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August 3 & 4 - Live Feed Updates

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Keesha and Renny whispering about April. Renny said she cant stand April and April is gunning for Keesha. Keesha said April is so fake and she knows April doesnt like her. Renny told her that Aprill will not take Ollie to the end and she wont take Keesha. Keesha said that she knows that and Aprill will take Libra because she can win against her. Keesha said that they dont have the numbers to vote out Jesse. Keesha thinks she should talk to Michelle and Jesse about making a deal. Renny tells Keesha that Jesse/Michelle cant stand Libra.

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1:15PM BBT: Michelle and Jessie in pink bedroom. They are whispering, and Jessie is hard to understand. Michelle is playing with her unitard, and it keeps affecting her mic. They are re-hashing conversations about people in the house. Don't trust anyone, and they think Memphis is going to throw them under the bus. Michelle said to ask him for the slop pass as he is walking out the door, or better, talk to him now and plant the idea in his head to use it as leverage. Maybe Jerry will use the POV for it. Then April would have to put up one of her own, or show everyone she is not trustworthy if she puts up Michelle.

Jessie is saying Ollie and April are the only other "2" in the house. Michelle is saying if she is HOH she is going to put Keesha up and tell her she is a pawn, just like how she used Jessie last week. She said by putting Keesha up, she will get out the person she really wants out. Jessie said you can't say it until you have put her up...it is in the rules, then we get FoTH.

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1:30pm bbt: Talking about who will vote for whom next week. Jessie said Michelle would be the tie-breaker. Michelle said she was talking to Keesha, and Keesha said maybe it is Jessie's game play to speak his mind and make controversies. Michelle said how would you feel if you were up 3 out of the last 4 weeks. The only week he wasn't on the block was when he was HOH. She said Keesha said she had never thought of that. Michelle said Keesha said she has eyes and ears, and Jessie said she doesn't use them. Keesha told Michelle that she isn'y going to put her up next week and Michelle said she told her that isn't what the house majority wants.

Renny comes in. Michelle asks what is she fixing with the spaghetti and meatballs. She asks if she is going to make garlic bread. Renny said that is an idea. Michelle offered to make the bread, and Renny left. Back to whispering again.

Jessie will try to get Dan and Renny to vote with him to keep Keesha. He is pretty sure it would work. (aren't they getting ahead of themselves???Jessie has to stay, AND Michelle would have to win HOH!!!) Michelle said she changes her mind from week to week. Jessie want a commitment to the end with Dan, or else Jessie will get him out. Jessie said if Dan gets HOH then he will put up Jessie and Michelle. Michelle thinks Dan and Libra are working together. She also thinks if she gets HOH she will have a ton of deals thrown at her, but she will look to see who can be trusted and make the best one. More FoTH

Michelle said they should have double the cameras at the jury house, because she will tell every one of them what she really thinks. She hates Libra, and is going to call her a f*ing fat bitch, who sucks cock, doesn't care about her kids, and America thanks her for not wearing the unitard in her crusty drawers. (Michelles words, folks, not mine) Michelle tells Jessie she has nothing to lose if she is in the jury house. Jessie is laughing. Michelle said she told her parents she has no trouble lying, cheating or stealing in the house because it is just a game. Jessie said she hasn't yet, and she said she might have to though. Michelle wants Jessie to swear on Bobo, his dog when talking to (Keesha or April??) Jerry walks in, Michelle said they match, he leaves and the whispering starts.

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1:40PM BBT: Jessie said he has been up so much, and it is because of people like Michelle, Ollie and April that he is still there. They said when they get HOH they will have to do what April and Ollie can't. Jessie is talking about getting the money April gave to Jerry and Libra. He is going to ask for it or he will put them up. He wants to give it back to April, but Michelle warns him he can't say that. It has to look like he wants it instead of wanting it for April. Short FOTH.

Jessie wants to say something to Keesha, but Michelle said no, it will come back to him. Jessie is talking VERY QUIETLY!. Hard to hear him. He uses his hands a lot. Michelle said she only talks to "you" (not sure who, maybe Renny) and Jessie. Talking about stragglers. Renny wanted to know why nobody started talking to her until recently. Michelle told her because she was crazy, but now she is fine.

Michelle is talking about different ways to wear the unitard. Renny gave her help, but Michelle said her legs are too long or her torso is too long to do much with it. Michelle said production told her she didn't have to wear it to bed if she didn't want to, but she said she didn't want a spotlight on her, and people wondering why she didn't have to wear it to sleep in anymore. Michelle gets up and goes to check on her laundry. Renny compliments her on making a cowl neck out of the unitard.

Michelle comes back into kitchen. Talking with April. April is eating a fire Cheetos and lettuce sandwich. Michelle said they are a lot alike, they like to eat wierd things. Hoping for more alcohol today. April said they were good last night, Michelle said yeah. Michelle chatting with April, while Renny and Dan?? are talking. The guy (far away, hard to see) wants a sandwich.

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More talk of the unitard. Michelle has to wear it until 3 AM next Saturday. She has tried to wear it different ways, but says it is like a sling up the crack of her ass. Someone asked her if she can wear it like a cape, she said no. Jessie is called to the DR. He was the one in the kitchen. He was back right away, said he told them is was going to eat first.

Michelle still talking about the unitard. They said the live show will be interesting. She said first Craig Ferguson show, then the live eviction show. It should be interesting. She wants to get dressed up in heels for the show. Renny asked if she had tried it the way she suggested, Michelle said she has tried it every way, but she is too tall. She said they have to get her a back=up one, and she needs an extra long one instead of the medium they ordered for her. Someone asks Jessie how he is, he said his stomach is upset. He thought he would be okay last night after he drank the shake, but he still feels bad today. Now talk of wine. Jessie asked if she got enough last night. Michelle said she got two glasses. She said it was enough to feel good, but she wanted more.

Renny is making meatballs, beating the meat and they say that looks like fun. Just chit chat around the food.

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Memphis and Dan in HT, Libra lying on lounge chair but not asleep. Memphis complaining because he is bored. Dan gets out and lies on a towel on his stomach, with his hands under him. Libra tells him he needs to do his heels, he asks where,and she said in the bathroom on the foil or paper. She got up and said she would get it for him. She showed Renny her PediEgg. They asked what it was, she said she got it from her manicurist/pedicurist.

Dan is in the bathroom. Libra starts to use it (scrape it) and said it neds to be a little dryer. She uses it a little, then says it really needs to be a little dry. Dan said it already looks better. Libra went to get a paper towel to dry his foot more, then showed him how to slough off the dead skin. she said he needs to do it over paper or foil, and the dead skin does drop off. He thanks her, and she leaves him to do it himself. (How scintalating!)

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2:10PM BBT: Jessie and Jerry come in and Jerry suggests how to hold his foot, and Jessie said to do it in the shower to rinse it away. Dan explains he is doing it over the paper. Jessie goes into the WC, and Jerry weighs himself. Jerry said fully clothed he is 197. Dan said his weight fluctuates, and Jerry said it is the slop. He is losing in his stomach, and that is where he wants it.

Libra comes back in, and said she won't even do that for her husband. Dan said she loves him, her mothering instincts are coming out. Jessie comes out and washes his hands, and asked what causes that. She said she and Dan both have flat feet. Jessie said he does too, and he has never had that. Libra checks it, and said his ankles are different. Jessie gets called to DR. Libra asked Dan the last time he had a pedicure, he said never. She tells him he has years and years of stuff on there. She asks if he uses moisturizer on his feet, and he said never. She said it is looking a lot better . (She is doing it for him). She asked him to feel it, and he said he doesn't feel the cracks anymore. He said he used to have the grand canyon on his feet. Libra calls April in to check out Dan's feet. April said "whoooo". April asked if Libra did that for him, and Libra said she had to. April said he has cute feet. Libra said somebody has to do it, and April said it wouldn't be her. April said she hastes feet. Libra said she does too, but she hates ones with cracks on them even more. The Grand Canyon is about gone. Libra is now doing his toes. He asked if that would effect the way he walks, or if it would hurt, and she said she will do it soft. She stops when she hits new skin. She wants to look at his other foot, and Dan said that is basically it. Someone yells in that if Libra is giving peicures, then she is next. Libra said that is ok, that she is going to wash the file, and sterilize it with alcohol. Dan asked if he should throw the foil away and she said "yes, baby". Dan said it looks like salt.

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2:17 PM BBT: Keesha and Memphis are in the BY talking about Jerry and if he will use the Veto. Memphis says Jerry is throwing his game away. Memphis says that this is the only "cookie cutter" type game. Everyone is keeping their promises and no one has won the game that way. Keesha agrees. Libra walks by, it looks like she is cleaning the BY. Libra walks into the house. Memphis says that if April wanted everyone to promise that Memphis would leave. He says look, she has no power left in the house. He says that the Hoh has no more power and its weird that people are doing as the HoH wants instead of what they want. (Ive been saying that this whole time!!) Dan walks into the VY And tells Keesha that he is walking on air. He says his feet feel better. Dan walks inside the house.

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2:25 BBT- Keesha and Memphis still talking game. They're trying to figure out the votes to keep Memphis. They talk about April "protecting herself." Keesha says that Libra is stuck up April's ass and is April's puppet, but April will break ties with her in an instant.

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Dan said it feels like he is walking on new feet, walking on air. He is a new man. Someone comments that everyone is doing things for him.

Feeds switch outside to Memphis and Keesha on the double lounger. They are talking about nothing to do, and how Keesha burns calories working. Memphis said he loves his job, when he is there he really doesn't mind being there. Keesha loves her job, too. Libra comes out to check her laundry, and nothing is said. After she leaves, Keesha asks Memphis if he has talked to April. He said not really. Keesha said the problem is a lot of people promised April to vote the way she wants. Memphis said that is so dumb, that people are promising away their game. This is the first season where someone said something is going to be done, then it happens. It is a cookie cutter game. He said that way a floater will win, because no one is playing for themselves. Libra comes out to get her cup, Memphis said the grass is hot, no other talking.

Once Libra goes back in, Memphis said if April wants everyone to promise he goes, there must be something underlining (underlying) the issue. Dan comes out and tells Keesha he is walking on air. She asked if it worked, and he said yes. He doesn't know what he did with the shavings. Keesha gets grossed out, and Dan said he was kidding, he threw them away.

Memphis said he left last night saying that after this week, all the people voted out will be in the jury house. He said he made it broad, but hopes it sinks in, espeically to Libra, that if Jessie and Michelle are in the jury house, she won't get their votes. Talking that Jessie is too cocky. After the POV, Jessie asked what are they going to do. It was just assumed that Memphis is going home. Memphis said he was pissed, but didn't say anything. He doesn't feel that would ever have come out of his mouth unless April had told him everyone was voting to keep him. Keesha said they need 4 votes, and they only have 3. Memphis said that doesn't include Dan. She said no, it did. He said Libra wouldn't switch? She said no, that Libra is stuck too far up April's ass. She said that April would cut Libra loose in a heartbeat.

Memphis said closer to the end, he is going to talk to her and tell her why is she keeping Jessie when he tries to break up her alliance every chance he gets. (secret alliance with April, Ollie Jessie and Michelle) Keesha said April is afraid since she can't play for HOH next time. Memphis is going to try to talk to Libra, and Keesha cautioned him that Libra runs and tells April everything. April has money now, so she can buy people. Memphis said it is so funny how people take something and spin it. He said he gave the slop to Jerry because of what he said about Memphis. They talk about April backing down to Michelle, and the fight with Libra and Renny, and how Libra backtracked and said she didn't mention Renny's name when she did. Keesha said if Michelle gets HOH, Keesha and Renny will go up. Keesha thinks Michelle made a promise to April that she won't put her up. Memphis said that is really stupid. Keesha said Libra would be the third. Memphis said Ollie isn's sure if he is getting played. Memphis tried to talk to him about wanting someone to cover his back, and Ollie said yeah. Keesha warned Memphis about what he says to Ollie. Memphis said he doesn't care if it gets back to April, he isn't saying anything he wouldn't say to her face. Keesha keeps mentioning that she is trusting him not to say anything to anyone. he assures her she is the only one he can count on, and that he wouldn't do that. Memphis gets up to get in the pool.

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2:40PM BBT: Feed switches to Ollie and Michelle in the LR. Michelle is talking about someone telling April stuff about her and Jessie. Said it could only be a person trying to save themselves. Renny is walking around, so Michelle is being vague. Ollie said he doesn't understand.

Feed back to pool and Dan, Memphis and Keesha are talking. Dan said he doesn't understand why April isn't doing anything about Jessie. He has continually attacked her alliance, yet she doesn't do anything about it. she is covering herself and not the alliance. Keesha said she wasn't under direct threat from Angie, but that she knew her alliance was (I thought it was revenge for Steven??) She did it for her alliance, and April is all about April. Again they talk about promising away their game. Talking how anything can be taken out of context and be used against someone.

Now talking about shovelling snow, and how cold it is, sliding when it is icy, and Dan said snow days for schools is nice. He got 5 or 6 this year.

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Memphis said he isn't sure he wants to watch the show. He said everyone has said so much, and it can be taken out of context, and he doesn't want to sit there and get mad watching it. Keesha said Renny keeps saying I have said so much stuff, I hope they don't use it. Memphis commented he said he thought Keesha was a porn star. He is sure her parents are cursing him for that. She said it is kind of flattering, and she is sure there are a lot worse things said about her. Talking about meeting up with people after the game. He would have a drink with Dan or Keesha.

Now discussing making friends early in the game, then regretting it because they are assholes. Memphis said the other day when he was making dinner for people he was working himself up. Dan said he thought Memphis was just playing his cards. Keesha said her too. Memphis said he was pissed off, and cut the potatoes because Renny couldn't, it was too hard for her. He cooked the fish because he wanted it. The whole time he was pissed off at the people.

Memphis said Angie had the best speech ever, and it didn't do her any good. Keesha said that it was too late. By then, everyone had their minds made up. If she would have said that at the POV ceremony, it might have worked. Memphis said yeah. He has to think what to say and when to say it. He wants to be original.

Dan asked Memphis if he saw the banner. He said yes. Dan said he wants to see the tape to see what it said. Memphis said he told them what he saw, even though he couldn't read the whole thing. He said he saw Love, Libra and an S. They wonder why Julie brought it up when they weren't supposed to talk about it. (and it wasn't even about them!) Dan said he wants to see the banner and the earthquake. Memphis said it will be up to the jury. Dan asked if Keesha would rather vote for someone whom she liked but got lucky to be there, or someone she disliked, that played the game, even if they played dirty. Memphis said if someone lied to your face, you might not. Keesha said if it is the person who put her up and had her voted out, she might not. Now talking about Evel Dick, and how he was up front with everyone. Memphis said if someone made shit up and lied directly about you to get you voted out, that would piss him off. He said he isn't going to go around making shit up about Jessie to get him voted out. Dan said he isn't going to make anything up either. (Memphis and the banner???)

(I gotta make dinner, someone please take over)

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2:30 pm BBT. Keesha and Memphis still talking game on BY lounge chair. Memphis tells Keesha that Ollie said in regard to April, if he's getting played, he's getting played. Keesha surprised Ollie would say that. Keesha tells Memphis be careful of what he says to Ollie. He doesn't care if Ollie tells people what he says. Memphis tells Keesha he is the only person he can count on in the game. Memphis is getting sweating, heads to the pool. Keesha still sunning.

Feeds switch to Michelle and Ollie on LR sofa. Michelle thinks Keesha is stirring the pot, telling people that Michelle is always in the HoH etc. to try and get people to vote out Jessie (thus keeping Memphis). It's blue bandana day for Michelle.

2:40 pm BBT. All feeds on Memphis, Dan and Keesha in pool. Keesha knew Angie wasn't a direct threat for her, she took her out because she was a treat to her alliance. Memphis says April is not doing what's best for her alliance. Memphis told April he has no intentions of putting her up. Memphis repeats that everything in the house is taken out of context, and he told April that. Memphis thinks that everyone making all these promises in the game, is like promising away their chance to win the game.

Mempis wants to know how much snow Dan gets. Dan says it snows through the end of March, it can be 60 degrees one day, snow the next. Memphis says in Tennessee, it's mostly ice, not snow.

Still at the pool, they feel badly that their families have to watch all this stuff on TV. Keesha warned her mother before she left that people are going to talk shit about her. After BB wraps, Memphis would be happy to meet HG for a beer if they are in town but there is no way he'd go to a reunion with these people. Airplane with a shart mouth travels above. Memphis was pissed at himself the other night, didn't know why he was cooking for everyone. He cut the potatoes because it was too hard for Renny, and things just went from their. Memphis has the gist of what he's going to say in his speech on eviction night. Memphis says Angie gave the best speech ever, he could never top it. Memphis thinks they should take speechs a day earlier, not live as everyone's mind is made up at the end. Memphis doesn't want people viewing to think he didn't try to stay in the house. Dan asks Memphis, seriously...did you see the banner? Memphis says yes, he saw it said "liar, libra and something with and S". Memphis wonders if there are any other banners that have flown over that they haven't seen. When Dan get's outside the house, that's the one thing he wants to see for himself. Dan says what is strange is that they were not supposed to talk about the banner, then why did Julie Chen bring it up. The airplane banner is the first thing Dan is going to look at when he gets out of the house, the second thing is the earthquake.

Keesha (back on BY lounge chair) hopes that whoever wins the game is someone she doesn't hate. Dan asks if she would rather vote for someone she liked or someone who may have played dirty, but played hard and she didn't like. It might the person she disliked.

BB: Keesha please move you microphone higher.

Memphis talks about Evil Dick, he might have been an asshole but there was nothing sneaky about his game. Memphis doesn't like people going behind people's back, lying. Dan doesn't care if someone repeats what he says, but he'd be pissed if someone made something up that he said.

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3:00 pm BBT. All feeds still on Keesha, Memphis and Dan in BY. Memphis says if everyone still has the mindset that April gets to make the decision this week then he is going home. Memphis smiles as he thinks of Renny's face when he said "Hey Renny, what if you and Jerry are the first 2 in the jury house?" Laughing. Memphis asks when Keesha was dating the Laker's play if she got to go to a lot of games. No. Dan asks how they met. Hooters. He stayed after they closed and had drinks with them. She didn't really know who he was, bu the other people there did. He came up and asked for her number. Dan asks why they stopped dating. Keesha said nothing bad. She stayed with him at his father's house in San Diego. Dan asks if his Dad announces games. Yes. Dan doesn't care for his announcing. We get FoH...

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3:09 pm. Feeds are back. Dan asked (Monica) to write down what happened each day while he is gone. Not in the game, but in her life. Keesha says yes, they (family) can see what we are doing but we don't know what's happening with them. Memphis wondering what it would be like to be all by yourself in jury house for a week or 2. Dan asks if Keesha would do BB all stars? She doesn't know. Memphis says he would go if he could take his girl. Memphis' girlfriend wants to go on Amazing Race badly. They would be awesome. Memphis explaining Amazing Race to Dan and Keesha. Keesha goes back into the pool. Keesha thinks Amazing race sounds FUUUUUUNNNN!! Renny pokes her head outside and Memphis comments that Renny has some 'serious' red lipstick on. Keesha agrees. Dan would like to go on Deal or No Deal where you can win a lot of money in an hour or so. Memphis says the girls on that show earn 1 million a year on salary. Keesha has never seen the show, but she thinks she could handle it. Dan asking is Keesha watches any of the CBS soap operas? She doesn't know...

3:15 pm BBT. All feeds switch to Ollie and Michelle sitting on the same LR sofa. Whispering. Hard to understand all of it. Ollie tells Michelle that his group got mad at him for talking to Jessie. Michelle laughs. Renny making meatballs. Michelle tells Rennie she has amazing legs/arms. Ollie says Libra confronted him for no reason, trying to start rumors. Michelle said it would be great if they could back door Libra. Jessie walks through LR on way to BR. Ollie and Michelle still whispering game.

Meanwhile... in the pool the group is still talking about soap operas. Keesha knew someone on Passions that was recast.

BB: Michelle, please go to the diary room.

Memphis' real name is Robert. He hasn't had it legally changed to Memphis. His agent named him Memphis when he was modeling as it went with his accent. The name just stuck. Dan is trys out a multitude of possible last name changes for Keesha. Memphis and Dan amusing themselves giving Keesha new last names. She likes Keesha Taylor. Dan says there is no way Depp is Johnny Depps last name. Memphis says Johnny Depp owns the town his parents live in, in Kentucky. Talk of what celebrities live in what towns. Keesha went through Stone modeling agency in Ohio, same agency that represented Katie Holmes. Dan asks how she got an agent, her parents put her in when she was 19 or 20. They hear Renny talking about meatballs. Memphis says what would they do without Renny. None of them would eat. Keesha says again that she likes the name 'Keesha Taylor'. She asks Memphis if she can just start calling herself that and Memphis says yes, that any agency will ask your real name and cut checks to her real name, not her stage name.

3:26 pm BBT. All feeds still on the pool. More talk about famous people who don't use their real name. Keesha respects Johnny Depp. Keesha says he has been with his wife a long time. (It's actually his girlfriend Keesha.) Keesha says no one brings in fans to LA premires like Johnny Depp. Memphis says at the MTV awards fans screamed for Johnny Depp all the way through his acceptance speech. Dan said he was even more of a fan after seeing Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Movie star talk continues. Keesha's favorite movie is Thelma & Louise. Robin Williams creeps Keesha out when he plays a scarey person. Dan wants to see the Batman movie very badly. (Yawn) This conversation is still the only thing on the feeds...

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3:35 pm BBT. Feeds change to April and Ollie lying in the bed in the HoH. Ollie thinks Jerry might use the PoV to take Jessie down to insure Memphis goes home. April says Jerry is not going to use the PoV. April says that was their agreement, that's why she gave Jerry $4,000. Ollie says if Jerry does use it, it might help April. April snaps his head off and says absolutely not. Talking a mile a minute as to how that would hurt them. Ollie is like ok, ok...you're right. April telling Ollie about what Jessie said to her last night. "You and Ollie are all we have, the only one's we trust in the house" blah, blah, blah. April says the only thing is you can't trust Jessie's word. Ollie says you can trust Michelle though. April didn't really like him saying that. She let's it go and says she hopes they can trust her because April has a deal with her. April tells Ollie that Jessie told Keesha he wouldn't put her up, then told April he lied and would put Keesha up. April ranting...Another problem with Jessie, he would put Libra and Keesha up which hurts her and Ollie. Ollie asks April if she's done, he's trying to get a word in. Ollie says even is Jessie goes, Michelle would put Keesha and Libra so it doesn't really matter. April upset that Ollie is playing the game so safe and calls him out as to who he would put up if he wins HoH. He doesn't know. Exactly! April thinks she's made her point. Ollie is enjoying the benefits of April's hard fighting. Ollie says ok, ok, ok if Memphis goes home he would put up Jessie and Michelle. April says that's not true. He would never put them up. Ollie says he would to, he has no agreement with them. It's fine if April doesn't believe that.

Feeds change to Keesha and Renny April bashing for one moment.

Back to Ollie and April. Ollie still trying to get a word in. Ollie says April fought her butt of because she had to or Michelle would have put her on the block. Exactly Ollie says. Ollie repeats that of the 2, he trust Michelle more. Ollie doesn't think either Michelle or Jessie will put her up. April put Michelle's key in first hoping it would convince Michelle she is safe with her. Ollie says April is safe for at least another 2 weeks and she knows it. Everyone has given April her word they won't put her up, but she doesn't trust it. Ollie wants to know who April doesn't trust. Keesha, she is acting weird. Keesha isn't hanging out with her. Even Libra said to April "Hey, I'm right here. I'm not out there." implying that maybe Libra didn't trust Keesha either. Ollie says that's why he came up to talk to her. Michelle told Ollie that Keesha told Michelle that Jerry might use PoV. Ollie doesn't trust Jerry, he wants Memphis out. April doesn't like how close Keesha and Memphis are getting. It's another reason she wants people out. The fact that Jessie blows up at people is an advantage to April and Ollie. She's not sure the house will vote how she wants them to. April said Jessie was crying last night. April says if there group falls apart next week, she'd like to have Michelle and Jessie to fall back on. Ollie says someone has to throw the first punch. It's a game.

3:50 pm BBT. April wants Ollie to reassure her that they can trust Jessie and Michelle. Ollie says yes, to Michelle. He's not sure of Jessie. Michelle told Ollie about Keesha saying to her that Jerry will use the PoV. Why would she tell Ollie that if she didn't have to. Michelle has only given her word to 2 people, April and Jessie. So why not trust her. Don't take Jessie's word alone, get promises from them as a couple. Ollie says if they make the decision to pair-up with Jessie and Michelle, they would have to win HoH. April says hopefully they wouldn't have to pair-up with them for a few weeks. April has said from the beginning she wanted Memphis out, so the alliance shouldn't question it. Ollie wants Memphis out too. April goes off topic talking about Angie targetting her? Rants. Ollie says they can't ignore the banner thing. Michelle swore to Ollie that she saw the banner and that it said "Keesha, Libra, Liar Love Steven". Ollie says why would all of them say they saw it? Why would Julie mention it? Ollie said Steven was going to stay in LA for 1 more week after he left BB. Julie was giving them a hint. Ollie thinks Libra is behind a lot of things in the house.

Meanwhile..in the boys bedroom Michelle and Jessie are lying in bed and Michelle is recounting her conversation with Ollie to Jessie. She told Ollie before the others strike first, Ollie and April should bring the game to them. Michelle told Ollie that Memphis is going to come after April. Michelle made sure Ollie knew how much time Keesha and Memphis are spending together. He did notice. Jessie said Memphis threw Michelle and him under the bus. Talk of how many votes they'll need, who would nominate who etc. It sounds like Ollie gave Michelle the impression he may be willing to stir up the house. Jessie says they have to push what they have done in the game. Michelle says it doesn't matter what you've done. Shoulder shrug from Jessie. Jessie is going to try and convince April the best way to send Memphis home is for April to have Jerry use the PoV. Jessie should talk to Ollie. He wants Michelle to send Ollie to him, so people don't see Jessie approach him. Michelle says it doesn't matter, many people say her and Ollie talking. Jessie interupts their game talk to show off his shoulder to Michelle. Michelle got another unitard. Michelle telling Jessie has to chill. He was openly grossed out by the 'foot thing'. He said it was disgusting, he doesn't care who know it. Michelle says he better care or he will get kicked out. Michelle heads to BY.

4:10 pm BBT. Ollie and April still in HoH. Ollie said he didn't throw the HoH, he didn't fight as hard as he could...but when he started to hurt he jumped down. He dropped because he didn't think any of the people left on the wall would put him up. April says that's pretty crappy. That he was just looking out for his own ass. Ollie tries to back-peddle, he was done, his arms were shot. He would have stayed up if he could. His main concern was outlasting Memphis. April lets him off the hook. April said she stayed on the ledge for her alliance, whether they appreciate it or not. Ollie says they don't appreciate it. April has a big heart, and she stayed on for others even though she probably didn't have to. Talk of what a competitor Michelle is, and that's why Ollie wants her on his side. Ollie is afraid now, that April will always think he's throwing competitions now. April again lets him off the hook, she knows that Ollie would never do that to her. Ollie says to April (almost word for word) what Michelle said to him - about how he and April need to be the ones to throw the first punch. April says she can read Keesha and Libra and she can read Ollie. April knows if it was down to the last 3, Ollie wouldn't take her because she has a chance of winning. Ollie laughs, yes he would take her. April says he's lying and she knows he's lying by the way he laughed a little. She knows when he lies. Ollie again trying to back-peddle.

4:18 pm BBT. Libra comes to HoH to say that BB gave them sprinkles and cake mix, both chocolate and yellow. April asks which one Libra wants. Yellow cake, chocolate frosting and sprinkles. April says she will make that for her, and also make the other cake for Renny and Keesha as they didn't have a cake. They think BB does that on purpose to try and create anamosity. Ollie wants to help with cake. Libra has been napping. April has been napping too, but Ollie came up and started molesting her. Libra says it's happened to her. What? She has been 'humpped' awake. (Lordy!) Ollie says it's good that April will make a cake for the other girls too. Libra is going to go downstairs and set her cake mix out for April. After Libra leaves, April tells Ollie she wants a kiss. They cuddle and April says she's sorry for being such a 'quack' this week. Ollie tells her to do what she has to do. April says she hasn't told Ollie he's amazing in awhile. Ollie says she is more amazing. Ollie says if he ever second guesses her, he would tell her and he hopes she would too. (Referencing how the girls all questioned him yesterday.) Libra asked April yesterday if she really thinks that April and Ollie will continue a relationship outside of the house. Libra asked if Ollie was really her type. Ollie is surprised Libra asked that. April said she didn't know, that they live far apart and she has trouble with relationships anyway. April says Ollie is her type physically. Ollie says no he's not, she already told him she likes bigger and taller guys. April tells Ollie she likes his big eyes and his dimples. Ollie says he is too quiet for her. April says that is perfect because he settles her down. April tells Ollie he is perfect. Ollie says time will tell. Ollie says back to the half a million question, Jessie would take April. April says no he would not. Ollie says he's not scared of her, he'll take her to the end. He's a competitior. April says, what if it was me, you and Libra final 3. Ollie says he'd still take April. Ollie says he'd still take April. She knows he's lying. He can't even hide that lie, and starts laughing himself. He would take Libra to the final 2. April laughing, she knew he'd crack. Ollie says if he is in sequester, he'd try like heck to get votes for April. He'd even lie if he had to.

4:30 pm BBT. Ollie had a dream about April, he'll tell her about it later. Ollie says a scenario: If Jerry used Pov, and April put Ollie up as a pawn, does April think Ollie would ever talk to her again? Yes. Ollie says he would come right up her and have sex with her. Laughing and cuddling.

Meanwhile, in the boys room Jerry is doing 50 leg lifts on his bed. Jessie and Michelle are in the room with him. Michelle says this house is so boring. Michellein a baby voice to BB: "We need a movie night, a movie night".

4:35 pm BBT. In the BY, Keesha and Memphis talking game at the washing machine while Keesha does her laundry. Memphis is going to try and get Michelle's vote on Wend night. It's far fetched, but he's thinking what he can say to Michelle to get her to vote Jessie out. It's either that or Libra. Memphis thinks it may be easier to get Libra, Keesha agrees. Memphis at a whole pineapple. The acid burned his tounge. Memphis is going to talk to April, but he knows her mind is made up. Keesha says yes, there is no way April will change her mind. Libra could always vote to keep Memphis, and blame it on someone else. Keesha says he should tell her that. Keesha says she would talk to Libra, but she's afraid Libra would sell her out.

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4:45 pm BBT

April and Ollie in HoH bedroom and are making out. They are talking about the jacuzzi and saying they can't go naked because of the cameras. Apris says they can put alot of bubbles in there and their hands can go places. Ollie says "SHHHHH!" then he points out all the cameras and put his hand over her mouth. More making out... Talking about how one or the other will flaunt their bodies. The makeout noises are too much, changing cameras.

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4:40 BBT. Dan eating a peach in the kitchen. Libra wants to make herself a drink with the pineapple. Keesha comes through, she won't eat the meatballs because she doesn't eat beef. Michelle sits down at kitchen counter.

In the boys bedroom, Jerry is still exercising, using an exercise band. He whispers to Jessie to 'just shut up'. Jerry trying to help him stay in the house. Jessie says 'I know.' Jerry is so bored. Jessie says his regular life is eating and napping, so he can do it for a long time.

Meanwhile in the HoH, Ollie and April are making out. Ollie tells April kissing her turns her on. April mentions how she got worked up when Ollie pulled his shorts down in the kitchen the other day. Ollie says "What does it take to turn you on?" April says just looking at him. She doesn't think he knows the effect he has on her. Seriously. Whoa! April laying directly on top of Ollie now, nothing is covering the. They are getting busy. She's nibbling his neck and his hands are everywhere. They realize they are on TV, and what if someone comes up here? April turns on the TV monitor, and they giggle and crawl under the comforter for some 'Sunday Brunch' as Ollie calls it.

4:50 pm BBT. Libra and Keesha talking in 70's room. Libra doesn't want Keesha to be upset. She's not. April is sitting on the bed eating. Libra says whenever 2 are talking, the other 2 will have questions. Renny comes in. Uh-oh!! The colonel turned down the tempature on Renny's meatballs without asking her. She's not happy. Renny leaves. Libra tells Keesha not to stress. Libra says as long as 1 of them leaves, it's better for them. Keesha stirring the pot, telling Libra she is definately a target next week. Whispering. I couldn't make out what was said but Keesha responds "I don't know, it would definately break us up." Keesha hinting around, not really saying what she wants to. Finally says she is scared shitless that it's 2 against her vs. 1. (Implying that Jessie/Michelle are 2). Keesha asks Libra what she wants to do. Libra says she wants to talk to April. Libra asks if they should talk, just the 3 girls without Ollie. Tell her that they have 2 people targetting them vs. the 1 targetting April. Keesha says they should tell April that they won't let Memphis get her out, he won't have the numbers. Libra says Ollie is stuck to April like rice. Keesha says yes, because she is HoH. Keesha says they should talk to April after PoV. Ok, Libra promises she won't say 1 word before then. Keesha (re-writing history) tells Libra the reason she took Angie out because Angie was coming after Libra, Keesha and Dan - 3 in their alliance. Keesha reminds Libra she's a target next week. Libra looks visalbly upset now, looks like Keesha accomplished what she wanted to. Keesha doesn't want Libra to think she has anything against her alliance. No. Keesha tells Libra not to say anything to April because Keesha wouldn't want April to think they are turning against her. Sometimes April gets defensive. Libra won't say anything.

Libra 'almost lost her mind' when Jessie started talking shit about her feet. Keesha says Libra that Michelle told her that Keesha was targetting her next week. Libra says it wasn't me. Keesha told Michelle she is not necessarily targetting her. Keesha thinks Michelle went and told Ollie everything she said. Keesha say Michelle talking to Ollie. Libra says Ollie has been in the HoH for at least 3 hours.

Meanwhile...Ollie is in the boys room now wjispering to Michelle and Jessie. Michelle and Jessie are telling Ollie to get Dan's word he is voting Memphis out, get him to shake on it. Ollie telling Jessie he was never the target this week, that hasn't changed. Ollie saying Michelle and Jessie need to keep them safe next week.

5:10 pm BBT. In the 70's room Keesha still trying to convince Libra to vote Jessie out instead of Memphis. She tells Libra they have to break up the couple of Jessie and Michelle. Memphis is lost without Angie, so will Michelle be without Jessie. Libra says if April wants them to vote with her, she'll have to change her mind so the whole house votes Jessie out. Keesha says they just need to lay low. Keesha says Memphis car is not worth $50,000. Libra says yes, it's a classic. April come into the room looking a little rough around the edges. Libra whispers that Jessie has been in the room with Jerry all day. Libra trying guilt on April. Libra tells April that the way it's going, she's going home next week because she has 2 people gunning for her. Keesha says me too. April says Michelle promised she would not put them up. Libra says she will put them up for sure. April says people are gunning for her also, but Libra says not 2 people. April tells them that she told Ollie he has to win HoH this week, they all have to pull their weight. Libra says she has to win HoH. April tells them that Ollie would nominate Michelle and Jessie if he wins. April said she may not be the 1 to win the money, but she'd be very happy to be sent to the jury house. She's comfortable she's made it this far in the game. April says the 3 biggest floaters are not even targets anymore. Are they just going to let them float all the way to the end? April tells them she was disappointed in Ollie for dropping. Libra asks if April tells Ollie everything. April says she doesn't talk strategy, it's mostly personal. They can believe her or not. Talk turns to voting at the end of the game, Keesha says she would never vote for the person who puts her on the block. Never. Neither would Libra.

5:23 pm BBT. April says if Ollie doesn't keep his word about who he's going to put up next week then she will know he's lying. Libra says Jessie and Michelle are like a 2 headed snake. April said they knew last week that Jessie was coming after them, it's nothing new. Keesha and Libra are silent. Libra thinks Jessie talking to Jerry all day is the funniest thing ever. (By the look on April's face it's looks like she is getting the hint that Libra/Keesha are going to vote Jessie out.) April says whether Jessie or Memphis is here, they still need to get HoH next week.

5:30 PM BBT. Memphis comes into the 70's room and gives the girls a cocktail he made them from fresh citrus. Libra hates it, but Keesha and April like it. April says that Memphis said he doesn't have an alliance, but Jessie told Ollie that Jessie and Memphis are an alliance. April said they can't forget that Memphis is still playing the game. April says Memphis is silent but deadly. Keesha says she is not sticking up for Memphis but, she just feels like Jessie...she chokes and just says that Jessie irrates her. April says Jessie is just very immature. Oh geez, Libra has her tweasers out and is plucking chin hairs. Keesha tells April that someone told Michelle that Keesha was coming after her. April squashes that. No. Why didn't you call her out and ask who and call them in. Keesha silent for a moment.

5:35 pm BBT FoH..

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6:00pm BBT

April, Keesha, Libra are outside and talking about how boring it is in the house. Libra said it part of the game, to make you sleep and think alot. April wishes they would have a game for a movie night. Libra is talking a dream game, she would be freaked out about it.

April says everyday is a day by day process. Libra said if Dan got HOH who would they put up. They also talk about Renny and Jerry and who they would put up. They all don't know who they would target if they won HOH. Jerry wants Memphis out of the house. They think Jerry would put up Renny and Michelle. They all agree.

We get FOTH......(april seems to be stickin out so Keesha and Libra arent' talking to each other)

April askes her (keesha) if she has brought out her letter since being out of HOH. Keesha said no.

Libra is wondering if the hot tub is losing water. Libra said she just started her period today, she thinks she got bit by an ant. Then April said, damn that means mine is coming up next. April said it is hard to play competitions when you are on your period.


April says they should have a pool tournament tonight. Everyone is just about done eating and how quit it is in the house. Libra is going to get something to eat. Keesha has a craving for cereal. They all go into the house. Libra said is nice and quit in here.

We get FOTH

6:25pm BBT

Feeds come back, Dan and Jessie are outside talking about weight loss and how much they have lost. Jessie has lost 6lbs. They are talking about how Libra took the trip away from Michelle and how pissed she is every time she looks at Libra. Michelle really wanted the vacation because it would had worked around for her birthday in december.

Ollie and Michelle are working on doing dishes, Keesha is standing around, April is getting something to eat.

6:30PM BBT

Keesha and Renny are in the room talkin in a whisper. Keesha is still working the keepin Memphis in the house and she thinks April is going to come ask her about it. (BB tells Keesha to not abstruct her microphone)

Libra is going to try to talk to April about voting out Jessie. (damn we get FOTH)

We come back and Keesha said she needs to take a shower soon. Keesha said she has eaten more in this house than she does in a week at home. Keesha said that is why she has gained so much weight. She said especially pasta.

Renny said she needs to work out more often. Renny starts to whisper something to Keesha (unclear as to what was said)

Renny said something about (april)would take Keesha to the end is BS. Keesha said that April said she went around asking everyone if they wanted to be in sequester. FOTH

Libra comes in to see if Renny was upset with her and she said no. Libra said something about being on her period and being furious.

Keesha leaves the room

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Ollie, Keesha, Libra and Renny are in the sauna room chatting...

Michelle, Jessie and Dan are upstairs. The boys are playing chess while all three chat.

BB says: This is a reminder, sleeping in the LR is not permitted.

You can hear Jerry say , "I have my eyes wide open." Renny says in the sauna room, "Bullshit Jerry, you were sleeping."

8:45PM BBT: They have beer and wine.

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