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August 3 & 4 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00PM BBT: Michelle and Jessie are in the bedroom. Michelle is bitching about all the competitions and she feels like she gets the raw end of the stick every time while Jessie complains that if he doesn

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The HT crew are noise and chatting up a storm while Jessie and Michelle are playing pool. Michelle tells Jessie she needs more alcohol and that her breast don

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9:50PM BBT: Newsflash! Keesha is eating AGAIN while Jerry is inside trying to eat slop while talking about Memphis offering his slop pass if Jerry took him off the block.

HT crew still laughing and having a good time.

Michelle and Jessie still playing pool.

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10:44pmBBT Memphis & Mchjelle are playin pool, Jesse is in Sauna eating chips & dip,sandwitchs,pickles, & Soda in the Sauna room by self, & every1 is talkin bout sex in kitchen. Jerry said 2 people are havin sex in house. April lookin annoyed "Are u fuckin kiddin me what would be disgusting." Libra ask every1 "Is any1 in here havin sex in this house?" Renny says "Dan had a supermodel come out of hiddn door and entered HOH with him." (Every1 laughs). April asks to change subject. Jerry says when he had sex with his wife she would yell "Geramo" & "Charge!" Jerry tells them she felt like she was juimpin out plane why that & Renny falls on floor & every1 is in sticjes. Keesha "Jerry Jerry Jerry."

10:51ambbt Keesha tells sex story & Jerry says he has goosebumps, Memphis joins them in Kitchen, Jesse still eatin by self in Sauna

10:55pmBBT Dan wa sjust in & out of showr now shaving

10:56pmBBT Jesse shows Ollie letter from home, Jesse says he knows the letter's fake. "Jus think if it says Hey Ollie, its just ...." Feeds switch

10:57pmBBT Jerry exits BR and Dan looks in camea and says "Did he wah his hands?" Dan Shakes head no.

11pmBBT Dan & Jerry talkin in bathroom

11:01pmBBT Jesse & April talkin stargey in 80s Room, Jesse sayin a cant belive u gave $4000 to Jerry to keep noms the same. & u gave Libra money 2. April says thats why she & Ollie need 2 talk alot. Jesse says "Spril U & Ollie are ll I have, I wont go against my word to you."

11:11pmBBT Jeese tells April "ive made fun or talked down, trashed talk any1 in house, but Keesha makes fun of me everyday becaus eim broke & I eat and Wendys & Dollar stuff, Lets gets rid of Memphis then Michelle or I will won HOH nextw eek, U & Ollie will be safe. "April u & me are the honest people, I will win HOH and protect u." Jesse says "i wil put up Keesha & Libra, im honest their not they lie, im not, i dont have a evil bone in my body." April looks sad. Jesse hugs a cryin April.

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10:57 BBt

Jesse and April talking..Jesse trying to save himself..April telling him "I saved you this week"...April saying she wasn't going to lose HOH and Jesse agrrees ...tells her that she can't win next week "but we can"..Jesse balming Libra and Keesha "getting me in trouble" saying its fucling "bull shit"..BBAd went to commercial

In bathroom Jerry going over his resume as Dan listens politely

Back to April and Jesse warning her about her alliance......April saying she had to give then 4 grand..she says pay her that 'we're even"....Jeese saying "they took it out of your hands" .......jesse saying "I've given you my word" telling her its "Michel'es time to win HOH" Jesse keeps offering her support ..Dan walks in....April "so stressful..the game"

Dan leaves...Jesse saying "let us prove it to you" warning "if Memphis wins HOH who is he going to put up" Jesse asks...April says they will too. Jesse saying you guys are "making fun of me because I'm broke" April says no one made fun of you....Jesse telling her all the stuff Keesha sais yesterday "fuck April" and then they took her money because they wanted HOH...

Jesse saying "the two fucking people " I'm going after are the people who lie, start fights and haven't "won fucking dick"

April saying she's done everything in her power to keep her hear.."i don't know what else I can do"...saying he needs to shut his mouth.....saying he's not kissing ass like Memphis .."there's no way in hell I'm putting you up".....saying they are the ones causing probles..."I don't have a devious bone in my body" talling him "please" to behave......

They hug..and promises he trust her and Ollie telling her "I tried trusting Dan" and saying the only people they say bad things about her are her alliance and Olie never has gone back to her and say they have never said anything bad about her....

talking Michelle was "either going to tear Libra's head off or quit the game"

jesse wants to talk to her and Olliw with him and Michele...

April saying she's HOH to save his ass...Jesse "Libra's the fucking Brian" {lol} going around trying to get everyone else...

"Why do you think you and Ollie can't eat" because you know "you are getting fucked over"

April acknowledges her efforts to save her...Jesse saying "they rationed out YOUR money"...they took your money...Jeese saying he'll behave..just eat and sit in the sauna room..

Jesse continues his campaign...

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11:13 BBT Jeese and April finish their talk saying "we are honest" "michelle and I will win"...April leaves as Jeese hangs his head against the shelf and walks aroung before he heads to DR "is there anyone in the DR"

BB doesn't let Jeese in and he walks to the kitchen...

Jese asks "is Michele in there" and Olie says she might be because he hasn't seen her around..

Outside Memphis talking to Libra and Keesha talking about some guy on stilts..

Apriltalking to Ollie saying she hold the fate of whether people make it to the jury house.."this is the week"...April saying should she put up one of our alliance members...Ollie "like who"...she tells Ollie the deal Jesse offered her....

Jesse comes in and does the trust talk again..Dan comes in again asks "are you ok" and they say yes..

Ollie saying "either way we're good"...Jeesee comes in and and gain goes over it again and leaves...

Ollie and April kissing..while Keesha walks by oohh ahhhh

Ollie April inaudible whisper.....April "im scared" saying if memphis gets HOH "she's putting up me and Jerry" saing "can you handle being put up" and April says "no" and Ollie says "neither can I"

Libra smiling ear to ear walks by..small talk...

Ollie and April..worried about 'putting myself out there"....Memphis walks in....April says "we weren't doing anything"

they talk about the bed....

ollie "its way too early to be desperate" saying their deal of only "next week" "is not good enough"...and Ollie says they need to get "a final four deal"..."if we don't put them up if either you or I get it..its going to look suspicious"

Reeney now walks in..April saying why does everyone thinking their doing something...small talk before she leaves...

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11:30 BBT

Ollie baby talking sweet nothings to April..{gags}...Ollie says house is getting paranoid...

Outdoors Jesse talking to Dan about trains and how they stop..Jerry interjects..with his opinion....as jesse goes on explaining...Jeese talking about bus and auto etiquette around train tracks...Jesse goes on about his $20,000 Harley..while Dan turns in abck to train tracks and who owns them......jeese taling about working for Walmart and he owns stock in them....

Jerry say he was "very conservative" even in 401k and only put it in "interest bearing" things and never put them in stocks......Jerry goes on explaining to Jesse about taxes........telling they should establish a "home based" computer..and keep putting money away because it takes only a few weeks......Jerry goes on "lots of things"..and money to be made.....Jerry talking about when he was young her worked two jobs......"if you can do anything small and let that build a nest egg" and in time you have an investment without touching the principle.......giving them valubale info.......Jesse and Dan listen .....Jesse talks about a friend who worth millons who's affliated with "gold's Gym"

In the bathroom Reeney and Keesha talking with Memphis....and a smiling Libra comes in....Memphis "i wish I had a cigar" Libra "I wished I had some sex"........now its nail talk.....making fun of Reeney always in the kitchen..she says "it makes the day go fast"...Memphis saying his mom would never come in BB house....Reeney she never though she would have been in there but she is...

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11:50 BBT

Ollie/April talking...trying reassure her she's a great girl......"ooliesyaing "i want to pack you up and take me home with me"..April "you don't know anything about disagreements....oliie says you lime aruments.....they go on about their so called relationship... "do you hate me"...."Oh God no" {pretty much the jist of it..so juvenile}..wondering what it would be like if they met outside of the house...blah blah blah...

In the bathroom Keesha wonders where Reeney went as she sits there with memphis...."i got to make decisions when I get out of here"..talking about "going into mangement" and saying taking a pay cut.....memphis talking GM in nighclubs make a ridiculous amount of money..

BBAD ends as feeds are foth..

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12:02 BBT

Libra in bed with her pink head wrap...talking to Memphis and Keesha and Ollie...showing something....Keesha talking Reeney has Lingerie she's 'going to wear for Jerry" tomorrow night...

Libra saying she talked about Survivor...Ollie saying he doesn't like the outdoor stuff...

Libra asking Memphis about his siblings... "seven of ya all..get the f outta here"

Libra asking moronic questions to Ollie about what he would rathe be an Astronaut or a male stripper...Keesah saying "astronauts don't make good money" Libra asks ollie would you rather be a "chef or a garbage man" {libra would you rather be a moron or imbecile}

reeney comes in talking about 'her act" saying "hell to the no" about doing it tomorrow night...

Reeney about Jerry "he's been in Dan's ear about them same ol stories"..when the say Jeery is outside.

Feed switch to outside as Dan and Jerry talk about getting people out saying if they get HOH they are going 'stay the 7" and will change the game when it gets to tehat point..saying "the four girls" want to dominate the game..Jerry saying he will bring in Dan with him Ollie and April....saying "ollie wants to do that".....

talking about jesse's harley saying its probably used since it was pretty inexpensive...talking about his means and how he makes money.."family support" say Jerry or "maybe odeling jobs" ..Jerry "I think the girls are starting to get nervous"..saying 'if memphis leaves" that they will go up...Dan saking if April made a deal with him...Jerry or "tell Jesse to behave"...Dan say "i don't get that emotional " and that causes the blow up fights "and the swearing on national television"..Jerry saying 'everyone is going have to understand" that you are caught up in all of this.....Jerry talking saying his friends probably wonder how he gets the energy to keep up with the kids...talks about his copping a feel on April....... first night..

Dan wonders if the girls fights shake em up..jerry says yes to watch how keesah April will gang up on April..starts ragging on Libra ""Libra is very selfcentered baby" saying her buttons can be pushed {snaps} "like that"

Jerry saying" When you have em by the balls the hearts and minds will follow" "Nixon principle" saying they did horribly last night because they were nervous..Eisenhower principal.."you are better to have your enemies inside the tent pissing out rather than outside pissing in" saying thats what they are in...

Jerry "play the game don't play the people"..but your going have "to start winning something"....Dan says "I'm here for money" and not the acting "but if something comes up"...

jerry talking odds..."$50,000 isn't bad" talking abou 2nd...."a house is a good investment" saying "he's never lost money on a house"

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12:31 BBT

Jerry talk about his Sunday drives.........with Dan...about his life.....'we didn't have nothing but we thought we had everything"'..Jerry " at three and four years old..I remember my life at that age"..

Talking about making it to "the jury house" "i don't know if we'll be able to crack these relationships"..FOTH

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12:39 BBT

Feeds came back with Dan now in the bedroom with April Memphis Libra Keesha Ollie and reeney talking......

In the sauna room Michele and Jesse talking to Jerry who is talking finances now again with them "fixed income situation"...talking about the poor elderly.....Michele saying 'in the winter time you cannot turn of the electricity or the heating"..talking about job losses and gas prices......wondering what's going on..Michele "its so depressing"

Jerry saying "i've never been so lazy in my life" sitting around doing nothing........Jesse "jerry this is my life"...

Jerry says he's going to walk around the house for a bit and Michele says "we'll be here if you want to come visit"

They start their inaudible whispering..Michele says "you want to play pool" and Jesse declines "too tired"

michele says when jesse helps her play chess he sets her up to lose four moves later..

{dead tired so I'm calling it early..night all}

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1:25am BBT

Libra, Dan, Keesha, Memphis, Jerry, Renny, are in one room just talking general stuff. Keesha is a little out of it, she says it is either this house or the booze I drank. She is cracking up the whole room with what comes out of her mouth.

Keesha said to Memphis that if your gf can't make it three months without you, she isn't the one you are meant to be with. Everyone seems to agree with Keesha in the room with her statement.

Michelle and Jesse in the salon room talking strategy. I am not sure but I think they are scared Memphis is flippin to the other side cause tonight he has been spending time with the other group.

Jerry leaves the room and goes to see Michelle and Jesse. Jerry came and told him something but wasn't able to hear it. Michelle and Jesse thank Jerry for the information.

Memphis and Dan also leave the room so the ladies can go to sleep.

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Jesse and Michelle are looking at each other.

Jesse is making inpersonations that aren't that great. Michelle lays as she said he sounds like Jim Carrey. Jesse is learning Portuagues with michelle. Memphis comes in and Jesse says do you want to learn Portuagues. Memphis says is that like Spanish, Jesse says no. Memphis leaves the room.

Dad is in his room, clearning it up a bit. He has gotten into his bed with his bible. Jerry is also in the room, getting ready to go to bed. They are awaiting Memphis as they think he is coming to bed as well. Jerry is letting out gas because of the slop he has been eating.

Jesse is doing very well with the Portuagues he is learning. Michelle keeps laughing at him like he is saying it wrong. (to me he seems to be doing just fine).

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1:53am BBT

Ollie and April are talking in the HOH room, like a disagreement sort of way. April thinks he is heavily involved with someone outside of this house and he says he is not. April says she doesn't know anything about her and she doesn't know anything about him. Ollie said just don't jump to conclusions all the time. He said just ask him he wll be honest with her. Ollie says "do you have it all figured out". April says that "life is a work in progress" Ollie asks "what happens when you fail". April says "she doesn't think it is failure. She says if you fail you learn how to succeed. Ollie doesn't agree with her statement. Ollie than says something that makes April realizes what he is actually.

Ollie says what do you get if you fail this game, she says she will succeed upon being on Big Brother. She says that she beat out alot of people to be on this show if she lost this show tomorrow. She says that if she has a relationship out of this house, she would rather that than the money. People would think she is crazy (well maybe she is)

Now we get FOTH.

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April is talking about her dad's house that he once had but says that she doesn't need that, cause she has a great father and sister. April is talking about her brother who has downsydrome and she says that he thinks he is ok. April starts to cry and gets emotional talking about her brother. She thinks the world is so sick for being so judgement towards her brother.

She is talking about her depression and that she has had councilling to get her life back again. She said she didn't want this game, this game came to her. She didn't want to know her parents are divorced. She was ashamed of her life. She says if she has no relationships outside of this house, she has learned alot about who she is.

Ollie is hugging her and rubbing her back to make her feel better. Ollie says there are alot of cold people out there (she is practically laying on the side of the bed, like Ollie can't move over, what a man).

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Ollie and April start to kiss and Ollie gets caught up with his microphone all over his neck. He moves over a bit. Ollie says are you ok, she says she is great. He says yes you are great. Ollie starts kissing her again. Makeout session begins. Ollie pulls the covers over them. (and well I think you all get the idea of what happens with these two)

2:17am BBT

Jesse and Michelle just talking general stuff, nothing to important. Just what they are going to saying the Thursday's live show if Julie asks them any questions.

Feeds are on Jesse and Michelle (cam 3-4) and the make out session in HOH is cam 1-2)

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2:34am BBT

Ollie and April finish up with Ollie giving it to her doggie style where the blankets kind of fell off and they didn't care. She said I am sure the producer got a good show tonight. She says they probably go home and do that to their wives. He goes to grab the towel to whip her off. She says she loves sex, didn't you know that. She says she wants to have more sex while they are in the HOH room. She wants in the morning, and night time. She says he is the best sex she has every had. She says something about the sex is better when there is no blankets. They kiss and hug each other. She loves sex with him. She says she wants to have sex where you are practically off each other. Ollie doesn't get scared with to much sex. She has invited him back to her house after the show.

2:30am BBT

Ollie says "he can have sex all day long". April says she loves sports and sex. Ollie says you are the perfect girl. She says "we will always be together no matter what". Ollie says what you don't cook and clean? She says yes I also cook and clean, but I love sex and sports.

we get FOTH

Ollie and April are talking general stuff about what has happened to the house.

Michelle and Jesse are talkin about what has happened into the house. Jesse said he wanted to talk to Michelle, but she ignored him, she said she didn't mean to do that purpose. Jesse says she was to busy for him. Michelle says you are taking what I am saying out of context in this house. (they are start to whisper that i can't hear them) Michelle says you are the one person i like to hang out with.

2:45am BBT

We get alot of FOTH in and out during this time period. Hard to catch what is being said.

3:00am BBT

We come back to find all houseguests seem to be in bed sleeping.

Ollie and April are talking and she said BB kept asking her if she had done "movies and porn", she tried to reassure them a thousand times she didn't do either of them.

Ollie can't believe they asked that kind of question. He wonders if every girl gets asked that question. April said they asked me.

April says "that Jesse and Michelle have secluded Memphis from the group and that he is longer part of the alliance". April feels like she is doing Jesse and Michelle's dirty work. April hopes Ollie will help her out. He said anything you need I will do my best to help you out.

Everyone finally goes to bed and to sleep.....(I will be back if anything important happens, or till I fall asleep)

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6:22 am BBT

April is restless... Michelle removes her sleep mask and lifts her head to look around. Ollie restless and puts the pillow over his head. Libra up to use WC, washes hands with soap... Libra walks into kitchen and then turns around and heads back to that 70's bedroom and arrainges her bedding and gets back into bed on her waterbed. All HG's in bed.

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