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  1. Stopped by to say hello just in case you can read it :(

  2. This is BULLSHIT!!!!

  3. DirtyHookerJoni@yahoo.com

  4. This whole thing just sucks!


  5. hey Joni, I just cannot believe the word I see under your profile, seriously??

  6. Marty, RIGHT ON !! At least the past idols you HAD to look, swim, search for.... HARD why dont they just write on the clue - "go to team flag and look down" ?? guess it wouldnt matter now that they just hand them to Dummy the Troll IMO
  7. "it is time for Russell to go" PLEASE Santa....
  8. Hey.....Pinkie, whats the deal....no Jeff blog this week ? and while I'm on the subject, thanks for always posting it for us
  9. Thank YOU, Dade for passing on the info !!

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