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  1. I agree, too. This season is starting out really well. I hope the new format works out. I think this is my favorite show.
  2. I like this season better than the past ones. There's something about Emily that shows she has a backbone and knows who will be right for her. Sending the guy home who missed his kid was great to watch. She seemed like she knew he wouldn't make it to the end so why keep him if he felt so guilty. And then sending Alessandro home during the last coffee hour after he pretty much told her he wasn't that interested in a family was also right. About Arie- I can't decide if he's there to help his career or because he really wants to settle down but they sure do have chemistry!
  3. Anyone else having unusual weather? We had the fifth warmest winter ever here in Tampa Bay. Its now my perfect weather- low 80's, no humidity and no rain. But that's selfish of me. I know we badly need rain but I still prefer sun.
  4. How true! As much as I disliked Russell Hantz I dislike this guy even more. I hope he never gets on another show. He is not an all-star. He's an insecure little baby who seems not to like anyone who looks different from him (Alicia was not his friend but just a means to get what he wanted). He may or may not be a ratings booster. I guess we'll find that out now.
  5. Colton and Alicia were such mean girls. I also never saw what Christina did that made them so nasty to her.
  6. Mine, too. I love to see them having so much fun and Its so obvious how much they really are best friends.
  7. He's more than a jerk. He borders on abusive. I really don't like him.
  8. It was. She looked really good in all the dresses she tried on until she opened her mouth. She didn't buy anything and her girlfriends got drunk. but it was fun to watch.
  9. I read somewhere that Nigel Lythgoe wants to change the voting system so that we can only vote once (not that Fox will let him do this). I'd like to see that happen. IMO it would result in the best singers staying the longest instead of the most "likeable" in the eyes (votes?) of pre-teens and folks my age.
  10. I agree with SugarB. James is no more the American Idol than Adam Lambert or Chris Daugherty were. But they were the best. I'm looking forward to James' successful career and, like the other two, losing will probably take him further than winning would have.
  11. There are so many songs they could pick from. Scotty could sing "Down Home Girl" using his twangiest twang. And then pair with Lauren to sing "Jackson" James could sing "Youngblood" or "Riot in Cellblock #9" Haley could sing a Big Mama Thornton version of "Hound Dog" really well. And Lauren could do "Is That All There Is". But the girls might have a hard time getting votes unless they sing the most well known of Lieber and Stoller's songs.
  12. I'm sorry they didn't win. I thought their relationship was extraordinary. Justin rarely (never?) got angry with Zev when his Asperger's syndrome got in the way of their succeeding. And I thought that Zev was quite brave to even go on a show like this where being in strange places and doing strange tasks would make even the healthiest racer anxious at times.
  13. I think you're probably in the majority but I loved it. I'm not a big fan of pop music so maybe that (plus my age) is why I like what Casey does.
  14. best 1.James 2.Casey 3.Scotty 4.Lauren 5.Haley 6.Jacob worst best duet 1.Casey/Haley 2.Scotty/Lauren 3.James/Jacob worst duet Morty's cheesecake game 1.Which three idol contestants will make up bottom three? Haley, Casey, Jacob 2.Who will be first contestant to be place in bottom three? Haley 3.Which idol contestant from your bottom three above will received lowest amount of votes?Jacob Tiebreaker System: 1.Who will be last person to find out they will be competing the next week? Casey
  15. How did Zev and Justin "perpetuate the hate on the cowboys?" I'm not trying to argue with you but to understand. I agree that there should be a rule against giving other teams the answer. I think only Justin and Vyksyn figured it out on their own.

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