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Jonny Fairplay Files Charges Against Danny Bonaduce


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Here's what Dick had to say about this in his blog...

The Fox Reality Awards (Fairplay/Bonadouchebag) /// Daniele & Nick and misc bullshit.....

Ok, I just read a link to Adrianne Curry's blog where she seems to be taking "credit" for the mess at the Fox Reality Awards show.

Let me start off by saying that I met Adrianne and she was cool as fuck, but wtf with taking credit for the bullshit that happened on stage. It was her fault? Come on....

From my perspective.....

Fairplay came up to me and told me that he was presenting the award for Best Entertainer of the Year and that I was going to be winning it. He told me he wanted to jump on me and act like he was humping me, as part of some sort of schtick he wanted to do. He asked me to catch him. I said fine, I would....

Danny had no fucking business getting on the stage. Now if she feels like she egged him on, fine. But Danny was leaving the stage when Fairplay tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and Fairplay jumped on him and did his humping deal. Danny threw him over his head, fucking asshole thing to do. They had both been drinking, because of a power outage that lasted over an hour and an open bar... well, I am assuming it was alcohol anyhow. And what Fairplay did was harmless. What Danny did was fucking bullshit.

So, I don't understand Adrianne's blog at all.

I guess to her credit she posted an edit that said she was drunk when she wrote it. And mentioned me and something about the set up at the end.

I do want to say, like I did in the beginning.... I thought she was cool, to me, anyhow.

If she wants to talk about this thing, I am more than willing to. Maybe she just is reading way more into a few words she said than what was really going on. Who the fuck knows........

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totally agree Blackie! i cant believe that dick agreed for fairplay to do that to HIM! but whatever, to each their own. it certainly wasnt ok for fairplay to do that to danny... unlike dick, danny didnt have prior knowledge and did not agree to it, so fairplay got tossed... what did he expect!

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There's a new show called YO ON E! I saw the other day..had Dr. Will as a guest, he was asked about he incident and said that Adrianne Curry DID instigate it..Will was very fair about the whole thing said he is business partners with Christopher Knight, aka Adrianne's hubby.. he's friends with Fairplay and Danny is the spokesperson for his tattoo removal business so he knows them all to some extent..can't find a link for the episode but he basically said that it was poor judgement on Jonny's part and he's lucky Danny didn't do more to him.

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What Danny did was fucking bullshit.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha

Pot Kettle, Kettle Pot....

Dick better watch it, or he will be picking up his broken teeth too...


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