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I Am Boycotting BB9


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it sounds to me that most people were hoping for more drama this season

well, if you're comparing it to last season, we're always going to be screwed

no season of big brother probably ever will ever match what we got last year

this season was probably a season for the younger viewers of big brother.

they are probably trying to find some new viewers, some younger people that will

continue to watch the show for this season and future seasons

and honestly would you want to see a bunch of 30 or 40 year olds trying to find love

honestly? would you?

the younger people in the house work better with the twist. i would want to see older people in the house

no offense to the older people on this board. but, i am not sure if i would have watched

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Oh, I totally agree that this twist wouldn't have worked with a mix of older people (yuck!) but I would rather see a more diverse group of ages/race without the twist. But you're probably right that they are trying to attract the young ones.........and, of course, sex sells.

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