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Prediction Challenge Possible Questions

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1st to cook a meal for everyone?

First to wear a bikini?

1st to go in the pool?

What type of "game" will be outside... pool table, ping pong, foos ball, etc.

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I brought over my thoughts from the other thread...

In my mind this was "in addition" to the "normal" pre-prediction challenge questions....

There exists a series a questions and point values - these questions appear BEFORE Houseguests are announced.

So, has anyone heard from Buxom Blonde yet?

If I remember typical has been:

Houseguest Names (1-10 Male, 1-10 Female)

Occupations: (with certain expected occupations not accepted - e.g. student, actor/actress, etc.)

Houseguest States

Oldest Age & Youngest Age

Here are some ideas for the "new" Bonus Pre Prediction Questions:

If/When a Pre-Prediction challenge takes places - another thought I had was some kind of "Bonus" questions this year like:

If they have not announced: Total Number of Hamster this year

Total number of Gay people in household (extra bonus points if they guess the total AND gay person is a lesbian)

Total # of Married people

Total # of divorced people

Total # of college students

Total # of students

Total # of actor/models

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If you want questions for preseason I can think of a few things, lol

How many house guests are parents?

How many are unemployed?

How many live east of the Mississippi?

How many are over the age of 35?

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Total # of children between all the HG's

You would add up the number of kids between all the HG's (at home or grown)

Say if these HG's were all in the house - Dick, Shelia, Wahamber and the mom with 4 kids from last season = 2+1+1+4 = 8

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It's official. I'll be the one running the prediction challenge this year. It just turned out to be easier this way.

As a result I'm asking all of you to come up with some suggestions for the "but first" thread. We would like to expand it since we have a whole season to go through with that one. Be creative and have fun.

Thank you everyone and see you for the first pre-season prediction threads as soon as our forum is set up.

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Thank you for taking on this task Dream. Please let the team know if there's anything we can do to support ya. Good luck with the challenge this year and have some fun too.

I'm so excited... the Prediction Challenge makes it all real to me... can't wait to start guessing.

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Which houseguests will be the first to get in a verbal fight? :argue:

Which houseguests will be the first in a physical fight? :bash:

Which houseguests will be the first to hook up? :love:

Which houseguests will be the first caught cuddling in bed by the cameras? :inlove:

Which houseguests will have a smoking habit? :pimp:

What movie coming out this summer will be promoted on BB by making it a reward? :popcorn:

Which houseguests will bring a bible with them? :angel:

Which houseguests will have a birthday while in the BB house? :happybday:

What will the BB house decoration theme be this year?

Which houseguests will be into working out frequently?

Which male houseguest will be the first to walk around all the time shirtless?

Which houseguest will be the biggest flirts?

Which houseguest will be the motherly type cleaning behind all the other houseguests?

Which houseguest will always be early to bed? :bedtime:

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Which houseguest will bring up past houseguests by name?

Which will lie about what their occupation is?

Who will be the first to tease julie about her pregnancy..asking her if she is going into labor or something stupid..?

Which houseguest will be the first to mention a forum by name?

Which houseguest will be caught hiding behind or inside an object to easedrop on the others?

Which houseguests will play the first game of chess together?

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Dream: Thanks for taking it on...from what I remember from Buxom...the easiest is to just copy what has been do the last few Seasons.

If you want to update the "But First" - give us a couple of examples. I think that is one where we have the names of the guests already but it is still so early we are just making guesses based on bios or names.

First to Cry on TV Show.

First to be "bleeped"

First Fight

First "romantic kiss"

ect...show us the list and we can possibly add to it

And Dream be careful with any new questions you might add - wording/timing will mean alot. Probably better to just add a few or use some of these as bonus question. Think about how you might reward points for paritial answers...key will be to be consistent (the fun for some of us is debating with you over some of the points).

Over time Buxom had some of the "known" "excpetions" down to a science...if someone came in named "Memphis" but had a real name or "Robert" - she might give full credit for Robert because how could any of us really have know a nickname. Now, she did also provide some type of points if you said Rob, or Bobbie or even Bobby. This will be your call and hopefully we can negotiate. Whatever you decide to do, it is all good as I am excited that someone is even running with it. Thanks to you and to Buxom...for making Big Brother so much fun.

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Thanks Cali. I'm not working alone on this. I have Buxom here to help still. She will be away for a few weeks this summer so we thought it would be better to do the whole season instead of just a few weeks in the summer when it's the most crazy. I also have lala to help me, as she helped Buxom last year.

I'll take your suggestions into consideration. But we don't plan on changing much at all. 95% of it is copy and paste. The only thing we're changing is something buxom had considered anyway. The "occupation" predictions are gone and it's been replaced with some suggestions of my own, lala's, Buxom's and the members.

The "but first" thread is just being expanded from what we had last year. Since that particular thread runs all season long we thought it would be better to have more questions in that particular thread. Here is an complete list of last year's questions.

the first to become a member of the Jury?

the first to win a reward for the whole house)?

the first to win/accept a cash prize during a competition?

the first to have sub-titles added to show what they said?

the first to afterwards claim/admit they threw a challenge?

the first to be shown crying (must be after entering the house)?

the first to have something they say get "bleeped" (or edited) out?

the first to be called (receive) a truly insulting name (to their face!)?

the first to be "falling-down", "passing-out" or "out of control" drunk?

the first to have a body part (other than their mouth or finger) blurred out?

If you have any more suggestions feel free to leave a comment or PM me directly. Thanks again.

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