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Revenge of the Houseguests / Winston

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Drew looks different... more grown up?

Jack looks different also... kind of grosser?

Karen looks slightly different... but did anyone notice all those pictures made her look slutty?

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Wow! You're right! Drew looks like an entirely different person in RL! I think Jack looks sort of the same, but you can still see some differences. They all look so much better in their official BB pics! Wow! The wonders of make-up, lighting, and photo touch-ups will never cease to amaze me! Professional pics and editing can really change how a person really looks! I guess this kind of just shows us that any one of us can probably look just as good with the right make-up and lighting...

Thanks for sharing this discovery! :)

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I've been reading his posts from the CBS website, Revenge of the House Guests.

I've never cared much for the guy, but is there a reason he thinks he is the top dog from BB5??  Didnt he get evicted in like week 4 or 5??  His posts just ramble and ramble and actually hardly ever make any sense.  He keeps saying how no one in the house has any character this year. (which i disagree with)  I didnt have live feeds last year, but he seems pretty CRAZY and a little in to himself...how is that interesting?  He seems to credit himself and Jase for Cowboy and Drew making it to the end.  I for one would like to know how he did that when he left so early on in the game?  I just want to know your opinions on Scott...

I've read his posts, as well, and for the life of me, I STILL don't even remember who the guy is! He tries to build himself up to seem like the "top dog", as you say, with pretty much all of his posts making mention of his own BB season and events that happened in his season. His posts are always about him, and to me, they never really make any sense, because seriously, who actually remembers Scott? I sure don't! All I know is that he's some sort of has-been that hasn't quite realized it yet...

Also speaking of past HGs that I don't even remember, who the heck is Holly? I swear I've never seen her in my life!

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Anyway, here's a thread to chat about this week's bb all-stars' opinions.

I find Jack's post entertaining, especially his latest one.

"Janelle is more than in the eye of the beholder. She's for real. If you don't think so, you're a damn communist. Janelle is swift and steady in the competitions, smarter than the others, and photogenic in the HOH and Veto winners' circles. She verbally carves up the Cappys so neatly they don't know they've been fileted. April in particular has been the victim of Janelle's cutting ability with words, sending April into the wilderness without a compass. Pressured by James to join him and dump the often clueless Howie for the final run at the money, Janelle remained loyal to Howie. Beauty, brains, and loyalty. Can you have those attributes and still win Big Brother 6? I don't think so. Janelle will join Danielle as the also-rans who were the very, very best."

I can already tell how popular these kind of threads will be. lol

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Scott needs to stop because he can't form a sentence, but I always liked Karen. Then again, I didn't pay attention to live feeds like I did this year. I also like Adria and Nat. Karen's posts are funny though and entertaining.

This is for Scott. When I forget how to form a sentence, I remember this jingle:

A sentence, sentence, sentence is complete, complete, complete.

With five simple rules, it meets, meets, meets.

It has a subject, subject, subject and a verb, verb, verb.

It makes sense, sense, sense with every word, word, word.

Add a capital letter, letter and end mark, mark.

Now our sentence has all its parts. :D

Even though I learned that in 6th grade, I still remember it.

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