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OK, here's my poem to the HG:

Big Brother is cool.

You guys all drive me insane.

I have to go poop.

It's a haiku. Whatchu think? :party_smilie:

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Oo la la Jen, you are magnifique

In the veto comp you looked so sleek.

You were so sexy in your black beret,

How about a little roll in the hay?

I know I'm a little older than you

But maybe you could show me a thing or two

And here's one from Murf. He shared it with me.

I feel so special. He says it doesn't make sense but that's why he likes it so muc:h:

1,2 Buckle my face

3,4 Shut the f##k up.

7,8 What's this mean?

17-40 We love Morty.

Please send all congratulatory messages to Murf.

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No big thing. Just thought I would let you know. I'm 30, female, from Michigan, a former psychologist who works in the business field and has 2 cats. There...profile completed. :P

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Fizzle - Murf, Muff. Now THAT was funny! lol

By the way, I know that song you were singing -

Booop deee Boppp.

It's a great song - written, of couse, by the late, great

Poop Doodly!

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See the funny lady! See her brush her tongue!

She slathered it with toothpaste

As out of her mouth it hung.

It looked - oh gosh - as wide as the palm of her hand.

It has to be the widest tongue in all of this great land.

Why she didn't brush in the bathroom I really do not know.

I guess she thought our seeing it would liven up the show.

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Oh Nick, sweet Nick

Tell me it isn't true

Are the other houseguests

Really gonna backdoor you.

Kail is evil she needs to go

She is to smug and its getting old.

Eric is our player maybe he will get her out

I'd do it myself if I could scream and shout!!

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This season of Big Brother is full of psych cases

Mix them together and you hit all the bases

Kail can't cope so she keeps it inside

Dani whines in a way oh so snide

Zach has no clue on how to relate

Dustin smiles a lot but he's a sneakity snake

Amber's so anxious she's got to have meds

Dick goes psycho to mess with their heads

Jen zones out and just smirks and nods

Jameka has private talks with her God

America's Player is coming off schizo

Nick now looks like a young Travis Bickle

What's a normal girl like Jessica to do

In the middle of the folks who are clearly cookoo

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Way to go, Dustin, you won some prizes,

But you may be in for a few surprises.

Your housemates are saying you're a selfish sap,

I heard one say you're a piece of crap.

You once had a chance at 500 mill

But your former friends have had their fill.

So pick up your check as you head out the door

Enjoy your five thousand 'cause you'll soon be poor.

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