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July 17 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

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12:18 BBT

In the Kitchen Jesse telling the people Brian" called them "sheep" and Michele "I'm not fucking sheep" she goes on that she's the bull that eats the sheep.....Keesha "I had no problem" voting him out while Jesse explains that Brian said he built an army with no enemy to fight...

Jesse still talking about brian while Kessha cant't belive he called "the sheep"......

Back outside April and Libra talking with their feet in the hot tube talking about Keesha....can't hear because microphone has a lot of static......oh they are talking about the beer wine distributuion

problem.....Libra talking about "the double fisting" and people shold "be considerate of others" when they dring both beer and wine.......and that Keesha was the one who told Steven and then to April....Libra defending her actions that night because "me personally I would never do that" dring a beer and wine because she is "considerate of others" April is Keesha bashing...worried what Americal thinks of her while Keesha "I don't trust her at all" for "Bad talking" "about the wine"........"that's not fair to me"...April not scared of "keesha" even though she's "bigger than me..weight, height"....blah blah blah .......

Upstairs Michele talking to Jesse in HOH about Angie...Jeese says when Angie sits down "And two of her snake boys" sit right next to her...while Michele says "I hate her" because she was trying to change the votes...Jesse "keesha's with them" ..jesse "why don't we put up Keesha and Angie" Michele"no because" they are coming after us.....and whispers and she says "we need to get Steven and Dan out".......Jesse says "she's the weak one out" ...Jesse "Keesha is so scared to talk to us".......Michele trying to explain what to do Jesse "I'm sorry" I need help.."I'll get the power and you guys tell me what to do"

Michele going on and on.......

In the bedroom April talking to Keesha..and talking about Angie treated her "like shit" since she's been in the house....they are going over "the misunderstanding" and April admits it was a little "jealousy" and they "don't want to doubt her" and April telling her to trust Angie......Kessha "I understand" ..April "it's either your dignity"....April telling her she would never "jepordize" her or libra for someone like Angie....kessha says "i don't like the tension" while Libra walks in...April says she's "sorry" and Keesha says she doesn't want to be perceived "that way"

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12:50 BBT

The Libra April indoctrination session of Kessha continues

Upstairs The Brains Jesse and Memphis being told what to do by Michele about Angie and her alliance with Brian. Michele ustairs making sure she's not to be trusted.......Angie talk "stick her neck out" and Jeese "how stupid are we" because she was helping out Brian who wanted to get them out and yet they are in a psuedo alliance with her.....

Jesse telling Michele that Ollie "is a little shaky about you" Michele "really".......Jesse want "to kick Angie to the curb" butMichele "we need her"....Memphis is shaky about Jerry because if someone asks who he has an alliance with he will tell then its them so they need to get him out soon....Michel says she's willing to "sacrafice her" (Angie) to make final 3 with them.....

Memphis worried that if the work with Angie and the "other girls" find out they could be fucked jesse doesn't understand....Jesse wants to threaten her..Mephis say they shouldn't.....Angie bash continues.....Mephis worried that Steve and Dan up and Angie wins POV and pulls one of them off.......they agree "not to say anything to her" and maybe "our actions of not putting her up" she'll become loyal to them again.....

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12:51 BBT

Jesse says he almost voted to vote to keep Brian to pin the vote on Angie but decided against it "to make sure" he got out of the house....also to make sure they can use Angie down the road...a lot of rehashing about Angie and her intentions

April Libra and Kessha still talking "sheep" "brian" and "angie"...They are really offended about the "sheep" comment"(well truth hurts) and continue about loyalty and disloyalty, Paranoia, self congratulatory, and their "don't want it to become personal" and "the fight" rehash(so sad these bimbos have no strategy)

{well I'm out for the evening..As of now Jesse will nominate Steve and Dan and Angie (possibly reeny) will be their replacement nom if either win POV. Jesse Michele Memphis alliance hope their goodwill of not nominating Angie will bring her into their good graces and she wont use the POV on Steve if she wins it..be back tomorrow to report the aftermath..I'll stay up longer since I don't work Friday.....night all}

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2:15 BBT - Sorry didn't catch it all just woke up to this

Jessie, Michelle, and Angie in the HOH and they are telling Angie that they want to give her a second chance and that she should take this because they can get her to the final 4 along with Memphis. Angie will be safe for 3 weeks for sure (assume it's while everyone wants Dan, Steve, and Renny out). They are trying to figure out a way to ensure the rest of the house doesn't figure out that Angie is part of their group of 4.

Jessie talks about how much he can't stand Renny and how much respect he has for Memphis as they have both been through alot to get to where they are in life.

Seems as through Angie has found new life in the game

Looks like they really wanna gun for Steven to be out this week as much as Jessie wants to get rid of Renny so far that's not in the cards.

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9:15am BBT the houseguests were awakened by the song saved by the bell... BB forgot that we could still see the feeds for about a 1/2 min of the song. Libra woke up dancing to renny in the kitchen.

9:39 BBT looks like everyone is up and in kitchen drinking coffee/eating bkft

**note: my first time posting***

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9:49am BBT barbie doll april, leepra & renny doing adls in bathroom. Memphis taking shower.

Unfortunatly all 4 feeds are on this...ugh..

10:00am BBT finally feeds switch to kitchen. Jerry yelling to Ollie that he snores to load. and that he wanted to put a pillow over everyones head last night that was snoring.

Jerry asked Angie when they were alone at the table if the others were picking on her. her reply was it is what it is. He changed the subject when michelle came in the dining table area.

Now Jerry is flirting with michelle. telling her how good she looks.

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9:50 am BBT

April, Renny, Libra, Memphis, Ollie in bathroom. They're talking about getting woke up to the song Saved by the Bell. Memphis just came out of the shower and Ollie went in. The women are putting on their makeup. Right now just general chit chat, no talk of the game.

Keesha came in bathroom. The ladies are still talking about different brands of makeup. Keesha said she surrounds herself with pretty girls. The others agree they do too. They're hoping they don't give them ugly POV outfits this time. Libra whispering to Keesha, couldn't hear what she said but Keesha's reply was she couldn't do that all day.

Feed changes to kitchen area. Jerry saying somebody snores LOUD. He says the ladies are pretty quiet though. Jerry asks Angie, "were they picking on you baby?" He says he thinks she looks pretty in the morning too. Angie says she hopes she doesn't look at tired as she feels. Yesterday was a busy day with eviction and everything else taking place.

Jerry says his mind is like a non-stop machine. Even when he's trying to sleep he's still thinking about the game. He says this game was going on for a month before they ever came into the house. He wonders what kind of competition they're going to have today. If it's just a food comp they may have a chance to eat and not be on slop.

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10:06 am BBT

Jerry says it's difficult to be in the HOH because you don't know anything going on in the house. He said Brian wasn't telling him anything but hoped he would. He says he couldn't dislike anybody in this house.

Angie says she felt so ill yesterday. Jerry says as time goes on it's just going to get more difficult being in the house. Jerry said when Danielle (BB8) made the comment toward the end she hated everybody in the house. She didn't know everybody disliked her too.

Angie says you watch this game thinking it's going to be so easy to play this game but once you get here you realize how difficult it's going to be. Jerry says the game is set to create this environment. Two ladies get in a cat fight and they (the producers?) are all gun-ho about it.

Memphis walks in and Angie asks him if he's going to wear jeans for the comp. He says yeah, what else would I wear? Jerry says he likes to take t-shirts like the one Memphis is wearing and cut the sleeves off of them. Jerry walks over to sink and says to Ollie, "you gonna take me down big boy?" They both laugh. Jerry hopes this contest is for a food comp where they choose what they're gonna get to eat instead of one where they take their food away.


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10:15 AM BBT

Dan talking in the living room. Dan asks Jessie if he likes sleeping up there in the vacuum. He said it was great.

Ollie said to Memphis you missed the Jerry Springer show last night between the girls. Memphis says, "oh yeah?" Ollie just laughs. Memphis sitting at table eating an orange. Ollie fixing an english muffin. Memphis tells Ollie he just missed Sports Center.

Jessie in punk bedroom getting his clothes out of the drawer.

Camera keeps jumping around to different people in the house but no game talk.

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10:20 AM BBT

Ollie, Memphis sitting at bar speculating what kind of comp they'll be having today. Ollie doesn't think they'll make them do anything strenuous in the sun.

Several of the women in bedroom getting ready. Michelle said they told them they had ninety minutes before the comp and wondering what time it is now.


Libra says she thinks they asked some of those questions yesterday to get the hamsters talking about things going on in the house. Renny asks Libra what were they talking about last night. She fell asleep and didn't hear any of it. Libra says she was just saying, "If I'm down with you, I'm down with you. There's no going back and forth for me."


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10:33 AM BBT

Jerry, Angie in bathroom talking about possibilities for today's comp. He's dreading being on slop. Angie says it's hard to say what they end up doing.

Keesha, Renny whispering in bedroom. Libra was trying to make Keesha jealous earlier with something written on a piece of paper. She can't believe how much she goes back and forth all the time. Renny says Libra tells people what she thinks they want to hear. Keesha mocking someone saying, "my friends mean the world to me." They both keep trashing somebody (Libra?) talking about how they have their nose stuck up in the air.

Angie, Keesha now in next bedroom. Angie asks her how she's doing. Keesha says she's just trying to keep her mouth shut at this point. Angie says I know what you mean.

Feed goes back to kitchen. Somebody asks if they have time to take a shower. Michelle says they have 15 minutes to go.

Now we're in the living room with Dan reading bible scripture to Angie and Memphis. At one point he says he didn't actually know the Golden Rule was in the Bible. He's also reading scripture about being a hypocrite. Before you remove the wood splinter out of your brother's eye, remove the wood beam out of your own.

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10:47 AM BBT

Still in living room. Memphis says he took a Gideon Bible from the motel and his handler made him put it back. He said he wanted to read it while he was in the house. He didn't realize there would be one in the house for them.

(Angie made the comment it's been a long time since she read the Bible)

Dan still reading scripture out loud. He keeps skipping through it looking for specific passages.

Libra, April, Michelle talking in bedroom. Libra says that's a slap to every Christian in America. (?) Michelle said Dan came over to her in the kitchen and said something like "show me the way" making fun of his using things in the Bible. (I think Libra was referring to Dan reading scripture out loud in the living room but not certain.)

Back to the kitchen. Libra, Ollie, April talking about sports. Libra showing the others the best way to hold your arms when receiving the volleyball in a game. Libra says she thinks her daughter is going to be tall. When her and her husband bring out the volleyball at home, her daughter loves it and thinks the game is so cool.

Libra talking about going to University of Hawaii and what a great volleyball team they had there. One of her friends on the team there ended up getting on the Olympic team.

Jessie joins the group at the bar in kitchen. (He's actually wearing a t-shirt with sleeves! lol) Michelle compliments Jessie's shirt. Libra says she really liked the picture of Jessie with his parents.

Several different convos going on at once but no game talk.

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1:35PM BBT: Feeds are back. People are dressed in red and green so it looks like there were two teams. April is on the floor in the LR looking pissed and she has red on. So I assume that the green team are on food and the red on slop. Keesha is in red and in the bathroom talking to Angie in green and says that being on slop isn't THAT bad.

Red team on Slop. (April, Libra, Keesha, Memphis, Renny and Jerry)

Green on Food. (Angie, Steven, Michelle, Dan and Ollie?)

Jessie - HoH and eats anyway.

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