnie says him and Michelle will make seven. Ronnie repeats the need to talk to kevin before the vote...whispers inaudible. Ronnie worried Casey trying to put target on him by saying how smart he is. He says he needs to know "from Kevin and Casey" if they keep lydia Michele and him will be safe.

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12:42 BBT

Ronnie whispering talking about how hard Lydia played so hard during the pOV and Lydia shows her war wounds..Ronnie whispers in Lydias ear and the background noise makes it hard to hear. "don't tell michele" Lydia says aying he doesn't want to show her cards but thinks she could be swayed...saying he'll talk to her her in generalities.

12:45 BBT Ronnie tells Lydia about Chima rape survival saying "isn't it kind of wierd it comes out now"...Lydia say once people get out find out "other than my makeup" people will be suprised...Ronnie asks but Lydia doesn't say....

Ronnie says the thing that worried me is {inuadible} inaudibel saying "she is not having it" about her spending time with him..maybe Natalie preventing her talking to Jesse

Lydia reassures Ronnie if he and Michele are up she would keep him...Jeff says he likes her and Michele because they are "real". Jeff says "rather keep it real" than be a little rat with his team and next week is a new week.

12:50 BBT

Jeff says "its a game" as ronnie expresses the stress.. Jeff "I've found out a lot" these past two days about his team.

Jeff talks about how he like Russell at first and he thinks it "a jealousy factor" because he's able to get a long with more people. Jeff says he'll go down "with my morals'" "i'll walk out of here next" Lydia "same here"

Ronnie and Jeff wish lockdown was over "I feel cooped up"

12:53 BBT Lydia and Jeff head to bedroom to talk

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12:56 BBT

Kevin comes in and asks them and asks if he can turn on the lights. Jeff says yes. Lydia and Jeff talk about POV and the word that won "would win it" Lydia Me neither" loooong silence

1:00 BBT

Back in the green cylce room Natalie Chima Jesse and Ronnie just chit chatting

1:03 BBT Kevin has joined Jeff and Lydia on the bed talking about how they had golf clubs and it could be used as weapon and brief FOTh saying "you crack someone over the head with them"

1:06 BBT Jeff gets up to check where everyone is at. Lydia wants to move to the bathroom they all leave the bedroom and on the way stop at the LR to tell Kevin what Russell told her {see previous posts} and how Natalie was the reason she's up..because "she doesn't like me". and Lydia goes on on Russell says he's unbeatable in comps.

1:11Natalie in Kitchen talking to Kevin asking which way he's voting..Kevin says "I can't vote against my team... "I'm going for HOH" Natiele "you should be" and Kevin "But I suck" saying he is hoping for true/false. Natalie telling Kevin "why are you going against the numbers" "why would you vote" against the numbers...Kevin saks what she thinks the vote will be....."it will be either a tie" o and Michele "are you talking about me" Natalie no just asking Kevin which way he's voting.

1:13 BBT i green/bike room "I have no issue with her but I can't figure her out" Laura says to Ronnie about either chima or Lydia.....Do you think 'she's trying to float?"

1:15 BBT Natalie telling Kevin and Michele she would go "with the house" in the vote but says she doesn't know who she'll vote for yet. Michele "I would love to keep Chima" since she was on her team but Natalie tries to pose if the house question if the house voted otherwise would she still vote for her..Kevin says he's torn between the two. Natalie continues her anti Lydia campaigning

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1:16 AM BBT

Michelle, Natalie and Kevin in the Kitchen

Michelle would like to keep Chima, Kevin is torn 50/50 he believes they put her in the house because he told casting he liked, loud, black, funny girls and she fits the bill. Lydia is similar.

He wanted to play the game so bad but now that he's here it's no fun. He loves the competitions but trying to figure out where the house falls - I'm so bad at that. He's trying to figure out what Jessie's thinking. He knows Jordan and Jeff like each other. Natalie, Russell, and Jessie like each other.

Michelle likes people all over the groups.

Kevin says the people he's committed to should know that he committed to them.

1:24 am Ronnie joins them

Chima is in the DR. Ronnie guesses they are asking her, "How do you like losing another competition?"

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1:20 BBT

Kevin still talking to Michele and Natalie about the possible future alliances....

1:21 BBT In the bedroom Jeff and Lydia talking about Natalie trying to cover her tracks now" I'm voting for who the house votes for" Jeff says she says. Jeff says he wants to go to people in the house and say "i like you I don't like you" while Lydia says she wants to say "Fuck you fuck you" Now lydia wondering in what happen if she took a dump or piss on Natalie's sheets.

"this so like exciting' jeffs says "i'm pissed" but the game is exciting..Lydia says "play nice?" and Jeff says "yes" "you are going to win these votes" and HOH.."I fucking know its gonna happen' Jeff tells her.

1:25 BBT now Jeff and Lydia are done talking while jeff tries to listen what's being said .."I can't hear" after Lydia says "that bitch" they think people are coming..

Jeff shows her something he got from they vatican and she says "they let you bring this in" both talk about their catholic religion and tells her about the crossed being blessed and how his grandma pased away and we get brief FOTH

1:30 BBT and talk about the cross and wished she brought hers but says hers is very pointed and could be used as a weapon....she says "this means so much" because she's haf italian.

1:31 BBT Jeff and Lydia quiet now

In the Dining Room Natalie continues her campaigning and wonder where the veto is and what Russell did with it. Picture talk from memeory wall what their pics say.

Natalie "i get to learn from everyone" when asked about being the youngest{right} in the house from Ronnie

{Im out for the night, I may be back tomorrow, if not Sunday for sure}

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4:43 am BBT

The meatheads are in the HoH room talking massive crap about everyone... Jesse (everytime I say that I throw up a little bit in my mouth!), Little lying Martial arts girl and Russll the biggest oaf in the world are bashing everyone... Russell keeps saying "I rushed the cockblock"... They are idiots, I am not going to listen to them anymore.

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