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August 3 & 4 - Live Feed Updates

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8:34 BBT The feeds were up and all HG were sleeping. Looks like we have FOTH and it could be a wake up call? :party_smilie:

(Just wanted to add....last night I had the feeds up while BBAD was on as well....and whoever the quick draw on the feeds to fishes is ...did it many many times for no reason...whats up with that)

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10:21 BBT

All feeds are on the kitchen and dining room area. Dan, Libra, Renny, Keesha and Jerry are up and eating. Libra asked Dan when his birthday is, and sounded like he said Sept.1, which made Libra say there might possibly be another birthday celebrated in the BB house. Dan's reading a box to kae himself waffles. Keesha said she used to be embarassed about people seeing and touching her feet for pedicures. Jerry says when you're 75 years old, you don't worry about that stuff. Libra's sitting at the dining room table, with Jerry, Renny and Keesha sitting at the bar and Dan making waffles. Libra says her nails are getting healtier in the BB house.

Keesha: It looks gloomy out.

Renny: You guys don't know what gloomy is. Gloomy means it's dark. Maybe you think this is gloomy since you know what California is like.

Renny says that Jerry has the power of veto. Libra says she's going to paint her fingernails black. Jerry asks if anyone has ever gotten a Dear John letter on BB. Keesha says she's asked that, and says once you get out of the house, if you go home and your signifacant other is gone. Keesha says she would murder somebody and end up in jail if someone took her dog and sold him. Someone jokes about Keesha being the first BB HG to go to jail. Jerry brings up Richard Hatch from Survivor, and Michelle enters and says he wasin trouble for taxes. Keesha says she's never seen Survivor, then says she's only seen a piece of it. Jerry starts to describe Richard to Keesha. Michelle's walking around. Jerry says this is the worse he's felt. Jerry says BB won't do anything until the call him in. Keesha says Memphis is still in bed. Keesha is shocked when Ollie walks in from outside. She said she thought she was hearing things and didn't know he was outside. Libra's painting her nails on the table and Renny is helping Dan make waffles.

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12:16pm BBT

Feeds come back on. They are on Memphis in the backyard. Now they switch to Keesha and Libra. They seem to be happy. Keesha was nervous and shaking. Libra thinks she needs to have a nap. Libra is taking off her nail polish as she said they are screwed up.

April is in another feed talkin about the earthquake that is fake. Jessie is doing dishes. Renny is putting lotion on dan's back.

Jerry and April are outside talking. April said that she respects Jerry. Jerry said they are coming after you. Jerry said that they are making her do their dirty work. Jerry goes on to say that we need to do our dirty work. Jerry said they (libra, keesha, Renny) are going to come after you next week. Jerry feels that they have Dan, Ollie, April and Jerry are an alliance.

Jerry keeps telling her to keep to your guns. April was kind of wondering when you were walking around during the POV ceremony.

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12:25pm BBT

Renny said that "April" is pissed right now. Keesha, Libra and Renny are talking about how worried April is right now if she had made the right decision. Libra says, I would be worried too if I had made the right decision. Renny leaves the room. Libra tells Keesha not to worry. Libra said to keesha you are going to get us in trouble. Keesha and Libra leave the room and Libra messed up one of her nails again.

Libra wants to talk to April in the HOH room. Libra wants to know when bathtime will be. April said whenever you want. Libra than bangs the table and realizes she can't be cause she is on her monthly. Libra is fixing her nail.

Sounds like the nominations are the same Jessie and Memphis are on the block.

Dan is out in the pool right now, he said swim club is at 3:00pm.....April goes on to say are going to stay out there for three hours. She said he will cause it feels like he hasn't seen a pool in his life. But he doesn't see the pool much where he lives so he is taking advantage of it.

Libra doesn't like the black nail polish cause it seems to not be smooth for her. April tried it the second day they were in the house and she didn't like it either. April said she should be having raisin bran to help with the other department she has a problem with.

Libra said being in this house doesn't help, the crazyness in this house doesn't help. Libra said the black nail polish takes forever to dry so that is why she needs help with the doors now.

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12:37pm BBT

Libra and April talking about Renny never wears the same thing twice since they have been in the house. April says maybe the diary room keeps giving her more clothes to wear. April said she has the same size suitcase as Libra coming into the game, but Libra said she mostly had shoes.

People keep going in and out of the house. Memphis came into the house, guess he was working out with the equipment.

April is talking about how Jerry is walking back and forth in the backyard. Libra said that being on slop makes you delirious and makes you do things you wouldn't normally do.

They seem to be doing some general talkin in the kitchen.

Feeds switch to Jesse and Memphis. Jesse said to Memphis to round his shoulders so he will look much bigger. Memphis doesn't want to get bigger he wants to just to tighten up. (Jessie annoys me with his muscle talk)

Memphis weights 203lbs now since being in the house.

12:47pm BBT

Dan is outside trying to juggle in the swimming pool with three red balls. Jerry is talkin to Dan right now outside. He said they trust him and Ollie so much, that is all that counts. Jerry is pacing back and forth in the yard.

(gotta go for a bit, hope someone can take over)

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April, Libra and Keesha are in the HOH room talking about all the money they spend each month. April says that she sent out and spent about $900 bucks on clothes to take in the house and BB took them from her. They still has tags on them. She guesses that BB did not want to advertise. April says that she spends at least $2500 a month on just junk...clothes and stuff. (She brags way too much) Now they are talking about the wrap party. April wants to know if they get to go shop before the wrap party. Where will it be at. They say that it will be here in the house. HG from past years are invited. Now we get fish since I am sure that BB is telling them to shut up about the wrap party. No...April is still talking about the wrap party. Libra says that their family will all be mad about them and everything that was siad during the show. Libra says I am going to have to keep saying...It's just a game baby...to her husband. April keeps going on about how cool it will be that the party is here. April thinks the whole audience gets to come. They correct her...only HG...production and family members. April says how awful to be in there with people who have seen you shower and go to the bathroom. April says that going to the bathroom is the worst for her. She said they don't show us talking about our periods and shit. (ummm April...yeah they do)

April says that she told them in the DR room that she thought that Dan was gay. Libra says something is up with him, for sure. On cue...Dan shows up at the HOH room door. Dan says what were you talking about??? They all burst out laughing. Dan wants to know why April has all these bath products. April says that her and Ollie took a bath...with their bathing suits on. April lies and said nothing has happened between them. (What a crock....does she really think that anyone believes that crap)

Michelle and Memphis laying out. Michelle is talking about how her Mom knows nothing about computers. Her Unitard is barely on her body.

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3:25 BBT Dan is conducting Swim Club with Ollie and Renny. He has them swimming laps with a ball held out in front of them to work on their kicking technique. Now they are doing arm exercises - Dan reminds them how to properly cup their hands. Memphis called to the DR.

Michelle and Jessie watching from the lounger on the lawn. Jessie says he's feeling pretty confident if the final vote comes down to Michelle. Seems like they think the vote is in their favour. She's discussing her farewell comments to Memphis and how he could have conducted himself in campaigning. Jessie is saying that Memphis asked if they'll give him his car as soon as he's out of here. "Looks like he's accepted it." (If they only knew...) Lots of yelling in the background from the pool crew. (Sounds like they are having a good time.) 3:35 BBT

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Water splashing... Michelle joining Jessie in the pool playing with her unitard. Jessie is throwing the red ball at the duck ... Exciting stuff here folks...

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5:35PM BBT: Memphis Keesha and Libra in BY on sofa's. They are discussing Jerry and how he stomps his foot and tells them all what to do. He says April is gonna be watching the HOH and not able to play and going Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Keesha says April sat up there in HOH the first night saying she was going to put up Keesha and Memphis. Memphis is shocked and Libra confirms she and Renny were up there. Libra says she told them she (April) has been asking people if they want to go home or to sequester.

Memphis says Jessie said to Memphis what are we gonna do and Memphis was like "ain't no we mfucker! We are on opposite sides now". Says Jessie spoke to him like Memphis should just accept that he was going home and help Jessie out this week.

Memphis, Keesha and Libra are discussing that April and Ollie have a deal with Jessie and Manchelle! (uh yeah!) They keep trashing April. Libra says she acts like they should fee lucky! Memphis says april wears her emotions on her sleeve.

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6:10PM BBT: Feeds change to outback and they are talking about if you hook up in the jury house if it is showed or not.

They are talking about James and Chelsia and about James' doing gay porn and we get bubbles because Keesha wonders how it was avoided in the background check.

Now they are talking about Eric and Jessisca and how they were a weird couple and how she was young. They agree that Eric's eyes always bugged out.

Memphis and Keesha are happy that there is no 19 yr old girl in there because it would annoy them.

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7:00pm BBT

Ollie, April, Keesha, Libra are around the kitchen table and they are talking about a game that big brother could give them. Even some playing cards or something in this house. Libra bring ups the beer pong game that Season 8 made up to play with the paper cups and balls. April goes why can't we play that game. Memphis says they dont' have enough beer for that game. Ollie said they got beer every night so they were able to play the game. April goes to say are we losers or what. (having some communication problem)

We have FOTH now.

7:11pm BBT

We are back and I see Jessie and Jerry sleeping, I think Dan is sleeping in the salon (isn't that against the rules). Keesha looks like she is lookin at a cookbook, Renny is in the kitchen cookin something, all is quiet now in the BB house.

Keesha says "BB doesn't allow us to have any dietary pills in this house." Ollie says "Yes they want us to eat and get fat".

Renny made some popcorn, sounds like junk food time in the BB house.

7:45pm BBT

They are talking about politics and political leaders in the past. Whom was a great president.

Memphis is setting up the pool table for a game.

Libra is talking about Clinton. She impersonated Linda Tripp which was kind of funny. Renny said why would do you do it in the white house, now come on....everyone started to laugh.

Jerry talks about a story of Hillary going back to high school reunion and someone said what would have happened if she had married Bill Clinton. She said he would have been a better president.....everyone laughs (didn't make much sense to me, but whatever)

They are talking about Chelsea clinton and how much work she has had done and how she has been a decent girl coming out of what their parents have done. Renny said we shouldn't be talking about other people children. Jerry agrees.

Memphis and Libra are playing a game of pool. She couldn't stand sitting in there while they were talkin about all of that stuff. (maybe cause she has a different opinion)

8:00pm BBT

April is talkin to Dan about her job and how she had left her sales job for 9 days and was head hunted by another company where it didn't deal with directly with sales but with fixing computers, so she was talked into coming back to her old job. The job is based on commission so she was taking a 30% pay cut ($67,000)with the new job. Libra walks into the room as well.

Dan keeps asking her questions about why she came back. April also mentions she doesn't have credit cards and the only thing she worries about is her mortgage and her car payment. She is on 0% financing so she isn't to worried about herself.

She can't make a good commission unless it is more than 8% financing so her verbage is what gets her the good commission. She goes through the process of what she does with her customers right down to their credit history to how long they have been at their jobs.

Jessie is outside working out, Keesha and Renny are walking outside in the backyard.

9:00pm BBT

Memphis, Dan, Ollie outside are doing leg raises. Now they are holding their bodies in the air for 30 seconds on their forearms.

(I am having some communication problem with BBreloader)

They are huffin and puffin like they just did a hard workout.

Jerry is in his room working out using the rope. Buffing out his body I guess.

Keesha is in the sauna, and she has it at 120 in the room. Memphis cant' believe she isnt' sweetin in her clothes while sitting in there.

Jessie is having a shower, so maybe he is trying to wake himself up. Jerry is checkin himself out in the bathroom window. He seems to have a nice tan coming along.

Michelle is laying in the bathroom. (most likely cause Jessie is in the washroom)

Not much is going on now, pretty silent in the house. Camera views are all over the place, never the same place for very long.

Ollie has decided to have a shower after his hard workout.

Dan and Jerry are in the room. Jerry is changing his clothes, nothing to exciting. Dan is leaving the room.

Ollie is going over what types of exercises they did outside. Jessie asks if he is sore, Ollie said he is just sore in his calf muscles.

Jerry decides to laydown, he must be tired or really bored. (wonder how much longer he will be able to stand being in the house before he cracks)

Jessie is done his shower now.

Feeds switch over to Libra and Renny with Dan coming in the room. Libra said that Dan reminds him of a guy name David she knew is college, but he was gay. He talked and acted sort of like the way Dan is. Libra is icing down Dan's shoulder.

BB: Libra please re-attach your microphone.

Libra said yes it is attached, they must have the wrong person.

Libra is trying to attach the ice to Dan's shoulder. All of a sudden we lose audio for a few minutes here.

Renny goes and gets the bible. Renny is trying to get Dan to swear on the bible. Renny said let me see your pupils. Renny makes him swear on Thursday he is going to vote out Jessie. He said yes, she said no you say "I do".

Renny is making some funny shit about what to say in the diary room. BB tells Renny: Please do not talk about your diary room session with other houseguests. She said "I don't know what you are talkin about".

Renny does some macho moves with her arms like she is tough like the way Jessie does and tells Dan to do that in the diary room for their goodbye message to Jessie.

Libra said that Jerry is going to quit because of his voice. They talk about how if the power changes, that he will be jumping back over to the other side again and they dont' want that.

Ollie comes in the room. Renny tells him that she is making them laugh with impressonations. He says don't make me stop you. Libra is making fun of Jerry's working out and the sounds he was making in the room. Ollie started to laugh really hard over it.

Keesha walks into the room and Ollie leaves the room. Dan says the bag is breaking up. Renny starts to show Keesha the moves they should do in their goodbye message to Jessie.

Now we have FOTH

(time for me to get to bed now, i have to work tomorrow morning, hope someone can come up-date if they need too)

10:24pm BBT (couldnt go to sleep so decided to watch for a bit)

Most of the house is eating in the kitchen. They were going to play a trick on the kernal (Jerry) and tell him that they made some slop balls, but really it is real food.

Ollie said he needs to be placed on slop immediately. The house starts to laugh at him, because he thinks he is gaining to much weight.

Dan has been in the diary room a long time now so the houseguest think he is America's Player (how they are so right about this).

Renny is missing some clips, facemask, drawers, panties and other items as well. Libra said she is missing some stuff too. (BB stealing things)

Renny is cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. Keesha is eating something, Libra is doing something with her nails. Ollie is sitting at the table. Dan just came out of the diary room. He said it is so boring in this house right now. They all agreed they just want to sleep the time away. (maybe someone needs to start a rumour so the fighting begins again).

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11;12 BBT

Dan say 'your marriage is based on looks " as Dan says he likes to meeet her husband.."I bet he's a cool guy" ..Reeney says that "my marriage isn't based on looks" she says at first..Keesha laughs as they talk outside Memphis..

Talking Memphis can't remember where his "step dad" played college ball..{HMMM} goes on to say a very very smal school..

Talking about someone who's greek..{sorry I'm lost just signed on} Reeney whispers into Keesha's ear about "you know what they say about greeks" and Memphis wants to know....Reeney whispers...Memphis saying "no comment" "funny that you think that"..Reeney saying "its a fact" {never said it out loud}

Libra comes out asking what they are talking about...they say significant others..

The greek girl they are talking about is Memphis girlfriend..

Keesha asking about Monica...Dan says she's 5'6..then downsizes her to 5'5..."my girlfriend is very thin" memphis announces..Keesha says "I can see her being thin"

Reeney saying her husband "doesn't like a woman with a fat ass" Keesha "most guys aren't into big girls"..

they are jus talking about nothing important....

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11:25 BBT

Upstairs outside the HOH Ollie is playing chess with Jesse..showing him how to play....giving him tips......as Jerry chimes in with his expertise.....

Back Outdoors their relationship talk continues......Reeney saying a women and man act the same way after a long time ..sometimes...asking her husband if he's on his rag...

Memphis says him and his girlfriend match when they dress......Keesha's beau wears "cargo shirts and t shirts" Memphis saying in LA business men come to the office wearing jeans..

Keesha telling Dan he looks at himself "more than anyone else in this house"....Dan says she does...but Keesha says she's a girls and he does a lot "for a boy"

Reeney gets up "checking you out" when she walks up and does a close up to Dan

Reeney doing her dance worried they won't laugh..Keesha says "its funny" and gets up and does it..they laugh...

Dan asks about reeney's childhood.....talks about brother and sisiters...Father "had many jobs" not educated...talking about he made tamales...."very loving parents"...saying not much money...as they got older he got better position "we got more" knew they didn't have a lot...but says there was a lot of love and in the end "he was a self made man"..after Mother died at 59 of congestive heart failure as well as her Dad at 71 he remarried

but he had no kids.. Reeney says she still talks to her brother and sisiter...

keesha talking about her family..Memphis saying "your the outcast Hollywood girl" keesha says "I am" she just talking she's closer to her "mother's side" saying she's upset she misses family gatherings..

Memphis saying his brother lives 1/2 mile from his parents...

Reeney says she used to imitate her parents "to a tee" at six years old...and says "that's why I like to imitate people"..Keesha tells her "you're good at it"

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11:40 BBT

Reeney still talking about her childhood...she also says she lived in S. Carolina and Georgia..he worked in restaurants so "we ate good".....also talked about her Catholic schooling..

In HOH April talking about Jerry trying t fit in saying the person closes to him in age "is so mean to him" Ollie wonders why Reeney is so mean to him...

April says they need "to play" with Jerry more..amnd says "she sat with him" today for "15 minutes" talking about his Chess lessons with ollie admitting "its tough"....

Ollie talking about getting HOH "do or die" "killed or be killed" Ollie says reeney's is nice put he's going "to put her up" saying she "wouldn't understand"...and ask the question "why me"....April says its normal put we have to "play the game"..Ollie says he'll present it "you have the decision not set it stone" tsaying she'll have the POV..April asl "who would you put up with her" Ollie says "LIbra" and April says yess "she's digging her own grave"...Ollie saying "I don't like her very much"....talking about a characteristic..he doesn't like in a person in the house he says "a loud and annoying person and she's a loud and annoying person" talking about Libra's rudness...saying "extreme persons"...says it annoys him.....Ollie admit she's smart and doesn't get it why she acts that way "and that's what annoys me the most"

Ollie still ragging about Libra says he wants to tell her to" shut your face" but says "for personal reasons" he wants her out...

April says Libra complained Libra was bitching about Memphis..even though she spent the whole week trying to get him to stay..April says she didn't talk game and it may be "the calm before the storm" and she knows they are talking "shit about me"

Ollie says after "memphis is gone" {lol} those three will be the "outcasts"

ollie goes on about talking her 'to the end" "that's my goal' also saying "its far far fetched" April disagrees ..saying they are "getting closer" but reveals she's getting scared...about HOH this Thursday..

April says the best thing about "keeping Jesse" is that he will remain a target to people even though onlt her and Jerry want him out.....

Ollie says talking Libra and keesha will know they are with Jeese/Michele because when they get HOH they are going up....but not if Jeese and Michele get it they can still hide..Ollie admits he would not put up Jerry or Dan because Dan promise him "he would never put him up"...Ollie thinks Jerry and Dan are firmly with them..April says if Jerry gets HOH she'll tell him to put up "jesse and Michele"... April thinks they are Libra Keesha's target next week...{man they're cluesless}

yet Ollie talks that Keesha and Libra are an alliance with Reeney who April believe should already be out of the house..

Ollie saying Dan head isn't in the game and is only worried about his rep...April says he should put up Dan or Reeney..

Ollie goes on about her "i can't stand her" and "I think she knows it" going on about her being "overbearing"...Ollie says "what's the purpose" Of Libra coming out and "Talking off the wall stuff" tonight "what was that about" Libra snapping "I don't talk politics"..

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