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July 24, Live Feed Updates

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Correction: He rigged the faucet so when someone turns it on, the hose would shoot water on them.

Love the screen name, and thank you, Mr. Correction. You are, or course, 100% correct. Hope you stick around!

Looks as if it may have happened to Dani, but it either it wasn't shown or it didn't work right.

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So quiet on the feeds that I thought everyone was sleeping again. It appears Jen has gone back to bed, and Danielle is doing her make up.

(I gotta run kids. I have to work this afternoon for a few hours. Have fun. I hope someone is around to take over! Ciao!!)

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Kail is now up and in the BR with Dani... Dani has been fighting to keep her towel on, it keeps on trying to slip off. Dani brings up that it is her BF birthday and that he is at work. D makes the comment that it is weird not knowing what people are doing on the outside. Kail gets up to get coffee.

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It was Danielle that got a little blast from the rigged faucet. She went in and made coffee while doing her makeup. She commented on it to Jenn who was watching her shower and so her makeup. She said someone did it and rigged the spray handle but it didnt work that well.

She laughed it off, and then they talked about Nick and DUstin doing tricks.

She is asking Dustin right now if he cranked her by tying up the spray thing. She is saying it made her soak and wet, half alseep and just out of DIARY room(what a liar) Much more dramatic in her view.

(got it on video will post in min)

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Daniele and Nick are out catching some sun. YOu can hear Eric going on about how long he's had his contacts in.

Kail and Dustin are talking at the kitchen table. Switching so i can hear and foth!!!

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Daniele and Amber are chatting at the kitchen table. I cant hear what they're saying. They start talking about how hot it is outside.

Dick, Dustin, Eric and Jameka were still outside wondering why they had to get up so early

foth for a few second.

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Dustin and Jess still in bed

jess: two more days

D: yep

j: 2 more days until a new ruler of the roost

d: that is what I say

they are talking how the HOH has no power after the veto

jess asks if he thinks dick still has power and then says that he will be the weakest man in the house

d: someone has to make that decision... u have been nominated for eviction this week

J: doo doo dooo

just general chat about reactions and scenerios about being nominated

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dani: I work at the hooters in costa mesa

Jen: I had a friend that worked in the one in long beach

Dani: that one is trashy

jen: oh she just did it to be in the hooters contest

jen: u work in the one in costa mesa, but you actually live in huntington?

D: yea

J: is there ine in huntington?

D: no

Dani: I don't go out much, if I go out I go to the park with my dog or petco

Jen: do you go to the beach much dani?

D: no, I live like right there

just general talk about the beach

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Kail telling Dick how she has deer in her backyard.

it appears most (or all) HGs are in the BY. Some on the couches chatting, some suntanning.

Eric doesn't have his contacts in today, so he apologizes if he can't see someone correctly.

I believe it's Dick/Kail/Nick/Jameka and Dustin on the couches

Zach Eric in the hot tub

Amber danielle jessica suntanning

Dick talking about his mustang and his corvettes.

Kail comments he has nice cars.

Eric said he's getting hot from being in the hot tub.

Z: I'm trying to sit here and trying to remember peoples cell numbers. Cuz you know how the numbers are saved in the phone? So you scroll down to their name and press call. So now I'm sitting here thinking.. my parents phone number is.. ok..

E: Yeah I only know like, 10 off hand. the rest are saved.

Eric leaves the HT (I think he was over heated)

Dick talking about how poor he was when he was a kid. (zzz)

Amber and Eric in the pool...

(they are whispering EXTREMELY softly and I can't even make out a word)

Dustin enters the pool and the convo quickly switches to a regular, audible conversation.

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Dick appears to be hosing down a rug or mat, not sure what it is so I don't know why (just tuned in) Dustin suggested putting it over the tea cup so it could dry from the bottom up. Dick said the bottom is rubber, and Dustin said you don't want the water to just sit there. Dick started to spray Amber, and she said not to get her mic wet. Have on all 4 feeds, and Dick is on two, Amber laying out is on the other two. (Maybe we have fast forwarded to the finale??)

BB told Jen to go to the DR.

Now Dick is hosing off the area near the couches, underneath them, the awning, etc.

BB asks Jen to go to the DR again.

Dustin finds another "one", (still don't know what they are cleaning).

BB asks Jen to go to the DR again, Dick said "Get in the diary room, bitch". He joked about her curling her eyelashes in case this DR session is on TV. No idea where she is, as all 4 feeds outside with Dick.

Dick says "There's more shit on this one then on the other two". Dustin is told to stop singing, he said he isn't singing, he is just mumbling shit.

Dick tells Amber he sees her. She is kissing her necklace. He tells her to stop. Dustin said she is praying. She asks if Dick knows what it is. He said her mother and daughter have one too. she said and?... Dustin said her sister and her niece. Dick said when they leave there he will give her a necklace of a butt, and she can kiss his butt all the time.

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Dick talking about the prank he pulled this morning, rigging the sprayer in the kitchen to spray whoever turned on the water. Dani was the first to get hit. Dustin said she was really angry, and accused him and Eric of doing it. Dustin said no, there is no one more of a child than the man who raised her. Amber, Mike, Dustin, all got sprayed.

Dustin wants to know why there are so much dirty laundry when he just did laundry. Dustin said Jessica has never done laundry, dishes, anything, and when she lays out she gets a clean towel every time. Said she is a member of the tiara crew. Dick said Carol was the biggest princess of them all. Amber said right behind her are Daniele and Jessica. Dick pleads the 5th. Dustin said Joe didn't do anything except clean the bathroom right before he left. Amber, Dick and Dustin say that the "taco eating football player and his wanna be clone" don't do anything either. Amber said she is surprised that Kail isn't doing anything anymore. They called her the mother of the house. dick said he is the mother. Amber said she is the mother and Dick is the father, Dick said he is the mother f**ker. Dustin said good one. Dick said he should get Mother's Day cards instead of Fathers Day.

Talking about cleaning out the refridgerator and something smelled terrible in there. People put stuff in and just leave it. Dick asked Amber to get the ssqueegee out of the bathroom, and Dustin asks to use it. He said he loves to squeegee. Dick is cleaning the entire backyard, and Dustin is squeegeeing the windows. They say they will have to spin the tea cup to get all of the water out, especially from the rug. Dick complains of something stinking, Amber says it is his farts, he said no, it is the rugs.

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Dick asks ifhe should hose out the hammock, Dustin said no, dick said it had all that sweat and stuff in it, Amber said yes. Dustin said Dick justs likes to squirt things.

Feeds switch to the kitchen with Eric and Jen cooking chicken. He said he hasn't eaten all day, and this just isn't going to do it. Jen offers some of hers (no BBQ sauce), and he declines. Dustin comes in, comments about Eric cooking. Jen asks if he doesn't usually do that. Eric said he does more than others, but dishes are his usual thing. Zach said cooking is his chore. No one responds. Saying that Mike and Dick cook a lot, but not so much any more. Jen helps with A dish, and they make a big deal out of it. She said everywhere she lives, everyone does their own dish. Zach said he was surprised she didn't hire someone.

Jen looks in the Fridge, says the pork chops look terrible. They are gray. Wanted to know if she should put it back, or throw it away.(Duh!) She said the sweet breads are getting moldy, maybe she should throw them away. Eri said they shouldn't make the decision for everyone...Zach said "nice guy".

Eric talking about not having his contacts in today. He said he thought he would give his eyes a rest before putting them in. He said the glasses are a little disorienting, kinda like Alice in Wonderland. Dustin said he should wear them more often. Eric said no, but thanks. Dustin said you find him in his glasses right before going to bed or when he first gets up.

Talking about trying to sleep and being woken up to go to the DR. Dustin can't remember if he did or not...he isn't sure. Now they have an error "err" on the stove. Not sure why or how to fix it. People banging the microwave, Jen said all better. Doesn't know why, just doesn't say err anymore. Zach said if there is anything in the fridge that he wouldn't eat, most likely no one else will. He eats bread from a package that has molded. Not the pieces with mold, but on the other end. No one much commenting to him.

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Mike comes in, sits at end of counter. Eric leaves. Zach and Jen there.Mike would't mind getting called to DR. Zach asked Mike if he went to college. Mike said yes, in airframe and power plant mechanics. It is for jet mechanics. Zach is completely confused, keeps trying to see if there are computer classes, Mike said no. Zach still doesn't understand.

Feeds switch to Amber and Nick in BY. Eating chips...really loud! Nick said he and Dani have talked a little. He doesn't want to be the guy who promises anything, then goes back on his word. Amber said no, that would look bad on him. Nick takes the chips back inside, Amber took some first. Eating them with her mouth open...so loud and nasty sounding. Jen comes out and jokes about her chip stash. Dani comes out, said she had a dream. In her dream, they got three more houseguests. They are really ugly. She asks if they are going to be teh last to come in. They said the plan was to get Amber out. During her dream, she really got called to the DR. She said that was really rude, then went back to sleep. Nick comes over and sits down, opposite Dani. Amber said Dani looks good for just waking up. Dani said she has a mullet thing going on. Nick leaves again, Amber yells "We love youNick."

Can hear Nick's mic, saying they kept him up last night, then woke him up to go to the DR, he just can't get any sleep. It is almost 5, and they haven't eaten yet. Dani complaining there is nothing to eat. She goes inside to see what she can find. Now Amber and Jen discussing looking good in the DR, and their eyebrows, what they use, and how they shape them.

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Jen and Amber are talking about Kail and getting into an alliance the first day. They said no one else was in an alliance. They wanted to know why she would trust them. Jen said she feels she can't trust anyone, and no one can ever trust her or her word. Jen said everyone in the group has prety much done it to everyone. Zach said he has your back, he said it to Amber, Jen, Dick, plus his alliance. One of the alliance made a point of going to Jen and letting her know they were voting out Joe. She said they took that time, yet no one told Kail, saying there wasn't any time. They don't care which one goes home. Jen said she will vote for whoever campaigns the least.

Amber hates tension. She said that is why she was crying the other night. Dick has been causing a lot of tension in the house. Jen said he thinks he is a god or something. Amber said while she and Nick were talking about family and home while in the hammock, Dick made a point of saying it was a date. Dick wanted to talk to her. Then Amber asked Jen NOT to say anything! (yeah, right) Jen said he likes to intimidate people. He knows the right time to attack. Since Jen ignores him, and just smiles, he has given up on her. He leaves her alone now and moved on.

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Amber says that regardless of how Dick portrays her, most people know how she is. They said dick is annoying a lot of people this week. Last week Dick told Jen that everyone hates her. Amber said she didn't know her well, and Eric said to get to know her, that she was cool. Eric also told Jen that she and Amber are a lot alike. Amber is getting the scoop on Jen's family. Nico for Nicolas, GiGi for Giovana. They are 10 and 13. Nico is 13. (I think these are the kids she is Nanny for) Jen also has three brothers. Jen talking about her situation-work Nanny- keeps cutting to FoTH when talking about her boss and an ex of his.

Gotta go, someone plese take over.

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All 4 feeds on Dani & Mike eating at the kitchen counter. Mike says tonight is the night of his debut in a French maid costume. Dani says yeah it's her 1st night in a mustache & Eric as Elton John. (I guess those were their POV costumes). Dani says the show tonight is going to be a good episode. Mike says he thinks there hasn't been a dull episode yet. Dani says there will prob be a segment on our racial slurs because the house is horrible. They think there will be a segment of chenbot bashing too. Then they both say "We love you Julie". Mike goes to trim a nose hair that has been killing him.

Now we go to Kail & Jameka on the BY sofa in mid-conversation. Something about if they give them enough beer they might find something out. BB voice announces an indoor lockdown. (The picture quality of the feeds is so bad today it is hard to tell who is who without a close-up)

(I just popped in for a sec, I'm off again)

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Jess, Dustin and Eric in the kitchen talking about pumpkins and apple picking.

Jessica got mad in Kindergarten because the teacher would not let her get a drink because her "milk card' had run out.Now switch to Kail to Jen talking about campaigning for votes to stay.

Jen says that Kail scared off Daniele when kail told her that she wanted to adopt her, and Jen points out that Dick is still her family.Now Jen talking about how everyone likes to concentrate on the bad things, such as tv news and newspapers.

Kail does not know if she is going home or not, people she feels that she has built a relationship with, are thinking she is campaigning when they ask her what she is thinking about, and she says that she wants to stay.

Kail says to Jen that eveyrone in this house has mental notes in this house, and that it would be a waste of time to approach Zach since he lies all of the time.Kail says that there are only 3 people in this house that I have had numerous conversations with.(Amber Jameka and Dustin.)

Kail says that Dick is worried that Kail is staying this week.

Kail and Jen both think that Dick is the mustard bandit.

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Jen and Dick talking about sex.

Jen says she has never made herself orgasm, has never had a guy make her orgasm, and that she's the *least sexual* person she knows. Dick is trying to explain to her that she needs to know her body before she can get pleasure from a man, because if she doesn't know what she likes, how can she tell him what she likes?

I have covered the text in case this is offensive - highlight to read it. :o

Jessica and Eric are in the HOH bathtub taking a bath...they're so cute in there! They are both wearing swimsuits.

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