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July 21, Live Feed Updates

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Nick, Jen, Jameka, Jess, Amber, Mike at the dining table talking about marriage & how long they would stay locked up in their honeymoon hotel room makin whoopie before venturing out. Lotsa sex talk. Nick would not abstain from sex with his fiancee for 6 months prior to marriage. Nick says it would be a turnoff to have sex with his wife if she was preggers. Jameka asks if they would give their wife's breast milk a try. All but Eric say yes. Eric says sorry but he is lactose intolerant confused0017.gif

Amber has a bad case of the "likes" tonight.

Kail goes to bed in the roundroom. Dick comes out of the HOH & starts throwing food down at the table.

Dick goes in & asks Kail if she is A-OK. She says yeah but it is hard. Dick says his whole objective was not to make her miserable. Kail says yeah she has been trying from season 5. Dick says saying that is a mistake. Kail says she is now scared to say anything. Dick starts talking about how he doesn't want Dani to get hurt by Nick & be played like another Erika from BB7. He tells Kail she has made a lot of mistakes. Kail says she just wanted it to bad & she tried so hard. Dick interrupts & starts telling her about seasons past & how one of them is gone this week & he guarantees one of them will be gone next week. Dick says you have no privacy in the house & that he was faking sleep the other nite & listened to everything her & Amber talked about. Dick says Joe was a manipulator & blah blah how they ran around the house before the vote & blah blah blah. Dick rehashes (for the zillionth time today) Zach & Joe. Dick (I love ya so, dude, please quit) rehashing the whole of events that led up to him not being evicted & everything Kail did wrong. NEWSFLASH :animated_shocking: Kail stabbed Dick in the back & went against their agreement (in case you haven't heard that 10 times today already)

(Sry but they are boring me to tears indifferent21.gif so I am gonna call it a night)

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Dick and Kail talking in Round room.

Dick: the last thing I want is her for her (dani) to be hurt and to be f***** played like Erika from last summer. I'm sitting here worrying about that instead of my game and it's a huge distraction. It's the cards I'm dealt so I have to deal with it. I'm not here to reap on your gameplay

K: I tried so hard to get here.

D: Didn't you pay attention? Season 7 - HOH first 3 times. They had their time and it only took one time. One of you guys out of Kail, Jen, and MIke will be gone this week and next week. YOu know when I walk on in you here.... nobody else in this house is like me #1, Balls i do #2, and when you people are talking game in my f'ing room and I lay down right in the middle of you and you guys shut up and leave one by one. When you were in here with Amber a few nights ago and I heard you whispering and I was listening to you. I'm not an idiot. I know what's going on. The most quietest I was in here was yesterday in the daytime and it took everything in me to shut the fuck up and I knew you and Joe would bury yourself. Joe had no chance, he's a liar, bullshitter, and manipulator. I know you guys thought it was close but it wasn't. They left you out in the cold.

K: Yes, they did.

D; the only person I've made deals or offers with are... Well, Jen walked in on me and Daniele and accused us of being in an alliance and the next night, Dani comes to me in the hammock and cries about her boyfriend. My daughter was happy I won HOH.

K: mm-hm, mm-hm, as far as I'm concerned, I have nothing with Zach or Nick and I don't know where I stand with Mike.

D: I was tlaking with Zach and he was saying that he had my back. (and goes on to say how much of a bullshitter zach is)

D: I'm not a manipulative guy in real life.

D: So, strategically, you might have tried to pull the right move but you have to have and have to know the people you have for fact before you can do anything like that.

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Dick told Zach what the lie was to Zach earlier and now Dick is telling that to Kail. Dick is saying that Zach is lucky Jen didn't put him up.

D: I knew Joe was going home

K: I didn't know

D: Everyone kept their mouth shut.


D: It was ridiculous Zach was talking bible for two hours. He's in trouble. Not a lot of people like him. I wouldn't mind having beers with him outside of her but he's twisting on a string. The only thing they can hope for is band together.

K: I have nothing to do with Zach or Nick. Nick would never talk to me. The way we tried to set it up was through Zach or Mike and it didn't work.

D: and Jen wants everyone to believe she and nick have something going on. If it's true, they have a secret alliance. FOTH RAWR

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Dick saying that Jen leaving kills two birds with one stone. It ruins the suballiance if there is one with Nick and it takes out your alliance.

Kail: I have no alliance, I have nothing.

D: It's perception, everyone saw what you were doing, campaigning against me.


Dick talking about how he walked into the firestorm and how he thinks he's turned things around in here for himself. He had to be accepted.

D: I'm not trying to rip on you. I don't want you crying in here or DR. I want you to be out with everyone. If you stay, try to make yourself happy. The most fun I've seen you have is today, the spaghetti you were throwing. Why are you stressed?

K: I was always worried about my alliance. My eyes are wide open now and..

D: How can you trust people in a house and don't know anything about anyone and you get into some sort of binding agreement or know anything about them. It pisses me off that peopel think I'm with Amber. She is so emotional. There is no way in the world that ... She's sweet, but an alliance partner? She's the town crier.


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Kail mentions how Jen didn't say anything about the alliance even though she knew.

Kail and Dick say they will be playing Zuma in a little bit to Jameka.

D: A team is only as strong as its weakest person.

More talk of the alliance between Dick and Kail. Kail mentions how she is a loyal person. Dustin seems to be sleeping in Big Bedroom.

Dick talking about how much she hates Jen and how Jen was flashing everyone.

Dick: I talked to everybody but your alliance with an agreement you are going home. Everyone wanted you out anyways. You never came down from HOH. You got so much info but you never gave anything back. I had at least 3 serious talks with you, not one did you really give up any information.

K: If you were in my spot and gave a handshake, would you talk with anybody? I couldn't talk to you. What would I say? I'm in an alliance with these guys?

D: I've seen the show and people at least converse

K: I didn't want to gossip

D: It's not gossip. It's about who I am. All you would say is how boring your life is.


D: IN this place, you know everything changes day to day and yesterday was a perfect example of that and you hav eto think on your feet and adjust to change. Havin gyour feet stuck in two blocks of concrete is what you did and set yourself up. What you said bout having your speech ready for f2 is ridiculous. I'm thinking about being here tomorrow.

K: It's a childhood dream (f2) that I wanted and I wanted to save it for that. I was cut offguard

D: If you would've shared it at that moment, do you know how much credibility you would've gotten? YOu could've used it to your advantage.

K: I'm few with words and when I do talk, it's of importance.

D: YOu go to them and try to get me out of here. It wasn't about anything else but you. And this alliance is gunning for them

K: There is no alliance anymore

D: You've forced yourself into a position. You guys are so ostracized right now.. The truth of the matter is the house against them and they are going to reform that alliance whether you are here or not here and what you guys did and how sneaky and covert and everything else and how they feel betrayed by all you guys. It's like "if I do it to them, they'll do it to me." People feel insulted by that.

K: What about Mike, Zach, and Nick?

D: yes

K: even Nick?

D: I don't know, you saw how the keys were in order of importance. Nick, Zach, Mike (if mike was last, i get points in buxom's challenge!).

K: Can I have any credit for coming to you now?

D: Not really because it didn't matter and I knew it all anyways. I told you I already knew and by me saying the things that I said, it was all out and like I said, each one gave up a little more than the other one until I could put the whole thing in. It was a sneaky plan, good idea, but the bottom line is that I came to you and told you the jaws of life won't pry these people away from me.


D: Your alliance needs to be broken up and if I wasn't going to do it, someone else will

K: I am serious now that I have no alliance anymore. I don't trust Zach or Nick. Mike is hard to talk to.

D: You should've seen him when I called him out today. He probably pooped a little.

D:This is jacked up to tell you, if you get POV, you would be such a lopsided vote. People want to get rid of you so badly.

(Zuma zuma is starting... guess they got tired of waiting for Dick and Kail)

Dick is telling Kail about how Jen said it wasn't going to be 9-1

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D: YOu two were the only two that were coming after me and now you are up.

K: I didn't believe you weren't coming after me because of what Nick told me.

D: I had the talk in the hammock and I am a man of my word. You didn't believe me and/or started petitioning to get rid of me

K: that was my first, or second mistake.

D: You have a long list of mistakes.

K: I've had houseguests come up to me and share many things with me. I know I tell you that. But everyone else is forgetting. I'm not going to say, "Amber, Zach told me his whole life story."

D: Amber said "I hate her, I hate her." because you put her up. She is way too emotional. IF anyone thinks I have an alliance iwth her, they are retarded. I like Amber and I like you. We could be friends, but I don't think we could be great friends.

Kail/Dick talking about being friends outside this house.

K: My biggest blunder in reality television

D: No it was Marcellas not using the POV.

K: Then I"m two

D: No this was just stupid moves from the get go. I"m sorry but this is my opinion. You're not a good player and you played way too soon. I couldn't believe you watched the shows and did this. If you ahve the DVD's and knew you were coming on, you're stupid. I'm not playing it on my DVD player, but I talked to people, read message boards, opinions, what mistakes, I'm not a crazy nut case internet 24/7, but I did my research on it and there are two idiots in America transcribing everything we say right now (THANKS DICK) (I wonder who the other idiot is.)

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D: YOu know what I said when you were on slop? I said she was going to be weak, not do good at HOH, and this is the perfect time to get you out.

D: Joe, nice guy, wouldn't pull the queeney stuff with me, but he totally backstabbed me and I put my neck on the line for him. He should've shut up and he would've gotten respect. He still would've gone home. He was expected to do that. He was going to sell every single person out. Joe showed his true colors way too early. who knows what is going to happen in this game. I've drawn so much attention to myself.

kail/dick having a bit of a heart to heart..

D: I knew fucking amber and her big mouth said to me, "dr will, you're just like him." I was thinking just shut the f*** up. I told her not to compare me to him. Dr. Will should've been in the finals the second time. What Boogie did to erika was dispicalbe and I think he is a disgusting son of a bitch (right on!) (this last part, he was talking fast so it's choppy)


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Dick talking about how what Boogie did and how people's opinion of her will hurt her for a long time. what he did was so wrong.

D: Lying is one thing. Ruining someone is completely different. I told Jen last week if I won HOH that I wouldn't put her up. why? she's a distraction

K: I'm confused on, everyone made a deal with you to put me out

D: no deal, and don't repeat anything I say or I'll call you out again. I talked to peopel adn talked to people before and everyone ....

K: Your opinion

D: No, this isn't just my opinion.

K: Can you let the houseguests decide?

D: They've already made up their minds. Your only chance is veto. What you did and how you did it upset people. YOu didn't give anyone a chance. YOu made this alliance and everyone else was on the outside. Everyone knows that if it wasn't me, it would've been them. Figuring out the ringleader was the hardest thing for me.

K: what would you do if you were me?

D: win pov. That's what me of Daniele had to do last week. I had to win the vote, I did.


D: Jen is going to save her own ass. I wouldn't roll over and die. I didn't. (sounds like Dick cares about Kail and keeps saying she needs to get the POV, I wouldn't be surprised if Dick and Kail get really close this week).

Talk about Amber throwing the POV and how she went into a panic.

K: are you going to throw it to me?

D: I want my nominations to stay. I gave you 2 chances, I'm not giving you another chance. I'm sorry it's you and you did what you did and to be honest, everyone here has to go one at a time if I want to be here. YOu just made a big target out of yourself to me. I wanted to follow Will's strategy and never win anything and that's why I was so upset when Dani won the first POV. It is what it is. You have to deal, I did. So, I have not lied to you in any convo we had in this place and I'm not now, the only way you stay is if you win POV. I hope it's tomorrow so you get it out of the way. I hope that the rest of your time here whether it be thursday or in a month or a miracle with me in the final 2, i hope you've had a better time than you've had so far. I've had an ubelievable time while I was here. I have not stopped at all, all these crazy making of games. I was the only one who jumped head first into the spaghetti dish today. I've done that every day and I'll do that til the day I walk out. I've had to taken two people off the block too. I"m not taking credit for both of us going off. Who knows what the contest is going to be, no idea, but good luck and have fun while you're here. You seem like you've had fun today and I know how it is being on the block, it sucks. Shelling up won't help you.

K: another thing and I don't want a negative campaign. Another thought is that... is...

D: YOu act like I hold all the cards and I don't. I have to be consistent. You know why I got Jameka's vote and Jessica's? I'm consistent and I never change. If i did anyhting else right now, it wouldn't be true to who I am. I'm not going to change.

K: I don't want negative campaign so please don't tell anyone else this,just a thought, Jen is after daniele, I'm not after Daniele and yet you want Jen to stay over me and Jen will go after Daniele. I wouldn't do taht

D: IN a head to head comp, Daniele will whoop her ass.

K: but I won't go after her

D: You went after me, you campaigned to get me out.

D: in season 5 with Jase, 'THIS IS MY HOUSE!" next week he's out with Juliet Chen. I'm not making a mockery of anyone in here. I'm just trying my best at this game and I'm trying to repair a heavily damaged relationship with my daughter. One false move, I lose the money and I lose my daughter.

D: I like you Kail

K: I was so gunshy of you in the beginning

D: You trusted the wrong people

K: I did

Evel leaves and Kail says if anyone asks Evel, just say that she's resting for tomorrow. Evel leaves to go join the kitchen crew.

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Jen goes to see Kail in the round room.

J: what's going on

K: Just going to rest for tomorrow:

J: what you talk to evil about?

K: He had a nice convo with me. I'm definitely his target.

J: I guess that's better for you

K: YYou have a spin on everything. How will the house go against the HOH? Daniele won't go against what her dad wants.

J: She wants you to stay.

K: No she doesn't. She won't go against her dad and I won't ask her to do that.


K: the point is honoring the HOH's request, don't you think?

J: No, they didn't honor mine.

K: You don't htink these people think evel is God around here?

J: No, that's ridiculous. I wish he was gone, I can't believe he is still here.

K: so houseguest's choice, who would you pick?

J: I'm thinking Zach

K: No,

J: You picking mike

K: No i can't win against him. I don't know if he would use it on me.

J: You want to pick someone who will throw it?

K: Someone who will throw or can't win like Jessica. Who else is an option?

J: Daniele would leave it the same, but she won two in a row already.

K: I need to beat someone and I do not want Daniele.

K: We could win agianst, eric, he's scatterbrained

J: He's smart

K: But he could freak out easily

(going on to talk about who to pick if they get houseguests choice. Boring.)

(taking a break right now)

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Kail and Jen deciding who to pick for POV if they get HG choice. They want people they can win against, who don't care or won't give their all. They figure Jessica, Jameka and Eric are all good choices.

Kail is insistant that she has to win the POV no if ands or buts.

She tells Jen to not pick Zach, Nick or Mike because they would be the replacement nominee and need to win to save themselves.

Jen asks if it would be better for Kail or Jen to win. Kail says she needs the POV and Jen wonders about who she would be up against.

Mike comes in and he promises if he plays and wins he would use it on Kail. They all feel if Zach is the replacement against Jen then Zach would go home.

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Mike wants to play and win POV to repay Kail for her loyalty to him. They continue to assume that Zach would be the replacement.

Jen lets them know that she will play to win for herself and remove herself from nomination, but if it is her and Mike as the last two then Jen will throw the competition to Mike so Kail can come off the block.

Mike feels both women deserve to be safe and that he would offer himself if it would help them both.


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Jen doesn't want Mike to be available for replacement because she feels that Mike could get more votes on his side than her.

All three of them are forming a new alliance, trying to think of ways that all three can remain in the house. They agree that for HG choice either women would pick Mike and they have to let Mike win the POV to take Kail off the block.

They move on to counting votes vs Zach. They feel anyone in the house would stay and Zach would be evicted.

(In and out with the FoTH)

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11:11 In round room Jen saying if she were us against Zach she would win. Telling Mike that none of the girls want Zach in sequester.

Mike says that he was surprised that he wasn't the nominee.

Jen talking about what the POV will be. Kail says she'll be giving up prizes if that's the POV. She wants Mike to know if he'll give em up. Mike tells her if she wins POV to use because he doesn't care if he goes up.

Kail say "all three us are going to work our hardest to win" pov and if that Mike plays.

Jen says maybe he would put Mike up or maybe not.

Kail says she has to win because Mike says he's the "only one with balls" to use it.

Jen saying she's willing to lose the POV to Mike.

Mike thinks Zach will go up if Jen takes herself off.

Kail says she needs 5 votes. She has two in Mike and Jen.

Jen says "everyone hates Zach" and believes he'd get no votes.

Kail worry about other people play Jen tells her "then we have to win"

Kail going over who they should pick. Kail says Jamekka and Jessica. Mike...Mike first choice 2nd Jess 3rd Jameka.

Mike says Jamekka wouldn't win and Kails "who'd I win over" Mike understands.

Jen asks if anything else needs to be discussed.

Mike doesn't think so.

Kail telling them it was Mike and I but both tell her it was always her and Jen to be nominated.

Kail blaming Zach and Nick for their position they are in because of lack of communication.

Jen telling her no matter who ED put up against Kail she was going home.

mike saying ED is on a big ego power trip, there a lot he doesn't know. Saying ED wants and thinks he's running the show but hecan't threaten, boss around everyone

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Mike is dogging Dick, feels he is on a big power trip and trying to boss everyone around. Mike is not getting worked up by Dick's threats. He says Dick doesn't know everything that is going on in the house.

Kail talks about how Evel admitted to a lie during his nomination speech. Jen says that was smart because it looks like he is being more honest with his admission though she knows their are other lies he has told.

Jen leaves, says she is going to rest up for tomorrow's competition. Mike apologizes again if Kail felt betrayed by the Joe vote.

Kail tells Mike she is telling Evel that she is alone in the house and that she doesn't know if she and Mike are still in an alliance. She restates her loyalty to Mike and that she didn't feel betrayed but may have said that to Dick to throw him off.

Kail says she doesn't want Jen to win POV. Mike says Jen feels safe as nominations are now and won't work as hard as Kail for it because Kail needs it more.

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11:25 BBT

Jen talking about ED and Danile will be targets

Kail flabergasted that Evel mentioned he lied in his speech. Kail "was shocked by it"

jen says if admits to it then he could have a clean slate..Mike also saying it.

Kail says she will rest for POV and Mike says its a good idea.

Mike asks Kail if she felt betrayed by him with his vote? NO she feels very loyal to him because they have the same philosophies and doesn't remember if she told Dick she was betrayed.

Mike says hate me for it if that would make you feel better saying that it was his thinking to go along with the house. Kail says she was surprised by it but betrayal was a strong word.

Kail say if he put Nick up she's out. Kail telling it's the order of the keys in which he is going to get out. Mike Zach Nick in that order

kail doesn't want Jen to win as she would rather go against her.

Mike talking about adrenaline will be stronger in her than him and will have an advantage and lost his thought.

Mike was making sure she understood about his betrayal of his vote.

Kail making up excuses that she wasn't abe to talk to him before the vote. Mike trying to justify telling Kail to vote out Dick because people will think she will be more trusted and loyal down the room.

Mike talking about when ED called him out. Telling Kail he told him about Jen spilling the beans about the alliance and told him he threw Kail under the bus with his vote. Mike saying he told ED to take it easy and that they were the same person you are. If he leaves he leaves with honor and dignity. Sys he told ED not to rub it in and it wasn't "his worst nightmare" like ED told him. Mike says that type of strategy won't work.. Mike thinks that made Dick think differently about him.

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11:40 BBT

Mike talking about the day will come to protect himself and that he's not the type to beg and plead for votes and will only say it once.

Kail telling Mike Zach and Nick had a $50,000 agreement and Mike says he mentioned it to him but didn't understand but said it was for voting.

Kail telling the Zach two person alliance story when camera switched.

Mike says he doesn't think Nick is in it with him and the money wasn't enough to be involved

Kail says Dick is worried Nick is doing a "Mike Boogie" and Mike says Zach talks shit about her in DR..Kail Hmmmmmm Mike wondering if Nick was playing both sides and Kail believes he spread himself too thin

Mike talking about sub alliances..Mike telling Kail about what Dick said but can't remember.

Kail says what worries me is that Amber and Dustin swears in an alliance and Eric isn't alliance and Kail says Jen says her at Eric are in an alliance. Kail is flabergasted with Jameka Amber Dustin Eric and Jess wondering where they are getting the directive. Mike says they are not really following Evel but just went after the first alliance.

Mike says they had power the first two weeks almost three....if only they could have comvinced their own alliance and Kail still mad they deserted.

Mike saying he's not completey safe just in case someone uses POv. Kail says no one will use POV to take someone off to except MIke.

Mike wishful thinking it could happen. "every single person in this house hates you and every person in this house wants you gone" is what kail can't stop think about it. Mike saying it's an ED powertrip....

Kail wonders if he really is "the ring leader"

Mike says its just coming together for safety for a few weeks because it's them against their "low numbers"

Kail says ahe never would have Nick's vote despite what Jen says. Mike saying nick wanted to take this in "progressive steps" and play both sides.

Kail says "i don't think it was a mistake" about her voting debacle. Mike says Zach told ED he would put up Dick and Danile since he only told him...Kail says "so Zach ratted you out about that" Mike "yes"

Mike says they never tried to hide they were an alliance....and he told him it was game so don't call him out about it...

Kail says in the bathroom he told her that he didn't appreciate that they were coming after him and Daniele. Kail said she was confused because she didn't recall that and told Evel she would put Danile and now Kail says maybe in time it was said in HOH and Jen is jealous and told her Nick really likes her and with Danile gone he would show it. "her whole HOH was driven" to get Danile out

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All feeds on Mike and Kail. Still talking about ED and how she is confused about if he hates her so much, why he is being so nice to her after noms. Mike being very diplomatic, expressing his opinions about how ED has a need to make others feel bad to feel better about himself.

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12:00 BBT

Mike and Kail still talking about their alliance failure. Trying to say the whole Dick/Dani stemmed from Zach and not from them

Mike saying ED can't be mad because it was a good strategy and it's a game.

Kail telling Mike the "no blood on my hands" statement and saying it made him a hero Mike disagrees basically the house doesn't know the whole story.

Kail saying it was Nick who told her it was Dick was gunning for her and Mike. they think he heard it from Dani and was waiting for him to ask where Nick heard it from.

Mike says he told Dick he was his target if power changes when they were outside looking at the BBQ

Kail says she's surprised since he's hellbent on getting her out yet he seeks her out. Kail says is it wrong to have hope he may not campaigning against him.

Mike asks if she was just wondering why.....Mike says honestly believes he doesn't think about what he says and it is a downfall and comes back so he doesn't come off as a asshole and hopes it plays back to America so he doesn't look like a 12 year old rather a 44 year old. Just his opinion.

Mike says he lost respect for calling Jen a fatass in her suit. Mike calls it a powertrip and "where he fuels his fire"

Mike says unless they are very very blind he doesn't see them staying around with after they are gone. calling him immature and would lower his character for being involved with him.

Mike says he believes they stop talking because Dick didn't return her phone calls and when he tried she ignored him and said he showed up at her work and embarrass her..FOTH...Mike says she is embarrased by him. Kail says they only talk for a few months and decide it isn't there place to talk about it.

Mike say he wishes them the best and hopes they can get back together...

Kail wonders why Dick is so adamant that him and Amber are not in an alliance.

Mike says he overheard him and Amber talking in the weight room and he came out all pissed...Both wonder what that was about.

Kail says he told her "Amber hates her" for putting her up. Mike says she probably had a personal vendetta for putting her up...that's only one person in the housw who thought it and Mike says it was a fair way to go with the nom that week

Mike leaves

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Mike telling Kail that there's a reason that Danielle is mad at ED. He said that Dani tried to call her dad for about a week , leaving him many messages and he didn't call her back. He went on to say that Dani being understandably upset, wouldn't return ED's calls or emails for quite some time. He finally left her a n angry message telling her that if she didn't return his calls he would go to her work and humiliate her in front of everybody.

Mike and Kail finish thier convo and Kail goes to sleep.

Mike joins the others in the living room goofing around.

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12:32 FOTH because they are telling stories in the living room.....

Feeds are back and almost the whole house listening to Zacks "lame"[his words] story. People looked bored

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12:37 BBT

Mike talking about his modeling story when he was in Milan.

It was mostly about his friend and not him.

I guess they are talking about personal stories on all four feeds since the most of the hg are there.

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12:50 BBT

Zach telling Amber about his ex in the kitchen and she tells him "it good your here so you don't make a fool of yourself" Zach was saying he say her on Wednesday before.................. when FOTH

Zach says when he see what Nick and Danile have he thinks about what he could have and gets wasted. Zach says things are getting uncomfortable with the cliques and Amber says his clique with Dani and Zach says he doesn't think so since he into Dani.

Zach stoked to be here but wishes where he stands positive or nagative. He chose his alliance because he doesn't have charisma like some people in the house

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