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  1. i've got a few pics.. not a lot... somehow krysta ended up with my camera. and she's not sent it back, but I guess she's had some health issues.
  2. banana suit is up on eBay.. :-)
  3. it was on in tampa yesterday.. :-) my bro says the banana suit is upon eBay if anybody's interested.. :-)
  4. so i did Daytime TV last week.. airs here in tpa tomor and can be found in 100 other markets by visiting: http://www.daytimeonline.tv/ it's like 4 minutes, LOL
  5. oh yes! i think the suit will prob get sold.
  6. whatever you need joni.. pm me your addy i'll send you something.. i opened a youtube account for those who may have some time to kill today, LOL http://www.youtube.com/minglemixx
  7. ROFL.. hit the grand opening of Hooters at tyrone mall last night and this couple bought me a margarita. . whatever you need joni.
  8. you're first on my list joni.. :-)
  9. michelle IS getting a divorce.. sad to hear. I heard there were problems before she left and that the show didn't factor in much.
  10. that was not me.. though wouldn't it be fun to host let's make a deal!!! um, www.maninabananasuit.com will be back up selling some shirts probably next week.. and I think I'm gonna' do a lil autograph thingy too. sooooo, I go see some friends at ClearChannel yesterday.. well, A friend and some coworkers of his who wanted to meet me.. one of the girls goes "I mean, we're fans of the show, but we're not MORTY'S OR ANYTHING!!!" i was like.. "i post there!" good stuff. i have a lil song a bud did for the banana thing but I don't know how to upload it. argh.
  11. thanks joni.. i come from a pretty funny family, was always a class clown (though a clown with a 3.9).. standup looks hard, LOL. I've considered it, but I personally find it easier when there's people to play off of. (the original casting call they had us in groups, i was ecstatic). i DO consider it from time to time. you guys, unless you teach, have no idea what crazy stuff happens at a school every day. . i'm thinking about looking for an improv troupe though, just for giggles.. AND to see if I could really do it. starry, i would do it again. fave player? I thought evel dick was entertaining, though his methods were hard to watch sometimes. i liked kaysar. i think i had a crush on janelle, LOL. dan.. i liked marvin, i think we're similar in many ways..
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