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July 24, Live Feed Updates

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Jen showing off for the camera as ab's class winds down and most people have left. Jameka, Dustin and Jen are the only ones left. Jen continues to look directly at the camera watching her.

(That has to have been the worst/most boring 30 minutes on After Dark so far...I don't have my live feeds going right now, just Showtime)

Dani laying down in the bathroom on the couch in there brushing her teeth and talking to Eric. They are discussing the live feeds and Showtime and how boring it must be. (Yes! So let's liven it up people! LOL)

Dustin in the shower rinsing off after class. Jen and Amber and Jameka still out on their towels, not talking really. Jessica is heard off camera going "Hey girl!" to Jameka.

Zach came out of the bathroom and Dani made a face and asked Eric, "Did you smell that?" as she swats the air with her washcloth. Dustin, Eric and Dani saying that the eggs have got to leave BB house! Zach now out in BY with Dick talking about a "Fart off".

Eric talking to Amber in bedroom now.

Amber: "Oh Eric, you look so cute tonight" (He must be another one that's totally in love with her, you just don't understand! LOL)

Dani says she's going to bed because she's bored, tired and has a headache.

Nick and Dick now talking about Jen thinking Nick did the mustard sabotage to her shirt.

Zach says whoever did it should pull another one tonight.

Jen (yellow bikini) gets into the HT.

Dick and Jen saying how bad the entire house stinks...the fridge, the inside, the outside, everywhere.

Jen says the HT stinks....talks briefly to Nick about the chemicals that need to go in the HT, and he puts on his flip flops and heads back inside.

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(SHO insists on showing nothing but Jen, Amber, & Jameka exercising in the BY so I am forced to go to Real Player)

Eric & Dani in the bathroom. Eric comments that he thinks the whole Showtime thing has been a bust. He says they can only show one thing & for the most part it is boring. He thinks us folks are probably DVRing it & fast forwarding to parts that may look interesting. (smart man you are Eric) Dustin says he did something (?) & the camera went right on him & Dani says that's not just any camera that's the Showtime camera.

Dick & Jes on the BY sofa. Zach comes out & says poor Dustin (I think regarding an earlier fart).

Eric & Waahmber :crybaby: in the bigroom chatting. Amber is faux-flirting.

Dick & Nick talking in the BY. Nick says Jen thinks he was Col. Mustard. Zach says he thinks the mysterious hatchet man should pull another one tonight. Jen come out & gets in the HT (bikini is only riding high on one cheek tonight).

Jameka, Jess, Eric, Dustin in the kitchen cutting up.

Jameka now reading bible at dining table.

Jen using her Jentelligence to test the chemicals in the HT. She determines that all chemicals are at their extreme high except the chlorine is low. Jen is adding a capful of chlorine to the HT. Dick says MBE you shouldn't go in there after you add that.

They will not let Zach in the house because he is a fartbag.

9:52PM BBT

Nick & Dani in tinyroom flirt-fighting.

Eric is going to flip Jess (literally) in the dining room. He helps her & she does a back flip. Now Eric is going to swing her around his back (MBE he is teaching her swing dancing?) Dick comments that Eric has hidden talents. Eric says it's from his days in musical theater. They attempt a few moves & Eric shows that he has a little muscle.

10:02PM BBT (warning--long dialog ahead)

Dick & Dani alone in tinyroom. Dani says that her grandmother is her only family "& blahblahblah". She says Dick is more of a friend roll & not the father roll & he can't pick & choose when he gets to be the parent it should be 100% from day one. Dick says from his side Dani has not talked to him for the last 5 of 7 years so of course he is going to try to be a friend first. Dani says she doesn't always want advice sometimes she just wants to talk & get things off her chest & that she can solve her problems herself. Dick says he thinks sometimes he & most men want to fix whatever is wrong. Dani says she understands but at the same time he doesn't know all sides fo the story. Dicks says didn't he listen good the other night. Dani say Okay.

She says he comes to her & demands all this respect. Dick says the respect he wants from her is the respect that she is giving the strangers in this house. Dick says that this breakdown in communication that they have can't be all him. Dani says Dick is always you you you you you. Dick says Dani does the same thing & he isn't saying that 2 wrongs make a right but that is the problem in their relationship. Dick says the first thing Dani communicated to him in years was a letter ripping him to shreds & point out everything she hated about him & it ripped him to the bone & hurt. Dani doesn't think that Dick understands how much he has hurt her & she can't let it go. She doesn't know if she can let it go. Dick doesn't know if he can let it go. Dani whines but you are the adult (HELLO :animated_wave: Dani you are a 20 year old adult woman too).

Dick says when your daughter won't even talk to you for 5 of 7 years because that's the only control she can have over the relationship. Dani says because it wasn't even worth it to her. Dick says he has a close relationship with Vincent (her brother). Dani says that's because he they are so much alike. Dani (getting very upset) says she doesn't fit in with anybody in the family. She says (while tearing up) she's completely different & she's happy with that. Dick says she should be but she has to understand that he has never been a teen aged girl & he is trying to be a dad to someone he doesn't understand at all. Dani (now in tears) says she is sorry she has been such an inconvenience to the family. Dick says that is so not true. Dani says no, she means to the other side of the family (?).

Dani says she doesn't wanna do this, she doesn't wanna do this here, this sux. She says she hates being here in the game & is not having fun at all. Dani is crying now. Dick moves over to her bed to comfort her. he says he is sorry & they have been dealt like the hardest fucking game in here. Dani says her BF's b'day is tomorrow & she doesn't even know what he is doing. Dick offers to pass him a message thru his HOH blog. Dani says it's just so hard in the house & she can't get away from all these people that want to fake be so happy while they talk so much crap on all these people that they hate. She is sick of it & it is so annoying. It's even more than that because of Dick being in there. She says nobody can understand what it is like. Dick says he understands because he is going thru the same thing. Dick says he has shed many tears while he has been there & it has been hard for them both. Dani says it's not worth being there anymore. Dick tells her she is doing fine & he is sorry if he doesn't giver her enough credit. He didn't think it was gonna be this hard either. He has never given up on her & he never will but she is his daughter & he loves her very much even if she doesn't believe it, it is true (sorry call me a cheeseball but I am tearing up a bit. This is a very touching father daughter moment).

Dick tells Dani he loves her very much & he will never give up on her. Dick says he never had a plan for his life. He hasn't gotten it figured out but he promises he really is trying. Dick asks Dani to look at him. He says he wants her to have fun in the house. He says the other enemies in the house were BS & that their connection is way different. it is a lifetime. Dick tells her she has become a beautiful, smart, kindhearted woman & he is very proud of her. Dani goes back to bitching & blaming Dick. She says Dick knows nothing about her & it is so frustrating.

From the convo it sounds like it all originated from Dani not returning Dick's phone calls & he kept calling & calling but she was busy & didn't have time to call him back. She got mad because he turned it into a joke by saying this is time #10 & you're not calling me back haha. She feels like Dick did that to purposely get on her nerves.

Dick says he hopes he can build some thin bridge to repair things with her while staying in the game. He says he had more fun being on the block than being HOH & he feels like he has been on overload this week. Dick says Dani not talking to him for years is the meanest thing that anybody can possibly do to someone else that loves them. To totally cut them out of their life & just leave them. Dani says he doesn't understand from her perspective that's it's more trouble than it's worth. Dani says he is like having a mean friend & she doesn't want that. She doesn't want someone always telling her that she only thinks of herself but he can ask anybody because she is one of the most selfless people around :rolleyes: .

Dick has remained very calm, loving, touchy-feely in contrast to Dani throughout the whole convo. He again tells her he wants to go to counseling after they get out. Dani says she will never ever ever ever ever forget the mean things he has said. She cries "You don't get it". Dicks gets choked up & tells her how much he loves her & wants to work things out. He asks her for a hug. He says please several times & tells her it has to start somewhere. Dani remains very rigid & does not hug him. Dick crying, tells Dani there is a huge empty space in his life because she is not there & he thinks about her every day. Dick says he may not be the greatest dad in the world but he loves her & he will never give up trying. Dick puts his arms around her in an attempt to hug her but she remains balled up with her knees at her chest & does not return the affection (she hasn't even looked at him for most of the conversation). He whispers something long & unhearable in her ear & kisses her on the knee. Dick says they need to learn to accept each other the way they are.

Dick rehashes past problems where he should have been a better dad. He says when he 1st got in the house he couldn't understand how he could miss his daughter so much when he sees her every single day. He enjoys spending time with her.

(OH THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!!) Dani finally hugs Dick back 4_1_209.gif

Dick tries to lighten up with a little game talk. He hopes Jess gets HOH nect week & asks if Dani likes her. She says ummhum. Dick give Jess high praises. Dick hopes he can lay low & they can have some fun together. He tells her their talk means a lot to him & leaves @ 11PM BBT.

(All is not OK for Dani & Dick but, hey, it's a start. Good nite all I'm off to bed)

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I just turned on, Dani/Dick in small room, Dani crying

E: And I'm not going to stop trying. Look at me for a minute. I want you to have fun. It's been a really stressful week for me. This HOH isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's been very hard for me too. This isn't what I thought it was going to be, instead it's like this whole.. *sigh*... you know, i said from the beginning, I hope the Carol/Jessica thing is bullshit and never see each other again. Dustin and Joe will never see each other again. this is way way different and this is way way deeper. This is 20 years, and this is a lifetime. This is way different.

Dani continues sobbing

E: You've become a beautiful, smart, kind-hearted woman. And I'm very proud of you. But like I was saying last night, I need help. I need help from you.

D: I KNOW! But it's the way you go about it! I don't say, "You're probably going to be snotty about this."

E: I'm sorry I don't remember, but you're probably right.

D: Of course if you approach me taht way, I'm going to break down. *crying more* You act like you know everything about me but you know nothing about me. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING!

E: And you know that I know taht is not true. There are things taht came out in here that I didn't expect. I realize I don't know you that well and it's very upsetting. For the 2 years we were talking and hanging out all the time, that was one of the best times of my life. I thought we had a close connection.

D: Then you get mad because I get a boyfriend and that chnages my life a lot. He's the only one who has been here for me for so long and nobody else has. He's the only person

E: I wanted to be there, you stopped talking to me

D: I have my own life, I don't have every second. I have my own life and if I don't call you back, you get pissed off. You kept calling and calling and I was busy and you got all pissed off and kept calling and the more you called the more frustrating it gets. It's so much more and it's so much more deeper than that.

E: I know for sure b/t e-mail, phone calls,

talk of Dick's calling

D: You turn everything into sarcasm or a joke like "This is call #13." You were doing it on purpose. You were doing it to make me mad. That's how I feel you treat me to purposely get on my nerves and upset me and I feel you do that in here too.

E: I've never done anything like taht in here and I promise you that.

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E: I"m sitting here going, omg, this is a fucked up situation and neither of us want to be here and do this in front of goddamn America. Maybe there can be some thin bridge so I can repair this relationship with my daughter and deal with these other people here where you don't know what is real and what is not. On that on top of HOH, it's been a confusing mess and I feel that I'm on overload. I'm glad that it is over. I had more fun on the block.

D: That's what I said.


E: You know when you don't talk to me like that for years, I feel that it is the meanest thing that someone else can do to someone who loves them and cut them out of their lives, no communication, and just leave them.

D: But you don't understand from my perspective that it is more trouble than it's worth. Trying to get along with you... it's not like father/daughter, it's friends. You're not listening. It's like having a mean friend around me. *reallly crying* I don't want someoen to put me down and how much I think of myself and you even told me that yesterday. I'm not that person at all. You don't even know me and it's so frustration. Ask anyone who knows me, I'm selfless and put other people ahead of me.

E: Both of us have a hard time seeing the situation from each other's perspective. We should seek family counseling after this bullshit. The last thing I would ever want is not hearing from you again. You don't understand how hard *voice cracks* that is.

D: You don't understand what it's like to have to hear things you said to me and will never ever ever forget them. EVER. You're supposed to be the father.

(some yelling, i missed)

D: I don't get this right now

E: I don't either. Listen, can you look at me for a minute. I'll tell you and promise you, I"m going to try as hard as I can. I don't want to ever ever ever go back to the way it was and I'll do everything I can to keep that from happening. I just want a commitment that you'lll at least try. It really really hurts. *whispers* you don't know. and i hope you never do. (I'm started to cry listening to this). Can we hug, please?.... please? ... *rubs her side* It has to start somewhere. It's going to take a lot of time and a lot of work, but we can fix it. We did before. We can do this. Last time it was a band-aid until it blew up again. Know what I mean? *rubs her head* *whispers* I love you so much and if you ever know what a huge empty space *crying now* I think about you every single day. I cry of you all the time and ask about you constantly. I never stopped loving you and I will never ever give up on you. You mean so much to me that you'll never ever know Daniele, I promise you. I never abandoned you and I never will, but I'm trying. And I'll never give up trying *continues crying*

Both crying

E: Come mere, *kisses her on forehead* *puts nose to her elbow* I love you so much, I promise you. We can make this game fun for both of us. And you know we can. *puts lips to ear* No way will I ever trust.... (too low) ... there is still a bond there. (too low to here). I'm sorry if you don't find my jokers funny. I know I can be an idiot

(jen/kail talking in hammock by the way, but i'm not listening to them)

E: We just have to accept that this is who I am and this is who you are. I love you so much and the time that we spend together a couple years ago, I talk about it all the time. Coming in hear with this whole "Alice" thing. I just lost it one night. I thought they were going to bring the "psyche" in here. (don't understand what he's talking about.... seems like Daniele auditioned to be Alice somewheres...a childhood story). you really are Alice here.

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10:28 BBT

On the hammock outside kail ask "Am I going home?" to Jen. Jen says no one is talking about it. Jen tells Kail for her and Mike not to campaign since the person left will look bad.

Kail talking about she doesn''t want to be first in sequester.

Jen "that sucks because Mike wants to be here too" "I wished he would have put Zach up" Kail agrees.

Kail says Evel's nomination are what everyone wants.

Jen talking about earlier when they were outside and played a game to see how long Zach would come out. She says people were counting down.

Jen says Amber talks to everyone "one and one" Kail "what does she talk about?" Jen doesn't know.

Jen says she'll put up the same people again "not to create new enemies" Jen says she doesn't care Evel put her up.

Kail asks jen "what should I do?" she says just hope she stays. Jen tells her to wait til wednesday. kail says she misses her faimily like everyone else but not enought to go home. Kail says she's been trying to get on BB since season 5.

Jen says Dani and Dick watches BB since seasnon 1 and that's why she wants to get em out.

Kail says she got Evel to admit that he's on people's radar. Jen says a lot do. Kail "more people than he thinks"

Jen saying he's the worst HOH ever and the way he slides down the stairs "like he's King"

Talking abot he gave up POV because he told Jen she wasn't the target to go home. Jen says she coould have lasted for hours and Kail says Evel sais he would have lasted anothe 1/2 hour.

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E: I miss you so much. I miss talking to you. I miss hearing about your life. I miss you. I miss your company. There's been a big hole in my life without you there *crying* You know, talking about trying to talk your grandmother into going to Ireland with me and vincent and I'm like what is missing? Daniele is. talking about making christmas pictures with me, vincent, and grandma and what is missing, Daniele. I can't change the past but I'm going to try to be better. I'm going to continue to try. I'm never going to give up on you. I've done everything I could to see you.


E: I look back and the things that I thought were like the right things ended up being the wrong things. *dick tells stories about what wrong things he's done*

Daniele for this whole time has had her head down in her kneeds with her elbows resting on her knees and hands near her neck.

E: *crying* I miss you so much. I was like how can I miss you so much when I see you every single day. I felt like we were so close before. I really try to do everything I could in those two years. I really did. And I love spending time with you. *dani seems to have stopped crying* It's like we did everyhting together, we were the best of friends. I'm sorry you feel like I was a friend instead of a dad. I was like what was I supposed to do. I can't come in and try to be your dad, I have to be your friend. I've never done this before, how am I supposed to know how to do this? I don't even know how to do my own life. I don't have the answers because I'm an adult. I'm not mean, I don't do things intentionally to hurt people. I'm an idiot, I do taht by mistake. I have a good heart. And I am a good person.

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10:39 BBT.

Kail says she was still shaky from her fight with Evel prior to he POV.

Kail- "we have to make so I'm still here..I haven't figured that out yet"

"I get get Eric and Jameka" since she says she's had a lot of one on ones. Jen and Dustin and maybe Jessica. Mayber Amber too. Eric told that they are strong willed people that will make up their own minds.

Kail "Eric jameka,you Dustin and maybe amber" she says are maybe her votes. She says maybe people will see this as a chance to get rid of a strong player.

Jen says Mike isn't a strong player because he doesn't talk to anybody but you. She says he's horrible in comps. Kail says she can see that.

Jen says she can't help campaign.

"Kaild-"you can't say anything" Kail says she has to find out whether its a live vote.

Kail says she'll tall yo eric tomorrow night "what's the feel of the house"

Jen says she'll never trust Amber when Kail wonders where she stands. Jen says she doen't trust her since she handcuffed herself to Kail when Amber said she hated her.

Kail going over her talk with Amber and Jen says she has over issues like she's with nick and when she says things to her and Jen sats "I know they're lies"

Kail wonders what Dustin feels about Nick and Amber's relationship.

Jen says Nick is in a good position.

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E: I want to have fun here too and with you as well. Are you okay? Can I have a hug?

No response from D

E: Please?

*they hug*

E: I love you very much Daniele.

*still hugging*

D: I"m going to go to bed.

E: Why don't you go into the HOH room, Daniele?

D: No

E: Are you sure?

D; yea

E: I promise I will never ever quit on you. I will always always try and I hope you never quit on my again. I have to stay here and get myself together before I go out there. *checks himself in mirror*

There is lots of sniffling going on from both.

E: I'm very proud of you inside and outside this house. You know, maybe... I still see you the girl from two years ago. The girl i knew at that time. You know what I mean?

D: I"m not

E: I know, that's the point I'm making. I think it might be good if we gave each other a little more credit. We both tend to blow each other off a lot. we both see things the other doesn't. We need to voice what we see and take that into consideration. Know what I mean?

D: m-hm

E: *whispers* I would like someone from this group get HOH next week.

E talks about how sweet Jessica is and how glad he is Carol is gone and it has brought her out.

E wants to relax and go under the radar a little bit, skate, and have fun.

E: and once in a while, let's try to have fun together huh?

D: alright

E: I love you baby doll, I love you. You can talk to me. I love you very much. You want me to send Nick in?

D: No

E: Have a good night. I'm really glad we talked even though it was as hard as it was. It means a lot to me.

Dick walks out of the small BR

Dani goes under the blankets... feeds switch to houseguests in kitchen and Dusitn is tellling a story about the hard rock cafe. I need to take a break.

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10:49 BBT.

Kail talking about which votes she has. She says she has Dustin and Jen says would Amber "let him" Kail says Dustin told her that they have an agreement to vote anyway they want. She says she might have Jessica.

Kail "who knows" she asks jen "do you feel you are like in the house?" "Who like you"

Kail says Evel's been liking you. Jen says the people who like her the least are the people who like her the most in the game. "does that make sense" she asks Kail and Kails says no.

Jen says it sucks because she doesn't want to be talking bad about mike because she doesn't have a reason to. Jen talking Mike eat sworks out and sleeps. But he does participate in activities and say like "you and Daniel" don't.

Kail says "I"m really good at the one on one conversations" and that can be helpful and Jen sats "if Evel hasn't ruined your credibility"

Kail says "I want to go inside since Evel is outside" Both get up and Jen says she's going in the pool.

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10:57 BBT

Jen says that the chlorine is "too high" and Dustin says it's to add water to the hot tub.

Dustin asks how her convo went with dani. Dick says she's "a nut case" and his relationship with his son is awesome because they relate better because it's tough since he's not a teenage girl and never had a woman to help him out.

Dustin says that being a parent means giving up your own life for someone elses.

Dick talking about being cut off and how hard it was.

Dick is glad his HOH is over since it's not cracked up to be. "It's a dirty job a someone has to do it" every week.

Tells zach he wants to do it and Zach say ya and talk about he just wants "to be me" and says he doesn't talk anymore "he's all gamed out" wishes there was more to do than just sitting and talking.

talking about inventing games..

Nick talking to Jameka and Jess on the Hammock going over the story of Mrs Robinson and how the shook on it.

Jameka hhmm mmmm hmmm mmm "that's crazy"

Nick tells Jess she knew it was hard on her for Joe and tells them he was on the block before nominations and Jen said yes when he confronted her and Jen told him Joe told het to do it. Nick said it took 15 mins to change her mind and let her know about the Mrs Roninson alliance.

Jameka hmmm mmmm hmmm "that's good"

Jameka says jen "doesn't annoy me much"

Niock says he doesn't mind Kail but she's going to break down soon and doesn't want to go to sequester. Jess says if she was her she "wouldn't want to got to sequester with a bunch of twenty year olds"

nick said he would want Carol to come back and Jameks says she wouldn't want anyone to come back.

Nick says he doesn't want to compete for HOH. He sais she would put up Zach and Evel. Nick says then get Jen out and in week 5 anyone can get it.

Nick says the only person to watch out is Jen.

Nick said he would put up Kail and Zach.

Jameka asks if get Mike out and Nick say yes because Kail is "screwed in the head" and fragile

Jameka hmmm mmmm hmmm mmmm.

Nick say he like Mike "but in terms of game he's gotta go"

Nick worried Zach may come over.

"Go inside" "what the fuck is he doing"

Nick says its pretty easy who you don't want around.

Nick says "he played a huge roll" in the first few weeks that "his brain hurt". Nick said the MRA wanted Carol and Nick helped changed their minds because "I love Amber" and she needs the money.

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11:17 Dick comes over and talks about his talk with Danile as the concerned father. Nick asks if it was agood convo and he goes aliitle into it [see cajonboiler's previous post]

Talks about Dick's shirt.

Jameka says tare you sure Zach doesn't know about the plan to vote out Mike and Dick says he doesn't think so.

Dick says he's been talking Dives on HOH comps.

little Zach Bashing

Jess returns

"dude and dudettes" Dick says he could use a week off from all the "bullshit" from HOH.

Teasing Jess

"Stressful week" and Dick says HOH should be the easiest time. Jameka says "it won't be for me"

Jameka hmmm mmm hmm mmm

Dick telling Jameka about his convo with Dani....

Jameka says what would her grandmother to encourage her to do. Dick says she's screwy and stays out. Dick says Dani hated her and the way she used to talk to her. Goes over his convo about Dani[see previous posts]

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In the bathroom the girls in the bathrrom with Amber blowdrying her hair.

Eric sitting next to Eric on the couch.... really no interesting talk.

Dick still going on about his and Dani's drama outside. Jameka hmm mmm hmmm mmm

Back in the bathrrom Kail seems to be bonding with girls. Dani has joined Eric and Kail on the couch. dain asking how her day was she says "boring and stressful" Dani wonders if it's past midnight because its his birthday. he'll be 26 and Dani says he'll probably spend it with his family.

dustin came in...

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11:35 BBT

Dick still talking about his talk with Dani telling Jameka what he went through to get Spice Girls Tix[Mr name dropper didn't have inside track] Talk about taking her to Ice Skating.

Jameka hmm mmm hmm mmm hmm mmm

In the Kitchen Mike Jen Dustin and Dani and Amber.

Dani called to DR.."are you kidding me" " i hate them"

Kail getting in the shower as Dani complains about going to DR saying to BB "I have nothing to say to you"

Dustin and Amber eating cookies and milk at the table.

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11:43 BBT

In Kitchen Eric Nick Amber mike and Nick talking well Mike isn't.

Nick takes off and eric has Amber confused with his talking telling he watched her get ready for thirty minutes and what does he get.

Amber say she wants to lay down with him.

Eric says "do you want me in the front or the rear" Amber says "rear"

just talking and kidding around

Mike sais something..he sais he enjoyed the cookies....

Mike ask Dustin what would happen if there is a power shortage and the clock goes out..Dustin says he would run into the DR to find the time. Dustin counting down to midnight.

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11:52 BBT

dani asking if he's wearing his moustache hat and eyepatch..Dustin says just the moustache and the hat..

Dani wondering where Jess is at and someone says she with Zach saying Save her and her panties. Dani saying "he's going to hate evrybody in the ass"

They ask Mike if he's been a victim from "the perv goblin". mike says he didn't or Dani says he just like it and joking says yes.

Dani and Mike share a cookie.

Dani joking says "you look really tan or dirty" Mike telling her he hasn't layed out in three days. mike says he'll lay out tomorrow. Both say they should sleep all day...but Dustins rule of "no nap day".

Dani annouces the 4 min mark. Dick says is this the countdown. Dani says it's Kris(nickname bunny) birthday and wants everyone to say happy Bday

Dani tells zach she doesn't know if she could sleep in the room with him since his gas is so bad.

I minute to to Peanut Butter and Kris Bday.

Dani says Happy Bday to my bunny and Now Dustin gets his peanut butter.

Mike says he likes over ripe bananas.

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12:05 BBT

Jameka and jess are on the bathroom couch whispering. "it's wierd'" Jess says "he gonna be so pissed" wondering if Mike has any idea he's getting evicted. Jameka says he was acting loyal because he was certain Kail was going home.

Nick came in and talking about Zach. Nick says he's gonna walk around with two qtips in his ears..Jameka "that's so dangerous"

Making fun of zach as he exits the bathroom. jameka alerting that Zach doesn't use soap when he's finished using the bathrrom "Putting my life in danger"[i wished]

Jameka talking about Mike's certanity to stay. Jess asks about Nick spilling evertything to them . Jameka "I don't trust him"Jameka say that him and Dani dressed alike and that "was scary" "and really really wierd"

talking about Zach "he's sick very sick very much so" again whining about him not washing his hands.

Jameka talking about backdooring Zach because she's afraid of him getting POV. Jameka says she would have to put up Jen or Kail even though she has no beef..maybe Nick or Evel but in may be s too soon. The more she thinks about it Jen and kail...

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12:18 BBT

Dick and Jen talking about HOH. Dick says Eric said someone in the middle of the road person will win HOH.

Jen says it will expose where they stand even though Dick says it will be a calm week. Jen surprised Daniele knew about Nick being in the MRA.

Jen sais "he hadn't told her" Dick said he did. Jen says trying to figure out how much of a liar he is.

Dick says you remember who targets you. Jen tells Dick that she will put up the same people again not to make new enemies and Dick gets mad saying why target him since they already put each other up.. and she says at least her[Dani}. Dick says "tit for tat" and they need to move on since they already targeted each other.

Jameka comes out and interupts their convo.

Jess comes out.

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12:26 BBT

Switch cameras to kitchen and Jameka's there...

Mike Dani and Dustin talking and Jameka too.


Kail comes in and talking about the peanut butter and FOTH again

I guess kail talking about how her running suffered when she gave up coffee. kail says she has run hal a marathon and training for a full one until she got into a car accident.

Jameka says she finds no joy in running[only her mouth] but in walking...

Kail says she can only run 3 miles since her car accident.

Kail says she's seen bear and Elk. Mike saying he and Dani are meeting for ice cream in Huntington Beach and she says "were going to be fatty buddies"

Dani on food"I love it and I hate it"

Amber comes in.....from her talk with eric. Amber notices Mike is in the same spot and still eating.

Jameka talking about dustin being a good expecting husband since he's always giving Amber lower back rubs.

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12:41 BBT

After less tha hour ago Dani whishing her boyfriend a happy bday Dani is celebrating with nick... laying next to each other in bed whispering.

I can't understand...

I think they're arguing because she keeps saying "stop stop" I can't understand what they are saying....

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12:47 BBT

Dani stroking Nick's hair"I don't get you" "your boyfriend is going to see this" Nick tell her I think he was saying how she can't say certain things to him

She's looking at him and he's looking down at the floor "do you want me to leave you alone" Dani says

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12:56 BBT

All Feeds on Nick and Dani .Dani telling Nick "you make me feel like crap all the time"

Dani gets up heads to her own bed cover herself from head to toe with her blanket while Nick is waving to the cameras...

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Feeds switched to outside and Dustin/Amber Dick/Jen Jameka and surprise Kail outside talking.

Kail says that she could "never be attracted to another woman"

Dustin says he's open to questions to Kail about his sexuality since she's hasn't been exposed to it.

Kail says when she hugs Dustin she says she hopes that he doesn't think i'm coming on to him.They laugh and Dustin says "Oh God no"

Geez the talked turn to gas. Talking about Zach will be the new "Fart King"

Zach bashing........Talking about The wrestling match and how Eric held his own dispite the 50lb difference. Dick said Zach should have owned.

More Zach bashing

Zach called to DR. Dick says "Zach and you and your little penis go to the Diary room"

Eric comes out and noticing Kail as a new edition to the night crew.

More Zach bashing

OMG Kail just said "that's why they call him Evel Dick" She said "Dick"

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1:17 BBTDustin saying he takes Propecia for hair loss.A lot of sexual talk and Zach bashing..

1:20 BBTAll feeds switch to Nicks bed[floor]Nick and dani are back fighting. he says he's been super nice to her and mad at himself for letting himself get into this situation..Dani pouting.

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1:25 BBT

Dick and Kail talking real estate. She's telling him she has her real estate license. Evel talking about how high LA real estate is.

Outside more penis talk with a lot of refernce to Zach. Eric being very descriptive of it..he must of been looking hard Kail walks out and asks are you still talking about.

Jameka Zach penis bashing.

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