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July 24, Live Feed Updates

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Dick and Jen talking about masterbation, asked jen if anyone has ever tied her up for sex? She said NO, and Dick admits that he has been both the tie up and the tied up. Dick asks Jen, "you dont fantsize?" She says that when she fantasies, she thinks about helping other people get off.

Dick said he is into sexual torture, and things like that for fantasy.

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Eric and Jessica are in the HOH(?) Bathtub taking a Bubble bath together. Eric says that his parents are still together, in response to a question from Jessica. Eric says that he has a crazy family, "very interesting weird people."

His 2 brothers are his closest best friends. Jessica has a pink top on so she is most likely in her bathing suit.

Eric lives with his younger brother, and was his older brother's best man.

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Jessica never had a serious boy friend in high school, never lasted more than 3 months, she blames it on cheerleading.

Eric was not capable of doing well with girls in high school and middle school. He was not the "slyest" guy around in high school and very naive. When he went to college he was more out there.

Eric never had the "hook up with 5 girls in 2 weeks" type of things. Never went thru the "sow your wild oats" phase. He said that he has higher standards and thinks that Jessica was a heart breaker in high school.

Jessica's freshman year in college was her longest relationship, 10 months. She just got out of a year relationship before she came into the house.

Jessica is into one guy at a time, her mom is like, How come? I used to date bunches of guys at the same time.

Eric has to get to know people first before it turns into something sexual.

When Jessica was a freshman in college, she was dating a senior, and it was a long distance relationships.

She just finished her junior year in college, and her senior graduated from college and moved back to witchita for a job in november and it did not work out with jessica. She does not want to think about whether or not they will get back together after she gets out of the house.

Jessica's boy friends younger brother has a gf that is on her "dance team"

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Eric does not have a myspace, since he thinks it is a way for people to be "sketchy" and Jess said that she has one and that her mom is keeping it up for her while she is in the house.

Eric thinks it is a way for people to build relationships with people that they will never meet in person. Her friend Rachel dates multiple guys at one time.

Dick has just came in and caught them in the tub together and Dick said that if he got in he will be naked, not in his bathing suit.

Eric wants to know what you do with bubbles after a bubble bath, and Jess says that you take a shower afterward, and Dick said that he just wipes them off.

Dick is going down to tell the other HG that they are currently in the tub together. Now Dick complainig that his HG food is gone, and he did not get a chance to eat it.

Eric has hid the chess pieces so that Zach can't use the chess pieces to plot his house strategy.

Dick said that this is the biggest bathtub he has ever seen.

Zach tells Jessica that he has seen her body parts, and she said NO, and he said Yes, when you adjust your bathing suit in the pool, I have seen several glimpses.

Dick is locking the door, and going downstairs to spread rumors about them being in the tub together.

Dick has shut off the light in the HOH room on his way down stairs.

Jessica's friend Rachel dates mulitple guys at the same time.

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Jess and Eric are in the tub together, having a bubble bath. Dani and Amber are in the kitchen, with Jen going in and out.

Dani jokes that Eric is in the tub with "another woman."

Dick goes by and says he needs to break that up.

When Jen walks away, Amber goes to Dani and whispers that Zach was outside folding the towels, and he kept looking up like he wanted sympathy for doing it or something! Dani says "Sorry! I fold them all the time!" Amber says he like, wanted her to say thank you for doing that or something! Amber says she is so over Zach!

Amber asks what Nick said to Dani. Dani says that Nick told her that he couldn't be "boring Nick" anymore. That wasn't him. Amber snorts and says that he has issues. Dani says, "Yeah!" She says that Nick has mood swings, and he told her that THEY have mood swings, and she told him it wasn't them--it was him! She says that he is a "woman," no matter what anyone says. Nick is a woman.

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Jessica and Eric talking in the tub.

Eric and Jess are talking about how she has a temper. He knows something will happen where she'll get mad and others will not take it seriously, and she'll get mad at them.

Jess: I've been pretty levelheaded so far.

Eric: You know what, though? Listen, it would drive me nuts if like people were taking me for granted. I have a major issue with disrespect.

Jess: Mmm hmm

Eric: And I think I am being taken for granted, but what I was going to say is, I think in this scenario, I'd rather people underestimate me than overestimate me. When people start overestimating you, you leave.

Jess: Right!

Eric: When people are underestimating you, that just means that you can do what you are doing, and then when the time comes, show what you're truly capable of, and they're gonna all be fucked then, because there's nothing they can do about it anymore--

Jess: Yeah

Eric: So, as obnoxious as it may be, if people want to you know, try and claim that you know, that I'm weak and stupid, and you're stupid and stuff, go right ahead and think so! Then in every goodbye message, we can say "Guess we're not being stupid after all, you fuckers! Because we're here and you're going home!"

Jess: Loser! See you at the wrap show, idiot!

Eric: See you at the barbecue!!!


Eric talks about his goodbye message to Carol and how he said "Carol, Carol, Carol" and that she wasn't very smart in what she told people.

Feeds switch to Dick outside talking about Eric in the bathtub, and how everyone used the HOH more than Dick did--he only slept in it one night!! (Yeah, and he didn't want to sleep in it, to break up the Mrs. R alliance!--Cat)

Kail is sitting there outside on the couch with Dick, and she is being silent.

Dick: I've got bunnies to hide, and all kinds of madness.

Kail: Mmm hmmm

Dick: No more cannonballs! Weak!

Kail gives small, insincere laugh

Dick: I know what I'm gonna do. I'm probably gonna get yelled at, but what's new?

Dick goes out into the yard and does something with two long pieces of material.

He says that everyone talks about games, but no one ever does anything about it. He is the only one who does it, and it's because he doesn't want people to whine that they are bored.

Kail: Makes sense.

Dick tells her there are talkers in life, and doers in life.

Dick is making a net out of the material, for a game.

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Dick is sitting in the HOH bathroom with Jess and Eric. They are in the tub, and he is sitting next to them.

Dick is telling them everything Jen has told him in answer to his questions about her sexuality. She hasn't ever had an orgasm, and he says that proves she is a "cold fish." She told him she won't give a blow job to her boyfriend, and Dick thinks that is selfish of her. Dick says that during the POV when they were putting on Jen's clothes to make her laugh, Nick grabbed a pair of her underwear or swimsuit bottoms, and they were caked in white stuff (I'm ready to barf, now--ed). Dick describes this in detail. Jess is grossed out, too. He asks Jess if she has ever orgasmed, and she says yes. Dick says, "Thank God!"

Dick says that Nick has gone off on Zach once today, again.

Eric says that they are "in cahoots." It is "too obvious."

Dick says that he thinks they are playing "fucking games." (I think about the possible Zach/Nick alliance)

Dick says maybe Nick should get HOH, put Zach up, then, and send him home.

Eric says it would be interesting to see something like that, which would show where Nick stands.

Dick says he doesn't think Nick would ever do it.

Eric says no--it would be against the numbers.

Dick says that would make Nick a huge target.

Talk goes to hair.

Eric and Dick talk about Nick and the mohawk. Eric is thinking of getting one. Jess tells him he should wait until sequester, at least. Make sure he gets in sequester first. Eric says it is two weeks away, and if he doesn't get in sequester, then he will go on a murdering spree.

Dick says that he's sure Nick will do it, and then "Bad Nick" can take over. (Dick says this in a sarcastic way)

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Kail and Jen are in the big bedroom, talking to Amber and Dustin. Amber is talking about her tattoo, which is of a Pisces fish. Amber says the color is wrong.

Jen says it looks good, then.

Someone says in the distance that they are going to make Eric and Jess get out of the HOH tub. Jen says she thought Evel went up to do that a while ago. Dustin says that shows how much power HE has, then.

Awkward silence.

Talk about tattoos again. Dustin says he is thinking of having his filled in, too.

Kail says that Amber's tattoo is so good! Amber has a tattoo artist named Twig. He's "the black guy." He has a t.v. show and he has to give her better rates because she knew him before he was big.

Kail says when she goes to Vegas, then Amber can hook her up, then!

Amber says "Yeah!"

Dustin says he wants to do abs and gets up, but it appears they might be locked in the house.

Kail is thinking of getting a little vine on her stomach. Amber tells her that she doesn't think she should get anything on her stomach.

Amber had a belly ring, and it messed up her bellybutton. She has a scar. She says she is so "fucking dumb," but it's her own fault.

Kail says she gained 60 pounds (in pregnancy). Amber says she gained 90 pounds! She was so fucked up, though!

Amber is talking about her legs, and the stretch mark she has on them. She can feel them sometimes.

(Bonding over childbirth details--smart, Kail! --ed)

Kail says they'll go over all of the stuff sometime with Amber.

Amber says she has a friend who had three kids, and has no stretchmarks.

Amber says she didn't know not to gain so much weight.

Kail says that when you are only 20, how would you know that? There's no one to tell you!

Kail says her first one was "sunnyside up" and she had to have a C-section.

Amber whispers about Zach.

She says she can't stand him. She says that Zach told her that he messed up and got aligned with the wrong people the first week. She says it's all bullshit.

Amber asks if Kail has talked to anyone else?

Kail says she talked to Jameka, and Jameka told her Kail has never done "anything ill" to her, and she didn't say yes or no, but she thinks she has Jameka's votes.

Jameka says if she can get Jen, Dustin, Jameka and Amber, she thinks she can stay. She says she and Eric talk one on one and have a relationship, but she doesn't know if it is strong enough.

Amber: Oh. Really. Sucks.

Kail says she knows Eric genuinely likes her, though.

Amber says Eric wouldn't talk to her if he didn't--that's how he is.

Kail: So, I haven't approached him yet.

Amber: You should. See what he says. You know.

Kail says there are people she can't talk to, and Amber knows who those people are.

Kail doesn't want to talk to Zach, but she thinks he would vote with the house.

Amber agrees.

Amber says no one is close to Zach to talk to Zach.

Amber: Nick is, but...

Kail says Zach is following everyone around and he wants to fit in, and wants to do whatever the house is doing.

Amber: Yeah. Maybe.

Kail: OH, my God.

Amber says even if Zach doesn't vote for her, she still has it, right?

Kail says she thinks so.

Amber asks if she has Jen's vote?

Kail says she thinks so. She says it would look awful if she didn't!

Amber agrees and says that Jen doesn't care what people think, either, so that helps.

Kail says she doesn't know Jess at all--if she would do what Eric says, or what Evel says?

Amber says she thinks Jess goes with the house.

Kail says that she can't go around and talk about it to people.

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most HG in the kitchen. Still stressing over the food situation. Jameka thinks since they won pork she should have bacon. Jen suggesting if they save the 2 beer per person per night and drink them all one night they could have more fun.

Dick eating with his mouth open making disgusting noises.

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Nick and Dani are looking at the rule book.

Dani whispers to him now and then.

Nick is talking about which rules he has already broken.

Now and then, Dani says "Let's do that," or, "Let's do that later!"

They aren't supposed to touch the decorations on the walls, etc.

They aren't supposed to climb.

Dustin looks through the window high on the wall to talk to them.

Nick says the camera doesn't even care about Dustin. It's not following him.

He says that's because he doesn't have a "dirtystasche" on his face.

Nick asks if he has a dirtystasche. He calls it his "molestasche."

Nick: People call me Tom Sellish!

Dustin is kissing the camera. Dani is yelling "Make out! Make out! Make out!"

Nick says Dustin is like Pee Wee Herman, with the floating head in the box.

The abs class is going on outside.

(I'm out for a while--they are boring tonight--Cat)

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