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August 3 & 4 - Live Feed Updates

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10:42 BBT

In the hippy room reeney Libra and Keesha talking that one of them may be backdoored ..this paranoia started with Libra.......libra calling the other night "was a setup' getting played "like a violin" with Reeney saying that was to "sign your own death warrant"..The three all are untrusting of April..Keesha saying she will be backdoored.....they are hoping the POV ceremony is tomorrow....."If he plays it" Libra says only to be cut of by keesha "he would stupid to play it".......{Jeryy's POV}...keesha says "i've got the votes" if she's backdoored...Libra lloking stunned she said that...Libra "we got set up reeney"........they are wondering if "dan would talk"...saying maybe.......Libra's paranoia in full bloom...she keeps saying 'we got played the other night"

they are whispering som its near impossible to follow.......thay are trying to figure out what was sais when "the fight started"..again Libra "or was it a set up"...saying she was moving the target to someone else ...."I got played" says Libra

Outdoors Keesha talking to Dan telling her "i can see you being popular with the people".."well thanks Dan"Keesha says..they both agree reeney would be "a popular cast member"...Keehsa gets up to do laundry........

Ollie and April playing ball in the back..

Keesha heads back indoors

In the Sauna room Jerry talking to Jesse/Michele about his cataracts..

Keesha goes back to the room with Reeney and LIbra..she gives her report where and what everyone else is doing...

Libra wondering 'if Ollie would step up" if they get put up..talking ""i can't trust Dan"......Libra talking backdoor and has keesha worried..she says "I'm worried but I don't think so"....

keesha fold her clothes while Libra in deep thought when reeney comes back in about what kind of frosting they want on their cake..

both are talking about needing "to win HOH"...Libra saying "I don't think Dan is the way" telling Keesha that Reeney told her Dan is "shifty"

paranoid talk continues...

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10:57 BBT

Talking about getting Dan to put his hand on the bible to get him to "vote that way" {vote Jesse out} and if Memphis gets hoh he can't put them up "for one week" Keesha goes to get DAn and Memphi while Libra waits...

She goes gets them and walks back to the room..."If I vote for your ass" she tells memphis "and you put me up next week I'm going to kill you"..saying "i need you help" Keehsa says "I got the four votes" and Dan agrees.. they all hug..when dan and memphis leave Libra and keesha jmp up and down..hug and Libra says about April "I can't wait to see her face"

They break up their little meeting and walk out...Libra goes to bathroom but Dan was gong to let her shower...but she tells him to go first...

keesha in Kitchen with reney

Outdoors Olie and memphis April play ball..

In the sauna room the oblivious Michele and Jesse..sit and talk while the vote flips in memphis' favor...and have no clue...

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11:07 BBT

A very silent Libra sits in the kitchen while reeney does dishes....Reeney breaks the silence....by asking what BB shows and and what they don't in the mornings when the get up.....

Libra goes back to rocking and staring strait ahead in deep thought....finally saying "I'm just giving Dan respect he's in the shower" reeney say to hop in who cares Libra says she doesn't "its him" and reeney "me I don't care".....

In sauna room jeese and Michele talking about taking their showers.....asking her "how'd that mask think go".....Michele asks him if she "look beautiful" and jesse says "uhh yaaay"

keesha has joined reeney and Libra and Libra whith Keesha saying "dan's funny" and his need to shower without the girls....with libra saying are you done "we're waiting on you"

Back to Michele and jesse in the sauna room...not relly talking about anything..

keesha walking around brushing her teeth...while Dan finishes his shower she goes to spit and rinse..Dan saying "very long days" and finishes his shower "dan you aint stopping me from getting in the shower" reeney jokes ..he says he would just let her go first....dan "I put it down for the ladies in the house" after being asked if he left the toilet seat up..

Jesse and michele talking about next weeks POv with out realizing one of them will not be there as of right now...

they finally get up and leave the sauna room.....

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11:30pm BBT

Jessie and Dan are in the 80's room and Jessie is talkin about his letter isn't sincere or heart felt like it would be for an HOH letter from your family. He thinks someone else wrote this letter as there is some statements stated that he doesn't think his family would stay. They leave the room.

Dan goes and tells Libra something about him finding out about his letter and he doesn't trust Jessie right now, but they break it up and he leaves to go outside.

Feeds switch over to Jessie and Michelle. Feeds switch back over to the kitchen feed. BB tells Libra to put on her microphone.

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11:19 BBT

After giving that poor couch a breather for a whole two minutes...Jeese and Michele replant themselves back in the sauna room and start whipering...

reeney still in the kitchen....with Ollie giving him a piece of cake.....telling her "you're the best"

memphis explaing the scoring system to his game and olllie says "i'm down"..but he goes to eat his cake...as memphis joins in..April declines a piece but says 'if you let me eat off your spoon..I'll try it"

memphis talking about his "American Gladiators" game..while April and Ollie talks about "Cold Stone" saying its the best ice cream {I agree} but April says when she goes "it taste like metal" while Dan chimes it "Cold Stone ..is Unbeatable"

Michele got back up to pop some zits in the bathroom.......Jeese in the room with them...Jesse telling Ollie that he shares his chapstick with anyone.....Ollie says he'd be worried about getting "Herpes" memphis saying that its medically impossible.....saying sharing there in BB house is not like sharing it "with a bum" off the street {so say you}.....

In the Punk Room Dan and jesse talk..Dan reads his HOH letter..saying "It threw me off" saying they would never say "Hey Jesse" but would say "Hey son"..he goes over othe discrepancies in his HOH letter..when BBAD cuts away and feeds go FOTH..

Jesse says "it threw me off" and says it sounds more like "a group of people in a room" saying "nothing in it feel heart felt"..Dan suggest someone else "typed it" and we get FOTH...they break up as dans say "they're proud of you either way" [that was odd}

immediately Dan tells Libra "he showed me his letter" and says this is going to be tougher...saying he trusts Memphis more than Jesse.....Libra mouthing as Dan gets some water.."Libra Please put on you microphone" {that's why I didn't hear her}

Libra whispers something to Keesha as the two head to the sauna room.....Reeney enters... talking about their flip....keeping an eye on the door to make sure no one is listening... ....Libra talking "I almost had a heart attack" when she say DAn and Jesse go into the room together......Libra talking their 4 vote are Reeney Dan Keesha and herself.....they are really paranoid that it will leak...."we just need to get through this meeting tomorrow..know what I mean"...."I can't wait to see there faces" after the vote Keesha says saying they will be "shocked"

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11:40pm BBT

Renny, Keesha, Libra are in the Sauna room, Keesha and Libra that they have a deal that they will send Jessie home as long as Memphis doesn't put up their asses if he wins HOH next week. He agrees. They are worried about Jerry finding out, so they all agree to hang out with him tomorrow. Keesha said that Jerry will do whatever April wants him to do.

Keesha and Libra are filling Renny in on what happened earlier this evening. (of course America has to vote that Jessie goes home to make sure Dan's vote is counted the way they wanted it to go).....Libra said "ollie wants to be the good guy, while we do the dirty work." Ollie has been the good guy, renny says. Keesha said that he has been playing this game through April.

Keesha thinks Ollie has something with Jessie, which makes the paring of Jessie, Michelle and Ollie, April as an alliance.

Libra said " I will kiss that old mans ass if I have too". Renny took an advil, she doesn't want to say it in front of america (well at least she is being honest with us, but we get the picture). Keesha thinks she is funny by saying that.

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11:50pm BBT

April was kind of upset Jerry when he was teaching her how to play pool, but she felt he was over her all the time. She after awhile kind of felt sorry and went and said sorry to him. She felt she hurt his feelings. But she has realized that he hasn't been eating and that might getting to him now with no real food in his stomach.

We get FOTH (what is with the fishes tonight, starting to irritate me tonight)

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11:41 BBT

In the sauna room Libra still talking with Reeney/Keesha..they are hoping the POV doesn't get played.....saying that Dan swore in front of them and Memphis...

libra complaining "ollie gets to be the good guy" while they do all "the dirty work"..Kessha saying he's played "this game through April"...."being the good guy" Libra loops again...keesha says she thinks he has a deal with the others...

Libra saying "is I have to go outside and Kiss that old man's ass' and "I'l make shit up" to keep him from using the POV...their convo changes to reeney's daughter and where she works...

In the bedroom jeese telling Michele....that he has her back.....when camera switches to the sauna room and "periods" and "midol" talk when April walks in...

Talking about jerry playing "the pitching game" and April saying "he was glaring over me" when he was trying to teach her to play pool.....

Libra is avoiding him and his stories because she is on her period......Libra saying "he can't stand Memphis"....Libra saying Jesse told Memphis "you're going home"..Kessha "in a roundabout way"..April saying "he's a little brat".......April saying "i haven't seen them{Jeese/Michele} all day"...libra says "period" again and reeney "If I hear period one more time" libra jokes "shut up" and Reeney wonders if BB puts this convo on TV...they say no...

libra saying "that POV thang has gone to his head" asking April if she plans to talk to Jerry....Keesha saying "I do feel bad for him" because he's on slop...

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11:53 BBT

April heads back outdoors.

The girls are still talking in the Sauna room...as jerry come by and Jesse comes in....say hi and Jesse says "what's up" and puts his shoes on and heads out....Reeney saying "she knows something's up that's why she said something about the Colonel"..Jerry comes in and explains what's going on in the BY while Libra says she's tired and that's why she's relaxing.....talking about getting cards and card games...talking about playing "31" and reeney asks how to play and sure enough he does.

the girls act like they are interested in jerry's talking...Keep asking him questions about his "RV" and jerry obliges and chats on...........

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12:00 BBT

jerry saying 'they are all talking" saying suddenly 'we have new friends" saying he isn't going to use it and says "no negative statement' and he's supporting "our HOH"...jerry saying "they have not ask me" saying only memphis and he "offered me the slop pass" ...they laugh..telling them "that would be suicide" if he used it

Jerry saying that they have a couple more weeks together...Now they ask Jerry about his sweater and Jerry goes through a long winded story about ithe store....

even have "slinky dresses you all like"

Libra "i'm a little bloated...woman's stuff"

Jerry leaves...mouth to each other...reeney worried that the deal they made with Memphis "that memphis might act different"...Memphis comes in and goes over the game....memphsi says "all I have are my words and my balls and i'm not breaking them for anybody"

libra saying 'we have the stronger 4" and "they have been working to keep him in"....Memphis saying "Dan told me everything" from why he's been so quiet.....Memphis leaves to "more cake" and Libra seems content about the flip....talking April will "be pissed at us" and try to "say stuff"..keesha says "go make him swear" saying to get Dan to swear on the bible

they get up to "se how it works"..Jerry's resistance bands.......

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12:17 BBT

Ollie and April in HOH and wonder what's up with all the moods and everyove is in a "funk"...April say "i don't know"

Jesse and Michele outside and wonders why April is called to DR at "12:20 at night" and not make her go all day long {my guess BB will try to flip it back}..Both play unaware that Jesse is the one now leaving.....


Dan sitting at the couch as Michele and jesse play....on all 4 feeds..

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12:29...Jerry talking to his new found friends in Keesha and Reeney who's doing dishes..talking about family

"michele my bell" either Jesse or Dan sing outside while they play...Dan asking whether Jesse buys more poultry or pork...Jesse answer but I didn't ear but he did say "macaroni and cheese"...Jesse asks if since he's Italian does he eat "sausages" and Dan says his mom cooks it..

Memphis just sitting there mostly silent....

Mostly a lot of small talk talking about seeing in the mirrors........ talkink about seeing "tracks" and "exit signs" and we get foth...

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12:35 BBT

"i've never taken a bath with agirl before" as Ollie is in the bathtub in HOH with rubber duckies..April doesn't belive him and says its the truth...and she gets in..

Dan talking to Memphis saying he might be worried about "the other people" Dan saying "its so early"....Memphis saying "they must have found something out" and Keesha will fill him in..Memphis offers thatvHim Keesha Dan reeney and Libra should be an alliance for a couple weeks ..Dan saying he has already thought of a name.."wild Mustangs"....Dan says Libra "makes me nervous"....Memphis "it should be an interesting week"..Dan tells him aboutJesse's letter..Dan saing "it wasn't like a great letter..but it was nice" saying he's making a big deal out of nothing..Memhis telling Dan he trusts him.....

While upstairs April says "I don't trust them as far as I can throw em" saying she know they are talking shit "about us"

April saying "they they both are targets of jesse and Michele" and libra saying 'its a two headed snake..vs a one headed snake" and April told her "you win HOH next week if you want em out" and Libra yelled at her and Keesha was backing her up....Aprilsays Libra say "Memphis isn't a worry" and she told her she didn't agree...April complain memphis never talked to her and now he's talking doing laundry and making juices...saying "they want Jesse out " for themselves..and Aprilsaying Memphis is aligned with Keesha and Libra and Reeney...and "it would be so dirty if keesha Libra reeny and DAn go against me"...April says Dan "gave me his word".....Aprilsaying she hopes Jerry uses the POV...Ollie says "if you gave him the word' he'll use it..April saying "I can't do that" ..Ollie says "they won't go against you"

Aprilsaying to Ollie "you have to win HOH" and wouldn't "put it past " libra and Keesha to put her and Ollie up...April can't comprehend the disloyalty since they would be up...."she is so selfish" and saying she is "so manipulative" and Ollie says "she hasn't won shit"

April saying Libra told her "are you threatning her" when she joke with her..saying to her "absolutely not".....April saying "they are campaigning for Memphis" and both agree she is being used by Libra and has "screwed herself" for following Libra......April says If it comes between Libra Keesha and reeney "they will let reeney" win so she will "put us up"..talking about their distrust......Ollie says "call the seven in" and says "I want Memphis gone" and if anyone has problems with it then "call them out in front of the seven"...April say she'll doing closer before eviction and after POV meeting....April saying they "embarrassed themselves on national television" about the fight...

Ollie says Michele told him that she is targeting "three people' she is targeting are "libra Keesha and Jerry" and Ollie corrects himself and says that they were not her targets....

April saying she doesn't trust Michele because she tells Keesha other things...Ollie saying they have "nothing" and would be stupid...April being Paranoid..

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12:56 BBT

Dan getting his AP assignment as he's called to DR.

In HOH April and Ollie {who talk a mile a minute}...Ollie saying Memphis was serious he would have talked to her sooner saying she does not trust memphis .....April saying Libra's "fat ass" came down in 25 minutes in HOH....April saying "she hates him" about jesse and Ollie says she won her vacation and the 10000 dollars "she took from you"....April saying "she hasn't won shit"....Aprilsaying Keesha Memphis and Libra are "inseparable" and Ollie wondering "how'd that happen" and April says in started with keesha..

April says she said she wanted "memphis out" befor HOH......Ollie asks about their meeting....asking for "a for sure answer where her heads at" telling her that she didn't know..saying "she's not for sure"..and says she doesn't understand "the consequences" if they kept Jesse...saying if Jeese leaves..Michele doesn't need to keep her word and "come back at me"...ollie calling them "selfish"

Ollie saying that Angie told him that they were never targets for her....saying he didn't think too much....now he says now he's sure "Keesha was the target"

April saying they pissed her off calling them "straight up bitches" saying it was the "worst day in the house" April saying "its just them three' and have Jerry and they think they have Dan.....Ollie reiterates to call "the seven in"...April worries that they say "she's controlling"....April says "i wished I would have fallen off first" so she doesn't have to put up with all the shit...

Ollie says if he has to he'll get ugly saying its not going to stay "peaches and cream" and saying Dan is "the swing vote" and "he's on our side" [or so they think}

They are going over the votes.....saying "we just need 4".....ollie asking if she's "talked to Dan at all" April "not really"..Ollie saying you don't have anything to worry about..."I do if one of those bitches get head of housefold next week"

April now repeating what she's said ending with saying about Libra "she is a total bitch..she is a BITCH"

They keep talking...Ollie saying he felt bad for jesse the way they treated him saying "he told the truth" and said they were talking shit about them..

ollie "everyone should lick your toes..me included" about how they should do what she wants...

April saying libra "is a dirty player"..Ollie "i would be so tempted" to tell Jerry to use the POV and put Libra up..April is reluctant......

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1:18 BBT

April saying now the floaters are now floating by why they fight.........Ollie hopes its physical....the HOH..Feeds switch

to Michele and Jese and Jerry who's getting ready for bed..''"good night jerry" Michele says as she leaves and jesse says he's going to go brush her teeth...Jerry telling jesse memphis is working on everyone and jesse says "it scares me"

jesse doing dishes....

libra reeney Keesha whispering in the Hippies room..Libra "dan is just dealing with jesse..he doesn't trust him" or "like him" she says to reeney..

Keesha whispers {pretty much inaudible}....it's about Dan...talking about "not looking like an idiot on national tv" and 'going out fighting" talking about April and who she considers floaters......talking about April asking them who Reeney would put up if she got HOH and Libra said "i don't know"

Keesha "dan's been in there awhile"...Libra saying "my guts feels good".."i know in my heart"..Libra saying What about me' "me me me me me" mocking April saying if she has to listen to April talk about her OSD.."i'm gonna lose it"

Dan comes in and reeney pulls the bible out of her covers runs over to Dan and makes him swear on the bible to vote out Jesse and he does... .........telling them "not to flip out" and warning him "things are going to get crazy..."be ready"

Dan gets up and talks to jesse and Michele in Sauna room to say 'waht's up" and heads outside lays down while memphis plays pool.. {is memphis the choice??}

Dan talks about his Dr session when we get FOTH briefly...Memphis wondering when they are going to have POV...

Memphis and Dan talking...saying "no way he's going to use the POV" unless he's a moron..saying he doesn't have anything 'to worry about" saying that "would fuck everything up"

memhis saying if this goes as plan "they will be so pissed at each other" that they will float by..Dan saying 'I'll catch a little heat"...Dan saying we need to win one in the next couple weeks...

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1:41 BBt

Dan told to exchange mic and tells Jesse who's in the sauna "I want to talk to you about something" {maybe its jesse that's AP}

Heads back tells jesse he has to use 'the restroom for a sec"

Dan heads back "grabs his water" and tells Memphis he will talk to jesse....Memphis says he 's gonna crash..

Dan "see ya tomorrow"

Dan come in sits on the couch next to jesse....saying he wants to take personal things outside the game...Dan .waiting for memphis to go to bed..

Dan asks if he wants to play chess but worries April will see..Memphis goes to bed and tells him he will vote with the house..Jesse saying he's ben "honest time and time again"..talking he's campaigning to stay "but at the same time "he's my boy"..jesse going on about lying and fighting...Jesse saying he satnds up "for the little guy" and he's the little guy and he was "the little guy in HS and he still has "the mind set of the little guy"

jesse telling him he trusts him...ask for Dan's word but says unless she changes her mind..and Jesse says "I understand"

they continue to whisper as Jesse goes through his broken record routine..of losing weight because he can't eat

jesse literally talked couple minutes without stopping....

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1:59 BBT

Dan changes the convo sayig he wants to talk about something personal..saying they have more in common with him

Dan cries talking jesse hugs not 10 secs though..

Jesse closes the door...Jesse telling him he understands ..dan cries say "stay strong pray pray pray" talking about if she's not there when he walks out..jesse goes on...encouraging Dan and reassuring him Monica will bethere for him..

Dan doing a good job with the fake tears..

Dan gets the 10 second hug in and gives the camera a smirk..{Ka ching}

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2:06 BBT

Jesse still going on and on..with Dan....thinking he's really lifting Dan's sprirts not knowing he was just an AP task...

"bro you're handling it like a champ"

Dan still receiving the Jesse winded pep talk..

Dan thanks Jesse leaves as Dan laughs to the camera..Dan leaves...goes to bathroom to take contacts out...

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2:14 BBT

Jesse and michele are outside playing pool and Michele wants to know why he slammed the door on her.....Jesse tells he not to tell anyone..."who am I gonna tell" telling..her "whatever April says goes" and can't do anything to "piss her off" and tells her that he broke down 'about Monica" and goes on what was said..

Michels says "you have to be careful what you say" and tells her no it was persona; and not the game saying "don't treat him differently"..she says she doesn't...

Michele..."we are all missing people" and michele saying "its not making any sense" that he's doubting she'll not be there...Michel saying "its not healthy" going on "it's the risk" for coming here...

Jesse being understanding about it his convo while Michele being less understanding...Jesse going on.....Michele saying 'its his alliance that's fucking with him"

Jesse "he sees the bullshit"

Michel asks if he said anything about Memphis and Jesse tells her that he'll vote the way April says..she says "thank God" and agree they have to keep her happy...

Jesse saying "it was an intense conversation"

Jesse offering to wear his green unitard tomorrow...

"game over" .... "do you want to play another game" Michele agrees to play pool again...

"the little guys are making a comeback...its on like Donkey Kong" while Michele say "can you imagine if its the other way" "there will be bodies on the ground" saying she'll be alone........

then say she'll "fight back and get HOH and... put Memphis up"

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2:41 BBT

Michele and jesse play pool and talk..

Keesha and Libra talking shit about April while whispering in bed....talking about what they talked about earlier...

{well tonight was the first actual flip in the game since the 1st week in the show...Libra, Reeney, Keesha, and Dan have agreed to vote out Jesse and keep Memphis and create a new alliance... If this in facts holds America will decide on a game changing play like never before as we control Dan's swing vote since he's America's Player. However 3 days is a lifetime in the BB house and who knows what will happen...Ollie and April are certain that the three girls will flip but are afraid to make the first attack by asking jerry to use the POV and remove Jesse and put Libra up. Ollie and April believe they have Dan. Unfortunately for them.. Dan swore on the bible he'll vote out Jesse and now Libra and Keesha are sure they have the votes..Dan completed his new AP task and got his 10 second hug from Jesse with a sob story about Monica and stress of the house...Jesse fell for it and believed he was the sympathetic pal..will this have an affect how America views him and switch up the vote?...well I'm out til tomorrow..night all}

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3amBBT Ollie & APril talkin in bed about sleeping with each other, April calls Ollie "a Pimp" Takin about April Stickin her head out in gameplay on who makes move April or Ollie

Outside Jesse & Michelle trash talkin Keesha, Jesse wants to laugh in her face about the way she acts, Michelle is laughin

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