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July 14, Live Feed Updates

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Amber and Nick are in the hammock talking about Jen. Both can't stand her and talking about how Jen's speech was crazy. Amber says the whole time Jen was bashing Dani she was rubbing Dani's "little leg" because she knew it was getting to Dani. Now they are talking about how neither of them are going to kiss Jen's a@@.

They are trying to see who they can get to vote to save Dani. Nick is telling Amber that Eric is not in the Mrs. Robinson's alliance and Nick said he told Eric he wasn't in that alliance either. They are trying to figure out a way to pull Eric in to their alliance just for this vote, then get rid of him.

Amber is talking about how "he" should of never done something, it was 10 to 1 vote then a plane flew over and I couldn't hear any more.

Amber says Dani hates having her daddy there. Jameka, Jessica, Nick, Amber, Dustin, all vote to save Dani. (I could of messed up this last part of the convo because planes are flying over and drowning out the voices.)

Dustin comes up and says Amber needs to pop this zit on his back. Amber is telling Dustin she told Nick that Kail and Joe begged Jen to put up someone. Dustin likes Dick but Amber informs Nick Dustin will vote how she votes. Dustin is sitting right there and says nothing. Nick says next week they need to break up the other alliance. Joe begged Jen to put Dustin and Nick up on the block. Jen admitted that to Dustin. Next week Amber says they have to get Zack out. Nick says no problem, who ever gets HOH next week wants Zack out. Then after that Dustin wants Joe out and Amber tells Dustin to "lower your voice".

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Someone was worried that Nick would pick Joe over him and Amber says she told him not to worry that Nick would vote how she told him to. Once again Nick sat there and heard Amber say how she has control over him and said nothing.

Dustin says to Nick to please know he can be trusted. He is afraid that Joe has made everyone doubt Dustin. Nick assures him he trust him. Nick says that Dani is the only one he can take her word about things.

Nick says that for two weeks he has agreed to go with his "alliance" just to see who he can trust, who will have his back and he knows now. Nick says that is has been proven to him that he can't trust Zack now because of the deals he made with Amber and Carol so that alliance have to be destroyed.

Dustin had to leave and we have FOTH

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Nick just made the committment to Amber that he will have her back and keep her safe. Amber just says "you trust me right? Promise?????? I have never lied to you." Nick says yeah, he spent the first week testing the other alliance and I think he is claiming some credit for making it 10 to 1 because planes are flying over again.

Nick says if he wins POV he will not take Dani off, he has a plan. Then talk goes back to Zack and how much they hate him. Dustin comes back and says if Zack wins HOH none of them are targets, Amber says bull sh@t. Amber is saying how Zack put the crap in her head that Nick was trying to get Amber out last week.

Amber says that Zack has to leave next week. Dustin says he can't mentally deal with Joe being here much longer.

Nick says they have to get the possee out of there because they are going to keep picking them off one by one. Nick tells Amber to trust him, he has an angle. Amber says okay and she can't believe how f@cked up people are in this house. Nick says no more deals with Zack, Amber says she knows but she couldn't help it last week, she needed his vote. Nick says she doesn't need it now.

Nick is going to get food and bring Amber water.

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Jessica and Zack in the bathroom. Nick walks in and asked Jess if she has seen Zack naked. If not "it is a sight to see." Then he jokes with Zack and goes to use the rest room. Zack says never borrow money from Jessica. Jess asked why and he reminds her of Carol.

Dick goes to talk to Amber. Amber says she wants Dick to stay so bad. Dick says Jen really po'ed Dani with that speech and how negative Dani is. Dick says it isn't going to be easy, it shouldn't be. Amber ask Dick if he told Zack that Amber wanted him out of the house. Dick says no way, Amber says then it was Joe. Amber says Dani and Dick have to stay and they have to get Zack out of the house, Dick says it isn't going to be this week. Dick says Jen is a simpleton, she is clueless and she has dug her own grave. Amber says it was the speech, Dick says hell with the speech, she is stupid.

Nick comes back and tells Dick he likes Dick but he has to save Dani and Dick understands. Dick says he has a plan on how to keep both of them. Dick wants to know if Nick wins the POV would he use it, and then he starts whispering his plan on how to save both of them. Now he wants that who ever wins it to have the guts to use the POV. Dick says it "urks his balls" to think she considers this will make him nicer to her.

Dick just keeps stressing that who ever wins POV needs to have the balls to use it, then it will leave the b@tch "swinging by her t@ts." Dick is now worried about Dani being on slop. Amber says she made slop for Dani with brown sugar and honey and Dani liked it. Dick ask Nick and Amber to make sure Dani takes the vitamins and suppliments and not let her get down because she needs to keep her whits about her.

Nick leaves

Dick ask Amber if she noticed how confident Joe was during the ceremony. Dick is telling Amber how Joe says he will be the replacement and what Jen said to him in front of everyone but Dick doesn't believe Joe. Amber tells Dick that Dustin said that Jen wanted to know why Amber hasn't come to Jen today. Jen wanted Dustin to tell her why not to put up Amber. Dustin says Amber is his best friend and a good person. So Jen came to Amber after dinner and said "I am not mad at you and I like you............." Dick interrupts and says if Dustin made a deal then Amber can't go on the block.

Dick is explaining to Amber how this is a plan to bust up the six. Amber looks like this thought never crossed her mind. Dick tells Amber to relax but Amber says this is hell. Dick says no it isn't, nothing is done till POV, then they can plan their next move.

(Dicks main plan is if one of them come off he feels they can sway the votes to save the other one and send the newest member on the block home.)

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Dick says he told Joe last night that this is the time they can find out if they can trust him (joe). He says he said that to his face and today Joe has been acting very weird today. Dick says he can't stand talking like this so close to "them". Amber agrees and says they can talk later. Amber is telling Dick this is so tough for her, she would rather be on the block. Dick says "shut up." Dick says "never come into this game and expect to never be on the block.". Dick says he hasn't changed one bit since the nomination and he won't either. Amber is going to take a shower because this is just to rough on her. Zack comes up and now Amber is just going to pee and come back and she wants in the middle. Dick weights 168 pounds, if anyone cares. Dick and Zack are talking about how BB should give them beer tonight since they don't have anything tomorrow. Zack says it was unbelieveable that they came back from a 5 to 2 point. Dick says that he was impressed that Nick named that pie in 2. Zack is amazed that Eric went against the team with five and Dick picked licorice. Now they are talking about eatting pies and stuff. Zack and Dick are trying to figure out how to play dodge ball with the new balls and not get them wet.(I am turning in for the night, my sinus medication is beginning to work and I am afraid I will be creating the story line instead of being accurate. : ) Night everyone and I hope someone picks up from here. )

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Not much going on in the casa right now--Dick and Amber doing dishes--Jen and Jameka on back porch--saying think votes split and that Jen may have to be the one that picks--Gonna be interesting POV tomorrow, or later today, depending where you hang your hat.

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Mike and Zach are on the hammock talking. They've both said if Nick refuses to vote Dani out, Nick is the next to go. He'll be on the top of their list if he goes against the alliance.

They also talk about a secret mole, unrelated to their alliance, bringing information back without anyone knowing it. They wonder if that person is playing them, but don't think so. (ed. I don't know who this is, but thought it was interesting that they may have a 5th person. It *may* be Jen, but everyone knows that she's with the guys).

They say they have the votes to get Dani out. They say if Nick votes to keep Dani, Jen will be the tie breaker so Dani will definitely go home.

M and Z are convinced tmrw is a luxury comp. Zach says if they win a sheep, he's going to have to "bang it." (ed. ewwww)

Zach says when he goes to bed, he pretends like he's sleeping and "you wouldn't believe" what he hears.

Amber and Dustin are laying down outside talking about keeping Dani. Amber says she doesn't like the position Dick puts her in (making her feel like she should choose him over Dustin in the end). Amber also says she can't break Dani and Nick up because, well... "look at them."

Dustin tells Amber to throw POV to Dani or Dick. Amber says Nick is obsessed with Amber and Dustin. Nick keeps looking in the mirror to see them from across the BY. (ed. I think Nick is worried that Dustin and Amber may not vote to keep Dani)

Mike and Zach are still in the hammock. Zach is convinced that his alliance has the game in the bag. He keeps saying how he loves how Dani and Joe both feel so confident when they'll both be going home one after another.

Jen and Kail in the HOH talking about who Jen should choose to play POV. They agree Zach would be their best choice. Zach joins them in the HOH and says he won't back down to anything and agrees to play in POV.

Zach says Joe keeps "sucking Jen's crotch" because she won HOH. (ed. He's setting up next week's noms already)

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11:05 BBT

Zach and Mike together on the hammock.

Zach says he notices three about Jamekka

1. She Loves to eat

2 She loves people to make it for her

3. She loves to just lay around.

He says Joe will be blindsided when he gets evicted and love it.

Zach says disgustingly Jameka has the loudest voice he's ever heard in his life

Zach says he has to piss and tells Mike "sorry I have to break up our date"

Mike says maybe he should jump in bed so he can hear being called to the DR.

Kail and Jen talking telling her the story of her asking him if he's on her radar. She says a few day latter he ask her why.

Zach goes in HOH. Jen ask if he'll play POV he says "fuck Ya. I don't back down to anything" Jen say not to do anything with her noms if he wins.

Zach tells her she's proud of her decision.

Kail continues with her story about dropping a hint if she's on her radar and FOTH

She says he got her hint that she's on to him...[so lame]

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Zach and Kail have no clue what Dick means when he says "Mrs Robinson" Zach says he knows theirs a song and Jen starts to sing FOTH

Zach tells her He won't change the noms. Zach tells the only person that may use the POV is Joe. She says if he did Jen would put up Jessica since he has no one in the house. Jen says she hates thinking about all these scenarios. Jen thinks she'll win POV.

If Dick wins POV Jen says she will put Amber up to assure Daniele's eviction.

Jen says again she doesn't want to worry about it.

Zach says it's Karma she won HOH. Say her new tatoo should say "Karma Bitches"

Kail says what if I win HOH next week. Kail says she's throwing it. Zach says "no you're not" Kail says if it's between her and Zach she'll throw it.

Jen tells Zach that Joe told her he's was the most negative especially to Jamekka. Zach says the only negative thing about Jamekka he went off was that "she's loud as hell the other night"

Mike comes in. Kail goes to DR

Jen says why is everyone scared to come up to the HOH.

Jen telling Mike she hid bananas from the previous week. She says she may be kidding or not

Mike telling what he's been doing which is pretty much nothing.

Mike asks how she's enjoying her room. jen says she's bored but says everyone else in house is bored.

Veto comp is at 7:00 AM tomorrow. The quickness has them thinking that it may be a double eviction week.

Zach says they are in for a great episode with Jen winning HOH

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11:30 BBT. Outside Dick telling Joe that Jen is not going to put him up. Joe said Jen kept mocking him "I scared you" and she had him nervous.

Dick laughing right before HOH he told Jen "go fuck yourself"

He's going after POV "like Pamela Anderson spread open waiting for me"

Eric question if POv will be really at 7:00 AM


Eric talking about Jen flubbing her lines during the food comp than FOTH again


Jessica came out and wonders if they can get Zach out this week and Dick says no way.

Dick calls Eric their mole and Eric denies it.

Joe says it will be crazy if it's a double eviction week.

Eric calls Nick Jen Zack as easy targets since their alliance id so obvious.

Feed switches back to HOH talking about the votes and Kail says she needs 5. Jen says she would rather work getting rid of her.

In the bedroom Dick talks to Nick and Danielle. Dick says doe you think POV is tomorrow. They both say no and Daniele says this is their most entertaining week ever. Talks about winning food comp and Danile [loser team] says can we not talk about it.

Dick Talks about Kail "are you in my radar" he says tonight he asked why would you asked it when you haven't answered any question at all.

Dick whispering so its hard to hear but he's saying something about Zach.

He tells Danielle one of us has to get off the block. He thinks Jen will replace them with Joe.

Dick alerted that all 4 [Kail Jen MIke and Zach] are upstairs ans says they outed themselves this week.

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Nick just outed his alliance to Dani. He told her he was the silent partner, but they (the guys and Kail) just outed themselves by all sitting upstairs together.

He's talking to her about convincing the other HGs to join their alliance to get rid of Kail, Mike, Zach and Jen.

Nick asks Dani how much she trusts him and she says 100%. He says that he was going to keep playing in his alliance and just watch out for Dani, but he "just wanted to be real."

Nick tells Dani he doesn't care about the "cool group." He says he's found someone he really likes on a deeper level and he doesn't care about anything else. (ed. This is the first time I've heard him flirt with her on a very serious level. Neither of them is giggly).

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11:40 BBT Nick tells Danileel he's in an Alliance with Kail and Zackh and MIke.

He tells Daniele he wants to know if he trusts her and that she just wanter her "to be in the know"

He tells her he wants to see what he can do with it. He says he didn't want show his cards until he had a plan.

Nick tells he its a game and doesn't worry how it turns out and he told her that he has respect for her and that they have something awesome and not just on the surface level

He just told Danilel "I honestly do think you're the bee's knees"

He tells her they all wanted Carol and were hell bent on keeping her and he tells Daniele that he wanted to Keep Amber and that he went up to change their minds. He says he trust Amber a lot

Nick gets up to brush his teeth.

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OMG, what is wrong with these producers? Is it trigger happy FOTH night?

Anyways, Kail and Mike are talking strategy. Kail wants to make a deal with ED (lol it's evil dick but it can also stand for erectile disfunction like on those commercials. Sorry, I think it's funny) and she is going to call him out that she is on his radar. She will vote to keep him if he does not target her.

Mike says he was talking to Zach saying if their group wins HOH the next two weeks, they'll be in control and they'll have the votes (logic is flawed, but oh well).

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Dick says that people are complaining that's why they are getting them up early. He says when they get up at 12:00 it's 3 in the east and people paid 40 bucks to see the laziest cast in BB history

In the HOH Kail says she will be making a deal with Evil after she calls him out and if he wins HOH that he won't put her up. Tell him you're out to get me.

I think thaey have bigger problems now that Nick has let the cat out of the bag

Mike advising her what to say to him telling that she wasn't the one who put him or his daughter up. Telling Kail to tell him he owes her one and make sure she calls him out and then make a deal and if she win he's going up and he's gone. But first says she needsto put someone up that he'll lose against. Maybe Joe

Mike says things have to play out [POV] they have been pretty lucky how things worked out by her letting Jen spend the one night in the HOH.

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Mike is saying Zach is taking credit for Jen going to sleep with Kail during her HOH and Kail is saying Zach is taking credit for creating the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Mike and Kail are confused about why he is on his power trip and about his lying.

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12:03 BBT

Outside The uusual late night crew and Jen just talking about the food comp. Dustin saying they get to keep the cool aprons.

Amber and Daniele whispering I can't hear too much background static

I think they are talking about Jen

IN the bathroom they seem shock since it's week to. Danile says If they are going to play than play real"

Amber says Jen was being so fake atr dinner telling her that they could be friends even after.

Jen walks in and Amber makes up a convo

Amber suggest that her Dustin Nick and Danile shopuld work together. Danile a little worried thay can be a target.

Danile says she needs to satart hanging out other people.

Amber says Jen is expecting her to be friends since "she did her a favor" of not nominating her.

Danile says Jen says that it's really hard to be HOH but it's fun and said she wanted to slap her face.

Dani says Jen "a fucking idiot"

Amber says that she can't use the POV for him

Danile says she avoid her all day. Amber says they need to be fake with her and talk to her because Jen says she can use her to her advantage.

Amber says "it's only week two..can you imagine"

Amber talking about Jen's nominating speech.

Jess Dick and Eric come in and Amber talking abot guys leaving their pee dribble. Dick says not him since he uses toilet paper

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12:23 BBT

Jameks says only 6 more days of slop

Eric says this is the first time ever he's laid on the floor of any bathroom. Girls say eww

Danile was tired and got up when zach came in and she says "he hates me" and that he's rude and Eric says he's been like that foe awhile and that he hasn't really said anything.

Amber telling Danillle she needs to talk to Jen. Danile says "I know" She wants to know if she should talk about the noms. Amber advises her to just talk about not making them feel uncomfortable around the house and not to call her out about her reasons for her nominating her.

Danile says she really wants to know whats going on tomorrow and that BB told the to go to bed early.

Amber "what a fuckin day" Daniele says "two days" Amber says what happen yesterday and Dani says HOH.

Dani thinks she's high in popularity in the CBS polls.

Dick says he calls Dani her step daughter..and Dani says she's going to "throw up in her mouth" Dick says he's the target this week and Danile says no that stategically it's her.

Danile tells Dick that Eric is not with them. You can tell she wants to tell them her "secret"

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the last 30 min has just been dick joe and dustin chatting mostly how they dont like jen then eric chatting with jessica, then she goes to bed. eric talkes to dani and amber. mike has been spying on jessica and eric talking in the bedroom and then hes in the kitchen spying on eric dani and amber. then when they disperse he says hes there to get something to eat again

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"12:46 BBT

Amber talking about the Mrs Robinson Alliance . Amber says they have the mouth the eyes, the ears. Mike listens Kail watches Jen Talks and jokingly Daniles says "Zach's the brains" Amber says "Zach's the Mute" and Danile says "Zach's the idiot"

Danile says it hard living 24-7 with these people. "it's so hard"

Danile talking abot all the lies Zach started about what se said..[it is soooooo hard to hear Dani whisper] she's talking about Zach.

Eric comes in Talking about Zach approaching him about the inside scoop for the noms [doing a spot on imitation] saying he was nervous Eric thought this was odd since he never talks to him

Mike in the living room trying to listen. Dani jokingly calls Eric the mole" Eric looks and sees Mike . Eric says "it's wat past his bedtime"

Danile says she's going to bed.

Eric goes back in the kitchen tells Mike "meal # 13 of the day" Dani says "she is so hungry" Amber says me too.

Amber tells Mike "you're up late tonight" and he says "you too" and she tells him she always is till 4:00 am every night. Amber looking for dill pickles eats sweet pickles.

Amber says everything is so crazy and that it's so fake that week two people are already making shit up. Mike says ya it's ridiculous.

Mike "what's your take on everything?" Amber says" surprised" Mike says ya and she says yes because she feels bad because it's a tough situation and the whole things is "fucked up" week two and it's already getting awkward.

Dustin comes in and Dick to get something to eat.

Amber says she would be eating too if she could.

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1:10 BBT Outside Joe and Eric outside.

Eric talking about his convo with Jess and Eric says what a bunch of sketch assholes for trying to listen.

Eric says Jameeka was freaking out because Jen put her key first and Jamekka telling them she had nothing to do or involved with Jen. Laughs because she lines em up in negativity order.

Eric wonders why she insults and antagonizes people further. Eric says she'll be out week three. He says nay since she's a nit wit and a "fucking moron".

Eric says he doesn't care how long she stays since she'll never win hoh again

Joe says that him or Eric may be the replacement if they win HOH. Wonders if Nick will pull off Dani.

Joe says people rally around dick and is a force to rekon with. Jen will target Danile.

Eric says it's an awkward situation both are cool and deserve to be here [opposite of what he told Jen last night]

trying to gess the vote and say "it could go either way" "it's not as cut and dry as last week"

Eric says Carols eviction had no bearing on the game and made no difference. Eric is Carol bashing

danile came out . Talking about Mike in the house staring at the nominatio pic bizarely. Eric talking about Mike getting caught trying to spy on him amber and Dani.

calling Zach a "creep out" "a molestor" Dani says Zach just stares out her. Eric says he woke up with Zach just staring over him.

Eric says Kail is not dangerous and that she's just floating. Danile says Mike is the pupper master of the group. Danile says that Kails the ears Mike the eyes etc etc.

Eric says their missing a couple elements like startegy and brains

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1:27 BBT

Danile says her only chance is winning the veto. Joe asks if Dick wins would he use it on her. Danile says "no" "i don't know"

Eric says Dick will take the approach of calling her out and she'll take her approach.

Joe says everyone "hates her because who she is" and says Dick deep down is a good person and that if they take him out than they'll scatter.

"The only way the vetos going to be used if he wins it or I do"-Danile

Joe says he needs to force himself to go to sleep and Danile says she's wide awake.

Talk about someone named Rich who was supposed to show them...FOTH

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1:39 BBT

Joe says Amber is calling Mike out about all the creeping around he does. He says he wished he could hear more. That Amber doesn't really go down with that shit.

Joe talking about his love for pirate master.

Amber talking to Mike so it wasn't her calling out Mike. I think she's talking about Zach.

Amber says she has no right to call these people aout. She says she hates it and that she's not fake and when people try to be buddy buddy and even though it's fake she can't call the out "so fucked up...wow"

She tells Mike to becareful she knows he's a good genuine guy "but just be careful" [hinting at his alliance]

Eric came in breaks up the convo with his cut finger story. Wonders why they are getting up at 7:00 AM.

Alnoe again tells Mike to becareful who puts thoughts in his head. Mike says unfortanately there's a only a small group in the house he can relate to.

joe says maybe it's a luxury comp mike says he hopes so.

Amber telling him again that the people he's involved with aren't her favorites but to be careful as there are people in the house who are snakes.

Mike asks Amber if it's Veto, Luxury or Niether. Amber doesn't know and Mike says it's veto.

Mike and Amber now talking about their bad sleeping habits because Amber says "you can't get comfortable anywhere" "it's hell" Mike agrees it's hell.

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1:56 BBt

Amber and Mike lamenting how they clean up after their piggy House mates.

Despite their complaining they both say they don't mind cleaning.

Amber says that shw wished people chip in and Mike is baffles people can't wash their own glasses.

Mike says he's tried of hearing "it is what it is" amber says why..he say it is overused and the phrase "charlie" and "awkward"

[Amber is really working it with Mike with idle chit chat so her and Dustin don't get put up as replacements if vetos used]

Amber says she hates when people on slop make people who aren't onit [well see after a few more days on it]

Mike says he doesn't feel bad bring out the food in front of them even when Nick hesitated to last week he says it's a game

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