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  1. Lol I find the hookah kewl and just saw a article in our local newspaper about it. Hey even Sarah gave it a try.
  2. Is there a certain spot where HOH sit or stand during Nominations? That could be where zero "0" is. Just a thought
  3. Well said Dep :wink: even tho I like the theme but not the cast as much as BB5
  4. Depeche that is wrong Julie said tonight that next week she will announce the secret of the pairs and the winning prizes if they get to the end. So that wont matter. Id say Mike comes back because he = drama, romance, and good ratings.
  5. I have a good feeling that we havent seen the last of Mike. I think they would bring back Mike more because of the romance, the drama he causes. Good ratings that would be. BTW GO JANELLE
  6. Well for one I think they are afraid of Eric and they think if they are on his good side they will stay that bit longer but I give Kaysar a clap for the way he stood up for himself. What Eric did made me want Janelle and Michael to win POV. I wish Mike gets off and some1 else gets up on the block and Janelle stays but its not looking good right now.
  8. Kaysar for 1 reason he is to quiet and boring. I just read his bio on CBS looks at all the no favorites how boring is he! Films: No favorite TV shows: No favorite Actors: No favorite Actresses: Penelope Cruz Bands: No favorite Hobbies: No favorite Sports to Play: Basketball Sports Teams: No favorite Outdoor Activities: No favorite Music: No favorite Cereals: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Snacks: No favorite Cookies: Mrs. Fields white chocolate macadamia nut Candy Bars: 100 Grand Alcoholic Drinks: No favorite Non-Alcoholic: No favorite 2. Michael he is such a perv. I see some guys being a horn dog but how much he is being perverted just makes me dislike him more. He is prolly just some man w****. can I say that lol?
  9. If ya dont like what is being said plain and simple dont read it. :wink: Best suggestion for ya
  10. I totally agree as well that is is fair for all the above reasons you stated. I think Julie was just caught off guard and wasn't sure how to word anything with out giving it away that easy.
  11. The cast is so so but the game format this year is awesome. But I need to give them more of chance to connect. Its only week 1
  12. I can see Eric or any of the girls depending on how long Micheal is in the house driving them crazy.
  13. Dont we find out tonight who the pairs are for sure from Julie?
  14. I think it will take a couple more episodes to figure who I am rooting for. I still dont feel like I connect with the cast yet like I did with BB5. Time will tell tho...
  15. IF you were on this season or starting on any season what would be your strategic plan? Personally mine for this season would be 1. Go in with a new identity besides my name. Instead of living or born in Iowa I would say Illinois or some other state and 1 that I am familiar with for example Chicago. 2. 1st day recon everyone good play it smooth but pick up any little thing. I would have a alliance by the night. Pick who you think are going to be the strong people alliance when them and create another alliance with 1 or 2 other players as ur core alliance to get to the end. 3. Throw the 1st week HOH and other comps besides Luxory of course lol. After 1st week is when you wanna start playing harder because in that 1st week that HOH is the target and who wins POV. What are your thoughts suggestions or plans???



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