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July 17 - Live Feed Updates

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April, Keesha, and Libra are on 2 weeks of slop

Jerry, Renny, and Memphis were also on their team and are on slop, but not for 2 weeks I think.

Libra blatantly tell Renny that having her and Jerry both on her team made her lose.

Note: It might have been that this is April's Keesha's and Libra's second week of slop instead of 2 weeks of slop.

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Nominations today on the screen in the LR.

Libra was saying that this is her and the others (April and Keesha ) second week on slop where as the others don't know what's coming.

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Just a note on above post - I don't think the girls are on slop for 2 weeks ... I think what they are saying is that this is the second week they are on slop, as they were on the losing team last week as well.

Hope its okay to add that here ...

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Renny left HOH and Jessie and Libra both start bashing Renny because she wanted to see who was in here. Libra and Jessie saying that they can't let this slop have an affect on their alliance or strategy.

Renny is downstairs with Keesha in the 60s bedroom and looks pissed. She's mad about Libra blaming the loss of the food comp on her. Keesha saying they'll talk shit about everyone. K: "That's how I feel." I think she also said "bitch" really softly as Renny left the room. I think it might have been directed to Libra instead of Renny.

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Libra is yelling in the 60s bedroom saying everyone tried their best. "I'm not going to point fingers at anyone today."

Then we get fish

Jessie and Michelle are in HOH and mentioning the plan. Then they walk out and Jessie tries to comfort Memphis about hte food comp.

Back downstairs, Libra is still complaining to Keesha and Renny about different variables in the competition. Keesha did mention that their team was ahead at one point.

Libra complaining again about not wanting to go into the DR.

then we get fish

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Libra keeps saying that you can not blame any single person - that each individual did their best - and at the same time saying "but we did have the two old people on our team".

Michelle and Jesse confirm to each other that they are "sticking to the plan" no matter what

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1:48pm BBT

Libra talking to Renny in HOH about food comp. It apparently involved pouring wine into a bottle without spilling it.

Jessie comes back in room. Libra keeps saying, "I don't want to talk about it BB". Renny left. Jessie asks Libra what Renny was doing in his room. She said she wasn't sure but thought she was checking to see who was in there. They're saying nobody can blame anybody because the comp was difficult and had a lot of different variables. Jessie is telling Libra to just keep the peace with those girls. Apparently some people got mad at her during the comp. Libra said one of them apologized to her later on. She also keeps saying, "we had two old people on our team!" She did the best she can do.


Libra; "oh no you didn't! All you're going to get out of me are one word answers!"

Steven comes in and is looking at Jessie's pictures. He says his brother looks just like him!

Michelle comes in and says the screen downstairs says "nominations today". Jessie doesn't like that. Steven says he doesn't know how these girls are going to make it this week. They're going to be so weak they're going to break down to nothing. Jessie is going downstairs to fix something to eat. Steven said Jerry is down there trying to make a slop protein shake.

Michelle cornered Jessie in the bathroom before he left HOH and said something about Steven. Jessie said don't worry about it the plan remains the same. She said OK and left with him to go downstairs.

Ollie is sitting at the bar eating regular food. Jerry is trying to fix a shake in the blender. Memphis, Steven, Michelle and Jessie in storage room going through the food on the counter making sure refrigerated food is put in the two fridges.

Steven says he sincerely feels bad. He realizes he was in the heat of the moment during the challenge but now feels bad he won and the others are on slop.

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BB says, "Libra, please put on your microphone." and she lets out a huge GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

They both walk out of the room.

Steven and Michelle in SR. Steven says he feels sad for the next days for the other team. Michelle agrees.

Most people are in kitchen or Bathroom. Idle chitchat. April and Jessie talking about what Jessie eats.

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2:15PM BBT: Renny and Libra in 60s bedroom. Once again, food competition talk and variables. Libra says, "It's a day of mourning." Libra walks out. Renny is laying in the 60s bedroom by herself.

BB, "Libra please put on your microphone." April almost starts busting out laughing saying, "She's going to be stomping through here."

Libra says she's not putting on any makeup today for the DR. "You give me slop, I give you shit."

Libra and April are talking about her not wanting to go into the DR and variables. They hug and give each other comfort.

Memphis seems to be making a protein shake with slop. He calls it "Power Slop."

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Renny asking Keesha about her family and just info in general like "were you ever a prom queen". Detailed info (as if preparing for future comp).

Libra, joins Renny and Keesha in 60's room, wondering why all of the sudden several people bringing out bibles.

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4:10pm Jessie just saw a fish is dead, he tells Ollie. Ollie "i never seen a dead fish before." Jessie "i swear i fed it this morning." Jessie goes & tells others.

4:16pmBBT Jessie just relized he locked himself out of HOH room, so he goes outside w/ every1.

4:20pmBBT Angie & Steven talkin in KT(askin each other, "how do u get along with.....", Every1 else outside on patio(talkin about 1st week, & Slop)

4;26pmBBT Angie spills her drink inside, Steven cleans it up

4:28pmBBT the group outside is just chatting.

4:30pmBBT Angie uses BR, Steven waits in KT 4 her

4:35pmBBT FOTH

4:39pmBBT BB let Jessie back into his HOH room,outdoor LD been called soon. Jessie & Dan in HOH room, every1 else outside

4:44pmBBT Dan goes dowstirs, Jesse stays in HOH room

4:46pmBBT Dan gets a yellow box of something SR lookin how 2 cook it.

4:47pmBBT Jesse comes down & is whispering to Dan(cant really cuz of Keesha outside talkin) but says something of "He....kinda like Renny, needs to go."

4:50pmBBT they talkin anbout the toy in the cereal as Memphis enters

4:52pmBBT April enters & heads to BR

4:53pmBBT Renny comes out of bedroom, Boys in Kitchen talkin bout the movie on cereal box.

4:54pmBBT Angie called to DR

4:55pmBBT April goes back outsde

4:58pmBBT Dan to ppl outside "Any1 know how to make bread crums" Jerry: "Dont talk 2 me." Dan tells Jesse what Jerry said

5pm Jesse asks Renny if Jerry meant what he said, Renny said "he meeant dont talk 2 me about food.(as hes on slop)

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5:02pmBBBT Angie joins Bys in KT

5:03pmBBT Jesse doin leg thrusts,April goes inside

5:04pmBBT alot of ppl go insie, just leavin Jerry,Michelle,Libra outside. Inside Jesse "Did u hear what Jerry said"

5:05pmBBT Michelle comes inside, April tells story of a guy in airport with huge Unibrow

5:06pomBBT Dan cookin Chicken in KT & makin pasta

5:08pmBBT Apri & Ollie cuddling, Jesse eatin cereal, & Dan & Steven cookin

5:10pmBBT FOTH

5:15pmBBT Trvia!

5:22pmBBT Every1 on outdoor LD except Jesse

5:24pmBBT oLiie doin weights, & Stevn & ANgie playing with raquerts & ball

5:28pmBBT Trvia

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7:20 PM BBT- Dan and Steven are nominated. Jessie and Dan are talking in HoH. Jessie thanks Dan for respecting his decision and for handling it so well. He says that not nominating Renny was very hard. He understands that Dan got dragged down into a hole that Brian dug. Jessie mentions that Steven acted poorly after noms and everyone is angry at him.

Michelle enters the room and Dan leaves. He rehashes his conversation w/Dan to her and then again to Jerry when he enters. (It seems like Jessie is already laying the groundwork for Dan to stay over Steven)

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feeds are back

Steven said he's nominated

Seems like Jessie and Dan are talking ... think Dan is nominated because he didn't want STeven to pull Dan's name.

STeven to Angie says our side has to get back in power, (Steven, Dan, Keesha, Renny, Angie)

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7:19 BBT -

Feeds back. Jessie talking to Dan about strategy in HoH. Jessie says Renny has done nothing to show him that she is worthy. Jerry stops in and leaves to talk to Jessie later. Jessie is reassuring Dan that steve is more likely the target. Dan says Ollie ISN'T his big threat and that Libra is his biggest threat. Dan holds Libra responsible for Brian's leaving

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7:22 BBT -

Jessie and Dan talking still saying they do trust Ollie despite what happened. Dan has no ill feelings towards Ollie. Seems Dan and Steven are up on block. Jessie tells Dan to pull his own weight and he will be trusted more. Jessie says the 'hole' Dan is in was dug by Brian mostly.

To trivia

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7:40 PM BBT Jessie joins Libra outside to rehash part of his conversation w/Dan to her as well. Jessie is joined by Ollie and Memphis and he tells them about the conversation while they toss the basketball around. He also says that Steven has not shown him any respect in 2 weeks. He did not acknowledge him when he won HoH or when he got the key to his room. Jessie says that Steven said he was sleeping and was unaware that Jessie got his room key. Jessie said he lied and he called him out on it (maybe during nom ceremony). He mentions telling Dan that the worst case scenario is Steven winning POV.

7:50 PM BBT The post ceremony hypertension appears to be over. Most of the houseguests are back to general chit chat in the BY or kitchen while Steven has isolated himself in bed in the Retro room to read. Jessie, Dan, and Michelle are discussing the infamous BB2 Hardie electronic toothbrush incident. (The defining moment where I became hopelessly addicted to Big Brother!!)

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