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July 17 - Live Feed Updates

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8:00 PM BBT Jessie mentions in the kitchen that there were "technical difficulties" when the rest of the houseguest were outside in lockdown waiting for him to finish with the keys. He says he asked BB to tell the houseguest about the difficulties so that the houseguests would not question why it was taking so long or read something else into it. It seems BB wasn't willing to tell them. Michelle asks what the technical difficulties were and if he is allowed to talk about it. Jessie says no.

Memphis is in the sauna and Libra is in the message chair. They are again discussing their disadvantages during the food comp having Renny and Jerry together on their team. They still think that those two need to compete on separate teams to even the odds. Memphis leaves and Keesha and Renny join Libra in the sauna room. They talk about Keesha's socks and feet being bright red from what she was standing in (food comp?) and that her feet look like they are on fire.

8:10 PM BBT Those on food are eating dinner and discussing the food competition.

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8:20 PM BBT Memphis and Keesha in sauna for a whisper session. I couldn't catch most of it but Memphis says "I don't think I can go to bat for her". It seems they are trying to figure out who goes after Steven. I haven't been able to figure out who they are referring to.

8:25 PM BBT The HG are speculating whether or not the first HoH was a twist and if there are anymore in play right now.

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8:30 PM BBT Steven and Libra in Retro Room. Steven mentions Jessie's comments about him showing disrespect and he doesn't understand that. Steven heads to the DR. Renny takes Steven's place in bed in the Retro Room.

8:35 PM BBT Michelle and Libra have headed to the HoH room where Jessie is. Michelle asks him which one of the fish died and Jessie says "How about the one that's not in there anymore". (Smarty pants!!) Michelle asks the BB camera if there is anything on her face and when the camera doesn't respond she asks Jessie. After Libra exits the bathroom they discuss the post ceremony conversation between Jessie and Dan again and they think that Renny not being nominated has humbled her. Jessie says that he still really wants her gone but mentioning it during the ceremony would have appeared childish. Michelle and Libra both promise her that she will be and then they leave Jessie alone.

8:45 PM BBT BB just informed the HG that "most people don't know that the world's largest weather vane is in Spain." Outside of repeating it to themselves once or twice, no one is impacted by BBs announcement. (So there are definately no Natalies in the house this time around).

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8:31 BBT Renny is lying in bed.

Michelle and Libra are uptsirs in the HOH with Jessie. Libra is in the washroom. Michelle is asking if there is anything on her face. Jessie says no.

Jessie has his CD player turned up so that we can hear the music... we get fast FOTH

Libra is out of the washroom and they are now talking about nominations. Jessie still wants Renny out of the house but he wasn't going to say anything because it was childish. Libra and Michelle leave.

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Michelle, Libra, April and Renny in kitchen talking

April wishes her top lip was bigger

Libra says you can't have bubble lips, you need the perfect amount because when it's too extreme you look like sha nay nay

Michelle saying you can take fat out of your ass and inject it

Libra says if thats the case they should be taking the fat out of her ass and putting it in her boobs or the fat out of her side and putting it in her boobs

April wants the opposite, she wants to take some of her boobs and put it in her ass (I know...doesn't sound right, but it's what she said)

Libra says she wants them to take it out of her mid section and put it in her boods because when you have a skinny mid section, your boobs look SO big

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Girls are still in kitchen talking about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Talking about tattoos. Libra thinks Mariah doesn't dress her age. All her clothes are too tight. Libra says she thinks Mariah has Mrs. Cannon tattooed above a butterfly on her back. Michelle says the only names she would get tattooed on her are her mother, father or kids.

April has a "sister" tattoo and she would give it up for anything. She said she and her sister were going to put "twins" but decided not too.

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Ollie and Memphis outside on couches talking about the possible twist this year? (BBAD cut into middle of convo, so not sure)

April, Libra and Michelle bring their tattoo story outside to the 2 guys.

Angie out there but smoking not talking

Renny walked to the bedroom to get something and went back to the kitchen to make food (slop)

Angie telling Renny to fry then bake ? (slop maybe) to have with her salsa and then she would have sloppy tortillas

Renny at the counter eating her salsa and reading a red sheet (can and cannot haves for the ones on slop.. I think)

Don't see Steven, Jerry, Jesse or Dan at the moment

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9:15 BBT Ollie, Memphis, Dan and Angie outside talking about random things. Dan asking about feeds and BBAD, Angie telling him she thought BBAD was only after the live shows but Angie said Steven told her that it's on 6 nights a week, it's not on on Sat night. Ollie and Memphis not sure if their loved ones got feeds or BBAD. Talk now turns to cable companies. Memphis not sure if he has Comcast or Time Warner, he thinks Time Warner. Ollie says in MN the two merged. Memphis pays about $60 a month and Ollie pays about $110 for basic cable and internet with Comcast. Angie says she has Comcast and hers is about the same as Ollie and she has DVR. When Memphis was in Orlando, he had the same as Angie with Comcast.

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9:18 BBT Keesha headed to bathroom to change out of her swimsuit. April in there changing into her swimsuit. Not much convo. April asks how to turn the dry sauna on. Keesha is going to show her how.

Keesha headed outside with everyone else.

Michelle and Renny playing pool

(Really boring stuff again tonight. If something excited happens, I'll post. gotta step away for a minute)

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9:52 BBT

Still not much going on. Michelle was trying to teach Steven some portugese in the kitchen. Michelle went back outside to play pool with Renny.

Libra and Keesha in spa room talking about their experience in the house so far. Keesha is emotional right now especially since it's right before her period. Libra asks her if she regret signing up and she says no way. She wants to be here the full 3 months, but she just missed "life" right now. She says she will be fine she just feels like she needs to cry sometimes (she is not crying) Jerry comes in and wants to know if they want slop cookies or something. They both say no, they are going to wait until tomorrow . They are talking about slop and how hard it is and what it does to your body. They feel really bad about Jerry having to be on slop at his age and all the medicines he's on. Libra says BB should be ashamed. (in a mean voice) Libra says being on this doesn't want to make you go out and have fun and be the life of the party.

Keesha asks Libra if she thinks Steven is leaving this week, Libra says she doesn't know. Topic moves back to slop. Libra says slop changes her personality

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10:51 BBT Memphis talking about his girlfriend 5'7" with green/hazle eyes she's from Arizona to Keesha in the sauna room

Outdoors Jerry talking about his lake "community" with Ollie Steve and Angie.......while Dan is working out on the elipitical.....a lot of mosquito talks from Florida...Jerry says he doesn't seem em in his part of Texas....

Camera switch to April taking a shower with feet shots...Reeny walks in saying it must be April in the shower "because we can never see your head"..Reeny heads back into the sauna room with Keesha and Memphis talking about their hair color since Keesha didn't bring any ..they think April's dye is "too white" memphis saying "that shit is bleach"...Michelle in the sauna offers to do Keesha's hair.....Angie comes in and enters the 133 degree sauna........Reeny talking about her niece that dried from "cancer" and Keesha chimes in with her aunt who has cancer too. Reeny asks "is she ok" and Keesha says "she's not sure..

Back outside Jerry talking about his building and remoldeling Jerry "I don't sit still..actually afraid of sitting still" Ollie talking about his marketing job of portable prouducts like stages and travel to trade rental shows.. his clients are country clubs and stadiums telling Jerry he's done that for 3.5 years....Talking the hardest sales are copiers...Jerry says he worked for Xerox and tells him everyyear they get rid of the two worst salesmen every year to make sure they kept the top sellers until the competetion came along. Jerrry talks about he knows what "selenium drums" were and Dan asks what that was..and explains its the" drum that heats up to transfer the toner."

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Michelle and Renny still playing pool. Steven and Angie sitting on the outside couches talking. Angie says ? is a moral struggle (can't hardly hear for Michell/Renny being loud) She can't handle another one leaving (meaning Steven) and says no one is really talking to her anymore. Steven asks Angie does she not think it's a huge deal that she did not go on the block.

S: When I sit here and think about it, and don't take offence but you are the one that caused drama and campaigned for brian the night before he left and I didn't say shit to nobody, you did, and who goes on the block? I do

A: I was absolutely shocked today. I had already like prepared myself to be sitting here.

S: (says something about being there Wednesday. Can't hear for background noise)

A: I always told you I would tell you the truth about things and so..I would rather tell you the truth and let you know whats going on

S: So if you won (meaning POV) you wouldn't take me off?

A: I can't

S: Gotcha and that's fine

A: that kills me to have to tell you that

S: that's ok

A: but I always told you I would be honest with you

S: I sat and pondered all the things that could occur and that to me was the best case scenerio, it's not the only situation, but it was like the best case if you were chosen and you competed and you won and then you took me off then you wouldn't have to go because I kept thinking the same thing. If I took myself off, you could go up

A: What I want you to know is that I'm okay with that

(This convo is not heated. They are just talking calmly and both look sad)

A: If that would be the ultimate reason why I leave then...

S: you would be to your word

Now they are talking about the fact that they are loyal and honest and Angie was really pulling for Steven or Dan to win HOH.

Steven doesn't believe that anyone else would pull him off. He says maybe Memphis. He says it's unspoken but Memphis did tell him he had his back

Steven says if he stays then Steven doesn't have Angie vote, she says that's not true

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Outdoors memphis came out wonder if anyone has checked chlorine levels while Steven "read somewhere" the pool was their reponsibility..while Jeery talk about work......Ollie wonders if news"papers" will last or soon will all be electronic..Steve wonders how people used to "get along without email" Ollie "were spoiled man"

Ollie "by 50 years we'll have clones" "that's scary"....

In the bathroom memphis and April talking about being on slop..Memphis saying that he has "a strict diet" anyway (yeah buddy your chubby gut shows that)

April wonders if their still live as Memphis gets up and leavesas Reeney come in Memphis meets up with Jeese and both head outdooors.....

Michelle talking with the guys...and Angie ..of course the alcohol distribution comes up again...Jerry keeps talking over Michelle as she tells her story of "monday night fights" bar with a "boxing ring" and while she was drinking her "bloody marys" she agrees to "go up there" to box...she goes on to tell her opponent that weighed 165lbs and signed "the waivers" pulls her shirt down a song plays "show me your boobies..show em to me" Michelle knocks out the little one "out cold"..It was for "my 23rd birthday" and "has it on tape" (coming soon on the Ebay cash in in September)

Boxing was only "a fun thing" for her and wasn't willing to put forth the effort..Dan says "you don't look like a fighter" she says "I'm not.....don't judge a book by its cover"

Boxing talk ensues.....

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11pm-11"30pmBBT Just Michelle talking about her boxing career, how big boxers say shes best, ppl paied 2 be her manager, I went 2 parties to box, i was told i could go big, i never told BB ppl about how great of a boxer i am.(She keep goin & goin every1 seems bored of her stories,) so Jesse starts talkin about real boxing,Floyd mayweather, & UFC. Michelle starts talkin bout her boxing carerr again :stop: )

Jesse Starts talkin about how big UFC is, Michelle says boxing is losing its status as its fixed alot. Jerry starts talkin about boxing in the "old days"

Jerry talks about 2days boxing. "If they had that MAyMeather(Mayweather), box with some1 from the poast, boy thats when the shit happens." Jerry then talks about some NFL player get beat up in boxing. Jesse starts talkin abut UFC & Cage fighting, sayin its so popular becuse of underdogs. Michelle "im notgonna argue with you over that, im a boxer myself(o really?) boxing matchs are good aymore, they stop um 2 early."

Jerry talks about MAryWeather, & every1 corrects him "Mayweather". Jess says mayweather at WWE Wrestlemania got paided "82 million"(it was rumored20 million but was actully only 5 million, idk where Jesse gets 82 million from.) Jerry says "i cant belive Marymeather retired so young." Ollie corrects him "maywather." they talk about Mayweather more.(BB gets tired of listin 2 them 2) and switches camera 2

Renny cleanin the kitchen & Keesha walking around.

Back outside now talking about Mohammed Ali & his daugter., Michelle "she did rewality shows cause boxing fsent make money anymore."

11:40pmBBT Jesse & Michelle play pool, still talkin bout Boxing& UFC

11:41pmBBT April & Ollie talking in bed. Jerry walks in gives April a kiss, "hi my angel" Ollie says "Dont i get a kiss." Jerry takes off his shirt says lok im turning int o Jesse. Jerry walks away. Memphis who is sittin by Ollie/April, "thank god, he dint come out naked." all laugh.

Mempis: "whats takin Jerry so long 2 shut off lights." April "hes admiraing." they laugh, Jerry leaves.

Ollie tells April "hes gonna come out, look at my penis!" Apil: "dont give me nightmares." they laugh

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11:40 BBT Playing Pool Jesse and Michelle discuss boxing...

Dan and Steve talk about their nominations ..Steven admits "its a losing scenario" that one of them will leave unless "some wierd" drama happens telling Dan if the surviving one doesn't win HOH thenthey will go next followed by Angie..one of "has to ..has too or we will be doomed"

Steve says Angie will not put Dan up as Dan wonders if Angie is "on their team" and says "why isn't she up"...Steve says even if she agrees to be with them she willl never truly "be with them"

Steve admits "I'm a little drunk" and Dan wonders if it will be girls vs guys after they are gone ..Steve says "could be" but thinks Ollie is with April and Libra "solid"....Dan heads in to shower

Jesse points out to Michelle how Steve and Dan "are talking to each other"

In the bedroom Ollie laying on April on the bed talking

Steve in the kitchen talking to reeney and Keesha about Pickles "being a food" Keesha says it went from one of her favorite foods to hating them "steve says "stop fighting slop and just eat it"..Keesha syas "i can't not nominated can I" if she wins POV and steve ask her to use it...

Steve "what are you going to do if you win POV" he asks Reeney......explains the rules of POV because she's clueless.."you can use it on me you can use it on Dan or chose not to use it" and dumbly she says I thought I can only use it on myself...Reeney says "I'm gonna try" to win POV... Talk about POV..."tomorrow"...Steve says "I had 5 beers" and is " a little drunk"

Ollie and April frolicing in bed..

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11:46pmBBT Jesse laying on patio, takes out his top set of teeth then puts them back in :jawdrop: Jerry tells Jesse "Memphis said i can be the oldest bodybuilder."

Ollie & April in bed they hear Jerry comming.

11:53pmBBT Ollie & April cuddling in bed

12:15amBBT Angie,Jerry, & Steven talkin about gas prices, in 80s bedroom its Michelle,April,Keesha,& Ollie al in 1 bed talking

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