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I looked around and couldn't decide where to put this, so I started a new topic. If the mods want to move it, that's okay with me.


Dick, hey Dick, listen to me Dude

The folks are saying you're nasty and crude!

Stop it, Amber, with your crying jag

Or we'll start calling you an old Sea Hag!

Guess it's goodbye, Nick, it's been real fun

So go pack your bag 'cause it looks like you're done.

Jess, you're sweet and we like you, Honey

Wouldn't mind seeing you win all the money.

Daniele, please stop your whining, my dear

Or you might actually shed a real tear.

Dustin, quit crying on your brother's letter

We'll soon send you home and make it all better.

Please go home, Kail, and count your dough

Your hanging around here is ruining the show.

Read your bible some more, Jameka

Cause we're soon sending you off to Topeka.

Zack, the others are all running from you

When you're voted out you can run too.

Eric, you'd do most anything for a dollar

Better do what we say or we'll make you holler.

Jen, my Jen, oh please don't go

We want you to stay cause we love you so.

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very good, and timely...they said there was a banner that flew over the house today, i miss them sending messages to the hg's


jessica you are funny

i would have wanted you to win the money

except that i cant

this is just a small rant

its not because you are cute

its because i cant put you on mute

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Very good, Nursie!

Thank God somebody else posted a poem. I was beginning to feel like the lonesome stranger.

Truthfully, I was starting to look for a way to remove

my post. I guess there's not much more embarrassing than starting a thread and having it

languish there ignored. Maybe that's why I seldom post a new topic.

There are so many clever, articulate posters here, I'm surprised so few of them ever post a rhyme.

Thanks, Nursie!

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lol, i know, i hate when i start a thread only to watch cobwebs and dust collect

i like rhymin...well, when i can actually think of something i do

zach you've been so boring

you talk and people start snoring

kail you are the same age as me

it sucks that you're my least favorite to see

daniele, you have clothing that my daughter does want

for that you're her favorite, by the jacket you flaunt

i think i've said i hate everyone on the show this is true

but i watch anyway just so i can argue with all of the morty's crew

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Damn, Nursie! Where have you been?? You're good.

Now, if we could just get some other people to join in - even if they just come up with a 2-liner about the houseguest of their choice.

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Sorry I didn't visit your thread sooner....I was a little busy!

Didn't know you wanted two lines...I usually have more to say than just two lines.

Mohawk Nick probably had that hairstyle before - he's a jock.

He knew how to handle that trimmer and scissor as Dick looked on, mesmerized!

The small wonders of trimmers, can fascinate small minded men ~~~~Ginger

It doesn't rhyme, but it's poetic.

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Guest jordansmom

Okay don't laugh at me laugh with me..

Jen Jen I want you to win

Dick and Amber make my stomach cringe(sp)

Dani and Nick nows theres a twist

Nicks' in love with Dustin and Joes really pissed

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Now we'e cookin'!!

Ginger, I didn't mean a rhyme had to be limited to two lines. Just tried to make it easier for more posters to jump in.

Amber and Jameka, don't you just love 'em?

Are those tarnished halos I see above 'em?

They're reading their bibles but wait, there's a glitch

I just heard them call someone a bitch.

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Not a poet but I love reading all of yours....It is more light hearted than a lot of the posts tonight.


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Dustin, good Dustin, what a wonderful guy!

You're honest and trustworthy and you never lie.

So faithful and loyal to all your dear friends

But back-stab them, Dustin, and your friendship ends.

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That WAS good, SueZ!

Hey everybody hurry! Come and see.

Surprise, surprise - the tea's on me!

Oh my gosh, Jen, the guests all said.

We do believe it's Lipton's upon your head.

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