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July 31, Live Feed Updates

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Dick just dumped tea on Jens head!

Nick screaming "get the fuck out, shut the fuck up! Nobody fucking likes you!" to jen...

Jen thinks that they will have a meeting with the executive producer tonight, because "Kail is really really upset" (Jen/Jameka/Jessica/Eric in HOH room)


Jen said she's "definitely going to have to get a restraining order."

Eric asks her if she filed a formal complaint in the DR, Jen said she did say that, and the DR said they were looking into it.

E said he doesn't even wanna be in Dicks presence, and thinks it was dispicable.

Amber enters.

Eric saying Kail is out of the DR, Eric encouraging her to go into the DR and complain about all the threats Dick gave her.

Kail enters the HOH room, Jen announces shes going to the DR now and goes.

Jessica said if Dick talked to her the way he talked to Jen/ Kail, dick would be dead by her family. "They would beat him to a pulp."

Eric tells Kail about the ice tea dumping incident. "I hate to be the one to report this to you, but there was round two."

Kail said are you serious?


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Jessica in HOH with the Jameka, Amber, Eric, and Dustin (I think). They say they don't want to be involved in that stuff.

Zach is joining in on the bashing with Nick and Dick.

ED continues bashing with Nick and Zach... I'm going to switch feeds to something more soothing.

The HOH crew:

Eric: Daniele is furious with Amber.. Amber furious with Daniele

Now feeds switch to Amber and Daniele by fridge

They're talking about the group decision

D: I feel .. I don't even want to talk with her

D: Jen, I never once said a rude thing to you, but you are so rude to me and you need to deal with it because i'm so sick and tired of it and I've never done anything to you and You have problems with that.

J: I've done multiple times try to become your friend and you always give me the cold shoulder. I've said I feel I could align with Daniele, I've tried multiple times

D: So you feel because we have different personalities, you have to attack me?

N: Get the fuck out of here, dumb bitch

D: Every single day, you make a comment towards me. I'm sorry we can't all be perfect like you, I've never done anything to you

J: I've tried to become friends with you

ED chimes in

D: You have no idea what my friendship is with Nick

J: I have morals, I don't think it's right to cheat on my boyfriend of two years. I don't have those values

D makes a comment, missed it.

Jen now smiling. Looks like she's egging them on

J: We can't all be 12


ED: I'm saying it ito Dick because he poured tea on my head

N and ED using F word constantly

N: You're fucking jealous

J: I said we could work together. what am I jealous about?

N: No one fucking cares about you

J: That's cool

(HOH crew is watching this on screen)

Jen said Dick dumped tea on her to Dustin in the exercise room

Jen to amber: I don't like making WS but I have no choice, have any advice?

J: I'm glad you weren't present for the entire argument.

Jen is now walking up to the HOH room talking to them

She is telling Eric/Jessica/Jameka about the incident

J: Daniele and I were talking and then Nick walked in and he started yelling because we were talking and he thought it was wrong and he started yelling at me (continues to tell story with Nick and ED walking in and cussing her out). ED dumped ice tea on my head.

E: Unprovoked, he poured it and walked away?

J: Yes, and Nick said something about deserving that and walked off. And then I was like, what are we 12? And then Nick thought I was talking about Daniele and starts yelling at me

E: What does Nick have to do with this?

J: I don't know, he got in on it.

E: I think we're going to have a meeting with an executive producer later tonight. Kail is still in the DR

Jameka to Jen: You do such a good job

And now we have trivia... something looks like it's going to go down on the feeds tonight.

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Dani came inside and confronted Jen. She was screaming at Jen, saying that Jen has no morals, treats people badly, etc.

Dick walked by and poured his tea on Jen's head.

Jen commented at that moment, "I guess we can't all be 12."

At that point, Nick came over and started screaming at the top of his lungs at Jen, "Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!" He says she needs to leave Dani alone. She says she didn't do anything to Dani--Dani came in to talk to her, and she was trying to work things out with her. Nick screams that she needs to talk to Dani to her face, then, instead of calling her 12 when she walks away. Jen tries to say that she didn't say that to Dani--she was talking to Dick when he poured tea on her head. Nick still screams at her and says shut the fuck up. Dick yells that she is a piece of shit. Nick yells that everybody hates Jen.

Jen just keeps saying "Okay, fine."

Finally, they stop attacking Jen and she can escape upstairs. She asks if they saw it.

They say no.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Nick aggressively says to Amber that "You guys made a big mistake."

Amber says "Who is 'you'?"

Nick says Jameka did, when she took Jen off the block.

Outside, Nick is saying that he hates Jen. He says that he can't find Dani now.

Dick says she's lucky he didn't throw the whole glass at her.

Nick says he better watch himself--they might--

Dick says "For pouring tea on her?"

Dick says he'll probably get a talking to.

Zach says that it could be considered "aggressive behavior."

(I wonder if this will keep up, boys and girls, of if BB will be afraid for Showtime Two to show it, and if they might warn them?--Cat)

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Feeds back

Jen: I talked about it, and they said they're looking into things

Ja; that's ridiculous

Jen: I don't feel safe and I sleep in his room, I'm going to ask dustin if I can sit up here.

Jen: I don't know why today became the crazy day. I think he pent himself up for two days because he didn't want to get nominated and he held it in for too long. I made a statement about Daniele cheating on her boyfriend (laughs) I understand why they got upset, but yea, I asked Dustin if I could come up here.

E: Kail's out.

They continue talking and Kail is now walking up to the HOH immediately.

K: hey, just wondering where everyone is.

Jen: How'd that go?

K: fine,

Jen: Well, I'm going to go talk to them... (Jen goes down to DR.

Jessica: I know if he talked that way to me, my family would kill him.

They're telling kail there was round 2 and Dick dumped a drink on here

Kail looks like she was crying. They're reporting to Kail what happened. They're saying Nikc is cooking himself tacos (Nick is supposed to be on slop by the way but he says he's going to eat because he's already nominated.). FOTH.

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Kail just came out of the DR. Jen says she is going to go to DR and talk to them. Jen sounds really nervous.

Jameka: Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm

Jen doesn't even wait to tell Kail. She leaves. They tell Kail about it.

Jess says that if he talked to Jess the way that they talked to Jen, her family would kill them. Jess says this has crossed way too many lines.

Eric says she missed round two (to Kail).

Kail sounds shocked and upset.

Kail: There WAS?

Jameka: And her hair was wet, and her jeans and shirt. It happened in the kitchen, and witnesses were there, but we didn't see it.


(Yeah, cover your ass, CBS! --Cat)

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We have FOTH on all four feeds, but Showtime Too goes on.

Zach and Dick are talking on the couch.

BB tells them to stop singing.

Dick: Not me! Who's happy enough to be singing tonight? Eric?

Zach makes a comment about Jameka making her move, and that he thinks it might be catching some people on edge.

Dick keeps saying "You think? You think? You think?"

Dick: She used it to get you on the block.

Zach: Jameka did? I knew that. You just confirmed it.

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Dick is apologizing to Dani (??) for what happened.

Dani is crying. She says she is at the point where she wants to go home.

Dick says not to let Jen get to her.

Dani says she isn't having fun, she's miserable, and it's not worth any money at all to her to stay. She wants to leave.

Dick says that Jen will be gone next week.

Dani says you don't know that. He says they will both do everything they can to make sure.

Dani is hysterically crying, saying she isn't having fun.

He says she knew it would be hard to do before she came, and not to let Jen have the satisfaction--fuck her.

Dani is crying that Jen was upstairs talking to "Dustin and Amber and all of them." Dick says who cares? She says she cares.

(I would LOVE to see someone talk to Dani like they have talked to Jen tonight, to see how they feel about it. Hypocrites! --Cat)

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Feeds back. Jen/Kail/Eric in HOH

Kail saying Jameka wouldn't have allowed that to be said to her

I see daniele crying so I'm switching feeds in BY

D: Amber hates me. I'm not having fun. I really want to go home. This isn't worth money to me. I'm miserable.

ED: Once she's gone, it'll be a lot better

D: How do you know? I'm not having fun. I don't want to be here.

Ed: YOU knew it was going to be hard

D: Not like this

ED: Don't give her the satisfaction, fuck her.

switching back to HOH - Jen/Kail/Eric

J: there's nothing you can do, what are you going to do.

K: I missed round two, what happened?

J: Just poured tea on me while walking by.

They're talking about hair,

Switching back to BY... Dick gave his shirt so Daniele could cry in.

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Kail/Jen/Eric in the HOH room

Kail "if dick talked to jameka like that..woooo wee... the whole house would have come down... she would notttt take that."

J: so are you mad at me for like not..

E: no.. no.. when people are in a screaming match I don't wanna get in the middle of it. My gut instinct is I walk the other way. If I can assist i'll do it after.

Eric saying if she's legitimately concerned, they (the house) can make arrangements to intervene and such.

Jen saying Nick is just as bad as Dick.

Now Eric asking Jen's opinion on haircuts. Jen saying his look suits him.

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Daniele crying: I really don't want to be here.

D: It's not just her, it's everything. Money? I don't care. I really really don't care.

ED: It's times like this convo with you... You're going to come out of this so much stronger.

Nick and Zach in small room

Zach: Just between you and I, Dustin told me he doesn't want you to go. You have my vote... pretty sure daniele's and dick's. I think you have Amber's vote.

N: If it's a tie, it's up to dustin.

Z: I think he'll keep you in. It's part of the game. I made an agreement and I'm not going to waiver from that.

N: We'll talk later.

Z: I have a feeling we'll see more action.

N: tonight

Z: fuck yea

Z: I don't plan on voting against you. We're here to win this thing

Eric walks in... talk of the action tonight between zach and eric.

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Dustin just entered and the feed switched itself.

Zach/Nick in bed.

Z: I would have told you if I knew you were going up. If he put me up, i'd be going home for sure.

N: bottom line dude, you gotta figure out which way the house is going. I don't want you to be an outsider. You gotta look out for yourself alright

Z: I don't understand.

N: if the house votes for kail.. do it.

Z: our agreement?

N: don't worry about it. They're trying to backdoor me.

Z: I'm not gonna do it though. It won't happen.

N: I'm prepared for everything.

Z: Btwn you adn I, Dustin told me he doesn't want you to go. If he's lying to me i'll know. You have my votes, Danieles, Dicks.. maybe Ambers vote. If it's a tie, it's up to Dustin.

N: that's what I figured... 3.

Z: He'd (dustin) vote to keep you. I made an agreement, i'm not going to waiver.

N: We'll talk laterabout it.

Z: they'll be more drama later.

N: I know.

Z: No dude, I don't plan on voting against you, even if you do treat me like shit sometimes. It's part of the game. We're here to win this thing.

N: don't worry about it.. enjoy the night.

E walks in.

Z: where the hell have you been? i haven't seen you in like 3 hours.

E: avoiding everyone, to be honest. *laugh*

Nick telling Eric his side of the ice tea story.

Nick telling Eric that it wasn't him that was the other vote for Kail.

Nick telling Eric he does not plan on campaigning because he's not that person to "lick boots."

Eric saying he's given everyone on the block a chance to talk.

Eric saying if he wants to go hot tubbing or play golf, just grab him.

Nick said he doesnt feel good, kinda fluish and hes had too much coffee and not enough food.

Erc apologizes for "busting in" and leaves.

Dani enters

Daniele: whatd you say to amber

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Danielle wants to quit because she's "miserable and everyone hates me. It's not worth the money!" Dick took his shirt off so Dani could use it as a tissue. Dick says that Amber cries for attention and if he was her boyfriend he'd kill himself.

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Jen is back in the HOH. They are talking about Eric's hair.

Kail is there.

Dani is whining like a baby on the other feed. Dick is telling her to fight for HOH.

Dani: I just don't wanna be heeeerrrreeee!

(Um, did I miss something? I don't think that Dani was the one abused and screamed at. Did I miss it? --Cat)

Dick is rubbing Dani's shoulder, telling her she shouldn't "let somebody who is such a piece of shit in humanity" get to her.

Zach is telling Nick in the dark bedroom that he would have told Nick if he had known that Nick was going up.

Nick is telling him how to watch the people and decide what to do. Nick says he is on his own now. He says that if Zach needs to keep Kail, do it. Zach: What about our agreement?

Nick says that he shouldn't worry about it.

Nick says they are backdooring him.

Zach: It won't happen.

Nick: well, I'm prepared for everything.

Zach says he will ask Dustin and ask if he wants Nick to go, and if he is lying, Zach will know.

Nick says it may be up to Dustin. It's not a big deal.

Zach: It's a big deal for me. Even though you treat me like shit sometimes.

Nick: Yeah.

(God, how pitiful can Zach be?? --Cat)

Zach says that strategy, though, so Nick has to do it.

No answer from Nick.

Zach says they have an agreement.

Nick says he'll talk to him later, but Zach doesn't leave.

Zach says he thinks that there will be more drama later tonight.

Eric comes in and I think he catches part of this talk.

Nick is talking to Eric.

On the other feed, Dani is screeching that everyone in the house hates her. She says Amber is talking shit about her upstairs. Dani says that apparently, she's mad that Dani apparently made a comment to Nick about her.

Then, Dani says that it is because of the comment Dani made to Dustin, that Dani is handling the hard day "better than most people." Dick says that Amber is mentally unbalanced. Dick does an impression of Amber crying and says if he was her boyfriend, he would kill himself.

Nick is telling Eric his story about how he has certain people who he wants to propel further in the game rather than Nick.

He says he isn't going to campaign.

Back at the outdoor couch, Dani is saying that she is mad at both Dick and Nick.

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Dick is still comforting Dani in the BY. She is cheering up a bit.

(If Dani acted like Jen she might get talked down to like Jen does. Hypocrites! --dumblonde)

Eric & Nick chitchatting in the tinyroom. Eric tells Nick if he wants to play golf or anything to come find him. Nick says he doesn't feel good. Dani now with Nick in the tinyroom about the earlier happenings.

Amber & Dick in the BY. Dick tells Amber that Dani wonders why Amber is mad at her. Amber says Dani made a comment about how some of us are handling it better than others because of all of Amber's crying. Dick telling Amber that Dani is dealing with a lot & she needs a friend right now. Amber says she would love to be there for Dani but she won't let her & she's not going to force herself on her. Amber says she will try. Dick getting choked up. Amber asks if Nick knows Dick wanted him out also or not. Dick says he told Nick that he wanted either Kail or Jen out but after Jameka used the veto (Dick stumbles a bit). He says he told Nick he needed to talk to the group but Nick doesn't wanna be like Joe. Nick told Dick when he saw the DRs he was gonna see that he was wrong. Dick tells Amber that he is gonna feel bad if he is wrong but he thinks that Nick leaving is for the best especially for Dani in the long run. Talk moves to Jen. Dick says Jen will end up a stripper after Vanna fires her.

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Dick has just pulled Amber outside to talk to her. He is trying to "fix" things between her and Daniele. Telling her Dani feels she doesn't have any friends in there. Amber telling Dick that she knows Dani told Nick she knew about the backdoor. Says she has tried to talk to Dani and she told her not to hold it against her because she cries.

Dick telling amber to not hold it against Dani because she is just upset. (Dick needs to let his daughter fight her own battles.)

Now he is saying I'm sure you've been in fights with your best friend before. Amber says she would love to be there for Dani but she won't let her. Dick keeps saying she really needs to be her friend.

Dick says not to tell ANYONE about this talk.

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Dick talking to Amber about how she needs to try harder with Dani. Amber says she has tried but Dani won't let her (Amber) be there. But Dick keeps talking. Amber finally agrees to try to be there for Dani since Dani has so much going on and stuff that she is dealing with.

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Dick told Amber that it breaks his heart to see his daughter being hurt like this and he can't stop it. (wonder if he thinks how Jen's dad feels right about now.) Now we have Jen bashing with Dick telling Amber how bad Jen is.

Amber is telling Dick that Dani started it with Jen and Dick says no you weren't there, but Amber was. He gave an example of things Jen said and he said you weren't there and Amber says yes I was, I saw that and Dani started it. Dick refuses to believe that Dani started the talk with Jen. Amber is very firm in saying yes Dani started it with Jen.

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