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7/11 - Live Feed Updates


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Just wanted to add something :)

6:25 BBT

Ronnie just told Jordan they were "dead in the water" and that if Jessie or anyone came to her (or Braden confesses who told him about the backdoor plan) that Jordan MUST swear to defend Ronnie and say that he didn't say anything. (So, the it is very apparent Ronnie is playing both sides and did indeed leak the info to Braden/Jordan that Braden would be backdoored).

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Jess and Nat in SR. He tells her how all the HGs were in front of the SR door earlier when him and ROn were in there. Nat says she talked to Casey and he's cool. They move to plain room. He thinks all the HGs were evesdropping on his SR convo.

Ronnie and Jeff in hammock. Ronnie asks for Jeff word about something. (He did the same with Jordan earlier.--Thanks kiddyhouse and BigBrotherDaisy for catching that!)

Ronnie leaves and Jeff chats with Braden. (Suprisingly) Ronnie is whispering to Chima in the plain room. He quickly follows Jessie into the SR and lies about his convo with Jeff, saying Jeff called him to the hammock and just asked said 'hey'.

(Sorry I'm missing some Ronnie convos.. He's hard to keep up with.. He moves fast!)

And just as I type ^^^^that, Ronnie has now moved to the HOH room to (lie) chat with Russell. Russ is catching on to Ronnie. He asked if Ron said something to Lydia and he says no. Russ says what Lydia told him and Ronnie then admits it. Russ says that Ronnie softened it up, compared to what he heard from Lydia. (Russ is getting mad with Ronnie) He says that he tried to get the answer from Ronnie and doesn't know if he can trust what he's saying. Ronnie says this is it, the real him is with Russ and Jessie.

Ronnie tells Russ that Lydia, Kevin and Braden were on their knees, listening to his and Jess' convo in the SR (which is a lie.. It was only Lydia and she was gettig something from the floor) Russ is suprised and Ron says to ask Jessie. Ron says he'll get a Bible to swear he's with Russ. Russ says if Ron is lying to him, he'll be f*ckin pissed off. He also says anyone would be stupid to go against him and Jess.

7:00 BBT

Ronnie says Jeff and Jordan have been trying to get him on their side. Russ gets mad, saying why would Ronnie do that, since that side hasn't been winning anything. (Ron is lying, getting both sides to hate eachother)

CAUGHT in another lie. Russ says something about Ron and Jess just being in the SR. Ronnie says no and Russ says he watched it on the HOH TV. Ronnie pauses then backtracks. Russ says he say Jess come out, then Ron, so Ron was in with Jess. Ron says he forgot about that and Russ says you forgot you were just in the SR 10 mins ago? And Ron says yes b/c he's mad, so he's forgeting things. Russ asks why he's mad and Ron says b/c of Braden. Ron tells Russ how Jeff called him over to the hammock and how Braden said they were safe and they were going to float around. (Ron then replays all his moves in the house from the last 20 mins since he knows he was being watched.)

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6:50pm bbt -- Braden and Jeff out back, Jeff lying in hammock and he is telling Braden that the only conversation he had with his alliance when he went in to give them the tuna was they asked him who he would put up if he was HOH and he said he never said Lydia or Chima... meanwhile in the HOH room Ronnie goes in to tell Russell that Braden doesn't know and when he talked to Lydia nothing and Russell says what did you tell her about me when you and I were talking and Ronnie says no what did you tell her about me, Ronnie says oh yeah I told Lydia you were stern with me and Russel says no you told her I threatened you... Ronnie back tracks and says I don't think I said that but I might have I mean when I talk I paraphrase and if I did I'm sorry. Russell says I don't know what to believe from you I mean you were the only one in the room and then Braden starts acting weird now your saying this crap about Lydia... Ronnie jumps in and starts telling Russell about how they caught Laura, Lydia and Kevin listening at the SR door... now Ronnie is telling Russell that he is gonna be put up and Russell says they aren't gonna win anything, they and Ronnie says right I said that to him, when they are trying to get me into their group, I said how can you save me when your not winning.

Russell now calling Ronnie out about he can't remember being in the SR with Jessie a few minutes ago... Russell said dude I saw you on the screen coming out and then Jessie came out how can you not remember being the SR with Jessie ten minutes ago... Ronnie says I'm getting confused because I'm getting pissed off, not at you Russell at the Braden thing, little things are getting to me... now he is going timeline by timeline telling Russell everything.... and that Braden doesn't know anything and told him (Ronnie) he (Braden) was just fine floating along.

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7:05 BBT

Russ doesn't seem to be buying Ronnie's stories, but Ron keeps talking, saying Jeff and Jordan won't talk to him next week when he wins HOH and puts those two on the block.

Russ tells Ron he's been watching him on the HOH screen for the last hour and a half. He asks Ron if he likes Chima and Ron says yes and they'll see who votes what and then they'll be able to see who's where. Russ thinks the vote will be 8-2, voting Braden out. If it's not 8-2, then he'll know who's doing what. Ron says it will be everyone against Jeff and Jordan with the votes.

They fist bump and Ronnie heads to the door. He then keeps talking, and moves closer to the bed, where Russ is laying. Ron says he's still going to talk with the other group so things aren't weird. He says that he doesn't think Braden knows the plan, that he's just acting like his usual crazy self and how Braden wants to float through the game. Another fist bump ad Ron heads to the door. Russ asks for Ron to tell Jess to go upstairs and Ron (finally) leaves.

7:10 BBT

Ron sits next to Jessie and watches him eat at the kitchen bar. Many HGs are there, chatting. Jeff and Jordan are in the hammock together, with Braden nearby.

Ronnie, drumming his fingles on the counter, is nervously waiting near Jess. Jess is caught up in other convos.

(will be posting pics soon.)

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7:20 BBT

Ronnie NOW has Nat in recycle room. Ron says Jordan is putting Russ and Jess up if she's HOH. Russ is still in HOH listening to music and watching HOH TV. Ronnie tells Nat he wants to win HOH next week so he can get some blood on his hands. Jessie now in HOH room with Russ, talking about Ronnie.

Russ askd if Jess trusts Ronnie and he says yes and Russ says 'really?' Jess tells Russ how Ron told him he's an international persuadion team member and Jess is the only one he's told. So Jess knows Ron can read people and Russ says shouldn't that raise a red flag? Jess says no. Jess says they can bring up Ronnie but doesn't want to talk to him anymore so not to raise suspision. Russ says he doesn't like Chima and how she wants to get all the boys out and he called her out on it. Russ thinks it's awkward that Chima is sticking up for Ronnie and Jess doesn't think that's a big issue.

Jess says he trust Ronnie and if Ronnie f*cks him, then Ronnie did a good job. Jess still wants to get Braden out and Russ is still down witht that plan. Jess confirms Ron's tale about the HGs listening to the SR door.

(Taking a break. Anyone else here?)

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7:36 PM BBT

Michelle, Laura and Natalie in the RR (recycle room).

Natalie whispering and rubbing the plastic bubbles on the wall - hard to hear.

Michelle says that he (not sure who) her room mate now. Natalie says not to worry about it as you can be friends with whomever you want to.

Lydia says Ronnie just came up to her and said she doesn't want to talk about game withhim, she's done talking game for the day and Braden was right there and he just walked away. The girls are now talking about make up.

Kevin joins them. They discuss getting dressed up for tv tomorrow. Kevin is tired from working out, asks Michelle if she's used the elipictal yet. She says does it look like I use it? He tells her she has a banging body. Lydia is on the bike. Laura has gone to get dressed and Natalie is going upstairs to find out what's been going on to make sure nothing's changed.

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7:45 PM

Ronnie explains to the group that the Have nots cannot sleep anywhere but in their room. Michelle closed her eyes for a second on the couch earlier and BB told her no sleeping in the LR.

Ronnie and Lydia are following up on thier little 'fight'. Neither of them is mad at the other.

In the BY Jordan and Jeff are in the hammock. Jordan doesn't trust Natalie. Braden came out and asked Jeff if he wants some chicken as he's making some. When Braden came out Jeff noticed Lydia peeking her head out to see who's out there. He says he doesn't trust her and if she was crying because she thinks people didn't like her before he'll really make her cry because all of this is for her and if she's causing this...Jordan asks if he'll put up Laura for her. He says yes.

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7:52 PM BBT

Up in HOH Jordan and Chima talking game. Jessie asking Chima if she can talk to Lydia. He says you're both on the block so you can share. Jessie is telling her that she can build a relationship with anyone she wants. She should get used to talking to others because when he talks to other people and they have nothing to say to him, he knows that they are targeting him.

Jessie is saying that Jeff was acting like a damsel in distress to hide how strong they are. They look at the HOH spy cam and see Ronnie sitting on the floor. Chima asks if they can trust him. Jessie is not sure but says he came right to him with a plan. He likes Michelle because she reminds him of his brother's wife and she is sweet and genuine and doesn't have a devious bone in her body.

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8:00 PM

Announcement about Jessie's microphone and Jordan says she can't wait till he has to come downstairs because he lives up in his room.

All conversations just going in circles. Will update if anything interesting happens.

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8:17 pm BBT

Jeff outside on patio smoking. Russel and Kevin sitting with feet in hot tub. Kevin has never watched fighting. Not fake wrestling or anything.

(feeds are experiencing sound difficulties. Sounds from other rooms are leaking in)

Natalie, Ronnie and Michelle playing Chess. Natalie and Ronnie explain 'castling' to Michelle.

Casey in the BR and Casey clipping his nails. It's ridiculously loud.

8:30 PM BBT

Laura has kidney issues (she says) and is scared cause she's never had that in her life. Casey joins them. General chit chat

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8:38 PM BBT

Braden telling Russel he's holding on for dear life - to be safe this week. Russ says "Doesn't it?" He says to anyone who will listen that it's been such a quiet day.

Casey comes in and tells them he's headed for 6.5 on the fly scale tonight.

8:47 PM BBT

Lydia and Kevin hanging out in the HoH room talking. Lydia says she was treated really badly back then. She hates that Jeff uses the word 'faggot' and that it's so under the belt. Kevin says Jeff apologized to him for it. Kevin says the only one who use gay or fag in a derogatory member are Jordan and Jeff. Lydia is hoping her and Jordan are still friends. She says she hopes she would listen to another side of the story.

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9:03 PM BBT

Jordan is telling Lydia and Kevin that she likes flirting with Jeff but that's its not a showmance. She likes him and he's fun. The closest she has to a showmance is with Lydia - they sleep in the same bed and all. They laugh.

Getting tired - is there anyone around to take over?

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9:17 PM BBT

Lydia, Jordan and Kevin have been having some really good discussions about the game and the fight earlier today. Kevin just said "I hope Jeff doesn't think the whole house is against him." and Jordan says he does think that. Kevin is saying Jeff never really talked to him before, and he never talked to Jeff either. Lydia and Jordan talked to everyone at first and now it's hard because they are in bad position because one of their friends migh tbe up.

Braden and Jeff were eating dinner in the kitchen - general chat.

Russel, Jessie and Ronnie are out back working out.

Kevin says Jeff never talked to him at all. Never tried to connect one on one to him. The others did. Kevin wants Jeff to know that to talk to him now would seem highly suspicious. Jordan tells him to tell Jeff what he's thinking. Kevin says he will. He's off to talk to him now.

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9:26 BBT

Jordan, Lydia and kevin rehashing arguements from earlier today

Michelle/Jeff in bathroom talking

9:32pm Nothing really to report. Everyone just walking around except Jordan/Lydia and Kevin still rehashing earlier arguments

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9:27 PM BBT

Kevin with Jeff and Michelle in the BR helping Michelle get dressed. Braden there too. (I missed it if Kevin said something to Jeff but I heard Jeff say "I appreciate it man")

with BBAD on now I am officially done :)

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9:38pm BBT

Jeff/Braeden playing pool outside with Michelle watching (she is wearing a pink "night on the town" dress everyone else in shorts tank tops)

Jordan/Lydia STILL talking nonstop about the same things

not sure where everyone else is

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